Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Hello hello welcome in. It is Wednesday, September 22 And my name is Matt, I am hosting a typical host on Wednesdays. Dave and I host Dave typically house four days a week, I host one day a week. If you are just tuning in, just joining us, welcome. Typically we have a bunch of people who tune in live and then a bunch of people who tune in via replay so if you're alive, or you're on replay. Hi, good to see you welcome in. Let us know in the comments where you're tuning in from, and we have an awesome guest. For those of you don't know, typically on the shows unless something drastic happened last second or something. We have awesome guests that come on, whether they're people who have taken our challenge whether they are affiliates of ours or whatever they're just real people and so you know we don't actually script the shows at all we do ask a few questions we don't really script the show, I came on here two minutes ago, I said Hey Daniel, you're ready to go live and he said yeah, I said, awesome. So, Daniel. Welcome to the show my man, where are you, where are you calling in from?

Daniel: Hey, thank you so I'm calling from Livermore, California. Okay, as you can see it's still behind me it's like 7am over here.

Matt: Yeah well I'm on, I'm in Phoenix, I'm up at 7am to run. Yeah. And, yeah, I, so, yesterday on our distributor day, I have lights here in the office, or as like a ceiling fan light, and then I have the spotlight, kind of thing, it's like a, like a photo. Lighting thing. Both of those burned out yesterday, and I can't get the thing off the ceiling fan to replace the light so I'm basically in the darkness 26 inch screen I could just, you know basically pull open, you know, white Windows on it and it just glows a little bit so

Daniel: It's a good worker if it works, the show must go on.

Matt: It's a little ridiculous. Anyway, this isn't your first time?

Daniel:  Oh yeah, it's my first time on Legendary

Matt: Maybe you've been on before for the first time let's go dude. Okay, so walk us through. I don't know why your name sounds familiar or maybe you tuned into webinars, I don't know what it is I just that.

Daniel: I've been on the Thursday calls a few times. Okay, cool. It's been a while. That's what I kind of got and they stop asking questions.

Matt: Cool cool cool well that's good man, that's good. I like when you know the questions stop and then suddenly the money, they're doing well, you know, so, so tell me I'm mostly curious, like you said you tried some drop shipping, tell us just a little bit about your journey and when you can take us back to different jobs done and then why'd you. Why'd you try to do something online?

Daniel: Absolutely, I think it probably all should start where I felt I was doing really good in life with my career. What that really meant to me was that I was climbing the corporate ladder, earning a lot of good money, getting bonuses and doing all that, but I wasn't really enjoying life. Right, I mean my kids didn't really know me, barely ever all I had to be at work all the time that just sucked. And I got with my friends and he had to quit that live, and he started going online, and he was doing pretty good and I was looking at him and I was like oh damn like he's, he's doing this properly, what's wrong with me, right. So, I decided I have to do something. Okay, it goes, it goes much deeper than that like I ended up getting a divorce and stuff happened on the skip through that and trying to get to the top here, we got to drop shipping so I started trying to do that. And I kind of realized that it wasn't for me. I didn't really like the approach he didn't really speak to me, so I didn't, I stopped. And then after that I developed this lesson. I want to do e-commerce, so I got mine. I got with a company in China that manufactured for me and all that. And then what I learned after that, is that I was very good at marketing, so we've gotten very good at marketing right, Yes. And actually, even before those two that friend and I that I mentioned we started this application for the iPhone. That also failed because of marketing. And so, the common denominator to all that is marking. And at that point I realized, I need to learn marketing. And so it was shortly after that that I stumbled upon Legendary Marketer. And, you know, that was it, like the rest is history. It's just, it's been great. The tools I've been learning, so good.

Matt: That's really cool, man. That's, yeah, that's so fascinating because the whole. There's so many good businesses and business ideas out there that sort of die just this silent death, you know, it makes me think of Shark Tank. A lot of times people come on there and they're like, actually hang on let me pull my mic. There we went, I just realized that my microphone was like three feet away from me. It makes me think of Shark Tank, sometimes people will come on there and they're like, oh my gosh, this guy's brilliant. This is a superstar product. They have everything there, and they're like, how many, how many sales, do you have and they're like, you know, like, I can't sell myself out of a wet paper bag, like I have no sales like I can't generate a customer if I tried. And it just kind of makes me think of that not that you're, that bad or that drastic, but it's kind of the same thing.

