Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  What's up everybody good to see you all we've got an awesome guest coming on today. And we first had a wake up legendary show way back a long time ago. And he was crushing it and he has made a massive resurgence again and is he's just been a consistent force in our in our both like Facebook groups, but also in our affiliates group and he for us is somebody who's hit six figure ranks in our affiliate program which is very cool as a full disclaimer and disclosure you do not have to be an affiliate to buy our courses or to go through our training or anything like that. We don't have any requirements like that. You can use our training for any niche or any industry and Josh for us. He fell in love with the course, fell in love with the product and community and has really made a lot of money and changed his life completely. So I don't know how many times this dude's been on. But Josh, how many times this this,

Josh:  I think it is the fourth time now since 2020. So yeah, Thanks. for having me back again. 

Matt:  And for those of you who are maybe newer or for those of you who are like the first time to the show. We have guests on every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern Josh has been on a couple times. And for anybody who's been on before. If you want to reach out back to us, we'd love to have you back on again. And here's some updates. Josh for those of us or for the people out there who maybe didn't hear the first go round. Tell me a little bit about you and your journey online. I know now you're kind of in a place where you're getting a house built. You're semi homeless. But tell us a little bit about your journey online.

Josh:  Yeah, so it's been it's been a heck of a ride, to say the least. You know, it's been a lot of ups and downs for me specifically for our family specifically. And, you know, there's stuff I'll probably share with you in just a minute but there's something I shared with Dave at the virtual mastermind he literally stopped me dead in my tracks in the middle of the presentation. It was like, wait a minute, he's like I had no clue about that in your life. So I've been with legendary for where I first got introduced to the training at the beginning of 2020. I think so. little over two years now. 

Matt:  That's yeah, like 80 years and in internet marketing years.

Josh:  Yeah. Yeah, it's funny because, you know, there's been all kinds of ups and downs and different things happening and you know, different programs that come out and people that reach out to you want you to do different things. And for me, it's just been a no brainer, you know, I wandered off one time, like, I think most people do, they kind of, you know, get shiny object syndrome a little bit even when things are working. And, you know, I wandered off one time, and I realized, you know, it wasn't what I thought it was. It didn't make sense for me to promote anything that you know, I didn't use myself, you know, like, the training helped me so now I can go out and be an affiliate. And it's really easy for me to communicate with people, you know, how it can help, how can it impact them? And, you know, for me, it hasn't even really been a question about, you know, what I'm going to promote or what I'm going to do so it's been a fun to yours to see everything that's gone on and how you all just kind of you're, you're right there, you're right there and it's just over and over again it when whenever I start seeing other things, it's like, Oh, look who's standing at the end so

Matt:  Well, it's just yeah, I mean, I guess it's just been a little interesting to me and just that, you know, over the span of quite a few months and even the last year and a half. You know, it's been that I have a lot. I have a pretty standoffish approach with just like, for instance, I do a lot of affiliate management. I have a pretty stand up approach with people just promoting whatever they want. Like we just it's not our job to really try to get in the lives of people like that, but it has sucked over the last you know, year if I'm like really honest and transparent where people have people have not been conned, but just people have been kind of persuaded to try out and promote different things and some of those were just kind of bad offers and I wish I had done a better job. Not because it hurt us necessarily. But because I know others. Other people's businesses got sort of hurt by that because they started promoting offers that look, they might have had the best intentions in the world. But even when I sat down and looked at the offers I was like oh you know what, they just don't know how to craft offers, you know, they just don't know how to put together a good offer that's going to serve their affiliates well, and that's a big one is just you know, you might have the best comp plan. You might have, you know, 85% commissions, all of this stuff. Lifetime commission all this up to tiered commission. And then the offer just stops and the product sucks and it's like, shit. And I feel Bad because there's people who I mean, you know, their businesses took a huge hit, and you know, anyway, I'm glad that you kind of came back and that that didn't have too big of an impact on you and your business.

Josh:  Yeah, yeah. You know, it's one of those things it was, it was hard to see. I know around probably last year around this time, maybe maybe june july type of time, you know there was a big there's a big program that was introduced are a big name in the market and you know, I saw one girl specifically I won't I won't mention any names or anything like that, but I saw one girl specifically who was probably one of the fastest to platinum rank with legendary ever if not the fastest and, you know, got shiny object syndrome and went from having this business that's literally life changing to you know, I haven't heard from her ever since it's like she dropped off the face of the earth. So, you know, it's just it's sad to see unfortunately, you know, go out promote whatever you want, right but at the end of the day, like you know, you're building a message, you're building a story, you know, around yourself and around, you know, the product that you're promoting at the end. And if you know that's changing every day or every so often, like you're not you're never gonna build any trust with anybody. 

