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March 19th – 25th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for March 19th-25th

There’s lots a talk surrounding a possible TikTok ban. It’s sorta the elephant in the room.

I'm not going to dive into the political or the Meta business agenda behind this today…

Instead let’s dive into what this possible ban could mean for you and your business as far as day to day operations. (Plus at the end I share a few algorithm updates!)

First and foremost…If you’re setting up and growing your business properly, it will end up as a minimal shift.  

It’s really not much different than an account getting shut down and learning how to build traffic on other platforms. 

When it comes to using ANY social media platform, we gotta remember this: 

  • We’re using social media platforms rent-free
  • They’re borrowed spaces
  • We don’t own them
  • We don’t control them
  • We only utilize and learn how to capitalize from them 

A possible TikTok ban is not an excuse to quit.
(or an excuse to not get started)

No platform determines the existence of your business. 

While it's understandable to feel nervous about losing access to such a popular platform, I want to put your worries at ease.  

How consumers interact online will constantly change and evolve. 

Here are a few reminders to settle your TikTok nerves surrounding a possible ban. 

First, it’s important to remember that social media is just a tool in the marketer's arsenal. Just like we use tools/software for funnels and emails. Social media platforms are traffic tools. 

Yes, there’s no denying, TikTok has proven to be a powerful tool for reaching your target audience fast, BUT it’s not the only social media platform available. Other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter can also reach a wider audience. 

There are wildly successful online businesses that still haven’t touched TikTok. 

Is it useful…absolutely. Is it required for any level of success…nope. It’s not your only option. 

It never was and never will be your only option. 

If TikTok makes you uneasy…don’t use it! Find the platform you are most comfortable with using and begin to build your business there. New social media platforms are always emerging, and the next big thing could be just around the corner.

Secondly, even if TikTok were to be banned, its creators and audience don’t disappear with it. 

The creators still exist, and the consumer desire for short-form content is still there, it will just move to a different platform. 

This is why it's CRUCIAL to BUILD YOUR LIST. Your email list is completely YOURS. You own it. No one can take that piece of communication from you. Your list and followers can easily move with you to the next hottest platform with ease when you utilize your list. By staying adaptable and open to new ideas and strategies, marketers can ensure that they’re always using the most effective tools available to reach their target audience.

This is also why it’s important to stay plugged into an online community, always be open to learning and growing, and stay ahead of the ever-changing world of online marketing. 


Every single business needs marketing to survive. 


Learning marketing skills, and staying up to date on new trends, will always keep you in demand. 

If TikTok disappears tomorrow, consumers will still be buying, consuming content, and still looking for recommendations…where that happens will just shift. 

Be ready and open to shift with it utilizing the marketing skills you're learning. 

One way to stay on top of all things marketing is to listen to success stories, tips, and mindset advice that’s shared in each episode of Wake Up Legendary. 

Be sure to check out the recordings from last week and check out the guests below for this week.

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

P.S. ALERT: CONTENT AND ALGORITHM UPDATES! If you're on TT you probably noticed there's a shift in the algorithm…they are now rewarding content creators that create LONGER videos. Take a peak and you'll notice longer videos are landing on your FYP. If you're on TT, give a few longer videos a try if you've only been creating shorter ones. 

P.P.S. Instagram has released new updates! A whole collection of updates and recommendations were shared on a zoom between IG and top creators for what they want to see right now. (Remember marketing is always changing!) Here are two juicy updates you need to be aware of: 1.IG wants to see accounts posting stories daily 2. IG is rewarding accounts that post to the grid daily. (So it's time to kick up how often you post)

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How To Stay Motivated During Moments of Doubt In Your Online Business

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Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up Legendary. Happy Monday. Happy Monday. All right. I'm excited about Monday, some people dread Mondays not me, you know, I mean, I love to get back on the grind, baby. You know, weekends are full of, for me right now, diapers, and, you know, kids, and I love it. I love it. But I'm excited to get back with my people here in Legendary. So today, this morning we're going to be talking about overcoming doubt. This is something that we all deal with. Even myself, oh my gosh, if you deal with doubt, yes. Come on, don't be ridiculous. Yes, I'm a human being just like the rest of us. So we are going to be bringing in our guest, another Canadian these Canadians, I think they're taking over Legendary Marketer. Jasmine, Welcome to the show, my friend. 

Jasmine: Awesome. Good morning everybody, thanks for having me, Dave, definitely happy to be here. Watch these lives a bunch so didn't really expect to you know be here but it just shows how the Legendary community is. You don't have to be someone that's you know, on top of the leaderboard for, you know, Legendary marketer and actually reached out to the community, and that just shows how much Legendary and Dave actually cared about their community, they bring everybody from all walks of life onto the show. So it's just great to see the diversity of the people that they bring in from, you know, completely new people to people who are, you know, extremely successful. So it's really great to see. I'm happy to be here.

