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The Weekly Legend April 2nd-April 8th

The Weekly Legend

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April 2nd – 8th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for April 2nd-8th

Guys, I'm watching basketball. The girl boss energy got me interested in the Final Four.

Basketball is all around us this weekend.

I’ve never been excited to catch the women's final until now…

I can thank TikTok for bringing me vids of the LSU coach absolutely oozing of the female BOSS attitude and outfits to match that energy.

And I'm loving it!

Although I’m not a huge basketball fan, I do love a good buzzer-beater!
(Heck of a shot San Diego) 

Now whether you’re a fan or not…

Ask yourself this…

Can you just decide you’ll be a recruited, D1 athlete, in the final four and getting looked at by the pros…because you want it? 

Of course not.

Just because we want something, doesn’t mean we automatically achieve it with the snap of a finger and a single thought. 

Instead, we need to place our focus on the NEXT step in front of us that we need to take. 

If we’re talking basketball there are MANY skills we need to learn, develop, practice, and perfect over time. 

Becoming a digital marketer is the same. 

Basketball (or any sport for that matter) and entrepreneurship might seem like two completely different worlds, but there are actually a lot of similarities between the two. 

Both require:

Learning a skillset 

Hard work



and a willingness to try new things and feel uncomfortable.

A player can't just step onto the court and start shooting three-pointers right away. They need to start with the basics: dribbling, passing, and shooting layups. These are the building blocks of the game, and without them, a player can't progress to more advanced skills.

Similarly, a new digital marketer can't just decide to have a successful business and wake up with deposits hitting their account. They too need to start with the basics: learning the tech, the strategies, the skill set, creating a business plan, and putting what is learned into action. These are the building blocks of a successful business, and without them, an entrepreneur can't progress to more advanced stages.

So why do we try to skip steps? 

We want to reach our big goal so badly, we forget to complete all the steps it takes to actually achieve it. 

You won’t perfect your funnel, until you launch with version 1… it will always be evolving.

You won’t get traffic to your funnel until you start putting out content.

You won’t get better at creating content until you get some solid amount of consistency and numbers of videos to review.

This way you know what to adjust, change, or do more of. 

There’s going to be a lot of versions to that funnel and they can all be made while you’re posting content and building your business. 

There’s going to be new ideas and things that come up along the way to your ultimate destination. 

Enjoy each step and make them the focus of the moment.

Yes, it's important to keep your eye on the end target… 

Your bigger why… 

but you can't get there without being laser focused and committed to all the steps along the way.

I invite you to ask yourself today:

What is the NEXT step in your journey? 

Focus on THAT one step today, then the next, and the next, and the next. 

Celebrate each milestone along the way.

Looking for ongoing inspiration as you take your next step? 

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Thursday, April 6th

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Blueprints LIVE Hot Seat Guest Coach

Attention Blueprints Members! As you know we provide 2 hours of live coaching Monday-Friday for all Blueprints members. On Thursday, April 6th, Camila Markson will be joining us and taking over the Hot Seat Coaching call! Be sure to login to your back office, click on Register For Live Training and then get registered for Thursday's Hot Seat Coaching Call.

Friday, April 7th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

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