Matt:  yeah. Well, the nice part is though it's a long, long game, you know, life long and that person and any other people that I saw that happen to, you know, the beautiful part about this industry, unlike what a lot of people say about it. A lot of people say you know, you create some videos on Tiktok that's your whole brand and you know, you might tarnish your brand forever. That's a bunch of nonsense. I mean, people reinvent themselves online like that, and the rest of the world is happy to watch you do. The rest of the watching world doesn't give a shit about you know, if you suddenly delete your Tik Tok with 50,000 followers and start over tomorrow and grow an audience and change your name and move across the world. It's just like, Who's that guy? I don't know. There's billions and billions of people online who cares? You know, so I think that should give people permission not to go out and scam people but it should give people permission to try out new things. And I think you know, I've seen a lot of people. For instance, Andre, Andre Yemanja, who is also like you a six figure affiliate. You know, he got his entire Instagram poof, gone. And I think it was like, he was either just a little before a mastermind or I wasn't. I don't remember exactly what it was. But I just found that to be so interesting, because he he, there's there's a lot of people that I've watched to investors, crush their business just destroyed it and I don't want to make this out to be this kind of thing where we're trying to say you know, if you go out and promote something else and your business takes a hit that it's all over for you that's that's not the message the message is find a good winning offer if it takes you a couple of tries, that's cool, but find a good winning offer. And when you find one, realize what you've got. And make sure to make sure to hook your train to a winning offer because that's really big. So okay, Josh, tell us a little bit about the first stage of your journey as an affiliate. And then and then there was a little kind of blip in the road. And then tell us about this second piece and kind of walk us through that journey as an affiliate.

Josh:  It's actually kind of like three pieces now. And you know, you mentioned Andre and I really identify with him and kind of his story as well. Because what happened to him on Instagram happened to me on Tik Tok actually, twice now. So, you know, I built in 2020 I was a part of the program and I finally realized So, little further back then 2020 Initially I was introduced to digital marketing. And I thought I wanted to be like an online fitness coach and I was going to build a funnel and do the whole fitness influencer thing and have my own coaching and consulting program and, you know, I tried different MLMs in the fitness industry and it just never really worked out. I was never really all the way in with it. And I was actually funny, I tell this story a lot but it was funny. I was scrolling Facebook on purpose trying to get hit with an ad that I had seen in the past because I wanted to model my fitness coaching business after this ad so I was trying to funnel hack it. And so in the middle of all of it here comes Dave Sharpe on my screen. I get hit with a different ad. And I just get sucked in. I get sucked into the thing completely and I'm like oh man, like I'm really identifying with this guy's story like what is this that he's teaching like, this makes way more sense? Like I don't, I don't even want to do fitness coaching anymore. I want to do what this guy is doing. And so I joined the challenge and everything just kind of clicked for me from the start. I was like it all made sense. And it was like it clicked and it was like this is exactly what I've been looking for. I've been struggling online for a couple years now. Nothing really makes sense. I can't figure out how to put everything together. And you know, he mentioned in the ad that I think I think he refers to it kind of as freelance digital marketing, which is affiliate marketing at the end of the day, same thing. I was like, Man, that makes perfect sense. I don't have to spend all this time trying to create my own products. Anyway, so I went down the rabbit trail, purchased a challenge, fell in love with everything and it all made sense. And then just a couple months later as I'm really putting everything together and my business is kind of alive and started to go live. You all did a tick tock challenge. And I was like well, I've never I've never really heard of Tik Tok. I know there's like 12 year olds that dance on this app and I was like, Well, I don't really have any other traffic right now. Let me see what's going on. And so sure enough, I I posted like four or five tiktoks Then all of a sudden I had one like, go viral during the middle of the challenge. And I went from like, no business to like, what the heck happened? I didn't even know what was going on at the time. You know. So that was my first experience with Tik Tok and it took off really, really quickly. And I built that first account to about 70,000 followers. And that's where we poop kind of hit the fan for me. So and this is something I revealed to Dave in the community that was part of that virtual mastermind is not something that I'm proud of, but I was building the business. Behind my wife's back like there was zero communication with my wife about what exactly I was doing and what I was getting into. And she's at work one day and the girl that watches our kids was watching them at her work at the time. And she goes into my wife's office and goes, I didn't know your husband was Tik Tok famous. And my wife was like I didn't know my husband was Tik Tok famous either so that ended up being kind of a turning point where I actually after a couple months and a lot of success real quickly. I gave up my entire business. I stopped working on it for about eight months. You know my wife and I went in and out of counseling. We worked on our marriage and we got a relationship in a spot. You know where we wanted it to be where it was on the right track. And then a year later around this time in 2021 I relaunched my business, I relaunched it brand new tick tock account, was able to grow that one from April to about June July ish time grew to about 205,000 followers, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, just boom, they were like you're done your account you're banned. It's over like you can't, you can't Tik Tok anymore. So anyway, I got my account back. But what happened was it was the infamous you know, Shadow ban that everybody talks about got the account back and never hit the for you page again. Like I just couldn't get new traffic and couldn't get anybody new and so I restarted my Tik Tok yet again.And you know, I did it at the time as kind of just an experiment before my 205,000 follower account got shut down. I just happened to start another one. It's kind of an experiment and I was like, Well, let me see. Let me see if I can do this again. You know, I'm going live every day telling people like oh, you don't need a following like you can start from zero at any time and you can build the thing the right way and you know you're in a better position than me at zero followers because you can build your audience. You don't need a ton of followers. So I'm saying all this stuff to my audience every day and I'm like, You know what, dude? I had a moment where I was like, do I even really believe what I'm saying? Or if I just said it so many times and it comes naturally now. I started it as an experiment and I was like, Look, I'm gonna see if I can do this again. And sure enough, you know, I've followed exactly what I've been telling everybody in, you know, I've got another tick tock account now almost a year later, and we're at like 185,000 followers, I think now. So it's been a lot of a lot of starting over a lot. of, you know, learning and a lot of roadblocks, a lot of setbacks. But, you know, it's kind of like Andre, you know, when the first thing happened with my wife and I'm like, you know, I could have I could have stopped then and never got back to it when it happened, you know, with the TIC tock account the second time after, you know, some pretty good success. Should I quit then Right? But you know, you just keep going and you know, you got it you got to fight through adversity and I think that's kind of, you know, the message that I really want to communicate now with my story is like, like it's not always going to be perfect yet. You know, you're gonna see a lot of the highlight reel type of stuff. A lot of you know the call outs and the legendary group and like the, you know, for the success that's happening, and that's it, but it's not, it's not all rainbows and butterflies, you know, the fact that it's, I would say it's probably 90 to 95% You know, like struggle and trial and error and learning in you know, continually figuring out how to grow and move forward. And then a very little bit you get to experience the success, but, you know, and, and I think I've really kind of embraced that. And I just, you know, it's all part of the journey for me now. It's like, you know, what, what roadblock am I going to run into now, you know, it's never perfect. You just have to figure out how to keep going and keep moving forward.