Dave: Dude, I'm happy to have you and well said.

One of the things that we try to focus on being different is, is, you know, not making this a scripted guru show, you know what I mean, like, you know there's enough of these podcasts where you can listen to people who, you know, who knows how long they plan the episode before they actually recorded it, everything was carefully scripted everything was the questions were set up, you know, nobody wants to look bad, nobody wants to you know. We hear about the story where they're at 20, 30 years later, not where they were when they, when they got started, and that's what matters to most of us is like how did you actually start to become successful? So, you know, these, as you saw, we, we had you on 30 seconds we're going live every, we'll talk about anything behind the scenes, everything that we talk about is out in the open out in the public and for everybody else's benefit not just ours right not just mine, not just yours but for everybody's to learn from. So Jasmine take us back, My brother take us. Give us the nutshell version so we can understand sort of where you came from and what even led you online to be exposed to be excited. And to get started with digital marketing?

Jasmine: For sure. Awesome. Yeah, so, for me personally, a little bit about my backstory, I was actually like oh from my you know career as I would say back in June, I worked for a company called Enterprise Rent A Car which I'm pretty sure if you're in North America even Europe you guys are familiar with.

Dave: We’ll pick you up

Jasmine: Right, exactly.

Yeah, so I was with enterprise for about five years and then obviously COVID came around back in March, I was let go in June, and I kind of took that opportunity. You know, honestly I didn't really know what to do. Right. I knew that I always wanted to make an online income as they would say, so I took about three months from June, just to like relax. I honestly I didn't really think about much of anything.

And then, you know I was scrolling through TikTok, right back in like October, I mean I was always scrolling through TikTok, June, July, August, September, October came along I was scrolling through and I kept seeing people promoting you know Legendary marketer, Like this digital marketing course and I'm pretty sure I went to the checkout page of a couple of people, and honestly I didn't actually check out.

I kind of just let it go through and I'm pretty sure I saw back in August. And then in October, I decided to you know, take a deeper look into it. After seeing it on TikTok, you know, I, you know I have made some money online in the past. So I have so on Amazon. I imported my own products from overseas and resold them, but obviously I had no idea what affiliate marketing or even digital marketing was at all before October.

So I kept seeing it on TikTok, I decided to Google Legendary marketer, I ended up signing up.

And it just, it just, it’s just kind of amazing because, like I went from not really knowing anything about digital marketing or affiliate marketing to seeing like a random TikTok about it, and taking, you know, a $7 course and actually being able to start my journey in digital marketing, which is kind of crazy, because the amount of money I've spent on, like, importing products, like, I'm talking about like 15 to $20,000 importing like these arrangements here in this room, and reselling them like amount of capital projects you have to spend to start businesses. And then you come across something like digital marketing and it's like, you can get this started for, you know, a couple 100 bucks a month 100 bucks a month, you know, taking into expenses all your expenses, as long as you're willing to learn, so I mean, that's kind of how I got started I know I didn't really want to go back to a nine to five, which is why I didn't start looking for another position right away. I, I trusted the process of trying to make something work, and I'm still a complete beginner like by no means have I been able to, you know, make a full time income out of this yet. Yeah I know truly deep down in my heart that, you know, as long as you put the work in regardless if you're a beginner or if you have 10 years of experience. This is something that you can make work and that was quite clear in the beginning, so I kind of deep dove into it and yeah. 

Dave: Nice. Well, I mean you're you're new, you're six months, not even six months into it, you know what I mean. So, yeah, you know, so it's like, just the fact that you are making progress, you're off to the races you have the right mindset. You're in the right, you know, maybe I'm biased, but I believe you're in the right community around the right people, you're getting the right information we're not, you know, we are not pumping you or anybody else, full of smoke, that just do, just get three who get three who get three and you're going to be, you know this is not an MLM hype show nothing against MLM I just, you know, there's too many.

And I think this happens with Amazon and I think it happens with E commerce drop shipping, I think, I think there's a lot of people who are framing their whatever they're selling or are doing as something that you can make millions overnight with and the truth is, the reality is, is that some do move quicker than others maybe somebody has a unique. A unique talent for creating engaging ads or content or something, and they maybe take off a little bit quicker.

