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Olivia: Hey, how are you?

Matt: I'm good. My mornings. Good so far. How about yours?

Olivia: Yep, same here. It's raining here today. So kind of a gloomy day, but

Matt: Yeah, it's been like that here too. It's interesting. It never rains here in Phoenix, but it's been rainy and dreary here and it's been good because typically the rest of the year is just scorching hot and sunny and nonstop sun so it's kind of like when you get a little bit of dreary cloudy gray here. It's like soaking it all in and so you can get it all it's alright. Well, you're in North Carolina. And you found us back in June. I think if I read that, right? 

Olivia: Yeah, June. cool. 

Matt: Tell us a little bit about how you found us. Tell us about what you currently do for work and what got you looking or maybe you weren't looking. Maybe you just got interrupted by somebody on TikTok who introduced you to us or something. Tell us a little bit about how you found us.

Olivia: Yeah, so it was actually on TikTok. And I wasn't necessarily looking right in the moment but doing something on my own has always been a passion. And during COVID I got laid off from my job and I really was trying to spend my whole time finding something to do and I just felt like, I don't know what it is that I could do. I don't have a lot of money to start anything up in terms of, you know, a shop or inventory or things like that. But nothing really came from that. I ended up going back to work. And then there was just one night I was sitting on the couch scrolling through TikTok and this one came up that just really caught my eye and it drew me in and it was just I don't even think she was talking. I think it was just text on the screen. Have you known you want to have time freedom and financial freedom? Start your own business and work wherever you want. Work one to two hours a day. I was like oh my god, yeah, Sign me up. Yeah. I followed her her funnel click the link did the 15 Day Challenge and here I am.

Matt: Cool. Had you Okay, so you were nice. Firstly, the ad was new like seeing anything like a course. That's a digital course like this before.

Olivia: I probably had seen maybe one or two and I will be honest as soon as I got to the checkout page, and it was like, oh, enter all of your card information for this course. But it wasn't upfront about how much it cost. I just clicked out of it. And then when I came across this one, it said it's only $7. I was like alright, well. The worst case is I don't get Starbucks tomorrow. I learned something new and maybe I won't learn anything but $7 is worth that risk for me. 

Matt: Yeah, I think that that's, I think in the in the video Dave says that like you can get started for less than a pair of wranglers at Walmart or something like that isn't the most like but it's just the most redneck thing ever like okay yeah let's Wrangler Jeans. But I think this Starbucks analogy hits broader culture a little bit better. Yeah, you can go and get a grande vanilla latte or whatever and you're out like six bucks or something and Yeah, after tip maybe six, seven bucks and or you could get a whole education that teaches you how to start actually generating traffic on the internet. How do I put together a sales funnel to sell products, stuff like that? Yeah, it's kind of a steal. It's a good deal. When you were going through the challenge. What came up for you like what was? Was there anything surprising? Was there anything interesting in particular Did you gravitate more towards like you know, cuz some people come on here and they're like, I really gravitated towards like reading Rich Dad Poor Dad or for other people that's not as big of a thing is more like wow, I'd never know how to sell product or sales funnel or how to drive traffic on TikTok or whatever. Is there anything that stood out to you, in particular, like this was really powerful?

Olivia: Well, I I definitely will say Rich Dad, Poor Dad, when I read it through the challenge this time. I think that was the third time that I had read the book. It was completely different for me at this time, and I think I just had a different perspective on it. okay, this is you know, it's not something that it's not something to take lightly and just read through and kind of check off my reading list. It really hit home for me that time but what I think stuck out to me the most was just that the course was teaching you how to build a business and that sales funnel really opened my eyes to see how many times that happens in my everyday life. Everything that I see on the internet, and I was relating back to it. Oh my gosh, I just learned about that in the course. And you know, here I am seeing it online again. So I think that was the biggest thing like, wow, this is actually doable. There's so many people that do it and it's not it's not out of reach.