Daniel: Yeah, no, absolutely. Doesn't matter, but everything that I've learned now. I'm going to be relaunching the glasses, because I had a website, out of funnel. So I've just created a funnel, I'll probably be launching this shortly. And with all the new techniques that I learned at Legendary. You know, we'll see how this goes in the second second round.

Matt: Yeah, for sure. I think that, I think one big piece of that is even just having your eyes open to different ways to market it right so like, forget about like how to absolutely execute marketing for every different style of product but it's more about like direct response marketing, how do you make somebody, Or how do you allow somebody to make a decision to purchase a product all right now snap in the moment, let's go. And you can do that on TikTok YouTube, you can do it on, you know, all these different platforms, but like I know you've got 71,000 followers on TikTok, for instance, like, like there isn't, it's not that far of a gap for you to then take that, you know, that experience you've got to create some virality, and go and do that on tick tock or create a TikTok ad, you know that's like, hey, check out these new glasses, you know what I'm saying and like I kind of respect that Outlook to where like, people take sort of the knowledge that they get here at Legendary and they will try different products or, you know, I sort of view it as, maybe, I don't know you can tell me how you view this but I sort of view it as just like a diversification of income, right, so like, the more that you're in the online space, the more you realize there's a lot of volatility and you've got to have a sense of cash flow that's driving that and keep that pipeline full and if you can do that, you're gonna have a really solid online sustainable business but then on the side of that, like, it's good as an entrepreneur, Especially an online entrepreneur to have your. I don't know have your, your, your feet or whatever in different sort of water, you know, trying different things and always keeping Did you know what I mean, I don't, I don't know if this is having that sort of multiple stream of income coming in I think helps people feel a bit more secure. I think the trick becomes, how do I not let go of what's working for me and just add this new thing on top of it, you know what I'm saying.

Daniel: I absolutely, completely agree with that. And that happened to me actually, as I started seeing some success with Legendary Marketer, right, I was like okay, this stuff is great, I'd like it. I'm doing it in other places. Yeah, I stopped working, right, and it very quickly became apparent. And so I said okay, hold on, scientists take a step back and rethink everything. And now you know I just kind of build systems for myself. Guys, this is, I need to do this, this is like the necessary thing that I have to do every day. And then I can add on to that, well it's various other things that I'm trying to do. Yeah. And it's just that discipline right you get that plan and it's almost really just like creating a habit, going through him that habit, then you know what happens is, and then it's gonna keep whatever been going on but but I completely agree with you that you have to keep planting seeds right like at the end of the day like we just went through a pandemic. We know how short lives can be. And so, if we don't keep planting seeds everywhere. Then, when something like that comes again. We won't be ready if we don't have one source of income. Let's try and look at it, and so we have to keep building multiple income sources.

Matt: Yeah, I think that, I think that's right. I think that there's, there's an element to which, you know, I yeah I was just looking at your tick tock, I just saw that, you know, 500,000 video on 500,000 views on your last video the video just did. And I think that, you know, people sometimes what happened is, let go of what's working right now and chase your pursuit of something that might even be hotter or something that might be new or fresh, but it's always it's always a good practice to sort of go back and look and just say like, what have I done in the last six months or last year that exponentially worked right that exponentially had a massive result for me personally or my business or whatever. Let's try that again, You know, like let's double down on that again but I, yeah. Anyway, I think what I see you doing really well is, is, I just feel like you're a model of consistency, and he said, you know even that you kind of got away from what was working but I don't think I know at least to me, I don't think you ever really got away from like the consistency of creating content and bettering yourself in that skill set. And when you get a, you know, video that's viewed 500,000 times I mean, you start to see some sales come in from that typically you know you start to see some sort of result from that typically. So when you just how long I wanted to just go back. How long ago did you discover Legendary?

Daniel: It was early in May.

