Philly Kid Goes From Prison To Producer And Earns $44,000 in 45 Days | Podcast #2

Our first guest on the Legendary Marketer podcast is Kai Lo. He went from prison to producer and earned over $44,000 in commissions through our affiliate program by licensing our products and digital marketing system, and most importantly, taking action!

Listen to his story and enjoy the banter back and forth between Kai and I — he was a lot of fun to have on the show!

It's your time,

David Sharpe

ps: Comment below – what was your biggest take away from this episode with Kai? 

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  1. Dale Pennington
    Dale Pennington says:

    It’s great to see someone go from nothing to making 1000s a month I’m still going through the 15 steps training and I hope I do become successful like that 1 day.

  2. Suzi Kauffmann
    Suzi Kauffmann says:

    Hi David, hi Kai. Anyone who looks at life’s “downs” as a learning experience has the mindset of a Leader. The battle of knowledge, does it come from life or a $200,000 degree? And because a person makes mistakes, pays the price, and tries to turn around, our mistakes follow us till the day we die.
    So, Dave, I hope you are aware that what you’ve given to the people who live on this planet is a chance to become the person that God intended them to be. Personally, this ladder that we are told to climb in the office does not exist. Well, you may have a chance if your young, attractive, and have the ability to bullshit your way out of any situation.
    Life is so short and when we meet our Maker, He will be smiling and be proud of us. All of us here at Legendary Marketing. For the reason that with our life, we have overcome any obstacle, and helped others overcome theirs. And, unless I am mistaken, that’s what our Spiritual Leaders keep pounding in our heads. “Be good, and help each other”.

  3. Joseph J Nikolaisen Jr
    Joseph J Nikolaisen Jr says:

    Kai seems like a good kid that has really turned his life around. He seems like a great influence to younger people as well as older people. Good job, Kai.

  4. Sarah Louise
    Sarah Louise says:

    I loved watching this. To hear Kai Lo’s story was inspirational. I enjoyed how the postcast was broken down into story telling, giving value and resulrs and how Legendary has enabled Kai tp achieve amazing resulrs.

  5. Adebowale Subuloye
    Adebowale Subuloye says:

    Please am a young Nigerian(barely 18) and my bank card is not able to pay the $30. I contacted my bank and I was asked to open a domiciliary account with a deposit of $100 (which is a huge fee, roughly forty thousand naira including the exchange interests by banks)… I will have to scrap all my savings to get the $30… Please, can I use another form of payment. Please help.


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