Matt: Yeah, interesting. Wow. That was your third time on that book. The book is so good. 

Olivia: I know. 

Matt: I think I've read it twice. The principle of like paying yourself first I remember like, thinking through that and like what a revolutionary idea that was to me and at the end, like basically learning how to generate cash flow and acquire assets but but paying yourself first and forcing yourself even if you're wealthy into a place where you're like, Oh, this is a little tight. Like, I paid myself a lot this month and now I don't have a lot of leftover money, but like I'm doing decent. And it was just so weird. Yeah, it was just very bizarre or not bizarre. It was a very powerful transformation for me. That's cool. How old were you when you first read that? Book?

Olivia: I think I was maybe 26. My husband actually read it and he was like, Olivia, you have to read this book and it didn't really sink in with me. I think I was kind of just okay, yeah, I read it. I read it again. When I was 20. Actually, I read it again during quarantine. So when I was 28. And then I listened to it through an audio book when I started to like anything. 

Matt: That's awesome. That's super cool. I feel like it's amazing to me how widespread that book is. It's nuts. So you go through the challenge you're part of our Blueprints community to build your business on tick tock. What do you have as a background on social media? Have you been on social media? I mean, like most people have been on social media but had you been like a content creator before? Are you on most social media platforms? What's that been like?

Olivia: Yeah, so it was actually terrifying. And I had a TikTok, but like, I didn't post anything on it. It was just to watch other TikToks. So when I started this, I just became paralyzed when it came to the point where I needed to start. I needed to start putting myself out there. I did not want to start with Facebook ads. At the very beginning. I thought, you know, let me just try this organically. I'd seen a lot of people on this show. Just talk about how great tic toc is and just part of the blueprints and everything in the training that TikTok is a perfect free channel for you to start. And I just remember I was sitting up here and in my office and I was like, Alright, I need to fill this. So I'm just gonna do it and I filmed. I actually watched a legend wake up legendary and it was a girl. I can't remember her name, but she started on TikTok by just posting her story. This is who I am, what I'm doing where I came from, and this is my journey. So follow along. So I tried to do something very similar to that. And I remember my heart was beating so fast as I pressed post, but once I did, I just felt like, Okay, who cares at all? You know, it doesn't matter. I'm going to reach somebody and I think that's where I started. And if I scroll back down to the first tech talk that I was posting, it's so bad but it's just a learning process. So now I've seen you know I'm there. I dedicate time to being on my business TikTok so that I can see what trends are going on and how people are editing videos and just trying to follow and copy that to make my videos better. Every day.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. I felt like scrolling back through your old videos. We had a guest on I think last week and we were talking about how you know our like everybody's first videos you could scroll through like some of our affiliates or even like big content creators. You can scroll through some of their very first videos like if you scroll far enough, I mean, some people create a lot of ideas, but you scroll far enough and get to the beginning. some of that stuff is just like, you're like, are you serious? Like this is where you started. But the truth is, it is like most people don't do that. Like unless you're a content creator. And you're like doing investigative work. Most people don't do that, most people don't scroll all the way. And so it's like, it becomes this incentive to just create more content and put more content out there. Because they're like, Yeah, let's put more stuff on top of all those old videos that I don't want anybody to see. Yeah, let's just cover those.

Olivia: Yeah, exactly.

Matt: So on a daily basis now Are you well you've got you've got a lot of a lot of content and you've done a really good job. Are you super active as of today. You're also looking at starting an online store, maybe. But you went through an interesting journey. And you mentioned it in the questionnaire about like, you were just about to wonder like, is this gonna work? This doesn't seem like it's working and then you hit this big high ticket commission. Talk to us about that, because I'm curious about that feeling because a lot of people have that feeling. It might be the most relatable feeling in this whole industry is like so much work so much work so much work. I've pushed, I pushed, I pushed like I just feel like I'm not seeing it. And it's that analogy of the other book is Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Or, I'm sorry, not thinking Grow Rich where he talks about the person who's digging for gold and stops just a few feet short of a huge gold mine. And yeah, I'm just curious about what you think. You know about your journey of, you know, feeling a little bit lost of like, maybe this is over, maybe this isn't gonna work and then boom, you hit a big commission and suddenly, things are like changed a little bit. But what was that like?

