When you think about making money online, did you know that how you set up your offer is as important as the offer itself?  This is critical to whether or not your prospect says “yes” or “no.”  You can't just toss out an offer; you have to “package” the offer in an attractive, irresistible way.  This is what we will cover today as we dive into the final part of our 4-part series, “how making money online really works.”

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Chess is my all-time favorite game for many reasons, but as it relates to business and making money one of the principles stands out to me as the key to success:  BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.

Making offers that turn into money begins with reverse engineering the entire process, which simply means we start with the outcome we are after, then work backwards from there.  Here's what I mean.


Remember when we began with giving a “fix” for something that is “broken” in your target market?  Here's why that's so important: the thing that you fixed isn't likely to be the MAIN issue; it's probably a symptom of a larger problem that needs a full solution.  Since it's your goal to make money with your full solution (i.e. your product, service or opportunity) we have to get our foot in the door to ensure that we are on the right track by providing a small fix.

One of the oldest “small fix” techniques used by dentists is to offer free teeth whitening.  Let's assume that the dentist wants to serve smokers who are challenged with yellow teeth.  So let's chart the path of the dentist:

SMALL PROBLEM – yellow teeth
SMALL FIX – complimentary teeth whitening

Once the dentist gets the smoker in his chair and they open their mouth, he now has an opportunity to identify additional challenges if they exist.  He starts to examine the condition of their teeth and gums and notices the early stages of gum disease, which means he's now identified a bigger problem.

A skilled dentist isn't simply going to jump in there and say, “Hey you've got gum disease.  While I'm in your mouth, I'll fix that up for you and it's only going to cost $5,000.”  That dentist is going to starve to death.


During the teeth whitening process, the dentist observes (and totally expected) that the patient shows signs of discomfort with the procedure.

POWER QUESTION: “Do you normally experience discomfort or bleeding when you brush your teeth?”

All great offers begin with great and powerful questions.  Power questions such as the one above serve 2 purposes:

  1. To qualify the audience and get them to identify with the problem
  2. To set up the details of the solution – which LEADS to the offer

Let's make a clear distinction.  The SOLUTION (to the bigger problem) and the OFFER are two different things.

The SOLUTION is  your product, service or opportunity details that gets rid of the bigger problem which consist of:
FEATURES – what the solution consists of
BENEFITS – what the solution actually does for you
RESULTS – the final  or “better” place that the solution brings you to

The OFFER includes the details such as:
METHOD OF DELIVERY – i.e. videos, audios, membership access, private coaching, etc.
RISK REVERSAL (if applicable) – i.e. money-back guarantee, bonuses, extras, gifts, etc.

IN THIS VIDEO I take time to fully illustrate this process so that it's crystal clear. WATCH IT NOW.



If our dentist can deliver a powerful presentation of the solution, with the appropriate details surrounding the benefits and the results his patient can expect, his offer will be quite irresistible.  Here are the final steps in his process:

BIGGER PROBLEM – Gum disease
SOLUTION – “Nu Smile Dental Care System”
OFFER – In-office treatments, guaranteed financing, free teeth cleaning for 6-months, $(PRICE)

PLEASE NOTE: There's no such thing as closing 100% of those who you present your solution to.  The goal is to line up as many qualified candidates as possible, ask the right questions, and present your solution with authority.


At this point, you can decide to work towards mastering all of the components of this process on your own.  The benefits are life changing, but the process to learn and master it all can prove discouraging for many.  If you have the “DIY (do-it-yourself)” mentality, chances are you'll take much longer than you need to in order to reap the rewards.  I typically recommend a nice mix of “DWY (done-with-you)” and “DFY (done-for-you).”

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Thank you for allowing me to guide you through the process of what it takes to truly make money online.  If you have questions, please comment below and I will follow up.

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Coach Larry