Matt:  So totally, totally. There's this there's this period of, for a lot of people of just rapid growth, right, just rapid, fast growth. And then I feel like man, you just articulated that so well once you're at, let's say, high five figures, six figures, maybe you're making five figures a month or something. You know, for a lot of people, they assume that everything is just unicorns and rainbows. But most people are functioning at a high level of stress, anxiety without that money and without that income and without that business. And the moment that business enters into their life, I mean, it shakes shit up, you know, and suddenly the anxiety of keeping that and maintaining that for a lot of people becomes too much and they end up quitting which people think I'm crazy for even saying that but it's the truth. A lot of people end up just like, dude, honestly, I'd rather just go back to my job because this is a hell of a lot of work. And it happens every day. You know, the thing sometimes in people's heads becomes less motivating and inspiring. And it becomes more like this. Oh, man, you know, you thought you were a failure before Well, what if you piss away a six figure income online? What does that say about you? Right? And I think that that game for me became really intense. And just all I remember early on when I first discovered internet marketing is stuff that became so overwhelming and often stopped it from success, but or even from really earning anything. I was, I would, it was just crazy, but I thought that the way you worded that was really important. Because I think for a lot of people, when they hit that point where you're at your stride, the way you worded that makes me assume that you're starting to get to a place where you're now figuring out the rhythm of that type of a business. And as somebody figured that out, that's where they break into more of a career as an entrepreneur. And it almost shifts from being an entrepreneur to being just a kind of operator owner business manager. And that becomes, I think, for people, it becomes a little bit more like and it allows the brain space to open up and sort of, okay, I've got my business going now. I can operate this, I can keep this going. It's not going to fall apart overnight. I kind of figured out the algorithm. I figured out how not to get blocked or banned as much. I figured out how to tap into my email list. I figured out little things to do right. And then over time, that game becomes a little bit easier. And not to say that it's never gonna happen Calton hill gets blocked or banned with one point they're going all the time, right. Everybody does. It happens to everybody in every niche in every industry. But I think that once you get into that headspace it becomes a bit more of like a little routine, things start to feel a little more like a job and things feel a little more familiar, as opposed to just the nonstop chaos. That is this startup entrepreneur thing. And, and that's cool. I just wanted to affirm I feel like it's cool to see you like in that place because maybe you don't have it figured out perfectly

Josh:  And I don't know. I mean, nobody does, right?

Matt:  Yeah, but But in that process, I feel like you've got it pretty much pretty well figured out and yeah, like see, man.