Maybe the numbers work in their favor a little bit differently but the truth is is that, you know, any, any solid business that you're going to start online is going to take a year to really pick up momentum. And that means that you're going to have to do it, you know you're gonna have to do it every day too, or you're going to have to set up systems to be able to drive a consistent flow of traffic. yYou know somebody I was talking to somebody over over email, and they, they, they asked me- a coaching client- they asked me you know how much is it going to take to be able to make this much money he had a he had a, I had a number, and of course my first comment was, I have no idea for you I can't guarantee any income. But, you know, Overall, you need to look at how many, how many, you know, what are the conversion percentages of certain of certain, you know, products at each kind of point and you know you really should do this with any product that you're promoting any, whether you're doing drop shipping whether you're doing affiliate marketing, whether you have a brick and mortar business, you should know how many people do I need to get in my front door every day? Because out of every 100 people that walk in five buy, And each one of those five is traditionally worth $100 to me. So if I want to make $500 a day I know that I need to get, you know, 200 people into the front door and that was my recommendation to this guy, you know, he said, you know, how much to make $10,000 a month and it was like, Well, if you take the law of averages, you know, ideally in a perfect world you need to drive about 200 quality clicks to a sales page that's converting at about 4%, with a back end offer that's converting at about 4% Right? Because if you do that math backwards it works out to be about 200 people to see a sales page, so.

So how do you get to a place to where you're driving, you know, a couple of 100 quality clicks to your sales page, each and every day. Well Your first option is you can you can run a paid ad, and you can pay for those clicks, right. That's one option, you know, and that and you might pay $1 or $2 per click, right, sure you can get it for cheaper if you find if you get really good at ads or you find a little honey hole maybe on bing ads or Google but Facebook ads traditionally is running one $2 a click, and more. So if I, so my other option is I can go the free content route, TikTok, for example which Jasmine will talk about here in a second and you overcoming your doubts, but the TikTok route, well how long is it going to take me to get 200 people to not just click my link in my bio every day, but to actually go to my landing page and make it all the way through to the sales page, because you're going to get a certain drop off each and every, you know, 50% of people are going to opt into the opt in page, right, probably at 75 or 80% or who make it to the bridge page are going to continue on, there's going to be a drop off at each step.

So I may need to drive 300 clicks, well how do I drive 300 quality clicks to a sales page every day. Well I need to build up enough content that I have both videos that are being seen, that are being pushed by TikTok. I have enough credit. And enough followers and enough. What do they call it? Just authority with TikTok right to where when I release a video maybe I get five or 10,000 video views at minimum on each video; and then I've also got an email list that I'm sending emails to that are driving a certain number of 50 100 clicks back to a sales page every day. And that takes a bit of time but if I can do that and get to a point to where I'm driving two to 300 clicks to a sales page every single day, that's where the magic happens. And that takes a bit of time to be able to build up but you have to A. understand that that's what it takes, I see so many people Jasmine I know I'm ranting and I'm gonna let you talk a lot here in a second but I just have to get this out. Because I see so many people who come in who are new, and they say oh well I uploaded a couple of videos to TikTok or I uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube where I ran a couple of ads and nothing's working out and it's like you are. You're, you're really far off, what it really takes to be able to create an income, you need to consistently, you need to get to the point where you're consistently every day driving dozens, and then hundreds of clicks to a sales page not video views, not not your clicks on your bio.

People landing on a sales page. Jasmine as I'm going through this sort of rant, which is the facts and the truth. What's coming up for you?

Jasmine: Yes, you made earlier on in that in that speech there, you had mentioned, everybody is different, right, and I think that's like a super important point, because even for me in the beginning, where I kind of got lost. I got lost in the leaderboard, the Legendary marketer leaderboard. I kind of got lost in it, and it can do one of two things for you. For me at the beginning it was kind of like, you know, you look at the leaderboard, and you know you're not on the leaderboard right, you might not ever be on the leaderboard or you're not on there that often. And you look at people who get, you know, 2,3,4,5 sales a day right. And you might look at that and you can take that as kind of like, Oh man, I'm not succeeding, or you can take that as motivation. Because those people that you see on top of the leaderboard, they're doing something right. But you can look at it as, oh my gosh like I'm getting you know, one or two high ticket sales a month, whereas they might be getting, you know 10, 15, 20. So in the beginning, I used to look at that as like a de-motivator, I was like man I'm not getting there. But what I didn't realize is, you know all these people that you see, They've set themselves daily goals daily goals weekly goals monthly goals yearly goals. And I think you got to look at the leaderboard as kind of like a motivator factor, instead of like, oh man I'm not on the leaderboard I'm not succeeding because everybody is different right. And, you know, going towards like TikTok and how you're driving like driving traffic. My issue in the beginning, I spent three months, literally, November, December, January, so I spent three months trying to grow one TikTok account without really being any like, original at all. So within that three month span, I gained maybe like 9,000 followers, my, my conversion rate was really awful, right, really terrible. And then I talked to somebody in the community and they, they suggest that I try it like a new account, but try and be a little bit more original, you know, don't talk about, don't talk about random side hustles. I know those get views ,right, those random side hustles those click-baity ones that everybody sees on TikTok, you know make $3,000 a day, you know, do like voiceovers, those might get you views, right, and for the larger accounts, it does. But what it also does is it gets you, it gets you banned, right, so I had a couple of videos, and honestly that can it can be detrimental, whatever, regardless of what anybody says you do those clickbait videos and you have one or two videos removed, regardless of what anybody says that's going to destroy your views. So, a recommendation for people on TikTok right now. As Dave said, views, okay views are great, but if they're not quality views, they mean nothing. Right, so if you're attracting people through clickbaity, you know, make $2,000 in voiceover $3,000 Listening to listening to music, and you see those, those might bring you followers but at the end of the day, your follower count really doesn't matter that much because there are people in this community that have 10,000 followers and they have you know, two or three times, gold, and there's people who have 200,000 followers, and they haven't made 5,000 bucks. Right. So I mean, it really comes down to the quality, and oh, a lot of people on this live are hopefully I'm not ranting too much but I know a lot of people on this live on Tik Tok. If you've been on Tik Tok for a while- and this is just my personal suggestion what happened with me. If you've been on Tik Tok per se, you know, two, three or four months, and you've had videos taken down because of community guideline violations for whatever reason might be like random, random videos got taken down, and your views have dropped for over three or four weeks. A lot of people suggest changing your account when trying a new account, which I've tried, but the only time it's actually worked, is making a new account with a new phone and a new phone number right now just on the same phone because I tried it and I got a new use. But on my new account to make moneywithjass with two s's. I did it with a brand new phone brand new number, I took my mom's phone. And within about three weeks like my videos just literally all exploded.

