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What Is VALUE in Content Creation

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What Is VALUE In Content Creation?

Digital Marketing Tips - 6 Examples Of Value Driven Content For Digital Marketing

If you’ve been in the marketing space for a week, you’ve most likely already heard the standard advice – your content needs value.

Well that’s all fine and good…

But what the heck is VALUE?

I get it! New digital marketers get overwhelmed with frustration at the mere mention of this term.

Every time you hear it, it feels like some secret code that you’re suppose to know what it means, but you really don’t, and can’t seem to find anyone willing to actually break it down. 

Let’s fix this – TODAY. 

As you start creating content – whether it’s through video, emails, lead magnets, blogs, podcasts… 

One of the key challenges you’ll face is creating content that not only stops the scroll but also keeps your audience engaged. 

The secret sauce? Value.

But what exactly is “value” in content, and how can you consistently provide it to your audience? 

Let’s break it down and explore different types of value that work in any niche, complete with examples to get you started!

1. Educational Value

People love to learn new things, especially if it helps them solve a problem or improve their skills. It also doesn’t need to be presented like SCHOOL/PROFESSOR BORING. Allow your personality to shine through! After you create it, ask yourself – Would someone SAVE THIS post? 

Example: If you’re in the fitness niche, create a video or blog post on “5 Quick Home Workouts to Stay Fit Without Equipment.” Use step-by-step instructions and visual demonstrations to educate your audience.

2. Inspirational Value

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. Share stories or content that motivate your audience to take action or feel uplifted. We love to feel good, and we LOVE it when others help us feel good. Any post that makes us smile, feel motivated, excited, driven, or a kick in the pants we might need. 

Example: In the Entrepreneur niche, share a multi part series of morning motivation, mantras, or tips to stay driven. 

3. Entertainment Value

Sometimes, people just want to be entertained. Light-hearted, funny, or emotionally engaging content can be incredibly valuable.

Example: If you’re in the cooking niche, create a fun and engaging video of a cooking challenge, like “Can I Make a Gourmet Meal with Only 5 Ingredients?” This not only entertains but also showcases your creativity and skill. This is also where you can show a dinner fail, and that your human and relatable to your audience. 

4. Practical Value

Provide your audience with practical tips, tools, and resources they can use immediately. This type of value is highly appreciated because it’s actionable.

Example: In the digital marketing niche, write a post on “10 Free Tools Every New Digital Marketer Should Use.” Provide links and brief descriptions of each tool, highlighting how they can make marketing tasks easier.

5. Social Value

Content that sparks conversation or encourages community involvement can create a strong connection with your audience.

Example: In the travel niche, post a question like “What’s Your Most Memorable Travel Experience?” Encourage your followers to share their stories and pictures, fostering a sense of community.

6. Aesthetic Value

Beautiful, well-designed visuals can captivate your audience. This is especially powerful on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Example: If you’re in the fashion niche, create visually stunning look books or outfit inspiration posts. Use high-quality photos and engaging designs to showcase the latest trends.

Remember, the key to creating valuable content is to always keep your audience’s needs and interests as the ultimate focus. 


Test different types of content, see what resonates, and refine your strategy accordingly.

Mix it up, have fun and keep going! 

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