Olivia: Yeah, it was honestly really encouraging. I was starting so I started my TikTok as a business account which was growing super super slow. So I dedicated probably like two weeks I was I switched back to a personal account and I just really dedicated myself to I had about 500 followers so I was like right my mission for the next two weeks is to get 1000 followers on my personal side of tic toc so that I can put my link in my bio and I just thought okay, once I do that, like everything's just gonna fall into place. It's just gonna, my Commission's are gonna be rolling in. And so I actually did that in about four days. I grew to 1000 followers, which was awesome. And then I just thought, Okay, I gotta keep this momentum going. I was posting four or five times a day and just really like pushing out content doing trends and organic videos. And then I was getting leads. They were coming in all this, but nobody was clicking through. No one was even buying the Seven Day Course. 15 Day Challenge. So I just started to think like, well, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know why, you know, I'm spending a lot of time on this and nothing's coming of it and I still can stay consistent with it. I actually asked for some help and feedback on the Facebook group and had a lot of really helpful tips. People said, I'll go through your funnel, I'll give you some tips and tricks, which was really helpful and helped me kind of clean everything up and which definitely brought in some leads and some smaller ticket commissions. And then I was at work one day and my husband called and he said, did you check your email? And I said, no, why? And he was like, we're just going to look at it. And I saw that commission come through and I was like, I'm taking my lunch. break right now. And I like coming straight home. We were celebrating. I was like, oh my gosh, it's you know, it's paid off finally, but it was a lead that I had. I remember when they came through. I remember looking at the name and it was somebody very similar to someone I knew. So I thought it was one of my friends and I was like oh my gosh, now people are gonna know that I'm doing this but it was and and then it came through on the on that high ticket commission so she had gone through the whole funnel and and everything and ended up purchasing the blueprints. And yeah, and it just gave me motivation. I was like, alright, you know, I don't know what video she saw. Or kind of what it was that hit home and she saw one of my videos and followed me and started seeing a bunch more but something stuck that I did for her. And so that was my motivation to keep going. So I'm still posting still following trends trying to find you know, I've got my favorite tech talkers that I follow and I try to kind of recreate things that I that they've done that's gone viral. Yeah. And yeah, that commission it was I wouldn't say I was almost ready to give up but I was kind of at the verge of Alright, maybe I should explore other things and start trying to find other sources of income.

Matt: Yeah, I think that makes sense. And you're, it's in you because you're in that process of trying to figure out like well, what's gonna fit me what's gonna work for me? What's gonna actually help me generate an income? I think that's a big thing too. Very cool. That's yeah, what a cool story. What a cool moment to like, I think back to buy Yeah, I had I just had a similar moment. I was working at a coffee shop and I've been working at this for like two years or something. I mean, I didn't have tick tock at that time and tick tock is kind of like a hack. These days I like to speed up the process quite a bit. But I had a moment where I had a $3,000 commission where I was promoting a travel product. And, man, yeah, I had a $3,000 commission. And I had that day $0 in my bank account, like, wow, I remember like the staircase I was on. I remember looking at my Chase app, I snapped a screenshot of my bank account and sent it to my mentor who was helping me get started. And I was just like, Dude, I just made this. I finally closed my first sale and like, finally like made a big commission here. And it just so happened today. I was like, rent it. This is this weird random expense that it was just like, it was a cool moment where I was like, you said the words I think the words you said were like finally paid off. Like work, energy, and effort. And I think the cool part too, is like, yes, it finally paid off. But if you think of it in the grand scheme, like did you go to college? 

Olivia: Yes. 