Josh:  Yeah, it for me. It's like you know, there's you just gotta pay attention to what works and what doesn't work. And you know, I've identified in my business and in my messaging, you know, what works and what I can go back and look at is, you know, these times where the business is going like this, it's like, okay, I'm doing XYZ. At this time. Now business starts to flatten out a little bit and it's like, well, am I still doing the things that put me on this trajectory or my, you know, scatterbrained everywhere trying to figure out the next thing, and it's like, you know, it's a really simple formula. Honestly, it's like, you know, for me, tick tock is the platform that I've chose and you know, when all these other people were running away from tick tock last year, it's like you had a I don't remember if it was in the blueprints or if it was a wake up legendary call, or what it was, but you talked about the lifecycle of social media, and that that like, that really just stuck with me, because last year, you know, around August, August, you know, Instagram that's kind of when Andre started popping off on Instagram, and everyone's like, Oh my gosh, Tik Tok is rest in peace. It's all done. It's over bla bla and I'm sitting there. I've got content, all my pages. That said, Hello, you all are missing out on a massive opportunity right now, like all of these people, all of these creators are running to different platforms, having shiny object syndrome, and, you know, great if you want to repurpose your content, that's fine. But if you've got something working on a platform, don't run away. I like it, because the traffic is going to come back to Tik Tok. And you know what, the more people that fall for it and run away to the other platforms, the less the competition goes down on Tik Tok, and I'm trying to explain this to people like right now is the perfect time to get involved with Tik Tok. You did not miss the boat like it is still the perfect time especially when people are running away. And sure enough, what happened was I believed what I was saying. So I was sharing it with everybody. I was doing it in my own business and then No, late November hits December, Jan, early January, that like six week timeframe, my business exploded in a way that I had never seen because I stopped being consistent with the Tik Tok platform. And you know, so being I don't even remember where I was going with that

Matt:  You referenced this and I wanted to pull this open because that's a really good analogy. And this was a live show that we did about four weeks ago, March 23. And I'll put it in the chat for anybody who's watching right now but you can just go to our Facebook fan page and look at March 23. Wake up legendary. And you should watch this because this is something I call the nonstop social second. What Josh is talking about is you know, these Instagram became really hot and everybody oh my god, Instagram. Oh my god, Tik Toks are dead. It's over, you know, and people started freaking out. But the truth is, these platforms go in cycles of virality. And you know, right, you're gonna we're listening to this right now. You're gonna hear a lot more about Facebook reels over the next probably three months or so because people are just getting jammed with leads and followers from Facebook reels right now. And then it's going to be something else in three months. Maybe Pinterest goes through that huge round majority on Pinterest. But the point is, is that sticking with a platform, even through maybe a low or something like that means that once that platform makes it tweak in their algorithm or starts capturing more attention or there's a viral moment on social media that some video on Tiktok or something like that. It doesn't really matter what it is, but you're ready for it because you're not catching up every time. You're already there. You're already creating content. 

Josh:  That's super you know, the reality of the situation at least from my perspective is these other social platforms. You know, they're all fighting for life. Like Tik Tok came in in did something that I don't know if any other social media platform has ever done this, but it might have been, you know, similar to Instagram back in, you know, 2010/11/12 whatever it was when they you know, became the big dog but Tik Tok has done something in the reason all of these other platforms now have, you know, vertical vertical video is to catch up with Tik Tok and to catch up with what Tik tok is doing, and they're all fighting for life and what people don't realize is yeah, the algorithm, you know, came strong on Instagram reels, it's strong on Facebook reels right now, but the reality is, they're just catching up to the level that tick tock is already at. So as long as tik tok keeps innovating, tick tock is going to be a step ahead of everybody. Else for the foreseeable future. And like you said, when the algorithm comes back on tik tok, those who stay consistent in you know, stick with it through the low periods are going to be greatly rewarded. And then all of a sudden, the other platforms are going to slow down and they're gonna be like, Okay, how do we stay relevant? How do we catch back up the Tik Tok because tick tock is the number one downloaded app every single day on the App Store. It is past YouTube, it did months ago for most watchtime. week over week, month over month, there's more people coming on Tik Tok every single day. And you know, people are like, Oh, tik, Tok is saturated. There's a red ocean and like you cannot have a red ocean and saturation on something that's growing that quickly. Like every single day, especially people, people my age people, your age, Dave's age, there's people that are coming on that platform every single day. And it's like you're it's for some reason, people just panic, you know, traffic slows down and they're like, oh, my gosh, you know, tik tok is down the opportunities are over and I'm like, You know what, to me? Yeah, I don't, I don't even think it's close to peak yet. I think we're just scratching the surface still on Tik tok and, you know, if you've been waiting to start on tick tock like, Get started now and the cool part is, you know, you can make content on tick tock, you go to, you know, one of those websites like snap tick dot app and you remove the watermark and you go post that on all the other social platforms if that's what you want to do, but, you know, to me, it's a no brainer like tik tok is still you know, they're they're growing the way they are for reason. So, yeah,

Matt:  totally. And everybody who's, I think, it's just, I don't know, it's crazy. I mean, we've been saying this for two years now. Basically, I remember saying this like summer of 2020 that you know, I was gonna I said something to the effect of every person who hears us talk about the opportunity that's on tik tok right now to grow an audience will be kicking themselves in a couple of years. If this opportunity on tik tok doesn't exist anymore, the way that it does today. And I don't know if this is ever going to end. I have no clue. I've been a little bit shocked that it's stuck the way that it has deserved. I mean, even for people who have said you know that thing is going to die out or slow down or something. I mean, there's just even to the degree that we saw in Twitter, you know, late 2020 2021. Man, maybe it's like 5% less or 10% less, but I'm not really sure it is. I'm still watching people go from zero followers to hundreds of 1000s of followers in like 30/60/90 days. And I you know, for anybody who's really willing to go crazy and be really really, I don't know if this is the right word but kind of psychotic about mastering that platform. I mean, yeah, I just wish I could communicate that the sky is kind of the limit on that. So yeah. 

