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How Creating An Ebook Can Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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Dave: Hey, what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I am really excited to be with you guys here this morning. Hold on a second. Okay, let me, Let me look at something here. Let me see if that allows me to use my microphone here. Okay, okay, okay. All right, John, are you there, my friend? John, Can you hear me, buddy? John, can you hear me?

John: Hello.

Dave: Yep. John, can you hear me, buddy.

John: Yeah, I can now. Alright, sweet

Dave: Man sweet sweet sweet. All right my friends welcome to wake up legendary as you guys can see from the headline here which I love from Dust and coal mines $2 online. I like that John Does that, does that describe you and your journey here my friend.

Oh yeah, it's been a rough journey for me man. If there was ever a skeptical person to be alive. My story is pretty unique, because I went from coal mining into pipelining and actually running the dozer around the time the COVID here, and I had come home because my wife was pregnant with her youngest daughter, and when I came home. They called me. Within three days McHenry came back to work and told me I was laid off for permitting issues. Okay, and they said that it's going to be a temporary layoff of about one, two weeks on that. Well, I kept coming back and saying well we're still working on it, I think we can all go change. They said we were still gonna get to come back to work. So I wouldn't really worry about it too much, even though I still tried to find something local around the Gulf Coast. And long story short, they ended up shutting down my job, we ended up running through our mind. I literally borrowed money. 

John: This program, it's been life changing.

Dave: It's been life changing in terms of your life around in a positive way?

John: Yes. Wow, wow, man, that's, that's, that's, I'm really happy for you, my brother. Really happy so tell us how it's been life changing.

John: Well, like I said at first I was skeptical but I was literally on rock bottom, where we ran through our money, we didn't have enough money to keep up the house we ended up having to move from place to place, me and my family loved everything. Wow, it's been a journey, and I really buckled down and I started learning everything that I studied. Good luck I was going for a master's. Because literally our life ended on my children, all of us depended on it, and I put it to work. I found out what to do with it, I stayed consistent with it and started implementing everything I learned and put it to work and I think I've seen my first two weeks. 

Dave: Wow. And are you doing this full time now?

John: Yes, this is all Oh, come on man, I'm just unbelievable. 

Dave: Unbelievable. I'm so happy for you, John, I really am. I mean it sounds like you've been through hell and back, man.

John: It's been rough. Really.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. So, you bought the blueprints when?

John: I haven't even purchased the blueprints yet to be honest with you.

Dave: So you borrowed the $7? 

John: Yes

Dave: Unbelievable. I mean you are so rock bottom, You had to borrow $7? Wow. Wow. That's unbelievable. It's unbelievable.

John: And I get money from my ClickFunnels. 

Dave: Yeah, That's pretty incredible, man. You just work with what you can right you do, you do what you can with what you've got. And so. So talk us through this mentality that you've that you've that you've have, there's this, I hear a lot of things coming up for me, I hear some, I hear the need to have humility, right, because you had to ask to borrow some money and no but no, no prideful person wants to do that and I don't mean, I don't mean you got to be, you know, I don't mean like prideful to a bad point I'm talking about just any person who has just, you know, regular pride, wants to be able to afford things on their own but you know, you got you got hit with some a couple of double triple Whammies, and you had to ask for help from somebody, yet you also took that in turn that, you know sprinkled in a lot of personal responsibility because after you after you borrow that money and ask for help now all the sudden, you know, you, as you said you were at rock bottom and this, you had to, so walk us through the mindset that you have had to have or and or things that you have had to develop that maybe you didn't have that have enabled you to turn your life around the way that you have.

John: Really the mindset was sink or swim. Because, like I say, COVID was running rampant there just won't work. I left no other options but. Yeah. And when I started learning, and I will tell you one other thing I do, I did. Plan another work at home job from taking your course. Okay, is that by learning in Legendary actually someone reached out to me for a copywriting job.

Dave: Really, you got a copywriting gig?

John: That’s another great thing that I got from it. So why am I able to do this business on the side, as well as that, okay, I guess. When your backs are against the wall, you have a choice.

to think I will succeed. Yeah. Yeah, is it lagging bad on your side?

