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Most businesses face the same problem too. In fact, struggling to gain the attention of potential customers is the number one reason why most businesses shut down as soon as they start up. To prevent this from happening, some businesses resort to many things, but the most effective and popular way of getting the word out is to make a promotional video that will go viral.

Promotional videos, along with customer videos, are both great ways to market business. For it to become viral though is another question on its own. Most viral videos are viral because they were lucky enough that someone found them and had a lot of people to share it to.

When it comes to business though, luck isn’t something to count on. Read on to learn how to make a great video without relying on getting lucky.

1. Spend Time on Making a Killer Introduction

One of the keys to making a viral video is to make a killer intro. Doing so ensures your target audience stays hooked long enough to pique interest within them. This is important as capturing their attention within the first 3 seconds of the video is essential to have a successful video marketing campaign.

The average attention span of the average viewer lasts 3 seconds. Engaging them within that time means you win at captivating your audience. This also means they’ll more likely watch it to fruition if they find it interesting.

Creating an eye-catching intro is important for social media platforms. Here, people tend to keep scrolling past most content until something engages them. With the help of the video autoplay feature on Facebook and Twitter, this is possible for you.

Make sure you make a good impression and create a good rapport with your viewers in the beginning. It may be what compels people to stay a while longer and watch your promotional video.

2. Work on What to Name Your Video

Like the intro, the title of your video needs to capture the attention of people as well. This is important if your planning to post your video to websites without an auto-play feature for their videos. The title is what makes a video stand out in those websites for the most part.

It also becomes a way for people to find your videos on the internet. Businesses can take full advantage of this by naming their videos in such a way that it appears first in the search results. This allows people to find out about their business and also increases the possibility of their video going viral through view count.

Which works best if you’re planning on marketing your video through YouTube and the like. These platforms prioritize the name of the video before the relevance of the topic. Researching keywords to put in your titles ensures you have a high search rate.

3. Prepare a Script Beforehand

If you want to make a successful promotional video, you need to prepare a script beforehand. Doing so makes you appear confident and professional for your promotional video. This is important because people tend to judge others online based on their confidence.

By making a script, you’re doing a mental workout before the filming of your video. This ensures you cover all the things you need to cover in it, too. Practicing your script beforehand also makes the video more engaging.

This is because people speak in a more natural tone if you’re familiar with what you’ll say. This also helps you enunciate better during the video. Being clear with your words helps attract more viewers as the video progresses.

4. Create a Video with a Cause

One way to make your promotional video go viral is to support a cause along with it. This is becoming a popular trend on the internet nowadays. One reason for this is because people love it when videos raise awareness for something.

How to create video content with a cause, you ask? One way is to start in your local community first. Tackle issues that the community is facing and bring some awareness to it.

During your video, make sure to mention it along while proposing a solution. A promotional video without a solution makes it look like you’re exploiting the problem. Prevent this by offering solutions like a charity for the existing problem.

Viral videos and charities go well together nowadays. This is a good way to gain recognition and help the community at the same time.

5. Keep It Short and Concise

Nothing kills a good promotional video like dragging it out with unnecessary details. Most people will find it troublesome to watch a video that’s 1 minute long. If it goes over a minute and 30 seconds, that’s when people tend to scroll past it without finishing it.

To make sure people won’t skip yours, you should consider keeping it short and to the point. Include all the necessary details and information you can and try to fit it in a minute. It may not seem like much, but as long as you know what you’re doing, 1 minute is longer than you’d need.

This also saves you and your business time and resources. Filming and producing a shorter video means you’ll do it faster and with a smaller workforce.

6. Don’t Forget About Production Quality

While you’re making your video, it is important to focus on your message and how to deliver it on the internet. That said, it’s also important to make sure your video is as beautiful as you can make it be.

Production value is something most businesses forget to put a focus on. This is why you see a lot of promotional videos go to waste due to bad lighting or sound. Focusing on those aspects will help avoid falling into a similar pit with them.

A way you can increase production value when you create company videos is by adjusting the sound. It won’t matter if you made your video well if there are bugs in your audio files. Buying professional equipment and compressing the sound will make it sound clearer.

Also, you shouldn’t skimp on the lighting of your video. A well-lit video attracts intrigues viewers for a few seconds. This may help in engaging them, as mentioned above.

Music also goes well with promotional videos. Add some atmospheric music that fits the tone of our video. This also helps engage your viewers to a degree.

Doing all these not only makes your video prettier, but it also makes you look more professional. This increases the trust viewers will have in your brand.

7. Tease Your Upcoming Video Overtime

Generating some hype for your video is another great way to make it go viral. Anticipation for an upcoming product/event draws attention to it until its release. Your subscribers will be on their toes while waiting for your video to come out.

A bad thing with hype is people tend to oversell the product/event in their head. This then leads to some disappointment when it comes out. You should make sure to deliver on your promises and satisfy them with a great video.

8. Post It Where Ever You Can

Once you finish making your video, you’re going to want people to know about it as soon as possible. You can do this by posting it where ever you can as fast as you can. While doing this, all you need to keep in mind is the guidelines of the platform you’re posting it on.

If you’re sharing on social media, there’s nothing you need to worry about. You can post your videos again and again without worrying about penalties. You only need to make sure the video doesn’t offend others and you’ll do great.

On websites owned by other people, you need to ask for permission first. They have the authority to remove your video if they feel like it’s a breach of their authority. Be respectful and know your boundaries when doing this.

9. Include a Call to Action at the End

A promotional video won’t be successful without a great call to action at the end. Including a CTA makes it more likely people will interact with your video after they’re done watching it. It can be a question, a reminder to avail of your services, or anything you can think of as long as it encourages people to take action in line with your promotional video.

10. Make a Promotional Video More Than Once

Making a good video to promote your business doesn’t happen in an instant. It happens once you’ve done many others and learned what you can do better from them. Perseverance, after all, is one of the 2 important steps in going viral.

Don’t get discouraged if your first promotional video doesn’t do well. Look into it and think of ways you could have made it better. In time, you’ll make one that will boost your business through the roof.

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