Josh:  sorry. I was gonna say the fun thing about Tik Tok too, is people don't realize like, I've got those two other accounts, you know, they don't get any for you page traffic are very, very limited. Like, I can't grow a new audience, really. But what happens is, you know, they're still just sitting there. I've still got links on those and every now and then, like, from my channel that had 205,000 followers, it's down to like, 195,000. Now a year later, but what happens is, I don't know what's going on right now. But I'm still getting sales from that, like, probably, you know, it's only a handful every single month. But still, it's like I see the tracking tag come in. And I'm like, Huh, okay, cool. So if you'll hear from like the SEO experts out there that all you know, everybody's launching a new SEO program now to that it's like, this is the real way to do affiliate marketing, and you can do SEO, but there's no real way. Okay. It tik tik. They cataloged things now. They're making a transition towards what Google does and what you know, the SEO experts are telling you about these other planets, just transitioning that way. So if you have a piece of Tik Tok  content out there, don't ever delete it. Okay, unless your post gets removed for Community Guidelines violations. That's the only time you should ever delete it because when tik tok cataloging all their content now, you might have some of that you created a year ago and now all of a sudden, randomly it kind of revised a little bit and it's driving traffic to your affiliate offers to your websites and you're like my account from 2020 Got me a sale last month. I haven't done anything. I haven't even logged in. I didn't even know that still existed. I had to like to research and figure out what was going on. So anyway, like people don't again, the message I think is clear from me like you know, just don't panic. You know, don't don't fall for the next shiny object. You know, the next guru thing telling you that tik tok is dead, you know, it's further proof that if you look at the advertisers, right? I know this is kind of next level and a lot of people you know, watching the show may not know a whole lot about advertising, but you look at the advertisers in They're all leaving. They're all panicking from Facebook. They're leaving Facebook. Nobody wants to run Facebook. Ad Well, I mean, people still want to run them because they're profitable, especially if you know how to do it, but a lot of them see the opportunity on tick tock is like hey, tik tok is gonna be around. They're inviting more advertisers onto the platform. In these businesses, these companies, they're running tik tok ads and getting incredible results. So it's like me, to me, it's simple, the more advertisers that go there, the more people that download the app every single day, like it's here to say people know Don't Don't panic, don't pay, like, I'm all for repurposing your content and you know, maybe you're brand new you want to focus on you know, Facebook reels right now, that's awesome, but don't miss the opportunity. That is tik tok because it's still strong, and I don't think it's going anywhere. 

Matt:  It's definitely not Yeah, it's Yeah, that's a good message. Right? If you if you gravitate towards one platform, or if you like a certain platform most just make sure that all of the other ones, especially when creating the content to start with, and I think creating the content initially on tick tock is the easiest, especially for people just getting started. It seems like it's easiest. Yeah. So the other thing though, is you know, on Facebook, the thing that I've been telling people recently is just my opinion, but I think that on Facebook. There's a really big opportunity right now because Facebook sort of figured out how to turn reels, pretty viral, and then how to take the reels and turn them into followers. So most people don't know this but recently, maybe just in the last month, people are growing humongous amounts of followers to their pages or profiles or whatever. Sort of Facebook rails and it's all just repurpose Tik Tok content. And, you know, that kind of happened on Instagram, but I think what didn't happen on Instagram is the transition from organic content to followers. And it didn't happen to the degree that it happens on Tik Tok like you get a million views on a Tik Tok video. You're gonna have 50,000 followers or maybe more. And if you put on Facebook recently, they figured this out. And the benefit there I think of of kind of cross pollinating, and you know, maybe having your Tik Tok followers Hey, go find me on Facebook or follow me on Facebook to it or get your email list Hey, by the way do you follow me on Facebook is you can post images you can post long story posts that are written Word where people can actually read and you can engage people in multiple different ways video written image, you can get them on your email list, and then You're everywhere. No, it doesn't matter what social media app they open. It's like they open and they see Josh and they go to Tik Tok, and there's Josh and they go to YouTube and there's Josh and it's just like, down, you know, and eventually, they don't even have to consume all of your content. But at some level, like the 10th time that they see you. It's like if you put something in front of them, they're just like, this guy is everywhere. And there's a certain level of trust that comes with that. As opposed to if I just see one of your videos on Tiktok and I happen to see it and I'm like Oh, that's interesting. Whatever, I will never see you again. It's like well, you know, who knows I don't know that person is a scammer, I don't know. But um, if I see everywhere, not here's the big takeaway that many people don't know. Not only am I more likely to buy something, I'm old I become a lifetime customer of Josh. And then also I'm more likely to become a high like a my, the lifetime value of me as a customer is likely to be higher, I'm more likely to purchase higher ticket products from Josh. Because I now have this sort of inherent trust. He's everywhere. And if he's everywhere, and all of his followers aren't saying, Man, this guy really sucks. He's a loser. He scammed me out of 1000s of dollars or something like that. Like okay, I'm generally probably going to trust the guy. I don't know. Does that make sense?