Dave: It's lagging, it's lagging pretty bad on our side, maybe if you could go off of your Wi Fi or something, I don't know I know on my phone, I have the option to be able to just go off on my WiFi and just use my network but I don't know if you can do that or not but yeah it's lagging pretty bad on our side. So, you know.

John: We’re all the way in the hills in West Virginia. 

Dave: Okay, okay. Well, you know, I'm,

I'm thinking, I'm thinking about so many people who are watching this right now and so many people who are going to hear this and to know also the, you know, how many different people are struggling, the same way I mean, Maybe not the same exactly but feeling like they're in the same place, you know, like it's kind of sink or swim or like they don't have any more options or, like, maybe they're there, they feel like there's no jobs or what are they going to do witness unemployment runs out or whatever the situation is right, what would you say to those people who are also now that you've kind of come out the other side of it, and you found some solutions, and you're now doing this full time, what would you say to that person who is feeling that same hopelessness and that same kind of pain and pressure that you were feeling back, you know, some months ago?

John: Just do it. Take a leap of faith, stay consistent with it. Give it all you got. And don't give up. If people's views on TikTok aren’t with it, views don't truly don't matter, because you are literally your target audience. We're trying to get people who like you, and it's actually about showing people that there is a better way. Because like I had an 18 years in the coal mines I had three on the bottom line and I had a year and that rock. And that's, that was right, you know, work hard, if you want something a lot of you work hard for it. And that's just not the case. If you work hard on your own and work smarter. You can do better than what you can out in the actual employment world. And it. It's mind blowing for me, I never thought was possible. Yeah, but honestly just be consistent with it. Don't give up.

Dave: Well, I think so many of us are, you know, taught that time equals money, and we were so conditioned to this idea of trading time for money, that we think way to get ahead is to put in more hours, and the only way to get rich is, well, there is no way to get rich because I there's literally not enough time in a day for if I work 24 hours a day, making the hourly wage. Then, I still wouldn't have enough to really get rich. And that's where this knowledge and the skills come in, and that's where leverage comes in, and that's why we asked you guys to read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, because he talks about the CashFlow Quadrant, and he talks about on that left side, you've got your employee, and you're self employed people. And that's not quite. That's not the side that you want to be on. You want to get to a place where you're a business owner and investor and the main thing that defines a business owner is either having people doing work for you or having systems doing work for you. Ultimately it's about having leverage in the biggest thing that the Internet gives you guys, just so you understand, even if it's just you, that's the only person that's working in your business. The internet gives you the ability to speak one to many. So you're not just having one on one meetings with people, or one on one conversations because that's, you know that that's in the typical world of selling, you know, even specially lower ticket stuff but even sometimes higher ticket stuff. You want to be able to speak one to many. You want to be able to have your pipeline constantly full. Most people in sales, the reason why, the reason why sales can suck for a lot of people is because you have to go out and you have to generate the leads, you have to, then you know you have to then have the conversation close the deal, you know, do a bunch of follow up all this kind of stuff. And, and that's that's that's overwhelming for a lot of people, you know, to be able to have to be able to have a business where you can use your phone, you can use your cell phone, and you can speak one to many and have people watching your videos and your content even when you're sleeping. In today's day and age, is the fastest way to go from that left hand side of the Cashflow Quadrant over to the right hand side so you have, you know people and or systems that are working for you and essentially it's new you're multiplying yourself hundreds and 1000s of times over because people are watching your videos, oftentimes hundreds and 1000s of times So, John, did you ever think that, that you could be successful man using platforms like TikTok for example? Did you ever in a million years envision that that would be a tool that you will be using to make money with?

John: My wife actually used to get on TikTok and be doing so much more we with our day, and sitting there wasting our time and doing nothing. Well I got into it, into the God side, and I'm a Christian, with documentary stuff. And I came across the guy who was talking about how he made 10,000 and I jumped on it. He stepped down to our line. And they said, and they're telling me about how he used to be a cable splicer now, don't lie to me.. And it's like no I'm serious. I'm 100% Serious so that's the MO word. And I'm like, You know what I got. I have absolutely nothing to lose. So I went forward. And when I did it. It's really hard to believe to this day, I thought I'd worked, why not. Yeah, I mean that I didn't even think I was gonna see.