Pretty much all unexploited, so I was able to gain like 40,000 followers in three weeks, whereas I wasn't even able to crack 10k followers with my account, just because of those silly community violations by trying to be literally trying to copy these clickbaity videos so if anybody's trying to grow on Tik Tok and they're having an issue because of low views because of those violations. Honestly, I suggest trying to do it, brand new phone number, brand new phone. That's, that's one of the only ways that I have been able to, yeah exactly make moneywithjass exactly like that. 

Dave: But yeah so I mean, don't it's not a lot of dude that was like brilliant advice it's fantastic, don't, don't, yeah I mean, look guys, we're not we're not here to tell you what to do and what not to do.

It's just, it's just, you know, this is all from experience, you know, jazz, Jasmine you got great experience you've, you know, and the same thing has happened with Facebook ad accounts too it's like you go in, they, you get a, you get an ad account shut down or banned or whatever and it's like, And you may not be doing it, not particularly even doing anything wrong, and in some cases you may not actually be certainly not doing anything illegal, and in some cases you may not have even broken their terms, but their algorithm thought that you did. Maybe it picked up on a certain word or for whatever reason. And then you kind of just go and start another one with the same credit card and everything and it's it's the systems are smarter than that. You know what I mean. So, don't, don't, you know, don't, don't, don't insult their intelligence if you're going to start anew, if you're going to start, if you get an account banned or something. First of all know that we've all been there, like we've all been there. Some people are like, oh my god like this is the end of the world and it's like, no, it's actually not it's just really a learning lesson for you to say, ‘what can I do different and better? What can I do to clean up my compliance? How can I pay more attention to those aspects of the content of my advertisements?’

The other thing that I really wanted to say Jasmine and I just like I know you were referencing our leaderboard and stuff and obviously you're, you're an affiliate for us and you're kind of in the make money online niche but, you know, a lot of you new folks, you come in, and you, you don't have to go into that niche, you don't have to go into the make money online niche. You know, one of the things that we do with all of our books, you know that's one of the reasons Jasmine why in our, in our challenge, we don't talk about our affiliate program, you know, we talk about the general concepts we talk about we talk about various niches: health, wealth, relationships. Some of you guys are just not thinking wide enough, you're, you're just, you're coming in, and you're trying to do, what you see everybody else doing, and there's really a whole big wide ridiculous sea of opportunity out there in so many different niches, meaning topics, there's parenting, there's, there's, I saw a lady the other day, Texas B. Let me see. No She obviously had a, I followed her instantly because I was like this is like the coolest thing ever.