Josh:  Well, no. It's funny that you say that because I said I created a Google form. And I just wanted to get a survey and kind of gauge my audience to kind of see where they're at. And I've got an email list now of 3000 plus subscribers, where my open rates are above 100%. So it's funny that you say that because one of the questions that I asked I was talking about, you know, what it would look like for them to get, you know, additional coaching from me if people wanted me to kind of like, do my own coaching thing on the side, like for people that needed mentorship or something like that, I just want to see about my audience and kind of see some of their pain points. And what I realized was two things. I have an email list of 3000 people who literally open everything I put out there that are just waiting to see the next thing that comes that are highly interested in whatever I put out there. And then the other thing I asked the question I like, I listed off I think it was for four or five different affiliate programs about legendary marketer 15 Day Challenge and then some other things that teach similar affiliate marketing, and I asked how many of you have ever even heard of this in about 60? I think it was 68/66 or 68% of the people that responded to that survey had never even heard of the main thing that I was promoting. So it showed me that not only do I have a huge audience of people who will probably I could put out something tomorrow and they would buy it. I could promote something else tomorrow. They would buy it but there's also a massive portion of that audience. Who still follows me? They follow my content, but they haven't interacted for whatever reason it is with the main offer that I'm promoting. So it's like I need to keep emailing my list. These people need to keep hearing from me. Eventually. Like you said it might take eight times you know, I say seven times because that's you know, statistically people need seven interactions with your brand or your company before they trust you enough to buy but it just shows you the amount of opportunity and this is what I spoke on at the virtual mastermind is like, especially affiliate marketers, a lot of us don't pay attention to what Matt and Dave say every single day like you get your email list that is your asset. And there's so many people just sitting on your email listening to hear from you and you're not taking advantage of it. And so to me, it was like it was confirmation that what I spoke on at the mastermind lives I'm on the right track but I need to be emailing more because there's 68% of these people that still don't even know what legendary is and I promote it hard every single day. Like how are you following me and don't know what it is, you know, so yeah,

Matt:  no, totally. And people what happens is marketers, they get in their own heads and they start so they get on a bunch of email lists, right? And they go through this process and it's hard and they're overwhelmed. And so they get a little bit jaded to marketing. And then they start to hate getting all these emails. This is what happened to me. I hate getting all these emails every now and then and then they assume or they project their own feelings onto their email lists. And they say wow, they're probably really sick of hearing about this offer all the time, or they're really sick about hearing from me all the time. But the truth is, is if you what you have to do as a marketer, is you have to go back to the initial and here's what Richard Lewis just said the initial pain points, and you have to remember initially, the very beginner level pain points are and you've got to keep reconnecting to those. So, you know, if you're in the dog training niche, you have to go back to that you can't. You can't take your expert level knowledge and just only talk about that and assume that people don't care about the basic level heel or the sit or the stay or anything. Those are the things people care about most. They just want to know how to do the very basics and if you can share with them some real basic shit then maybe you can then sell them on some private coaching or some dog boarding or something like that, right? Where it's higher ticket stuff, but you've got to you can't just go straight for that to teach. You know some dog's advanced tricks or advanced stuff and they can barely even sit and stay for more than three seconds you know, and the same goes for your niche which is making money online. People especially in this get so in their head about oh, people are sick of hearing about marketing, marketing, marketing market. It's all marketing, right? But the truth is, is that remember back to the day, if you can when you discovered there was people who are on social media, creating videos, and making hundreds or 1000s of dollars every single month, and you were like oh my god, and I'm an open every email I get about this because I want to read what everybody's doing. What's Joshua, what's Matt doing? What's Joanne doing? What's Michael doing? What's Sam doing? You know, how are these people doing this? And it's like I you know, if I think back 10 years ago when I started doing that, I would open every email and I would read every frickin word of that email. Sometimes I've read it twice and just like what are they doing? I'd even look for little sidebar notes from some of my mentors and they would send out an email I'd look for like the stuff they weren't saying and I was like, why are they trying to get through? No, I really feel like they're doing so you've got marketers out here who are like, they're really sick of hearing from me, but the truth is, it's like people who are in their very early stages are actually the total opposite. They're opening emails maybe twice, three times. And they're reading every letter they're trying to read between the lines. And so this is this is what struck me is so powerful, because for those of you don't know, Josh presented at our last virtual mastermind, and talked a lot about reengaging his email lists and how he had this big email that's reengaged it and started pulling huge amounts of revenue out of his email list. And there was just untapped revenue. And that's that's the piece for me that's so insanely powerful is you have to go back and you have to remember hey, these people want to learn very basic shit. And then from there, sure, maybe you've got a small percentage of people who are really interested in deeper level stuff or, you know, heavier hitting high ticket stuff, but the truth is, most people they're hanging on every word. more from you, you've got to give it to them.

