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Amazing fact: The United States is home to a whopping 30.2 million small businesses.

An even more amazing fact: 69% of startup businesses started right at their owners' homes! And of established small businesses, 59% are home-based.

So, if you've been thinking of starting your own home-based business, you're on the right track. You may even have started operations already! You have a well-stocked product inventory and you know what to say to close those sales.

But all that won't take you anywhere unless people know that your business exists.

That's why it's time you learn about the best creative marketing ideas to make a splash in the market.

But what exactly are these marketing tactics that will make people's heads turn your way?

Don't worry if you have no idea where to start. We'll show you how to do your small business marketing right, so make sure you keep reading!

Set up a Blog

Did you know that every month, some 409 million people read a staggering 20 billion blog pages? That means people read about 43,800 blog pages every minute! That’s how big blogs are, proving how crucial they are to catching the attention of consumers.

One of the best things about blogging is that it provides you a creative way to tell the story of your business. It gives you complete control over how you want to portray your business. You choose which keywords to use and follow your own creative processes.

More than that, it allows you to reach the 4.3 billion Internet users worldwide with a few clicks of a button. And it works because it already gives readers something of value — without them having to pay for it first!

But for your blogs to be effective, they need to contain information that your target readers can use. At the same time, it has to be relevant to your business. Otherwise, they'll only annoy your visitors once they find out that they're on the wrong page.

For instance, if you have a home baking business, then your blog posts should (for the most part) be about baking. A bit of cooking or other kitchen-related posts are also okay. What’s not is stuff about plumbing, air conditioning, or furniture-making!

Also, be sure you give your blog site constant updates. If you can, include at least one blog post a day in the list of daily goals you set for yourself. The more useful info people can get from your site, the higher your traffic can get, and the more leads you can covert.

Work SEO into Your Blog Posts

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. It's the “free”, “natural”, or “organic” way to drive traffic to a website. It's how Internet users enter keywords in a web browser, and they get relevant search results.

Although that makes it free on a technical level, it's an industry said to be worth $80 billion by 2020.

Before objecting and saying “I don't have the money for that”, know that you don't have to spend big bucks to start with SEO. But you do need extensive target market and keyword research. From there, incorporate your findings into your unique, valuable, and high-quality blog posts.

You need to optimize your blog posts because this makes it easier for search engines to find them. By using the right keywords, search engines can “pick up” your site faster. This then gives you better chances of ranking high on search results.

There are more factors — like 200 more factors — that go into site rankings than keywords though. But as a newcomer to SEO, you can first focus on curating quality content and proper keyword use. Make sure you also link to highly-valuable resource sites as needed!

Keep Your Customers’ Eyes Glued to the Page with Video

The human brain is so amazing it can process an image in only 13 milliseconds.

No wonder then that people love images more than they do simple, written text!

It's also no surprise that people watch a billion hours of YouTube videos every single day.

After all, unlike images, videos move and come with a more complete story. Because it's a visual story, the brain can process videos faster than photos.

All these make videos some of the best creative marketing tools your new business should use. In fact, they’re a must-have to create the ultimate online marketing campaign.

Exceptionally-made videos can fuel your site visitors' interest faster than written text alone. They also allow you to highlight the best features of your products or services. Your potential customers will already have a better idea of what to expect when they pay for your goods.

Plus, it's not necessary to invest in video equipment that can cost thousands of dollars. You can use your smartphone, so long as it takes high-resolution videos. Take time in planning your video's storyline though, and make sure you edit it before you upload it!

Humanize Your Brand through Vlogging

Speaking of videos, another creative way to market your business is through vlogging. It's much like blogging, wherein you become a story-teller or an advice-giver. It's also a platform to disseminate valuable information your target market can use.

The main difference is that you share these pieces of information through videos. And that you – the storyteller – appear in the videos.

Since people will see you in your vlog posts, they'll have a face to attach to a name. That already humanizes your brand, making it appear more approachable.

You can also vlog in real-time, which makes you even more “human” in the eyes of viewers. Vlogs also have a more personal approach, since you speak to your viewers directly. People can relate to you (and your business) better, so you have better chances of engaging them.

Socialize (and Engage) on Social Media

In the U.S. alone, almost seven in 10 adults are on Facebook. Of these people, three-fourths log in to their accounts every day. What's more, 43% of them use the social media site to get their daily dose of news.

So, why not become one of those sources of information or news? As soon as you've uploaded a blog or vlog post, share it on your Facebook page. And if people comment on it, hit them back with custom responses.

Remember, people don't like it if they're ignored. So, make sure that you track your FB page's activity so you can send out prompt responses. It's also a good idea to be witty and funny, which can further humanize your brand and make it more approachable.

Give Them Goodies

When Krispy Kreme opened a branch in Cardiff, Wales, over a thousand people lined up for more than two hours.

The reason?

Free donuts.

That's only one example of how freebies can get so much attention. And let’s face it, everyone likes freebies, whether they're free samples or giveaway items.

That said, consider giving away free items, say, when people sign up for your newsletter. This can be any small but usable item that has your brand stamped on it. From pens to mugs to USBs and eco-bags, there's a lot of promotional items you can choose from.

Best of all, they're not expensive, especially if you get them in bulk. Which is great, because the more you “give away”, the more branding opportunities you have. But make sure you use interesting and creative designs when branding your freebies!

You may also want to offer discounts using creatively-designed online coupons. Don’t settle for regular or boring ones that only say “25% Discount Off”. Use witty descriptions, imagery, or bold fonts so that they can grab people’s attention right away.

Host a Contest

Humans are competitive in nature, and studies found several reasons behind this. There's the desire to win, which then motivates us to exert effort. There's also the satisfaction of performing well, and if we win, proof that we performed better.

Of course, there's also the possibility of getting a prize after winning.

Which is why contests should be part of your internet marketing campaigns. Since people like competitions, be it for the prize or recognition, they're likely to join or sign up. This can then lead to a spike in your online engagement rates.

Use these Creative Marketing Ideas to Get More Leads and Conversions Now

As you can see, there are various ways to use your creativity to get your target market's attention. At the same time, the ones we mentioned are also scientifically-proven. That combination is what makes these creative marketing ideas work so well.

So, as early as now, include them in your online marketing campaign! The sooner you do, the sooner you may see your home-based business' website and foot traffic rise.

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