Matt: So not that long, four or five months. Okay, yeah. So, when you do, you're looking at a market you're looking at, drop shipping, you're looking into maybe your own product, stuff like that. What in the last, let's say four months has been most difficult or like something that's been frustrating or like just like, I can't crack this code or, you know, what's the big hurdle


Daniel: Yeah, I would say the copyright, because with legendary I felt pretty techie so in terms of the back end I had everything done in like, my first weekend, and before the next game came, I already had an eBook out on Amazon, everything like like well that's looking really easy to me. And so when I got down to making the videos. First of all, I felt super awkward. So, getting the videos done was awkward, but then the copywriting went into the videos, I just couldn't get it right and I you know I tuned into those Thursdays, as much as I could shine. And yeah, I mean, as a matter of fact, while we're on that topic, I would definitely suggest that everybody watching, find that one video that did. Good for you, and copy everything about it, except for maybe the subject, as in like wear the same shirt, you know, start off with the same bloodline, use the same sound. You know what I mean, be as consistent as you possibly can with the one that works, because you don't know what something. And after that, yeah, just maybe change the subject, and you can go look at my profile. I think I have a video with 2.8 million views. And you'll see that the moment I got that one. I started making a bunch of other videos where I started the same way I use the same sort of words like, and they all did well, they all went viral.

Matt: It’s actually at a million views now.

Daniel: Oh, is it? Yeah, I actually was surprised when you said 70k I had like 60 something last night so it works right it grows?

Matt: Yeah, yeah for sure it does. I, it's, it's just a formula I think I mean it's, I think the crazy part is, you know, we're in the place where you're at, where, you know, sales start flowing in one or two a day, three, four a day stuff like that I think that, you know, it's, it's super key and important to dial into those things, how do you start a video, what did you do to start that video right like, what exactly is it the same shirt is it the same voice is it the same, you know like all of that stuff is at the same hook, and I liked. Also what you said I thought was crucial as the copywriting piece because there is an element to which a techie person, kind of a techie person like you, the techie person comes in and thinks oh this is just all about putting together websites pages together, okay I can do that. And then suddenly, you're like, you're a weekend and you realize like, oh this is actually a game of copywriting and using words and psychology. And that's really key, that's super important. And I like that a lot. Because, even on video people say, you know, copywriting isn't that about blogging or writing sales pages every headline that you've got on your TikTok, everything is all copy, it's, it's literally just all copywriting it's yeah it's super interesting. So, you you dive into the business blueprints, what piece what element, would you say about legendary helped most is that like the affiliate marketing blueprint or, you know what exactly helped you the most in that copywriting thing, or maybe it wasn't even legendary as much like our courses as much as it maybe was art community or what. What do you think helped most?

Daniel: I think honestly it was those Thursday, sort of training that we do training on Thursday.

Matt: Everybody who doesn't know our business blueprints buyers, people who purchase our business blueprints, you can get. They get free access every Thursday. I host a live webinar at 3pm Eastern every day. We've been doing it for two and a half years. So that's what he's referencing, I just wanted to clarify that so we don't have a bunch of people like hey how do I get on.

Daniel: Yeah, no thank you. Yeah, absolutely build with me. Because, don't get me wrong, I definitely watched like the copywriting videos I watched over like not just one time but like two, three times, and they're good and I took my notes and all that, but I think for me, my style of learning is when you were able to point us in the direction of Hey look at this video look how this was done with know that like that allows me to learn much quicker, and I'm able to really understand what's why that copy was so good. And so it was all the different accounts that we generally use examples of that stuff, that it's gold for me, and I'll watch it and I'll say okay, now I understand how that was implemented there and whatnot. How can I do the same, and Amazon? Yeah, and I mean I guess if you go a step further in the blueprints, we also have coaching, right. And so that's another one that I have kind of learned and implemented. I generally do that more on my Instagram side. But yeah, it's totally helped and I, I'm able to help. Because of all the learning with the copywriting, the techie stuff like it comes so easy to do that I feel like that I can help anyone on really quickly. Right. But I guess I'm the one that is so fascinated with the copywriting portion. I give it one point. 