Josh:  It's funny that that point you just made that's really sticking with me because since that mastermind, we've been on the road, you know, with everything that's happening right now, we were you know, semi homeless, like you mentioned at the beginning, and so I haven't been emailing as consistently but when I have I realized I didn't notice that at the time while I was doing it, but I just actually sat down a couple days ago, it was like, Okay, why is my email not really performing the way it was before? And it was because I went from this, you know, third grade level, just speaking about the really basic things and hitting on people's basic pain points to I made a transition. I don't know why I did it, but my emails started to get, you know, more technical and like, more advanced and I was wondering why they weren't converting at the same rate. And I went back and looked and I'm like, well, holy crap, you know, I'm just in this one over here. You know, I'm just talking about basic things like hey, this is how this is literally, you know, changing my life like I used to struggle with finances you know, now, you know, because of affiliate marketing and been able to do XYZ, you know, just basic things in like getting started with affiliate marketing and you know, those were converting like crazy, and now all of a sudden, it's not converting and I'm like, well, crap, I'm getting super technical here. You know, I think I kind of fell into my own little trap like, Okay, I spoke on email marketing. You know, people are asking me questions about email marketing. I have to be this big email marketing guy now and so I think I kind of like to put pressure on myself to try and get better at my email marketing, and I changed what was already working but so now I'm making the transition to go back to doing what I was doing. They got me those results. And, you know, again, I think it's the second time I've mentioned something similar now during this, this vibe, it's like stop getting away from what's working people. Like we all do it and it's just human nature. For some reason, I always try to see what the next thing is and figure out the next day. What should I do? I just focus more on what's already working, and double down on the things that aren't working. And your business will consistently grow, like, do less of what's not working, do more of what is working. It sounds so simple. I know it sounds simple, but

Matt:  It's a huge reminder and, and, yeah, it's there's so many different psychological elements that are at play there. I don't know where to start sometimes, but it's a good way to sum it up. It's just, you know, the ability to just not screw something up is a powerful trait of a good business owner. 

Josh:  It's weird when you say it like that. Like, even five we went through a recent transition and a whole internal restructuring because one of the big bosses lost focus and you know, they it was like, You should have been focusing on how not to screw this up and say, You screwed up, you know,

Matt:  It's like, right, right, right. No, it's really true. It's really true. It's really true. And you know, I've interviewed people to work in our marketing department and I always steer clear from people who give off this sort of vibe or energy of like, hey, we can just revamp and redo and re re Re and, like, cool, but, like, we're actually looking for people who don't want to screw up something that's working better than we'd ever imagined. And that's why I have such an incredible love. And value for like the team at legendary to is, you know, Dave's Dave's really given off a huge vision of, of, hey, we're going to be steady and rock steady and will outlast everybody who comes in and says whatever they want to say about us or creates competing products, will they will just outlast them and we'll keep updating our products and serving our customers well. And then the team, like the leadership team, and the people who are in management are so bought into that vision that it's really hard to screw it up. I mean, it's really hard. You know, sometimes Dave, myself or Julie or anyone in our management team will bring up some marketing idea and they're just like dude, like, no, that would be done. That would be a huge diversion from what our core thing is, and we'll go down the whole road. I mean, we got so deep into developing a website builder, page builder and looked into all these different options, all this stuff. And finally, we just kind of looked around and we said, we're not a software company. We just closed the door on it. You know, that's not that's not who we are. It's not what we do. And, you know, so we've been distracted before with others who are brand deals and different things and all that it's ever done is hurt legendary and so I Why have such a value of what we do. And sometimes I think you know, for a marketing company, some of that seems and feels maybe a little bit boring, but the truth is, is there's something really good working here and in terms of both the marketing angles, but also the offer and also just the level of kind of company support and stuff like that. And so, you know, we get criticism sometimes from people who are brand new and they and they kind of start out with legendary and maybe they have a one off. I don't know if it was a bad experience or support or maybe a bad experience with me or something. And they're like, oh, man, they don't really support you that well. And then they go to other people and they go to other companies and their support is I've just discovered what really bad support looks like. There's a lot of individuals or just people who are like, it's like a guy and his mom, you know, like the support team is his mom and, or his wife or something. It's just them too. And, and it's literally like, you know, you asked for a refinance like no, we're not going to refund you, you know, you gotta jump through 18 hoops to get a refund and all this stuff. And then suddenly you discover Oh, this isn't really a business. This is just a dude who has a merchant account open and is trying to help some sort of product and it really is a little bit sketchy. And so anyway, I don't know where I was going with where I was going with that was I don't know where you were at before that but this slow and steady and doing what's working has been basically the theme of the last few years here at legendary I think doubling down on that has really worked 