Dave: So, one of the things that I see that you're doing is you're, you've also. You've also written an e-book called from dust to dollars. And, and a lot of people would, would be very intimidated by that, and, and people think well what do I have to share and what do I have to say, but here you are as a, as a brand new marketer, and you've already created your own free giveaway in this ebook from dust $2 Can you just can you just say a little bit about that. How did you come up with the idea, how are you using it right now in your business, how has it boosted your confidence and or boosted your income?

John: When I first started out on it, I had a little bit of help, but not while I pretty much had to learn from the community and stuff I got a lot of help from that. But, like the tech, the real technical stuff I had to learn on my own. And I thought, man, it'd be so great if somebody hadn't gotten to show him how to do this. So the book is basically a little bit of my story, and exactly my strategy of how I'd done it. You can literally go and download ebooks that someone wants the wrong, honestly. Dust to dollars because I would barely come from the dark. Yeah, I mean we really come from losing everything to reward.

Dave: Yeah. Is that something? Is that something that you wrote? Is that something that you wrote in. Sorry we're getting a little mixed up because of the delay here but is that something that you wrote in, on a Word document or a Pages document and then you turn it into a PDF, or do you just have that held on like a Google document or something and you just send people to that Google Doc, how do you deliver that?

John: No, actually I turned it into a PDF, and made it into a downloadable file. So when they opt into my page, they automatically get my book down divorce it's a free ebook and sign up that way again like that.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So, give us one or two of your tips that you would give us one or two tips for TikTok, okay, that you would, that you would recommend to people who are trying to sort of market, and build an audience and generate leads in traffic from TikTok. What are, say, the top two or three things that you've learned that you could pass on to the people that are listening and learning from you right now here on the show?

John: It's okay to put your own twist on it and be authentic, build your branding. By using something similar, but your own twist on it. And because, honestly, tick tock favors similarities. And that's the quickest way I found my video that actually got me to where I am, was a video about video. Just something I had to talk about, people to make money playing video games. That one. So, I've only got branded games. I've taken a break free, trying to get back to the actual teaching and education and stuff.

Dave: Yeah, well that's cool man. Well I am so thrilled and excited. I'm so thrilled and excited for you buddy. I just, you know, I just want to tell you, just congratulations man. I'm really really thrilled that our paths crossed and you are a part of our community, and a part of, you know, what we're doing here and we're part of what you're doing here. Before we go, Would you say a couple of words for anybody who's on the fence about getting into our community and becoming a part of our sort of legendary family here who also might be looking to change their lives, and learn some skills that can really take them to a new place in life, Would you talk to those people who are trapped for the very first time, and they're looking into maybe they're also skeptical as well?

John: Yeah. Listen, there's nobody out here that was more skeptical. Nobody. But I didn't believe in getting rich quick. I saw an opportunity at your opportunity and I'm asked to buy Best Buy and honestly I probably best. This was a God thing. God put the man who I ran into in my life to lead me to this. It's 100%. And if you've got to go all in. There is nothing bad can come out of everything that you can get down, this is nothing but good you can build upon, not a business. You can go on so many different endeavors, including work from home jobs because I actually got a word from God amazing and it continually continues to grow. And I would say probably 85% of the income I get is as efficient as well.

Dave: Well, man. Well listen, John, I'm gonna let you go, my brother thank you so much for your time for sharing your story. And I've put your I've put your tick tock up so you know if people want to catch some of your content and get to know you a little bit more they can go. Unfortunately our show, our internet here today was lagging a little bit, yours was. But, but that's okay, we got the gist, we got the story, we got the, we got the heart of, of what you've done here, and I couldn't be happier for you and your family man, so keep up the good work, my brother, and, and I look forward to having you back if you're willing to come back and keep sharing with us. Okay.

John: All right, sounds good. 