Matt: Yeah, I think that I think it needs more importance, especially in, you know this this world and everybody who's watching this is all talking about. Well, everybody's only always just like well how do I just set it up so that I don't have to be there I, you know that I don't have in how do I get this automated passive income. And yes, elements of it are passive and automated right like, you know, you could be sitting here right now, and selling products selling all sorts of stuff making income, and you're just sitting here alive and not really selling anybody anything. But there's also elements of like it's a business, and I think sometimes people forget that piece, which is like hey, no this is actually a business like a business requires work, and attention and learning a new skill like copywriting. So, when you get online, you go on TikTok. And my guess is you were like okay, it seems like TikTok sounds like the place to go. Seems like where everybody's at with, let's try to figure this out, start creating videos, what, tell us a little bit about your routine, do you create like a video a day or less or do you ever quote live like what, what, what's your routine on TikTok like?

Daniel: Absolutely. So, I actually start my morning on Instagram. And so, I'll do a post on Instagram. And maybe about an hour after the post, I go on TikTok and I create a video. And then I download that video and we bring it over to Instagram. And my goal is to get three videos a day. And if it's not exactly three then at least get to decent quality ones. Okay. And then after that, I focused my energy on just Instagram throughout the day, because that's where I'm getting the DMS and that's where I'm getting the engagement, right, like, I, I do feel like TikTok is a bit more passive. If you have a video and I want to talk to touch TikTok, you're fine. But on Instagram like, there's, there's the ability to nurture your followers a lot more so it requires you to be there. Which I'm perfectly okay with because I feel like I continue to learn that much more. Alright from my followers, what they want, what they're looking for and things like that. But yeah, so, basically, the day he's like, generally my goal on TikTok. 

Matt: Cool. Yeah, I feel like I've seen a lot of people who have viral videos going, and you should test this here, let me, let me give you a little challenge you should test this sometime. Like for a month, like schedule a live once a week, like, not a long live you don't have to go live for hours but what, what a lot of people don't see on the back end that I see is a lot of conversions from live videos. So and in bunches so like people have, you know 100,000 followers or something, and they kind of watch your videos and whatever you say like hey, you know you actually post, or you put in your bio, like I go live every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern right or 10:10pm Eastern or something, and then what happens is is, people are gonna pop in and out and even yesterday's guests were talking with Jason here's kind of like yeah I didn't really love it because people went in and out, I think that that's cool, that's fine. You don't have to love it. You don't have to do it. But I think a really underrated piece of this whole thing is going live on tick tock, and teaching like for 10 minutes giving a little mini lesson right and actually putting something like, you can do a green screen of like a sales funnel above your head or something, you know like, you can get pretty interesting. Most people don't even do that but I think you could get really like some good copy and curiosity with a green screen, and with what I've seen work really well is, for instance the girl King, this was maybe late last year early this year, had a pretty huge following on TikTok was getting a lot of viral videos, she was like hey I can't make sales. I just, I'm not selling any product, and I said, and so we determined probably the best route to go live and sales just started pouring in. In her case, she didn't love going to live as much as she wanted to. She felt like it wasn't quite automated enough. But I was like, look, I mean if you can go live to five to 10x your sales, right, not just followers but they got people buying. I think it's worth it, you know if it's like 30 to 60 minutes a day or even if you do it once a week but I think she started doing it daily because it was like man I can, I can literally 5x My sales by going live. You should try that out. You don't have to do it, you don't have to do it every day, like, and especially if you don't like it, but what I tell people is like once a week for 30 to 60 minutes I mean that's nothing, you know, In comparison, and you can take all of those followers who are like, Dang, this is cool, I like this guy. And so I think that people under recall Jupiter. Okay, now this person was just this kind of fuzzy idea of the shell of a human, I've seen mixed cool videos so now it's like, oh my gosh I need to lean in and like, let me get a little like real knowledge here from Daniel. And you can see throughout the live like hey by the way, there's a link in my bio if you go in person seven bucks or, you know what your eyeglasses or whatever, you can get a free 15 minute coaching session with me, or you can get a free zoom call with me after you purchase send me an email, send me a TikTok DM whatever, I'll hop on a zoom give you a little 10 minute kind of motivational like hey, here's what I recommend that you do. And then that way there's incentive to buy right now. Right, and so I don't always tell people to go salesy, I tell people, on your timeline, don't go sales don't sell anything. That's just creating curiosity, it's opening people's minds, it's using really good copy to get people curious like What's this all about was this guy, a sketch talking about. But in lives, you can really connect with people and you can say hey, like, what are you here for man like what's going on, how are you doing, you know, like you're sitting here watching my live like what do you, what's up, you know, and you can get real, you know feedback in real time with people it's just, it's so powerful, I think it's really underrated for the amount of effort that goes into getting 70,000 followers on TikTok, but for me it's always like, why not just capitalize on that and go live once a week, and really make the most out of those people because you do the same on Instagram, the way you see or cultivating that following a little more. I think it is possible on TikTok to be sure to combine virality with indie, and, and actually connect and grow those sales a lot more. Does that make sense?