But she, she, she, she's a beekeeper. Texasbeeworks is her TikTok channel, and she's got 3.9 It's blurry there but anyways it's called Texas B works. That's the handle, and she's got 3.9 million followers, and she's got less than 20 videos Dude, she's got like probably 12 videos 369 1215 1821 So she's got 25, 28 videos, something like that. And she's got 3.9 million followers, She's talking about, just she's doing cool shit. You know what I mean like I don't know how to say this, it's just like, I don't want to talk over anybody's head I don't want to be like this weird dumb show that talks in technical jargon, she's just doing cool shit she's talking about cool shit. And I think that, that sometimes, I think that we just need all need to take a step back and really tap back into our creativity, and in even be willing to try to grow channels in different niches, Right? One of the reasons why, when somebody goes into our Blueprints we take them through a 90 day process to help them to pick a niche, to be sure that that's the niche that they want to go into. And so a lot of times when people don't invest in training, and they don't go through those sort, of those sort of blueprints, those, you know, that sort of kind of in advanced higher level, kind of, take your time, we have a proven plan for you- which is totally fine, we don't, we don't try to force our products on everybody and or shame anybody for not buying something, but I'm just, I want to give you guys all some of what we tell those clients right now, which is what the opposite, what what the college in traditional school system does is they say, just day One day, 18 years old. Pick a, pick a major. And then, Jasmine you're off to the races man in your, in your, your, three, four years into that major, you maybe go to an internship, and you're like, ‘I don't like this’. So, what what we do in the in our Blueprints chaining and what I'd like to invite all of you guys here to think about is that we try to be the opposite of, of the college system, right, the traditional school system, meaning that you don't have to just jump into a niche because everybody else is doing it. You don't have to do that, you can actually sit back and take your time by your time I mean, up to 90 days, and in play with some various different niches. And say, What am I excited about what can I actually talk in create unique content where can I take these copywriting skills, I'm learning these content engagement skills by creating awesome hooks on content and getting people to pay attention to what I'm saying in the first second or two of the video and then you'll all of which by the way we've talked about and taught right on these wakeup live shows, by the way. But, by 90 days, then I can make a decision about going into a niche that I really can create some engaging original content, instead of just going into make money online because everybody else is doing it. And certainly, we as a company, appreciate even, you know, basically evangelist of our, of our training, like we appreciate that, you know what I mean like it's, it's obviously, we're doing something right and it's, it's, it's a, it's a nod to us that people want to promote our products, awesome, but I just want you guys to know that we don't need you to do that. Nobody's asking you to do that so if you're sitting on this show this morning you're listening to this later and you're thinking that this is a narrow career, that this is a narrow venture, it's not, it's there's a really big world of affiliate marketing and things that you can get involved in. And I just invite each one of you guys to be open to that idea. Jasmine. I want to talk about the doubt thing, of course, anything that come up came up for you from from those comments, but I want to talk about your doubt, and how you have overcome some of that doubt, are some of that uncomfortability so feel free to share about anything that came up for you in my last rant, or talk to us a little bit about overcoming doubt. 

Jasmine:   Yeah, so just about what your what you said last that's one of the most important things is to get into something that you actually enjoy doing. Don't get into something just because people say you can you can make X amount of dollars or like a particular niche, a particular niche because you're gonna end up getting burned out, or you're not gonna end up loving what you do. So regardless if you're able to make money or not able to make money in it, you're gonna end up quitting anyways and going back to what you were doing before, which is I think like a fatal flaw, so don't don't chase the money, chase what you want to do, Chase what you love doing Chase what you love creating content around because if you're able to, if you love the content that you're creating, you will eventually see success with it as long as you're setting your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals for that and looking at it long term in a niche that you actually enjoy, and you're implementing what you're actually learning, you will eventually see success, but if you go into a niche just because, oh you know XYZ is making XYZ dollars you know my friend Jay over here does this niche so I'm gonna do it too. You're likely just gonna end up quitting because you don't actually love what you do. So I think yeah, as you mentioned really important to actually get into what you love doing, whether that's, you know, X Y Z program or ABC program just pick what you actually love doing, you know, go into that niche, and create content around that. 

Dave: One more thing before we move on, Laurie asked did you use a new domain link for your new account? 

Jasmine: No so what I did was I still have two domains up but one what is actually going through beacons like my old one I put through beacons just so they don't maybe like track it or whatever. And then for my current one I just use my, my same domain but I think because I tried to create again I tried to create an account on the same phone with a different email, and it literally got no views but I tried to do it on my like my mom's phone. And like my, again this is just my experience with it. My first video got like, 900 likes and like 50,000 views. 

I'm just saying like, the views. Okay, let's remove that okay that took a couple of weeks, but like, even like normal videos, like I reposted similar videos from my old account, like, same style. Not sure. And they got, you know, on my old account they get, you know 300 views but on my new account they get, you know 1000 or 2000. So from what I've noticed and I'm no TikTok expert, by far, I don't think anybody is. The first few videos that you put out honestly in my opinion are super important. And I've heard that from multiple people as well, like the first couple of videos that you put out kind of beer. Beer TikTok, TikTok isn't the end all be all right. Like, there's people out there that are successful without TikTok. I know a lot of people are talking about Pinterest now. So I don't know if anybody on here has heard about Calvin Hill.


Dave:   The other day, and, and, yeah, we had him on here and he went through Pinterest and what was going on with Pinterest and what he was doing with Pinterest and it's, it's just a beast. Are you on Pinterest?

Jasmine: I'm looking into it. I don't watch Calvin's lives, Calvin Calvin's Calvin's a different breed. I can tell you that.

