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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharp and welcome to another episode of wake up legendary. We have a guest this morning who after four and a half heart attacks, my Lord, is still building his business persevering through and and doing his thing. So let's hear a story about Kalei, welcome to the show my friend.

Kalei: Good morning. Good to be here. Thank you for having me on.

Dave: Hey, it's our pleasure. It's our pleasure. So obviously the big kind of the big headline here is after four and a half heart attacks you're still keeping on I mean you look like a young guy. Tell us tell us your story.

Kalei: Yeah, well. This is the most upright I've been in the past two weeks actually. Yeah, I did have two heart attacks, just about two weeks ago, kind of back to back his genetics and actually, you know, actually exercise that you eat well. And it's just kind of luck of the draw with the genetics there. So I just gotta keep pushing on business and providing for the family. You know? 

Dave: There you go. Well, yeah, I totally get that I have some cardiac or cardiovascular stuff in my genetics as well. So I gotta stay on top of that. So, you know, obviously, there's, you know, we all have our own set of reasons, excuses. I mean, gosh, man, if anybody had a reason to quit, it might be it might be you. I mean, just whether it's like hey, oh, this is too stressful or whatever. But I mean, what? Talk to us about what's going through your head and kind of how you're viewing your life in business and even having this odd to overcome here with genetics in in, you know, fear, right fear about potentially giving yourself another heart attack and how do you how do you balance the stress in the what I call future tripping of the business? In being an entrepreneur and so forth?

Kalei: Exactly. I mean, you know, none of us know our future of course, but, you know, hopefully my future does not have more heart attacks. I will do whatever I can to be healthy and alive because if I'm not healthy and alive, I can't build the business. So yeah, just really getting out of my life. Anything that is stressful. Whether it be you know, I quit a stressful job back in 2019, which is a good move. I, you know, I do enjoy building a business online, you know, affiliate marketing, because it does provide some income. And so I'm just, I just keep on building that. It's not stressful. So yeah, that seems to be a good route for me to go.

Dave: Well, that's great. Um, you know, some people would say that it is stressful. So, how are you? How, I mean, if they say that this is stressful, there's a good chance they say that uh, that a lot of things are stressful, but, you know, you used to be a substitute teacher, right? Is that the job that you're talking about that you quit back in 2019?

Kalei: Oh, actually, I've had a number of jobs and I'm actually still a substitute teacher, okay, which I really enjoy. Okay. The job I quit back in 2019 was a part time job with a building supply supplier building supplier. And, you know, they like the color orange. Really, you know, I don't want to mention their names. But I did quit, which was very stressful for me. I gotcha.

Dave: So tell us how you found Legendary in kind of what you were looking for or what you didn't know you were looking for in kind of what has happened since you went through our challenge and started learning here in our community.

Kalei: Okay, well, you know, like all of us years ago, you know, I typed into Google or whatever search search I was using, you know how to make money online. So I, you know, I went through all the different things that you find, you know, different multi levels and stuff like that, and I believe I came across something from Brian Brewer. I came across something on YouTube. Because I was always looking for ways to improve myself and I ran across him. And I think I did first find out about legendary marketer I'm not sure who it was that I first signed up through. I could tell you Yeah. There's a lot of people out there promoting Legendary Marketer affiliate marketing.

Dave: So being a substitute teacher being an educator. I mean, how do you come? How do you compare or how would you? How would you, what would you say about our unconventional or unorthodox or this unorthodox style of learning? You know, so many people just to get them over the hump of just kind of opening their mind to something other than just the traditional way of doing things, going to school, going to college, getting a job, etc. Nowadays, an orthodox learning where you're going to YouTube or taking a course online, a lot of people look at that, like, hey, you know, that might not be legit or whatever. How do you view that being somebody who I would say is as qualified to speak on the topic, has anybody been a teacher? What do you say about this kind of unorthodox education, self education and where that can take you?

Kalei: You know, I think I think a lot of people kind of dismiss this unorthodox type of education. Not at a, you know, university or college, and maybe they don't take it seriously. But what I found is, it definitely is a good training program, and it's definitely well organized. And that's what I liked about it. And it's actually very easy to send people you know, to the, you know, through my funnel to legendary So, and you know, it's not complicated, you know, it's a step by step process, where they can actually learn about affiliate marketing and it can apply to different types of businesses as well.

Dave: Yeah, different niches and so forth. Right. So, um, so you just mentioned that you signed up and became an affiliate for legendary you decided you wanted to kind of make your content in your you wanted to you want it to build in the with the wealth niche or the make money online niche, and you made a high ticket commission. When you were in the hospital or something, or when you went into debt, can you tell us about that? And kind of what that was like?