Matt: I think I think in the grand scheme of like, going into college, spending four years in college learning a lot about things. Like just, you know, when I was in college, I learned a lot about stuff that I would never ever think about ever again. Which is fine. Like I get the point that there's something to college but like, for me, it wasn't some degree that was like, I'm going to be a doctor or I'm going to be a dentist or I'm going to be a pharmacy tech or something. You know, like, it wasn't something that I absolutely needed to go get a degree to get a specific job. It was just like here I am for four years. Got my degree. Cool. You know, and 99% of the stuff that I learned in classes there, and I'll never ever reference, probably ever again. There's a few things that I did learn that were more like logic and how to think critically and how to like it like those kinds of things. I wish I would have spent more time on it but I will say you know if you purchase this in June, you're a great example of this. You purchase this in June, six months, right? It does feel like a long time but in the grand scheme, you'd look around at different education systems. You look around at different ways that you could invest your time and money and energy to have something start paying you back in six months after the fact. Our industry in particular really hypes up like being able to make money and being able to get a result fast and I get that people do that and people talk that way. But the truth is, six months is very fast, especially for a 29 year old like I'm only 32 like for people our age, like worse so young. I listen a lot of times to Gary Vee who's like to like, if you're 40 you're just like a baby like you're barely getting started. If you're under 30. It's like you've got all the time in the world to try things and fail and so six months in that grand scheme is like, what a great six months of time spent learning like real world skills. Because when I got started back when I was 22 I learned Google ads and I learned Facebook ads and I wasn't making any money from any of that. I was like driving Uber so that I could run ads and fail and lose all that money. But I learned all those skills and you're learning those on TikTok now and you're learning them on. I don't know if you're on other platforms too.

Olivia: I use Pinterest but TikTok is definitely my main one.

Matt: Yeah, like just learning those skills and being able to create content and identify and study and figure those out, I think is just insanely powerful. And it's a good use of your time because you can use it in a million different ways.

Olivia: Right. And like you said, six months in the grand scheme of things is not a long time and I think what I always try to remember and just bring back to myself is that this is not you know, a get rich, quick kind of thing. It's like I am trying to build something for the future. And if it took me six months to make a high ticket commission well I've done it now so now I know that I can do it again and at six months really isn't isn't that long, but hopefully this is what you know my future holds.

Matt: Yeah, totally. And if we do our decade in a day workshop, I always I always tell people, at least recently. I don't know if I would have said this six months ago if you were on it, but when we do that workshop I always tell people things like paid ads and driving traffic and building funnels and stuff like that. Like over the last five years. I've had moments in times where I was between jobs or I lost a job or I was between business ventures or something. And I could literally open a spreadsheet today. Collect businesses around like Phoenix or around the world really but like a little easier if it's local and you're local. And I could sign people up today for retainers to run ads for them to drive Google traffic to their business or their website to create marketing deals for them. And use good direct response marketing and I've done it multiple times. And it's all because this industry taught me real skills that are transferable between different businesses between different business models and stuff like that. And it's cool, I think to me, I think it's cool that you're months into this and months down the road and you've clearly had to battle through like really sitting down and trying to figure this out. So people get on and like their first week they make a bunch of commissions. And it's like dude, really, like you suck I kind of hate you and for you and other people it just takes like a few months. Some people it takes a year or so. But I think it's cool whenever I see somebody who's getting into that sort of real sort of not crisis but like real wondering like is this frickin gonna work like, what the heck is going on? And to see a random person you've never met because of your automated funnel, your automated business, your ability to generate traffic and attract people to your story, your journey, everything like that, and then to have that payday is such a cool thing. I love it. It's an inspiring thing.

Olivia: And with TikTok too, it's like I don't you know, there's videos that I'm like, I'll just post it I don't care, and I think that's that was a huge turnaround for me was that I spent so much time trying to make every single video perfect that I was spending too much time on that instead of one video as opposed to posting like four or five that one of them might work but the one that I spent so much time working on then no one sees it.