But yeah, for anybody that's looking at like other avenues because some people don't like showing their face, right. So, TikTok isn't, it's not like if you don't succeed on TikTok, you're not gonna succeed right? 

Dave: There's Pinterest there's Twitter we had David dill, the other day on Twitter, bro. I was like, oh, Lee. Yeah, you're right. You don't have to be on TikTok, I mean everybody's tripping out about TikTok because it's this kind of just craze. Like, it's almost, you know what it's doing bro, in a sense, like, it's creating like this crack like epidemic. You know what I mean, like how, like how crack exploded on the street in the 80s and 90s, or whatever, like, like it was never like this man, like internet marketing was a different, it was just a different approach you were doing the Pinterest you were doing the Twitter's you were doing the YouTube span, you know where you were kind of had lower expectations, and it wasn't this, you know, overnight kind of thing. And so, in a sense, Tiktok has been sort of this double edged sword for everybody because they can have all this crazy exposure and success, success. I do call even getting video views success like any sort of feedback, any sort of progress is success. I'm not particularly just only talking about money. But yeah it's created this expectation that everybody should get results that fast and guys I'm here to tell you that I don't know what the future brings, maybe we're gonna have tons of TikToks I'm sure it's going to be exciting and there's going to be ways to get results a lot faster than ever before. But just remember that the fortunes, the real fortunes that I know about on the internet, you know in affiliate marketing and course creation and stuff haven't been created on Tik Tok, like they've all been created before Tik Tok was ever invented. So just keep that in mind. What you're saying Jasmine I think is really important and that's why I wanted to just add that piece to it because most 99.999999999999999% of fortunes have been created without TikTok. So don't be don't become an internet marketing crack attic to where all the sudden now you are chasing that high. If you get that high be grateful for it right if you get that high be like, Yo, that was an epic ride, but don't get addicted to it. I mean, don't get addicted to it to where if you don't get it or have it like now all of a sudden you're let down and you're going through detoxes and you, like thinking about offing yourself, you know what I mean basically killing your business, don't do that, you know, remember that most fortunes, if not all fortunes have been created without TikTok.

I interrupted you a little bit I don't know if you wanted to finish your thought but but let's keep moving and eventually find our way to this, you know, overcoming the doubt piece. 

Jasmine: Yeah, so just trying to like the the doubt for me, I cannot go back on the pages mentioning, like, TikTok, it's like, like for the people that are just getting into the digital marketing space just like me, we have to think like, what if TikTok wasn't here? Right so he's removed TikTok for just a second, even though it's the low hanging fruit. And if it's not working for you there's other avenues that people obviously have been super successful. So just because one avenue isn't working, like say remove TikTok. TikTok’s not working for you? TikTok wasn't here, not too long ago right or wasn't being used for you know, digital marketing content. Focus on other content, focus on Twitter, try that focus on Pinterest try that, try and start a YouTube channel. Right so don't don't get lost in the TikTok isn't working for me so I feel that this, I'm going to go back to doing what I was before I quit. Don't do that. But in terms of overcoming adversity. It really comes down to mindset and mindset is so important, and what you do on a daily basis so I was getting super discouraged because I wasn't seen, I wasn't really seeing any success through TikTok. Right.

And for that, it's like you have two options you can either say hey man like this isn't working for me, I quit. I'm gonna look, I'm gonna go back to looking for a job and you know I tried digital marketing but it didn't work out for me. Or you can say, You know what, I'm going to try this again, whether that's, you know, I'm going to go all in. Like I believe Dave Dill right, I believe that he was all in on Twitter, right, let's go all in on Twitter because people are making that work. Let me try and educate myself regarding that, and let me do that. So for me, really it was eliminating me looking at other people's success, and then portraying that onto me. Like, oh, you know, they're posting this content and they're seeing success but I'm not doing it. You have to be like, kind of like unique in your own way. Because at the end of the day, you know you can copy someone else's content and you can copy their funnel and you can copy their bridge page and you can copy their hashtags and what they're doing. But what you can't copy, and what other people can't copy is you. So you have to really try and sell yourself, rather than trying to try to push, push the content even though the content still has to be good, some content works better for some people and some content works better for others.

So for me it was really just trying to find myself and not really, you know, and stop comparing myself to other people because at that day. Some people have been in the industry for five years, 10 years. And some people are relatively newer than seeing success but don't look at someone else's success to put yourself down. Use it as motivation. And I think a lot of people, even myself and you know, in the early days which they're still early, I looked at other people's success and I was like man, why am I not there?  You know, we're doing the same thing we started at the same time, it's like you can't, you can't compare yourself to someone else because everybody's different, right. Yeah, you're gonna you're gonna attract people like you, right and they're gonna attract people like them. So if one thing is not working, try something else. Don't just quit. And people quit, I think way too early, Right, like they're out for a month, two months, three months, four months they don't see success they're like oh man, this sucks like I'm out of here I'm gonna go try X, Y, Z like I'm gonna go try dropshipping I'm gonna go try Amazon I'm gonna go try import products right stick to one course until you start seeing success because like it's an even playing field. Generally speaking, it's an even playing field we all, most people have access to Twitter Tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, like those are just common things that most people have access to. 