Daniel: Yeah, no, absolutely. I mean, as a matter of fact, I've been thinking about doing a live show on TikTok but haven't gotten around to it, but man after that speech, I absolutely have to go and say like, how do you not go live after hearing that?

Matt: Yeah, well some of our top people, that's what they do. Calvin's on that for a long time, but also, like, I'm just gonna like to give you, you know, embrace talking about the vaccine right, and when you vaccinate you're about to get a dose of what you might experience. And what I mean is I'm going to give you a little dose of what you might feel when you first go live so that when you feel like you're not like, oh my god this is awful. So, a lot of times, like the first live or the second live or the third live, it's very hard to get. It's at least for me and I know for a lot of other people it's really hard to get sort of real traction, and to get the feel of like how do I want to do this, like what exactly am I trying to do here, how am I going to, you know, so I would test out a few different things. One is I would just test out like a 10 minute lesson, like, and it can be super simple, like, here's how sales funnels are better than websites for selling shit online, right and then it's like, that's easy. You could probably sit and just talk about that for 10 minutes right, you spend the first five minutes talking about how, how companies are done, they're trying to sell stuff through websites and you can tell your own story about the eyeglass, and then you can go into like, but here's the sales funnel secret, right. So, one sales funnel secret that content extra sales put up, and you just teach up for 10 minutes and you go and the main thing you have to not worry about is people going in, out. Do people just come in, you know, and then it's like there's only two people here. You just have to go, and you have to do it for the sake of doing it. And if two out of 72,000 followers come on, and you feel stupid like you might feel stupid, but you just you have to go, right, and, and do that a few times to sort of break the ice for you personally, because there's this weirdness about having 72,000 followers and sort of looking like you got your stuff together, but then you're on a live for the first time and there's four people, right, yeah. 

Daniel: No, I totally agree. I've actually gone live a couple times already. It was early on. As a matter of fact, going live got me my very first commission.

Matt: See. Yeah, exactly. Oh, we lost him. Well, yeah. Going Live got him his very first commission, there you go that's all you need to know he'll probably hop right back in I bet his phone just died or something. Yeah, I think that, for those of you who are here. That's a big takeaway, that's a big nugget that is going to live out of frustration but also just in general, I've seen it over and over again, you know.

Daniel: I’m back but I don't know what happened.

Matt: That happened the other day to somebody so I don't know StreamYard has been crashing or something but going live got you your first commission keep going. 

Daniel: I got my first commission, and I can completely relate to everything we just said, I mean, when I first went live, I had two viewers and both those viewers were people that I knew who hadn't been invited to come over. And so it, there's a lot of anxiety there like, I just wanted to jump off that live, because I felt so awkward. Yeah those feelings are not good at all. Like you said, I think at that time I had maybe three 4000 followers on TikTok, but it was no one watching. But having said that, another thing that I noticed when I did go through those lines, is that if you have a viral video that's happening at that moment, you're more likely to catch people on those lines. Yep. At least that's what would have been for me, like, you know, I don't go from, no, no one doing my lives, to all of a sudden just tons of people and like you said, they may come in and leave, but at least there was this constant sort of flow of people that were there. And in addition to that you also don't see some of the people that are, you know, they're just kind of creeping but they're not really in the line like that, you know like when you're scrolling on TikTok, you have to press the video to actually jump into that room, right, where people can be watching without jumping in, just to see if they're interested in. And so that's why I do the same. So that's why, like whether I see zero views or nothing. I just continued doing what I was doing. And it took a couple months to get to the point where I was coming, he was speaking to myself, essentially. Right. But you have to do it right like one of the things that I said to someone else, where I have like a little group right where we all help each other out. Yeah. And something that I had mentioned is like thinking of how many are going to empty stadiums before they get their big break. Yeah, I take it as practice. Right, yeah, you're practicing you're practicing, how you deliver what you're the message that you're trying to deliver you're practicing, dealing with that anxiety in the moment. Right. You're practicing how to take proper breaks, I mean, I'll bring like a little cup of water, and whenever I have that like a mental fog where I don't even know what to say next. I just take a quick pause, take a sip of that water and then jump right back into it right, these little sort of techniques that allow you to do better lives and allow you to get to the point where you're very comfortable, even answering questions alive and just doing little impromptu tangents on someone said, just to drive engagement.

