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Did you know that even today, email marketing is a widespread strategy? After all, more than 97% of all businesses use this strategy. They use it to convert recipients to potential buyers.

Among these subscribers, around 76% of them make new purchases. They base these from emails they received.

This paints SEO email marketing as a great way to convert people using different methods. You can always look for the right digital marketing services around. This helps to fit your business goals and infrastructure.

But it doesn’t stop here. Are you ready to learn how email marketing affects your SEO efforts? Read on and find out more today:

1. Drive the Right Traffic to Your Website

This is the most obvious benefit of starting an email marketing campaign. But if you’re doing this, you need to ensure that you put a big emphasis on qualified traffic. This means you need to focus on the visitors likely to make any type of conversion as soon as they visit.

The best way to use email marketing is to ensure that they look personalized. Marketers use personalization to get their audience’s attention. But they’re more likely to use it on email compared to any other means of marketing.

Due to this, customers have this expectation that their email newsletters coincide with their personal interests. Some studies proved that people only subscribe to email due to its relevance. That’s why it’s important to make the type of content that’s relevant to your intended audience.

If you live up to your customers’ expectations, you’ll become more confident. You’re assured that you’re driving more traffic to your website. They’re the people you want since their likelihood of converting is higher than others.

How to Make Use of Email Marketing to Drive Traffic

Is your business still on the fence with email marketing? If so, it’s fortunate that you don’t have to go through complicated processes to get started. It’s easy to send emails tailored to your specific audience’s wants and needs—start by segmenting your list.

A good example is to let your audience choose the type of emails they want to get. They can do this once they subscribe to your newsletter. If you do, you’re only sending your subscribers the emails they want.

This helps you make content for each customer segment’s preferences.

2. Improve On-Site Engagement

As you attract qualified traffic to your business website, you can now get more readers. Often, they become more willing to spend more time engaging your content. The result is that you get the means of increasing their time on your pages.

It also helps in lowering the rates of exit from your website. The biggest benefit is that they’re more likely to convert. It happens since they become more invested in your content.

It goes side by side with on-site engagement metrics since it improves your SEO ratings. Remember, time on side and bounce rates both contribute with your SEO rankings. It’s especially the case when you’re trying to run in Google.

You need to become more effective at driving your subscribers to the content that makes them interested. If you do, you become more visible to search engines as time goes by. It’s most important to get noticed by the search engine titans especially Google since it holds about 92% of the entire search engine market.

3. Develop a More Focused Content Strategy

Good email marketers will test and analyze a few different elements in each of their sent emails. The most common among these is the subject lines. A lot of marketers say that they will do tests on a regular basis over the course of their email marketing campaigns.

Other marketers say that they’ll test the messaging while others will modify the calls to action. If you already have an email marketing strategy in place, you might already have a trove of data. This will include the email elements you test whenever you send emails.

With this data, you can gain some valuable insight on what to use for your digital marketing strategy. This will include your on-site optimization methods. It’s possible since all your recipients are already components of your intended audience.

That means you can make informed decisions based on your email list’s preferences. This will affect both your website and other marketing channels. It’s only possible when you try using your emails to get a feel of what your audience best responds to.

4. Make High-Performing Emails into New Website Content

There are a lot of approaches you can use when trying to make newsletters. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can read this amazing guide to know what mistakes you need to avoid. That will prevent you from getting into disastrous results that can cripple your business’s reputation.

Regardless, a great approach is to make original content that fits your subscribers’ tastes. That means you need to choose topics with high relevance to their needs. For example, if you’re a finance business, you should pick content focusing on trending topics in the finance industry.

Another way to improve email marketing as a lead generation tool is to center your topics on things other outlets haven’t covered yet. Doing this might sound like a lot of effort compared to writing about something already covered before. But the caveat is that all your efforts are worth the leap in engagement rates.

But even if you don’t want to go through that effort, you can always republish your email newsletters on your website’s blog. The main reason is that it still benefits your SEO rankings in some form. You need to make sure that it’s high-quality, original content so that it ranks better.

5. Increase Social Media Shares

With email marketing, you can put your content in front of a more interested audience. That means you’ll increase the chances of each content piece getting social media platform shares. It holds better when you’re encouraging your subscribers to share your content using their own social media accounts.

You can connect this with your SEO strategies since the increased social visibility can boost your SEO ratings. It’s especially important if you’re using the Facebook platform since it has about 2.27 billion monthly active users. With email marketing working with social media, you can expect to find better link opportunities and build better partnerships with your audience.

Google neither confirmed nor denied that social media plays a part in their ranking algorithm. But there’s evidence that social shares affect your search visibility. Studies conclude that getting more social shares will work to your business’s favor.

How to Use the Right SEO E-Marketing Service

If you opt to use email marketing software to help with your marketing efforts, you need to know a few things. This will help ensure that you get the most out of what you pay for. Here are some things you need to consider:


There are a lot of features you need to think of when picking the right email marketing service. But it’s important to remember that your goals and methods will determine the overall impact of each feature.

Unlimited Emails

Depending on your business size, you might want to avoid a vendor that puts a cap to the number of emails you can send. Ensure that they can accommodate your email marketing campaign, regardless of its size. If you need to send a million email to different customers, you need to have the means of doing so.


The most important feature for any email marketing service is analytics. You need to have the means of tracking, reporting, and analyzing the email campaign. Pick a service that gives you a more comprehensive and detailed analysis in real-time.

Survey Apps

Is your email marketing campaign centered around customer surveys? If so, your provider should have a suite of customizable survey applications in their arsenal. That way, customers can answer without getting inconvenienced.

User Segments

Another important part of customizing your email campaign is to tailor emails to different customer types. With message segments, you can make your email campaign more effective. If your email marketing vendor doesn’t have this feature, avoid them and find a better one.

Ease of Use

Email marketing applications are only great when you can understand their use. The best ones will have an intuitive user interface with a gentle learning curve. This helps you concentrate on the marketing campaign while improving your email marketing capabilities.

Use SEO E-Marketing Today!

SEO email marketing remains as one of the best ways to market your business. It helps you target your audience better and drive the right type of traffic to your website. That way, you won’t waste your efforts trying to woo an uninterested audience.

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