A lot of people have similar resources so if someone else is able to make it work, you can make it work, you just have to, you just have to educate yourself around it. And don't like please don't compare yourself to other people, and for the people that are for instance in, let X, Y, Z community, like, don't look at the top people in that group and look at it as like why am I not there yet. Look at it as how can I get there?. Daily goals right? People look at you I want to get to 10k a month, right, I want to get to 10k a month. I'll quit my job if I get to 10k, but they don't say like, ‘Okay, what am I going to do tomorrow? What's my, what's my plan for today? What's my plan for tomorrow? What's my plan for the next week?’ right, my goal is, you know, one conversion day or two conversions a day or five conversions day not 1000 conversions a day right off the bat. Right, so don't get, like you have to, you have to kind of fall in love with the process right so there's roles, you know, one, one conversion two conversions a day, you know, and then you move on from there. Now, I want to get 100 conversions a day I'm going to compare myself to someone who's been doing it for 10 years, right and then get demotivated, so it's really just fall in love with your niche fall in love with the process and just stay consistent right like just put in that effort every single day, whether it's half an hour 20 minutes, one hour, two hour whatever you got for you and just like stick with it, cuz like your goal should be long term not short term and I think that's why a lot of people fail, they have like the short term like, I'm gonna quit my job in two months, even though he or she did it. It's like no, like, stay consistent with it over time like focus on you know, one year, five year, 10 year, right, like, well I believe work it out. 

Dave: I believe Jazz that, you know, people shouldn't quit their job, dude. He definitely not no, because, because here's why. Let me tell you why. This is my opinion. If, If you can't be successful doing this with a job, then you're not going to be any more successful without a job, because now you're gonna have all this time on your hands. So what having a job does, in my opinion, is it, it makes you super on point with your time.

Because you know you've got limited time and you've got specific windows. So now you got to get really good at not only making the most out of your time but you also got to make the most out of your sleep, like, you got to make sure you get good sleep. You got to really learn how to take care of yourself, you know, I mean, like, I remember my wife and I, we separated. Many years ago, and we had a couple of separations early in our relationship, but like we, dude, this was when I learned how to take care of myself. You know what I mean, Because I didn't have my girlfriend going around, washing dishes and doing laundry and, you know, I mean, making sure I was taking care of myself. Right. And, and that was, that was good for me, you know, so I think that, that, you know, what I realized and I had already had some success in business by that time, but what I realized was that, like that ,like I really didn't know how to take care of myself. Like I really didn't know how to do self care, I really didn't know how exhausted I was. I was staying up late, I was like, I was all messed up. And I think if we have a job, and we have to fit in building a business, and, and, and even taking care of kids and getting sleep like it really brings out.

It's gonna make you or break you. Right, it's gonna make you or break you. And especially if you have the ability, you know you have a job, and you don't have kids, right, you got all the time in the world I'm gonna tell you something if you guys, if any of you guys don't have kids, you, you actually don't realize how much free time you have on your hands, like you don't, you do not realize how much. If you want to take care of your kids like if you want to actually, you know, pay attention to them. Like when I'm in the house. It's one of the reasons why, why I don't work in my house that I sleep in, is because, well I do, but it's in the garage, and it's, I got a, I got a desk set up in the garage, and it's like, it's I try to, you know, be like this I'm not in the house, I'm in the garage. So, but, like, if you don't have kids and you got a job. All right. And you don't have kids. The, the, you have all the time in the world. You have all the time in the world. Trust me go get kids, go get you some kids. And I'm going to show you, you're going to come back and say that ‘David that son of a bitch. I don't have not a God blessed second..I can’t breathe these kids are down my friggin throat’. That it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. I have two kids, let me tell you how onpoint I am with my time. So, you got a job, now all of a sudden every minute counts, right, and we learn how to make the most out of our time do self care get in bed at a good time. And I believe just how you do one things how you do everything bro how you do one things how you do everything. So I see a lot of people also like, oh I'm gonna I'm not successful in affiliate marketing, I'm gonna go do, Amazon, or I'm gonna go do this or that, it's like, but how you do one thing is how you do everything. Wherever you go, there you are. So it's like you bring those same bad habits, that same bad attitude into this new business model, it's not going to be any different. Because the truth is that every one of you guys could be successful at anything that you do, if you wanted to. If you knew how to be not that if you wanted to because I believe each one of you guys want to see that's that's unfair, but I believe if you knew how, which really boils down to dynamics that I'm talking about not the mechanics of the business like, oh, you know, TikTok. No, it's the dynamics, it's this shit I'm talking about with doing self care, just talked about this attitude overcoming doubt not not comparing yourself, not leaving before the miracle happens not comparing your insides to other people's outside it's like all this stuff you just said bro is shit that I've been talking about for years and I've got even got these little phrases for, like, don't leave before the miracle happens, don't compare your insides with other people's outsides, you know, all this kind of stuff because it's true.