Matt: I feel that that's a common story. Do you have like, do you have a routine or like, do you have any sort of structure like do you try to post a certain amount of times each day or are you more like kind of loosey goosey all over the place? 

Olivia: Yeah, so I'm actually off work this week. So I'm a little out of my rhythm. But I film all of my tech talks while I'm driving to work. I have about a 10 minute drive. So as I'm getting ready in the morning, I just tried to think about a couple of different things that I want to say and talk about and then on my drive I just filmed like five or six when I'm sitting in the parking lot or even on my lunch break. I will just get them ready, put my captions on, do all of that stuff. And then I try to just post like every two or three hours throughout the day, but they're already ready to go. So all I have to do is log into the app and then hit post and then I just leave it if that's what works for me because I don't for me it doesn't work to just film everything on like Sunday or Saturday and get everything ready for the week. I just can't think that way. So I always just try to think of okay, what are my thoughts this morning as I'm getting ready about the business about what I'm doing? How can I help somebody today and then I just go from there.

Matt: Nice. Yeah, that's super cool. I just think it's important to do, at least my thought on it is I just feel like it's important to do you and specifically to like find a structure just to find a rhythm. Maybe no structure freaks me out. But yeah, to find a rhythm that's just like, hey, this just works for me. This is how I do it. This is my flow. This is how I get going. This is how I do it. So that's cool. And we've got so many people doing that. Like they'll be eating a sandwich in their car making TikTok because they were like man, I just sit at my desk all day thinking about this. You know, this little thing I read and think and grow rich or they're sitting at their desk. There are people who work in warehouses, who like to run forklifts, but they have headphones and all days they're like, they'll listen to the show. They'll listen to, like, Rich Dad Poor Dad and they're sitting there at their job and they're like, kind of can't wait to get out of here. But for now I'm gonna be listening to my frickin audio books and like just putting good stuff in their ears at all times. I used to do that all the time. All the time. I had so many I spent so much money on audio books, just every single type of business management, leadership, marketing, sales, you name it, everything just how all day every day. And that was my thing. It was like this. It was keeping me in a world of like abundance. It was keeping me in a world of I want to do my own thing and I need to surround my mind with that or I felt like I would kind of risk falling into the just mundane nine to five just this is what I do now. And there's days where I definitely like you know, settled into that but you know, eventually kept pulling and kept pulling and kept pulling out of that. What's what's been for you like what's been your biggest struggle like has there been a real hurdle or something that's been in particular like really? Maybe something that has made you feel stuck at all through this process? Have you felt like there's been a big hurdle in particular that you're still going to overcome or maybe have overcome that is felt big to you?

Olivia:  Yeah, I honestly just think it's myself. It's my self doubt of you know, I have to get in front of the camera and do this and I have always wanted to be my dedication was that I'm not going to put out false information. So everything that I put on my tech talk is true. I still have my nine to five. This does not replace my income. It's what I hope it does eventually, but it's not doing that right now. But I think just the fear of being online and in front of people, what are people going to say and how am I going to handle that? It's just the knee to my own thoughts of like, this is never gonna work. It works for all these other people, but it's not going to do it for me and I don't know maybe I'll try it I guess and if I fail then whatever it wasn't for me, but just telling myself like, I'm never going to know until I try it and do it and and it's it's not failed me so far. So I would definitely say that it's something that I still battle with, as you know, I'm making TikToks. I look back at it. I'm like oh, that was dumb, but it wasn't dumb to the people who liked it or started following me and and all that so just trying to get out of my own head sometimes.

