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Neal’s Yard Remedies: Legit MLM or Marketing Scam?

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In 2018, it was reported that the sale of organic products reached over $50 billion in the United States, alone. As more consumers become concerned with what's in the food they eat and the products they put on their skin, the organic market is going to continue to explode.

Back in 1981, Romy Fraser anticipated this growing interest in organic products in the UK. She launched what was originally a small business but grew over the decades to become a successful MLM company. That company is Neal's Yard Remedies.

If you're hoping to get ahead of the curve with the organic products trend, becoming an affiliate of Neal's Yard Remedies may seem like the way to go. Is it all that it's cracked up to be?

At Legendary Marketer, our goal is to provide new entrepreneurs with the tips and tools they need to succeed in a digital world. Now, we're going to take a look at Neal's Yard Remedies. Read on to learn more about this organic wellness company.

What Is Neal's Yard Remedies?

Neal's Yard Remedies is a family-owned organic wellness company that uses direct sales to sustain the business. In their words, they are a modern apothecary on a mission to help consumers heal both inside and out. They offer a well-curated line of products for skincare, aromatherapy, bathing, and overall wellness.

Today, Neal's Yard Remedies is owned by the Kindersley family. In 2009, the family decided to expand the company by opening sales to affiliates, thereby turning the company into an international MLM.

Is Neal's Yard Remedies a Legit Opportunity?

Admittedly, Neal's Yard Remedies has had their fair share of issues. For example, as recently as 2018, the company ran into legal trouble with the state of California for failing to disclose the presence of lead and cadmium in some of its products. Seeing these kinds of issues can be offputting, but the truth is that most businesses hit these kinds of roadblocks from time to time.

So, is Neal's Yard Remedies a scam? Or is it a legit opportunity?

We're here to tell you that Neal's Yard Remedies is not a scam. It's not an illegal pyramid scheme. It is a tried and true MLM, and there are some compelling reasons to join the sales team. These reasons include:

  • Selling products with a generally positive reputation
  • Earning a commission to boost your income
  • Practicing your skills as an independent entrepreneur and marketer
  • Setting your own hours of operation
  • Learning more about the needs of your market and how to meet them

With these kinds of opportunities, it's not surprising that the company has done well while expanding to more countries.

How Much Can You Make Selling Neal's Yard Remedies Products?

When you become a Neal's Yard Remedies affiliate, it's a lot like investing in your own small business. The upside is that you don't have to put in the work to research and create new products. Your job is to find new markets for Neal's Yard Remedies products and bring in money for both the company and yourself.

First, you'll pay between $100 and $123 to begin your membership as an affiliate. Then, you'll make an additional purchase to receive your starter pack for $59. From there, you'll be able to continue purchasing Neal's Yard Remedies products at their wholesale price and selling them at their suggested retail value provided by the company.

How much can you make doing this? Neal's Yard Remedies offers a 25% commission on retail sales. You can also earn a commission off of sales made by members of your downstream that you have personally recruited. If your team hits certain incentives or milestones, you may also earn bonuses, although these are often difficult to achieve.

It's hard to say exactly how much you stand to make selling Neal's Yard Remedies products, as the company does not provide a public income disclosure statement. (If you've looked through our reviews of other MLM companies, you probably know that we're a big fan of income disclosure statements. Not being able to find one can feel like a bit of a red flag.)

So, if we had to guess, would we predict that you're going to get rich quick with Neal's Yard Remedies? Not quite.

Why Won't I Get Rich Quick With Neal's Yard Remedies?

Like all MLM companies, the allure comes from the possibility of making a boatload of money while working on your own time. However, expectations and realities don't often align in this line of work. Why is that?

No matter how good the products are, your ability to make money with an MLM comes down to your ability to reach an ever-growing consumer market. There are more organic wellness companies now than ever before, so the competition is steep. Plus, as an affiliate, the stakes can be high once you start investing your own money into these products.

The best way to approach any independent business endeavor is to harness the power of online marketing. When you know how to reach consumers and build a trusting relationship with them online, you gain the potential to reach thousands–millions, even–of people all over the country or the world.

In the end, Neal's Yard Remedies isn't going to provide you with the in-depth training you need to really achieve your financial goals. So, where can you learn how to market your business online?

Broaden Your Reach With Legendary Marketer

Neal's Yard Remedies isn't a scam and it's not a pyramid scheme. It's an MLM company offering a legitimate opportunity to individuals who are looking to start selling organic wellness products on their own time. The only problem is that if you don't know how to market yourself and your products, you stand to lose money on your investment, rather than see a real profit.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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