I don't know what you're laying out is just a lot of facts bro, a lot of facts, we got to bring this in for a landing. Give us some final like what, First of all, what's been your experience with Legendary? Like what are you, have you been loving this journey in this community and have you gotten a lot out of this sort of process here within LM?

Jasmine: Yeah, definitely. And I'm going to say that for a couple of reasons. The first is like Legendary marketer, regardless of what anybody like what people think like they actually want to see you succeed, as Dave always mentioned like they're a for profit business, but they care about your success so whether you know whether you go into a lab or whether you go into like a different program wherever you go into whatever you should go into, I truly believe that Dave and and Legendary marketer want to see you succeed, which is why they put so much content and so much effort into what they do. But for me, like I again, I didn't know anything about digital marketing. I knew nothing about affiliate marketing before I went to the Legendary marketer course. So that really opened up my eyes and I really do appreciate it, and for the community you know I've been fortunate enough to talk to some pretty successful people in the Legendary marketer community. And I've never met someone that's doing, you know, more than what I am, that hasn't been willing to help. So for anybody that's in, in the community, whether you're like with LM or not with Legendary, like reach out to those people if you see someone on on like TikTok that's doing like really well honestly jump in their lives like ask them questions, send them an email. Like these people are willing to help. Right, and I know people you know you might see them on a top 30 leaderboard like the Top 10 Top 50 People like, I guarantee you, each and every single one of those people in that community, are willing to help you with whatever questions you may have. And that's been my experience so like the community that you know that you and Legendary, you guys have been able to build is, I think amazing truly amazing everybody's willing to help.

If anybody has any questions for myself, reach out to me and like, I think the community you've been able to build is just in my opinion, and I haven't had experience with a lot of them but it's really second to none. Just because everybody wants to see the next person succeed and I think that's what separates the community from others, right, so nobody wants to see you fail, right, everybody wants to see you succeed. So yeah that's kind of that's kind of my thoughts, 

Dave: And you make a good point because it's like buying by jumping onto like if you're interested in what somebody is doing by jumping on their live, you're also helping their business. Yeah, because you're jumping on their live, you're commenting on their stuff so it actually brings value to them you're not you don't need to worry about bothering them. You don't need to worry about you, that is helping them so I want you guys to really understand that if you jump on one of Jasmine's lives or jump on a Calvin live or something like you're actually helping their business because you're giving them viewership comments, social proof, showing that people are interested in their content so it's this wonderful giving take and that's why I say every single show we do is go to Jasmine's profile, like his stuff, comment on his stuff. Sure, like, you know, if you need inspiration, if you need help, if you if you have a question about some of the things that he's been talking about here, go lift him up every single time that he posted a video, I, I'm telling you guys, I'm telling you to do this, not just inviting, I’m  telling you go lift other people up, it will come back to you tenfold, it will come back to you tenfold. By lifting them up I mean, commenting on their stuff, your content’s incredible thanks like that takes two seconds. And when that person sees you commenting on their stuff. Each time they post a video, and then all of a sudden you show up on a live or you hit them with a question, how excited do you think that person is going to be to over deliver on an answer for you? They're going to be incredibly excited. It takes two seconds to do that and I think we all should put forth, you know, 15, 20 minutes per day to just say, ‘I'm going to go and just show love. I'm just going to go and support fellow entrepreneurs’. I try to do it. I try to go in, in, like people's posts and common on people’s stuff like, you know, there's tons of stuff I don't see at all, but I try to do that too. And so, Jasmine, brother. You know what I realized when I, when I asked this whole time you've been talking about overcoming doubt, and like the whole show has been about that you've just weaved it wonderfully into each, you know, thing that you've said and shared and I've just really enjoyed hearing what you've had to say. Your perspective on things is really really wise, It's really smart. I think that the mechanical tips you've given us are excellent, but if people really listened to this episode about the things that you said, they could they could they could save themselves a lot of frustration, a lot of disappointment, and not only probably be more successful but also enjoy the journey a lot more. So appreciate that my man. 

Jasmine: Awesome, thank you for having me and stay Legendary as they always say.

Dave: All right. My brother will talk to you soon. Okay, we'll have you back. Please come back. Alright, thanks so much. Alright man see ya. 

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