Did you know that people around the world watch up to one billion hours of YouTube every day? 

Just as with any other online platform, YouTube marketing is about optimizing your strategy to reach out to as many users as possible. You just need to settle on your marketing goals before you get started.

Do you want to know more about how you can make the most of internet marketing on YouTube? Discover more below!

1. Regular and Consistent Video Posts

If you want users to regularly watch your videos, you've got to give them regular and consistent video posts.

You should be clear and specific about when you're going to post your YouTube videos on your channel. Don't keep your schedule to yourself. You need to publish it for everyone to see. 

But, when you make a commitment to post your videos regularly, you should make sure you can meet expectations.

After all, you should remember that the regular creation of YouTube videos is time and energy intensive. Make sure you're up to the task.

Say you announce that you're going to post videos each week. That doesn't mean you have to create a brand new video every single week. You can create the content all at once. So you can prepare a few weeks before with several videos, then post them at the relevant times.

You should also consider posting at the optimal time to get the most views. The best time is weekday afternoons to get the most traffic.

2. Establish Your Video Production Strategy

If you're going to meet the commitments you've made to your subscribers, you've got to establish a strategy for your video production.

Any tactics you can develop to streamline your video production should be grasped. Can you set up a template for editing? Can you hire an assistant to help with production?

You may need to invest in a video production studio to really save time. This way whenever you've got to create new content, you're ready to go!

3. Start Your Videos with a Hook

This is bread and butter stuff for marketers.

You've got to hook the viewer with something extra interesting or engaging to start off your video. Just because a YouTube user was convinced to click on your video, that doesn't mean they're going to stick around for long.

You've got to retain the attention of the viewer. The hook helps you keep the viewer on the side throughout the video.

Your hook can do anything from showing the viewer what happens at the end of the video without showing how you got there. Or, by leaving the viewer on a cliff hanger, before they can't stop watching to find out what happens next.

You could also hook the reader with a personal story of how you were inspired to create this particular video. This will help to convince the viewer to discover more.

4. Short and Sweet Title Opener

You don't have to include a title opener for your YouTube videos. But, they're definitely a nice touch. 

It's also important to impose your brand on the video. When your video gets shared by users on social media, you'll still have your brand all over it.

However, don't go overboard with your title opener. That means avoid The Game of Thrones titles blueprint, which takes up to 90-seconds to run.

Just add a quick and engaging title sequence to remind the viewer what they're watching before you go ahead with the main content.

5. End Screens Before the Video Finishes

Once the viewer is on your YouTube channel, you've got the opportunity to keep them watching your videos over and over.

A great way to keep them knocking around your channel is by adding end screens to each of your videos.

The end screens can last up to roughly 20 seconds. Make sure you include the end screen before the video finishes up.

You can continue to engage the viewer while highlighting other videos which they might enjoy. You can also use the end screen to encourage viewers to either subscribe or visit your website for more.

6. Tempt Viewers With Your Thumbnails 

While YouTube recently announced that custom thumbnails won't be a thing as much anymore, they remain an important part of attracting viewers to click on your videos. They actually have the ability to make or break a YouTube channel.

You need your thumbnail to stand out from the crowd. You can do this in a number of different ways.

Bold fonts and bright colors are always helpful. However, you may need to go more subtle to appeal to your target audience.

But, don't just create clickbait. You'll alienate your audience with tempting thumbnails which don't deliver as promised. 

This is also an opportunity to market your channel to users. You need to learn to make unique thumbnails with a consistent look and feel. 

7. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

If you to expand your audience quickly, why not work with other YouTubers. You're not in competition with other YouTubers since people can watch multiple videos.

You can learn from others each about how to increase your audience and market your brand through your YouTube channel. 

If you can exchange support with an influencer within your niche, you can reach out to an audience which you wouldn't normally be able to. When you return the favor you both benefit.

You should also work with YouTubers with a similar audience with different content.

For example, you could be a healthy food recipe YouTuber. You could collaborate with a Yogi YouTuber or an eco-lifestyle consumer vlogger.

8. Give Viewers What They Want

You don't want to push your video content on viewers which doesn't actually appeal to your audience. 

You need to learn from your success rate with different types of videos. If long videos don't work with your audience — stop making them!

You can also take advantage of trends in the most popular content. For instance, there has been a growth of 70 percent in “How To” videos. 

9. Direct Viewers to Your Store 

You can take advantage of the power of YouTube to direct your viewers to your online store.

Around 80 percent of YouTube viewers watch videos to learn about a product or service. This is the start of the shopping journey for many people.

You can direct consumers to your products and services through your video. You can do this by providing explainers about your products and services. 

If your products or services are new and innovative, it may require a brief description of what exactly you're selling to consumers. 

10. Write an Engaging Title 

You need to optimize your YouTube video title as well. You want to encourage people to click on your the video without simply giving them clickbait.

Make sure you consider keyword optimization. That means that you include keywords and phrases which are searched on YouTube and other platforms, such as Google or Yahoo. 

You can achieve this by including half a sentence to persuade users to click through to discover more. For example, “This is the best photograph ever by…” or “The most incredible touchdowns from…”

11. Make it Mobile Friendly

YouTube has a bigger audience among adults on mobile devices than any cable network during an average week. 

Moreover, over three-quarters of Americans watch YouTube on their mobile devices. You've probably noticed everyone streaming content on their phones. 

If you're not creating content which can be enjoyed via a smartphone or tablet, you could be missing out on your audience. 

If you want to hold the attention of your audience with advertising for your business, you're going stand a much better chance on YouTube. YouTube video ads are 84 percent more effective than television equivalents. 

You can optimize your mobile-friendly videos by including captions and subtitles. Many mobile users want to watch videos without sound.

Don't go on too long either. Shorter video lengths are much more popular on mobile devices since people are usually on the go and don't have time for a feature-length movie.

12. Include a Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is an essential part of YouTube marketing. You've got to keep the user coming back for more next time. 

You've provided free content for their enjoyment. It's only fair that you would ask for something in return.

You can encourage viewers to subscribe below to your YouTube channel. You can indicate this before the end of the video and in the description.

You can also take the opportunity to engage with the viewers via comments. While the comments below page is not always a space of pleasant conversations. It's a means of interacting with your audience. 

Internet Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is an important platform for any business looking to market to their target audience. With so many people streaming video content via YouTube, it's an essential place to reach out to your customer base. 

However, marketing on YouTube isn't always easy. You need to follow the tips in our guide on internet marketing on YouTube to optimize your efforts. 

Do you want to know more about making the most out of YouTube marketing? Check out our tips on how to hack YouTube's algorithm. Don't forget to take a look at our Free Training Course!