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Do people always ask you for advice about a topic? Is there one question you get over and over from people in your life or online? Consider if you can turn that into a digital information product.

If you know how to sell digital information products, you can charge a lot for your expertise. You can make the product once and sell it to 10 people or 10,000 people.

Keep reading to learn how to create and sell a digital information product.

Research Product Ideas

Before you can become a digital product creator, you should consider different products you can sell. Not all digital products are information products, but you still have many ways to sell your expertise. Here's a list of information products:

  • eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Workshops
  • Guides
  • Membership site
  • Mobile app

Consider which ideas work best for your business. If you want to create a product about photography tips, a course or guide can help you show different steps for lighting and other factors.

But if you want to sell a recipe book or meal plan, an eBook might be better.

You should also consider the price point of each type of product. Online courses are more work than eBooks, but they can sell for a lot more. A membership site will also need ongoing work, so you can charge a lot for one of those.

Start With One Product

You may already have a ton of ideas for digital products to sell. But start with one idea for now so that you don't overwhelm yourself. You can always create more products later.

Choose a product that you know you can create. If you're good at writing, start with an eBook or guide. And if you're comfortable on camera, you can do an online course or workshop.

Of course, the format should be good for the content you're including. However, you also want to make sure you can create a high-quality information product for your first one.

Decide Where to Sell

Next, you need to decide where you'll sell your information product. You can sell your product on your website. If you use WordPress, you can install a plugin that handles digital downloads or courses.

Other website platforms also have integrations for this. But you can use a separate course platform to host your course or workshop. If you're selling an eBook or guide, you can also release it through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Many online platforms can manage your product for you, so it can be easy once you create and upload everything. That way, you can focus on your next info product to keep growing your business.

Set a Launch Date

You also want to decide when to launch your product. Some ideas lend themselves to specific release dates. For example, you may want to launch a summer recipe book in May, not September.

Either way, settling a launch date can help you plan for the launch. You can start marketing your product ahead of time to build interest. Depending on the platform you use to sell the product, you may even be able to take pre-orders.

Pre-orders can help you validate your idea as you create it. That way, you don't spend hours creating something that no one will buy.

Develop a Production Schedule

Now that you have a date when you want to launch the product, you should outline what you will do and when. You can create a detailed schedule, and you can set goals along the way.

Your production schedule should include when you'll complete the product outline, the first draft, and final edits. If you're working with video, you'll need to schedule time to record and upload the file.

Make sure you set a realistic schedule and that you follow it as best as you can. You may have hiccups that can affect production, but having a schedule can keep you on track.

Market Your Product

As you create and release your info product, you need to market it. You can promote your creation on social media and to your email list.

Marketing your product can feel awkward if you've never done much marketing. You might feel like you're annoying your audience. However, if you're passionate about your product, you'll want to talk about it more.

And since it can be hard for business posts to show up on social media, your followers might not see every post. Don't be afraid to share your product multiple times to help get more sales.

Why Sell Digital Products

If you're still not set on selling digital products, consider that they can be easy to create. Odds are you already know the topic well and don't need to spend time on research.

You will need to spend time on your product, but you only need to create it once. Since it's digital, you can sell your information product to anyone who wants to buy it.

An information product business model can also be very lucrative. You can charge a premium for products like courses and workshops, and you can scale that income with even more products.

Get Around the Risks

Before you learn how to sell digital products, you should consider the risks. In general, an information product business is a great option, and the risks shouldn't deter you.

However, you may have to work a bit harder to make your product stand out. You can face a lot of competition from other digital product creators. If possible, add an extra bonus or include something unique to you.

You'll also need to compete with the free information in blogs and YouTube videos. If you haven't already, start sharing some information for free.

Then, you can prove to people you know your stuff. Start a blog or YouTube channel and include bits from your information product. Give people a teaser of what they can expect, and they won't have a problem paying for more.

How to Sell Digital Information Products

Knowing how to sell digital information products is essential if you want to create a profitable, scalable online business. You can sell your knowledge to as many people as possible, and you only have to put in the work once.

Whether you're struggling with a business or want to start one, you should create information products. That way, you can focus on your skills and make money at the same time.

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