Kalei: Yeah, actually, that was awesome. You know, I was creating a lot of content and I was getting sales here and there. You know, and I knew I was going to eventually get a big sale if I just kept on pushing and kept on creating that content on TikTok mainly. And then I had to take a break, and there was a bunch of Well, ironically, or go into a little more detail. I was actually doing a cardiac rehab program. And so I was putting in a lot of time there. And, you know, I was really trying to focus on my health and this was all before these recent two heart attacks, which is kind of a weird coincidence. So, yeah, that commission, that really big ticket commission, high ticket commission came in when I wasn't doing anything. And to me that was like, wow, that is like passive income. Because it just came in while I was doing absolutely nothing. Right. Or you were taking care of yourself. Right? 

Dave: Yeah, think that you have to experience that to really know what that that feels like and what that's like to be completely away from your computer completely away from all just anything that has to do with your business and have 1000 or multi 1000 or multiple multi $1,000 payments or commissions come in and it's it's like wow, you know, I remember the first time that I made $1,000 In a week online, and I can still remember that I was meeting my wife's parents, not for the first time but but it was one of the first times and we were going to the beach and I just was a little bit feeling kind of, you know, cocky. And also sort of blown away. And also like, is this real, you know, I just I can remember the feeling I was so proud of myself and I was so proud because I was struggling to make, you know, three $400 a week. As a construction worker, basically as a laborer. And here I made $1,000 In a week, and I was just blown away by it. So I know that feeling feels for me even like it was yesterday as well. And the beautiful thing is that that doesn't have to stop. I mean, your first one I think builds enough belief and excitement to it's kind of like it's kind of like turbo fuel. You know, like it really well for you did it what did it do for you did it make you say okay, look, I need to continue to stay focused and consistent because I just I want this to happen more often. Is that what it did for you or say more specifically about how maybe it shifted your mindset?

Kalei: You know, that feeling that I was dealing with, I can remember when I saw it, and it just takes a while for it to register. And I was like, Oh my gosh, like I made this huge, high ticket commission. I ran through the house, and everybody thought something was wrong with me, because I was around the house. And I said no, it's a good thing. That I'm running around the house. Yeah, he didn't realize what was going on at first. But yeah, that definitely motivated me to do more to create more content. But then it was kind of cut a little short because then I was in the hospital. You know, and I could and I just had to take just a good pause there. You know,

Dave: Yeah. Wow. I can imagine that it was tough to be in the hospital after that happened and trying to recover and you want to continue to mark it, but it's like you need to just chill and in heels so I'm so glad that you're back on your feet. And you said that this is actually the first time that you've been up and and and you know because of that my friend I want to you know, let you get back in. You know, I don't want to. I don't want you to spend too much time with me here this morning because I want to make sure that you get back and take care of yourself and if you have anything else to do on your business today. I want to leave time for that so you can still continue to do the appropriate self care that you need. And so would you have any final words for anybody, you know, that is maybe facing their own challenges. Maybe it's not healthy, maybe it's not as dramatic as what you've experienced, but what would you say to somebody who is feeling the pressure or feeling some fear and doesn't quite know if they want to keep going? Kalei: Yeah, well it's definitely worth taking a look. You know, affiliate marketing is actually not for everybody. You know, I wanted to kind of refer back to something you said earlier that some people feel that affiliate marketing is stressful. You know, I've done a lot of different things to try to make money. At one time I was learning to be a day trader. For me, that was extremely stressful and not good for my heart and I had to ensure it couldn't do it. could not do that. You know, is this a very time sensitive type of decision making, you know, but what I love about affiliate marketing is you set things up, and then you wait and you watch and things happen. You know, it's not a time sensitive and stressful situation where you're going to, you know, lose 1000s of dollars and all those kinds of things. You definitely have control of the situation more than other types of businesses. 

Dave: Oh, yeah. Well, you were talking about because I had meant I had mentioned the business being stressful. So I think the other things that you've done that were much more stressful and I can also relate to that as well. You know, checking crypto every two seconds and there's things that are much more stressful day trading, as you mentioned.