Josh:  Yeah, and I think that's why I identify with legendary and it's so natural for me to keep you guys as you know my core offer is because you you said something there at the start of all that that last little round of what you were saying and I hope people caught it you know there you mentioned legendary is just continually Outlast everyone else. And I think that's kind of the the reason behind my success like a lot of people see me on Tik Tok and a big following and they think it you know, I'll happen overnight and it was just like this consistent thing but really at the end of the day, you know, it's more so I've just been able to outlast a lot of people and now. You know, I look at things I don't even realize sometimes. I didn't even realize it until you know, I created a post talking about the truth behind the legendary 15 Day Challenge and why you know sometimes you see it in people. What did I say? I mean, remember the truth behind the legendary 15 Day Challenge. I think I've got like, over 100 people now who have dueted that video, and I'm like, holy crap, I didn't even realize that many people looked at me as an authority like in this industry. And you know, I think people don't realize that the biggest one of the biggest keys to your success in entrepreneurship and in this online business is like, are you in it for the long term? Are you willing to do what it takes to outlast the competition? Ones who outlast the ones who stay consistent and keep pushing forward when things get hard, are the ones who experienced the long term results. And that's just at the end of the day. You have to be willing to do what other people aren't willing to do and you have to outlast people. And eventually you'll get to a point where things just start slowing for you and you know posting on Tik Tok becomes second nature for you like in my business like if I want to want to grow my business I got to post two to three times a day. That's it. I got to email my list every single day. Like if those are the two things that I've identified in my business. That's literally all I have to do. Now I can get that done in sometimes 15 minutes. Most of the time. It's between a half hour to an hour but you know, so it's about being consistent and just you gotta outlast. Yep. There's nothing pretty about it. People want the pretty, you know, they want the pretty, they want the fun solution. You know what success most of the time is not the end of the fun, but the process is not and it's 90% about the process, you know, is it a lot of times it's just mundane, and you just gotta keep pushing through and be willing to do things when you don't feel like there's your secret everybody you've been waiting for a secret for me. do the dirty work. Yeah. Okay. And do it consistently over and over and over again. Right

Matt:  Now, I love that by the way, so you will be our mastermind, right?

Josh:  Yep. Three weeks, isn't that already? Wow.

Matt:  So Josh is going to speak at our upcoming mastermind in Florida. And you're going to probably hear a little bit more of this I would guess. And I'll be there excited to meet you in person should be a great time, man. Yeah,

Josh:  yeah. I'm excited to like, I appreciate you all having me on and it's gonna be fun, that's for sure. Good to actually meet you all in person. Now. You know, I've met you a few times like this, but you know, in person, you can't beat that type. of stuff. So,

Matt:  Yeah, it'll be fun. I'm gonna put up your tic tac toe. Thanks for coming on, Josh. We'll have you back. Maybe for like a fifth and sixth time.

Josh:  After the mastermind. Yeah, there we go. Cool. All right. Thank you very much. Thank you to the community.

Matt:  We'll see you soon. All right, guys. I've got his ticket here. It is the dad intrapreneur. So it's @thedadtreprenewer you can find him on Tik Tok the best place to go find him. If you search the @thedadtreprenewer on Pinterest. You can also go find them on Pinterest. I'll throw that up real quick. And if you want to pause the video on a replay or whatever to see his interest. You can go check him out there. But yeah, go give him a follow. Let him know what stood out to you. From today's episode. What did you learn, what was important, what was impactful? Because as you heard, Josh is pretty tuned into what are followers liking to hear where what are they what do they need to hear? What are they listening for? And he's a good marketer and so he could use your feedback on that. So go give him a follow on tick tock let him know you saw him on wakeup legendary and guys, we'll be back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern we've got another guest lined up in fact, let me I was gonna go look at I was gonna go look at our guest list. I don't have to tell. Our guests list is pretty packed. And I think I think well I got you all here. Joanne, do we have a link to the questionnaire? I can't remember where it is. Yeah. All right. Thank you. If you want to if you're still here, we still got a lot of people on the live if you want to be featured on wakeup legend or maybe you've got you know, you got 10,000 followers on Tiktok or you grew a huge social media following or maybe you've made your first $100 or something like that. You don't have to have a massive result. And that can be in any niche. We'd love to have you on the show. And, you know, a lot of the times the people that we get to be on the show are affiliates of ours, but that's only because we can really only track that like that's the only people that we can actually do some tracking on and be like hey you know you made $100 and and outside of this niche and outside of this industry and see how people have taken this training and you know used it in real estate and investing or in dog training or in motivation, health and fitness, all sorts of different niches and industry. So right here, legendary And it's just a little questionnaire that you can fill out let me see if I can pull this out open. And let me make sure that this link actually works. Oh link actually does work. Hurray. You can recommend somebody else or you can recommend yourself and we would love for you to do that. We've probably booked out three to four weeks. So we don't have a lot like we don't have a huge need for that. But we do want to give you the opportunity if you'd like to be featured. There's no guarantee that we're going to feature you, filling that out is no guarantee that you'll even get an email response or a phone call or anything like that. If we don't respond to you, don't take it personally. But yeah, we'd love to hear from you and we will have to validate your results somehow before bringing you on the show, but fill it out at And there we go. We'll see you back here tomorrow. At 10am. Eastern