How Linda Went From Foreclosure To Full-Time Digital Marketing Success Story

Linda's story is one everyone needs to hear. She went from being in foreclosure to becoming a full-time digital marketing success story. She goes into great detail about how she did it and drops a clear blueprint anyone can use to follow in her footsteps.


It's your time,

David Sharpe


P.S. Leave a comment below – what was your biggest take away from Linda's episode?!

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  1. Teri O'Callaghan
    Teri O'Callaghan says:

    My biggest take away was when you mentioned focus on giving value. People are hungry to work from home. Thousands are looking every day for a way out of their situation. Another thing you mentioned that we are taught to hide are out embarrassing moments. This one will take me right out of my comfort zone. Thank you for your time.

  2. Suzi
    Suzi says:

    Linda, Kudos my dear. Do you see, and do you feel the strength that is within you? It’s in all of us and unfortunately, most will just give up and wait for someone else or some other entity to take care of them. You are a strong woman and because you did not give up you are able to grab what you have always been meant to have. I truly believe that we are all where we are supposed to be. And we were all given the strength to better ourselves, but we have to spend time and see it, grab it, and run with it. By doing that you will also be rewarded and smiled upon by our maker. Now you can continue your story and give others the push they need to get themselves together. That is the only reason we are here, is it not? To help and show others just how important and loved they are. So, if needed, they can get off their ass, dust off their hands, and start all over again.

    • Peggy
      Peggy says:

      Yes we really need all the advice we can get,
      What ever you can help with will be greatly appreciate.
      I just joined so I have a lot to learn, I will NOT give up!!

      • Peggy
        Peggy says:

        I am sending you a hug and a pat on the bad for your help
        You may not know this now but you send your straight out to us all…. I will be in touch P.Walker

  3. Tamika Mcquiter
    Tamika Mcquiter says:

    Very Inspiring. I’m brand new to legendary and my biggest take away from Linda’s story is that through her hardships she stayed consistent and didn’t give up. I know that I must stay consistent and it will pay off. Thank you Linda!!

  4. Jay
    Jay says:

    Everything I come across with Legendary Marketer is inspirational and motivational. Listening to Linda tell her story hit so close to home… Inspiring!

  5. Christina
    Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing your story is very inspiring. I’m just starting out and I was lucky enough to find this group. I can’t wait till one day to be able to share my success story

    • Sheryl Blundell
      Sheryl Blundell says:

      Firstly, I really felt inspired by Linda’s story and appreciate all of the things that were openly discussed between Linda and David.This seems to me other than the obvious mastermind teachings from David and Coach Larry Beecham that this is very key to share our learning and our stories with each other here in the Legendary group.Who better to learn from? I am myself very new to this group and the entire world of online marketing. So it is of MASSIVE value for me to hear what all of you have to say. Thank you so very much to Linda for being so courageous and consistent, and committed to Legendary and to her people. That includes people like myself. Thanks dearly Linda and I personally feel that you are headed for greater amounts of success as you continue on this path you are so dedicated to. And to ALL who are working towards making a better future for yourself, I wish you the best of luck. Keep doing it and you will get there! Remember “This is a MARATHON, NOT a RACE.”
      Peace, love, and blessings to all!
      ~Sheryl Blundell from Canada.

  6. pete leaton
    pete leaton says:

    Courage , Strength , Determination and Consistency …… That’s what i have taken from linda’s story. Refreshingly real life stuff.

  7. Michelle Wisehart
    Michelle Wisehart says:

    I want to thank you Dave and Linda for this podcast. I am so ready to get started on changing my life and finding my “New Cheese.” That came from a short book that I read when I started the job that I work now and I know that you have given me the confidence that I will be successful in it here with Legendary. Thank you so much.

  8. Lee Pritchard
    Lee Pritchard says:

    Thanks Linda, that sort of made it real for me. Not just hearing from most “gurus” that you’ll be a millionaire by next month, but that it does take time to do and build it up. This just made it sound more real and not just a dream and that I can do this. Thank you

  9. Johannes
    Johannes says:

    That was truly inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing your story, Linda. It’s nice to see the stories behind the people that post in the Legendary Marketer Facebook group regularly. I’m still in the process of going through the training videos- there’s a bunch of great quotes there that I’ve learnt so far. Another one that I think might fit in well is ‘Be patient, but not complacent.’. That’s a line I’ve been telling myself in the last few days as I’m getting started on this same journey.

  10. Benjamin Allotey
    Benjamin Allotey says:

    Congratulations, I love the consistency. Thumbs up for the perseverance and breaking the barrier. I have learned.

  11. Ritchie Godsey
    Ritchie Godsey says:

    I think alot of newbie are mis inform…we tend to think its easy and money goin fall out of our computor..u gotta spend time to build your self up and buy into a system……it takes WORK!

  12. Khalil Washington
    Khalil Washington says:

    Linda thank you for your inspiring story. I wish you continued success and I know you will get that check soon.

  13. BestNick
    BestNick says:

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  14. Vincent Hoeseb
    Vincent Hoeseb says:

    Thank you Linda, your story has inspired me much more and the way you kept your consistency throughout the years, that’s amazing. I guess what drive you was pure emotion and the determination not to backtrack to how life was when you were working for someone. This is awesome stuff and thanks to Dave for starting this business and his involvement with everyone that joins this community.

  15. Ebony McKenzie
    Ebony McKenzie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Linda, very inspiring! I have just joined the company and you have inspired me to stick it out and stay consistent.

  16. William Pfaff
    William Pfaff says:

    Linda thank you for sharing your story. Very inspiring & emotional. Definitely inspired me to keep driving towards success!

  17. Newmen Starts
    Newmen Starts says:

    Consistency is the backbone to success. Linda you got a lot of backbone I’m inspired for you and I won’t give up. It’s my time thank you

  18. Baltazar Magdamit
    Baltazar Magdamit says:

    Very insipiring i can relate to her story but diff result for me i did not earn. Thanks linda its awaken me not to give up

  19. angela Clemente
    angela Clemente says:

    Awesome Job Linda Sticking with it. So much of this hit one for me as at one point I was Close to Foreclosure on my home as well. Thank you for Sharing your Story it is very inspiring.


    By listing to this video I am thankful to be here n i really want to learn how to do this. She came a long ways I am happy to be here

  21. Yasmine Leroy
    Yasmine Leroy says:

    Linda thank you for sharing your story and not giving up. I’m quite new just joined. Your story is very emotional and hit very close to home for me. The way I see it, if you can do it, I can too, so thank you, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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