Matt: Heck yeah, it's just so weird that we do that. I don't know. I don't know what that is. Yeah, I do that too. And it is just a very weird thing. I sort of think of it like when I was little I had lots of moments when I was little where I felt like the world was ending. I felt like everything was crap. You know, it was like, my sixth grade girlfriend dumped me or something you know, and the world's just crumbling, right? And it's like, oh my god, the world is ending. I'm such a loser. Everyone's good. You know, you go down this whole spiral. And then like, literally, you know, five hours later or maybe it's a couple of weeks later, it literally just doesn't even matter. It's sort of vanished from our existence. And we put this weird pressure on ourselves like, oh my gosh, what if Aunt Lucy finds out about my business or whatever and like most cases, it's just really funny, most people that I know like, found out that I was like an affiliate marketer or even in network marketing, which like MLM and network marketing is way more taboo than referral based affiliate marketing or something. But most of the time what I found and this is true with like, shame and feeling bad about like, or nervous or like, you know, like, we're not good enough or something. Like when people that cared about me  learned about what I did and that like, I make an income online and I work for various companies. I'm an affiliate marketer, something like dude, that's impressive, like good for you, that's pretty badass. You learned skills by yourself and now like you just basically answered nobody and just like, do your thing online and that's really cool. Like, how the hell did you do that? Like, they're mostly just super impressed. I find that it's really cool that you're true to your story. And like, I think there's a big difference when people start looking for how to model after other people's videos? I think one thing that they do is they immediately go to like, oh, I don't have that big kick ass story. You know, like I haven't done $30,000 online or something. And I think that they cave to either like, yeah, trying to make it seem like they do. Or they try to make it seem like something that it's not or they go the other route where they're like, Well, I can't. I just can't create any videos because I don't have anything. I haven't done anything. You know, it's one of those two.

Olivia: There was one video that I posted where I talked about the expenses that I have each month to run my funnels and all of that. And someone commented on it and said, what is your return on investment? What are you making, you know, every month and when that comment came through? I was like, man, I knew someone was gonna ask me this and at that point, I hadn't really made any I just had made like some $2 commissions and stuff. So I thought I could do this two ways. I can just ignore that comment and pretend I didn't see it or I can respond to it. And it's probably going to hit home to some people. So I made a responding video to that. And I just said, you know, I knew this comment was going to come in. And here's my transparency I have made, I think it was maybe $100 at that point just on just small ticket things that had added up to that but that had been over the course of five months. So I said I'm not seeing a huge return yet. But here's what I'm working towards. And people were you know, commenting and messaging like, you know, thank you for your transparency and I got huge amount of followers that day and kind of that week that I posted that TikTok and it just reinforced that being real and not trying to embellish that, you know, oh, I quit my job in a month after I started this and this is what I do full time now. And I know that's the case for some people, but it's not for me and I'm not going to paint that picture.

Matt: Totally and you don't need to start a big deal. If people put this weird pressure on themselves, it's like, it's just it's not even a big deal. No one cares. It's totally Yeah. That's super cool. Well, I love that and I think that here's my thought. I think in some cases, when people do that, they might have a slightly slower growth trajectory. And what I've seen people do throughout the last 10 years. I've seen them cultivate like lists and followers that are more loyal, that are more engaged, that are more sort of connected, attached to the person and the business. And it usually results in just more longevity. So it is a thing where sometimes that's a little slower to really wrap up from a revenue perspective and in your business. But the longevity of it and ability to keep and hold a TikTok account tends to be a little bit better. And then as it grows, and as it gets a little bit of legs, it starts to really take off because that core group that you've built right away, you were truthful to them. You answered them with respect and dignity and you were real with them. And people appreciate and respect that they have an intuition as they watch your videos where they're like, this Olivia, she's real.

Olivia: Exactly.

Matt: Yeah, well, cool. Well, Olivia, I had no idea what to expect. And this was really, really cool. And thanks for coming on and taking a little time from your job or while you're off today but just from life and everything and stay in our world, stay in our community. Come back in a couple of months and let us know what's new, how things are going and we'd love to have you back on and come back and share more with us. 

Olivia: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for having me on the show today.

Matt: Totally, is this the best place for people to find you? Yes, that's my tech top. Alright. Thanks again, Olivia. See and yeah, keep in touch. We'll reach back out in a couple months and see where you're at.

Olivia: Awesome. Thanks, Matt.

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