How Linda Went From Foreclosure To Full-Time Digital Marketing Success Story

Linda's story is one everyone needs to hear. She went from being in foreclosure to becoming a full-time digital marketing success story. She goes into great detail about how she did it and drops a clear blueprint anyone can use to follow in her footsteps.



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David Sharpe


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Philly Kid Goes From Prison To Producer And Earns $44,000 in 45 Days | Podcast #2

Our first guest on the Legendary Marketer podcast is Kai Lo. He went from prison to producer and earned over $44,000 in commissions through our affiliate program by licensing our products and digital marketing system, and most importantly, taking action!

Listen to his story and enjoy the banter back and forth between Kai and I — he was a lot of fun to have on the show!


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David Sharpe

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The Digital Revolution | Podcast #1

We're launching a brand new podcast where we're going to teach, talk and and showcase some Legendary Marketer's that are “doing the deal”.

I want you to know this: I want to feature YOU, so keep working, hustling and getting results. Because Legendary Marketer is here to lift you up and help you share your message so you can be an inspiration to other poeple who are walking the same path as you!

In this first episode of the podcast I talk about the Digital Revolution and how I started a digital marketing business with nothing but a laptop and a WiFi connection and went on to do over $200 million in sales.

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David Sharpe

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