Kalei: It gets your heart going. That kind of stuff. You know, another big thing of mine that other people might be able to relate to is you know, I always tell my kids and I always tell myself, and I always tell my students that we are lifelong learners. We're lifelong learners. And so we're always learning and as soon as we stop learning, then it's like we start degrading. We start dying almost. Because, you know, none of us know everything. So we always got to keep on learning. And I think that's an important lesson for all of us. And part of that what I wanted to mention too, is that you know, there's a lot of negative sources of, you know, there's a lot of negative in our lives. And the thing is, we can allow them to be there, or we can, you know, get rid of them basically. So, you know it could be a distraction. It could be negative people. It could be people in your life. It could be people online, who are just being negative, and for some weird reason they don't want to see you succeed. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's jealousy. Maybe it's just a problem that they have or what, but, you know, don't let that bother you. Kind of kind of let it be like, water off a duck's back. Don't let it affect you. If it's someone in your life, you have to create some distance there. I've had to do that. And, you know, don't don't look at yourself as a bad person. If you have to distance yourself from someone who's negative. It's actually very important to do that. It relieves stress and gives you some opportunity for growth. Yeah.

Dave: Such good points mean having boundaries with people who are toxic and or unsupportive. I like how you use the word distance doesn't mean that you need to totally cut them out but having boundaries and or distance to manage stress. You know, whether you're prone to whatever I mean, stress just in general is no fun. I mean, it's no fun and I think one of the reasons that one of the things we're all we're all after is less stress all around, you know, less stress in our business, less stress in our family, less stress in our relationships and so forth. So, one wonderful point, and I think it's also important. You said affiliate marketing isn't for everybody. I think that's true. I think it's important to go into things with your eyes wide open and just really be realistic about what you're going into. I don't have anything to do. I don't have anything bad to say about day trading or crypto or anything like that. I just know. Basically from experience how I react and how I operate within those scenarios because my brain can be obsessive. You know, I made $20,000 or something from Bitcoin back in 2017. It was the most stressful money I ever made, you know, because I was checking it every 10 seconds. You know. So now I have investments that are more passive. I have investments that I let other people manage people who are experts who have been doing it for 2030 years who have a proven track record and or I put it into real estate with a 15 or 20 year plan versus something that I have a huge loan coming due and I need to sell the house in 30 days. You know, those would be an example of a stressful environment for me, so wonderful, wonderful points. Thanks for sharing your time this morning brother and I. I really wish you the best of health and the best of wealth and and take care of yourself and come back and keep us posted here in a couple of months and let us know where you're at and how you're doing. 

Kalei: Thank you, I appreciate being on the show. Thank you. 

Dave: You're very welcome. And thank you for your time Kalei. So get well brother and we'll talk to you soon. All right.

Kalei: Okay, take care. Have a great day.

Dave: All right, my friends. Wonderful, wonderful life experience and advice from somebody who really has the, you know, the, the experience to share with us what it's like to overcome health challenges and what it's like to deal with things that in some cases you have no control over, right. It's about making the best with what you have, you know, and then making, you know, it's about making decisions to make your life the way that you want it. You know, and again, whether that's you know, I think I think a lot of us stay in jobs and in toxic work situations that are stressful and around people for way longer than we want to. And we may not be prone to, you know, having a heart attack or something like that. But I believe stress can shave years off of our lives. I mean, just period. I mean he you know, whether it just whether it just you know, you know whether it just cuts life short because you've just spent so many years stressing out or what if you know the other ironic thing is is that oftentimes, you know, we we end up just living long miserable lives, that's the other. That's the other flipside, right I mean, we end up living long, miserable lives. And, you know, neither is where I want to end up. I think making important life decisions about work environments, about relationships with people to lower stress to make every moment count none of us know how long we have on this planet. And as Chloe says in ultimately his goal, he wrote to us too, before we did the show, was to make every moment count, you know, and I think hearing from somebody who really has been through some some tough stuff and came out of it, you know, rose up like a phoenix from the ashes to now share wonderful wisdom is something that for me, you know, I really, I really, I really listened closely to, because I believe also what you just said about being a lifelong learner. I think it's really important. And I think the best time to listen is when somebody's sharing their real world experience, you know, not just their opinions, everybody's got opinions, but their real world experience. Been through it really. To me, it's the most sacred thing we can do with each other is we share our real own honest, vulnerable, intimate, that's intimacy into me, you see, you know, sounds kind of corny, but it's really true. You know, that intimate sharing of real life situations and challenges and struggles and quite frankly, that's really what we do every day on the show. So come back, join us tomorrow. For another episode. Matt will be with you as always on Wednesday. And for those of you coming into the mastermind this weekend. We're looking forward to seeing you okay, we're going to be kicking off on Friday morning. And it is going to be an amazing time in Orlando, Florida. So I'm looking forward to seeing you all there. Alright, my friends, get out of here. Be well, be safe, be Legendary. And we'll talk to you soon. All right. Peace.