Matt: Yeah, I couldn't say it better. I couldn't say it better, but there are a lot of golden nuggets in there. I think one of the big ones is well and yeah I mean I said I was gonna vaccinate you, you've already got your first match. And I guess, you know, so I'm going to try to give you the booster. The, the, the thing about, you know how people are scrolling and they have to tap to actually watch live. I think that's a big thing, I think that's legit, I think, you know, there probably is like 1020 people, but man, the other one. Oh my gosh, the other one, the other golden nugget that you just dropped, is, is that when you have a viral video that I think that people need to be able to dial into like, just, there's a real element where you need to have sort of a sort of pulse like you need to be able to have a hand on the polls and know when you're popping off, and that's when you need to just be like, Hey, I just got, you know 10,000 followers today, like, in the midst of that, not after it, in the midst of all that, I need to do everything I can to capture this moment, right, because if it's going to come and go, maybe in some waves here and there. When I get a wave I need to ride that wave so I'm going to go live. Maybe I'll go live twice a day. Right, and I've seen people do. I've seen people go and live like Sarah Ravel used to go live daily, she's to go live daily, and just answer questions and just do q&a stuff, all kinds of, like, all kinds of very top platinum diamond earners, they go live a lot. And there's a secret to that I think there's a, there's an element to that which you know if people are going live on a daily basis, you sort of get your condition like okay this person's going live I see him once see him twice. Sam three times. Okay. Damn, this person is like five, a lot like this is a big thing for them, they're not here today, gone tomorrow kind of person want to tune in today, you know, maybe I got a question today too, you know, or something, you know, and I couldn't get just a little bit. You're sort of present at some point during the day and, anyway, I didn't know that we were going to get on this live train but here we are, you know, it's fine.

Daniel: I think it works. I think I needed to hear that again anyway to go back to live. Yeah.

Matt: And, yeah, for sure. What, um, if there's people here and I'll let you have the last word today what for people who are newer people who are maybe thinking about creating that first piece of content, what would you say to those people, you know if you had one minute, two minutes to give him some encouragement or to give them a tip?

Daniel: Absolutely. The first thing I would say is stop overthinking, and just make that first video, I can't stress that enough. I mean, you may plan everything that you're going to do with that first video, but at the end of the day, you know, social media has a shelf life, whatever you make six months from now, no one's going to go back to watch your first and second video, it's going to be forgotten so if it sucks, it won't matter. Just get it out there and get it out there, means that you're gonna see for yourself, like, oh I could have improved this and I could have improved that. Well now you're learning right, you feel forward. So then you make your next video you make all the improvements that you just thought, so stop overthinking. Just start, the sooner you start, the sooner you're gonna see success.

Matt: I love it. That's awesome, dude. Hey, thanks for coming on. Keep rockin it on that channel, you're obviously just getting started, that video's blowing up. And it's probably a great time for you to go live. But uh yeah hey, check back with us you know I, I always tell people, shoot me an email and in a month or two months or something and let us know how it's going. How can we help, how can we stay involved in your life and then we'd love to have you back on in a couple months, or 60 days 90 days and just see how things are going.

Daniel: Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Matt: You bet. See it. Alright guys, hey, right here is his info, go give him a follow and send him a message be like hey man, When you go in line, but make sure to give him a follow up, follow up kind of on TikTok find him on Instagram. He's got a few videos that have gone super super viral on TikTok. And as always, we'll be live again tomorrow. I'll be guest posting tomorrow for Dave, and then on Friday as well 10am Eastern it's every single day. It's five days a week. We'll see you again tomorrow.