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Top 10 Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

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Are you just getting started in affiliate marketing and wondering what niche to target? With so many on offer, it can be hard to know which is going to be profitable and the best suited to your interests. If you choose correctly, affiliate marketing can become a very lucrative source of income.

Like anything, industries change, becoming more or less popular as time goes on. From up and coming topics to evergreen favorites, I give the 10 best affiliate marketing niche to get started on.

1. Home Security Affiliate Marketing Niche

Home security has always been a big industry, but in the past two years, it has really grown. Advances in technology have allowed for some great and wonderful products to be built. The industry's growth has been partly down to the social climate, where fear has fostered a need for home protection.

The sub-genres for an affiliate marketer here are pretty endless. Iron security doors, nanny cameras, personal security weapons, are just some of the items that have become popular. The greatest thing is that with the political climate as it is, it seems like the need for these items is only going to get stronger, making it a great time to start.

2. Baby Products

The population is growing, and after the quarantine and lockdown of 2020, it is likely to get even bigger. Population growth requires babies, and all of these babies need a range of products to keep them fit, healthy, and comfortable. Baby goods are also usually quite highly-priced, meaning that your affiliate share will tend to be more lucrative than in other affiliate marketing niches.

Think of the range of products new parents will purchase for a newborn. From cribs and clothing to toys, games, and health products. The list is endless, and social media promotion pretty much runs itself, because who doesn't want to see pictures of cute babies on their news feed?

3. Home Decor

Another niche that has always been popular, but had a sudden explosion in popularity, is home decor. 2020 saw record numbers of people spending money on their property, as the pandemic locked them down in their homes. Industries such as flooring and furniture had their most lucrative sales years yet.

As small airlines and travel businesses close, it looks like people will be staying closer to home for a lot longer. Home decor affiliate programs are an excellent way to capitalize on this trend.

4. CBD

CBD is another industry that has suddenly boomed. With large western countries such as Canada legalizing medical marijuana along with some US states, CBD is hot property. The beauty of it is that it is slightly different from Marijuana, and can reach out and be sold beyond the borders of these places.

It differs in that it lacks the THC compound, essentially the part that gets you high. Medical research is still being undertaken on it, but with emerging evidence seeming to back up the theories, it allows you to target both the health-conscious and those seeking alternative pharmaceuticals.

5. Fishing

Fishing is a huge pastime across the world and can be done almost anywhere with a water source. From small mountain rivers to pacific coastlines, it offers a great combination of the great outdoors, relaxation, and excitement to boot. It also requires an awful lot of gear if you want to do it right, making it one of the best affiliate programs.

As people turn to holidays and activities that are closer to home, it is only going to grow. You can choose to target recreational fishers, sports anglers, or both.

6. Gardening

Carrying on the theme of spending money on the home, gardening is an industry that is already huge but has increased exponentially. People love to be out in their yard gardening, and with many people looking to create homesteads and grow their own food, it provides multiple avenues for the affiliate marketer to target.

7. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness remain one of the top affiliate niches. It has a range of products, from fashion items to gym equipment and supplements. However, it is competitive, and the trick is to find a particular niche and audience to market it to.

This niche will never let up, so even though it may take a while to carve out your audience it will remain consistent. The best idea is to go with what you know. From bodybuilders to those who love to cook healthy meals, you will find something that works within your interests.

8. Romance

Romance and dating are another niche that combines a few others into one helpful field. You can give people advice, show them how to become more wealthy or build self-confidence, all under the umbrella of looking for love. The only problem is that it is quite competitive, so you must decide who and what you will target instead of having a scattergun approach.

9. Gaming

The gaming niche remains one of the largest industries, with a number of affiliate programs dedicated to it. Yet again, it can be competitive, but it also has a wide breadth which you can use to target a specific niche. From traditional Playstation and Xbox gaming to online casinos and tabletop boardgames, once you have your audience it should remain consistent.

10. Food

Another evergreen topic with a host of sub-genres to target is food. Who doesn't love to eat well? As more people turn away from supermarket-bought pre-packaged goods, this field will only grow.

Perhaps you may target a cuisine from a certain country or a certain type of chef. Either way, you will have a selection of recipe books, kitchen products, and ingredients to market to them.

Build an Audience

Once you have decided on your affiliate marketing niche, then start building your audience immediately. Set up websites and social profiles, so that once you have your niche in place you can get started right away.

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