Dave: My friend, it's all good brother. It's all good. Take care man. We'll talk to you soon. John, see you buddy. Thank you. Alright my friends. Yes, that was awesome. Besides the lag, just the, the idea that, well, I mean, it wasn't funny then I'm sure. I'm sure it was, it was the farthest thing from funny when he got laid off and couldn't, couldn't afford to take care of his family, he said the only thing that they had left was their car had to borrow $7 even to get started with the challenge. I thought he, I thought he meant well I had to borrow money to buy the blueprints now, he was, he was more rock bottom than that, he had to borrow money just to get started with the challenge. It's just amazing. It's just amazing. It's just amazing what is possible when, when you really want something, and when, when you really put your mind to something, and when you really utilize all of the resources that are available to you, you know, because each one of us has different resources that are available to us. If you have the money, and you have the ability to be invested in mentors in training, then, then do that, right, because you have those resources, you, you work with what you have in there for. In most cases you have a better experience, you avoid pitfalls, you have more coaching and more hands on attention. But if you're in a position where you have nothing. You, you have to work with what you have, you have to work with what you have. Because this is this life that we're all living in, it's it's like, it's like unforgivable you know what I mean like it takes its choices up and it spits at us like an old man. If we don't, if we don't, if we don't step up and take responsibility for our situation, you know, unfortunately, you, you can be a victim in many cases, right, you can be a victim of a layoff, you can be a victim of COVID. But, but, but the stain of it is different. Right, being a victim, and then staying a victim is different. Right, that's what separates people who go places in life and people who stay the same. And there's a lot of people who literally, if you look at where they're at compared to where they were 10 years ago, they're in the same exact place. And that's oftentimes because that person decided to stay a victim, right, which we all sort of have that choice. In some cases it's just capabilities, in some cases it's disabilities, in some cases it's, different things that we don't have power over but in most cases we do. In most cases we do. And my message to you today, and quite frankly I'm only piggybacking on this because John's internet was so bad I wanted to leave you guys with some clear my clear takeaway from this is that each one of you has the power to do anything that you want in life to do anything to turn things around. And it really all is a decision about, you know how bad do I want it, and how hard am I willing to work to get out of the situation that I'm in? And I know we've heard that 1000 times, but one of the reasons why we bring people on this show, each and every day is to hear stories like we did today from John somebody. It's one thing to like your national speaker something sitting there kind of ranting and raving or preaching and teaching from some stage and being like, yeah, you just gotta want it, right, but it's another thing to hear a guy who like lost his coal mining job, you know, to me, in lost everything, except his car, and his family and he were jumping from house to house and couch to couch, and he had to borrow $7 To get started, and now he's working full time from home, right full time online, supporting himself and his family. Like that. That is so I don't know, it just gets me so excited, it's one of the reasons I think that separates both you guys who are a part of this community, but also just in general, is it's a bunch of people, not everybody who's taken the maximum amount of action, but there's enough of us here that are setting the precedent and example, for those of you who are on the fence that you can see it to believe it. We're not asking you just have faith. Right, we're saying, look, here's the people that are, that have done it. Here's the guy who had to borrow $7 Here's the guy who had to sleep in his car and various houses and couches with his family. Is it guaranteed for you? Hell no. Are you going to get rich overnight? Hell no. Are you becoming a millionaire doing very little, hell no. But is it possible, is it realistic? And is it probable if you have the mindset, and you take the action. Hell yes. And there's proof, every single day here. Sure, there's been truth all over in our community for years and years, but we still continue to show proof of that every day and I think that's really important and powerful. So thank you guys for continuing to come on John, of course, for coming on this morning but all of you, because you play an important role and here's the role that you play is you play the role of being there for that brand new person when they want to start saying yes to themselves and their dreams. That's the role that John played this morning: being there for you was watching and listening, who's at the very beginning of your journey, or maybe you're wanting to start over. And he's giving you that inspiration and he's being that power example to show you. It's possible. And yes, you should. Yes, yes you should not say yes to me not say yes to Legendary not say yes to John, but say yes to you. Say yes to you, because you've likely been saying no to you for long enough having to happen to you say yes to everybody else, but you always say no to yourself. That's kind of how human beings work.

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