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Have you been approached by a friend or someone you know to join their SeneGence team? You might be considering selling lipsticks, skincare, makeup, and other beauty products to make some extra money on the side.

Yet, you're probably wondering if SeneGence is a reliable MLM company that will help you start building an income. There are tons of different MLM companies out there that are simply looking for people to shill their products.

Be sure to keep reading for our complete SeneGence review and see if this is a beauty MLM company worth spending your time and effort on.

What is SeneGence?

SeneGence is an MLM company that has been in business for over twenty years. You might think that this makes the company legit as most MLM companies only last about one to three years.

Their slogan, “Products & Career opportunity that work,” helps to empower the people buying and selling their beauty products.

They started with selling lipsticks but have now expanded to broaden the cosmetics they sell. You'll find that the merchandise they sell ranges from makeup to skincare, even anti-aging products.

Products are sold in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Are the Products Worth It?

If you're thinking of joining an MLM company, you'll want to do some investigation into the products you'll be selling. After all, if you're trying to sell to your friends and family, making sure that these are products you can stand behind is crucial.

Unfortunately, a major issue with SeneGence is that their products do not have good ingredients. In their lipsticks, you can find Propylene Glycol and Parabens, which can cause harm to your skin. Many people have reported tingling or burning sensations when using SeneGence products.

Who would want to sell or use products that can cause irritation?

If you want to dive deeper into product research, you can check out the reviews left by real customers. While there are good reviews, you'll see that SeneGence does not work well for many people.

Joining SeneGence as a Seller

Joining direct marketing companies can still have some sense of appeal since you feel like you can become successful at being your own boss. If you're wondering how you can join SeneGence, you're going to have to find someone to sponsor you. Your sponsor is someone that already works for the company and sells products.

Just like an MLM company, you'll need to spend money before you can even get started. Starter kits right now cost $65 but are valued at $131. Your distributor kit includes a guide to help you get started, checklists, beauty books, and testers. You'll also get a website so you can start selling products online.

You can even upgrade your starter kit so that you can get more products to show for demonstration. By having more products to demonstrate, it could be easier to help sell products to potential customers. If you're looking to have access to more of SeneGence products, you could be looking at paying $1,000+ for the ultimate starter pack.

Don't forget you will also need to pay a monthly fee to keep selling SeneGence. That means you'll always be paying the company money and trying to make it back in the process.

Selling SeneGence Products

When it comes to selling for SeneGence, you'll find that it is a very basic formula. You will sell the products and receive a commission. Unlike a lot of other MLM companies that offer tons of random bonuses for doing certain things each month.

The commissions received on products can be anywhere from 25% to 100% on products you purchase. The more products you sell, the more commission you will make.

Many people that work with SeneGence have found out it is better to have the products readily available to potential customers as they will make more money. Yet, that means more money out of your pocket. You also need to think of the drawbacks if you aren't able to sell certain products that you've already purchased.

There are ways for customers to purchase through your website, but you'll find that your commissions won't be as high when customers buy products this way.

Making money by selling SeneGence isn't impossible, yet it is going to take a lot of time and dedication. You'll also need to know a lot of people who are interested in makeup and skincare.

Recruiting New Members to Join SeneGence

One thing you need to know about SeneGence is that it is a multi-level marketing company meaning there are different levels that you need to go through to make more money.

One way that you can grow within the company to receive a higher income is by recruiting new members to join SeneGence. You'll become their sponsor and earn commissions each time they sell products.

The more people you can recruit to sell SeneGence, the more money you will make. You'll even be offered bonuses when you've reached a certain number of distributors and sales.

Yet, what happens when you run out of friends and family to sell products or recruit? One way that many people find success when joining an MLM company is through social media. Building a social media account, whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, or another platform, can help you expand your audience and find potential customers and distributors that want to join your ranks.

SeneGence Review: Should You Join?

The bottom line, if you're deciding between joining SeneGence or not, is that it probably isn't worth it. The company itself is legit, yet it is going to be difficult to keep up with finding new distributors and selling products.

Using our SeneGence review, you can see the pros and cons of working for an MLM company and decide for yourself. You might be spending more money and time than what you can make from working with the company.

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