Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends this is your boy Dave sharp  All right my friends. Here we are back in the saddle back in the game back at it again. And our guest today has done this two times per day and it's exploded her business. Let's hear what it is Amy, welcome to the show.  So what is this thing that you're doing two times? Let's just change it up a little bit and give people some dogs right up front. And then we'll get into the story and so forth here and in a minute, but what are the two things that you've been doing? Every day your business explodes and the one thing you can tell us before you tell us is that you are a seasoned online veteran? Is this something that or are you brand new?

Amy:  I'm brand new as of six months ago, okay? But does that make me seasoned yet?

Dave:  You're you're you're not see you're seasoned? To a certain extent. You're not crispy like us, like us, grizzled vets. first and then eventually it turned anyways, but you gotta know when your expiration date is, you got to know when to hang it up. But what is this? What is this strategy? What is this technique? What is this thing that you've been doing two times every day that's helped to grow your business.

Amy:  Well, it's been going live. Wow,

Dave:That's a coincidence. We're live right now.

Amy:  Yeah, back in November when I was on mat, was the guy in your shoes at that time

Dave:  He was Oprah.

Amy:  He was Oprah. I was Tom Cruise. Jumping on the couch excited about this. And he said something about you need to go live and I'm like, I can't. I will. And so yeah, over the next couple of days. I was able to and I have not quit since until yesterday morning.

Dave:  And so what sort of results has that produced? And how have those results been different from what was happening before you started going live twice a day?

Amy:  Well, about the first of October is when I actually started making video content and I was on Tik Tok only and you know, just have a slow growing account just and I still do in my opinion, it's just a slow growth. And then you know, I found out you got to have 1000 followers. So I finally got to that thanks to the live stream. I mean, whatever, this is the legendary wake up in November. These nice people here helped me out and went and followed and that helped me get to 1000 So I was able to, you know, then go live and everything just it was very nerve wracking at first you don't know who's gonna get on there. You don't know. You know, good comments, bad comments. You don't know, but it just started creating conversations. And it was also a community that was slowly being built, you know, on my live streams every day with people that are already in this business that just oh my gosh, the people that have come into this business and then you know, I've met because of them having on this lottery, phenomenal, just amazingly phenomenal group of people. So it's, it's a mixture of people who are already in the business and then newcomers saying, Hey, What are y'all talking about? What are you selling? What are you doing? And it has just been, you know, in November when I started there was a little bit of progress in December it grew in January, it really exploded. And it's been that way ever since.

Dave:  When you say it really exploded. What does that mean? Does that mean? Just like lead started to come in, DM started and below just people started your list and started to grow sales stuff. A lot of things, including commissions being made.

Amy:  All of that. I mean, you know, I don't know if we can say this, but I mean, it took me to a five figure income when I say exploded in January. That's what happened and of course we know there's no guarantee of that and there's no I mean we can

Dave:  We can give them an income claim as long as we give a disclaimer or disclosure that it's what you've produced, not not just sitting on your duff doing nothing or you know, it's not the typical or average result. It's an extraordinary result because tell me what you think about this. It's pretty extraordinary for somebody to just stick with something let alone try new things and be willing to take suggestions like you're doing, folks, that is extraordinary. I know that we've grown up thinking that Superman Batman Wonder Woman is what it takes to be extraordinary. It's really not just right, perseverance, just doing something. Just working really hard for something is extraordinary. Sticking with something for a year. Oh my God, that's like an eternity. That's like that's like seven years. to humans. I actually think humans and dogs are backwards because we train a year like it's seven years. It's fast and then we complain on January 1 or depressed, that our life is no different than it was last year when we were making new year's resolutions. But then after so many years, what do we do we get bitter about holidays. Why do we get bitter about holidays? Because  we can't afford them? We can't afford them. That's why right? We can't afford a nice easter where we can get people stuff. I can't afford somebody's birthday where I can buy him a nice present. I can't afford Christmas. I mean, let's just start there at the very bare level of folks getting an extra, you know, doing something extraordinary is really not about becoming superhuman. It's really just about working really consistently on your business for six months until it begins to catch momentum and really kind of take off. That's actually extraordinary. So that's why I started on this because you said Well, I'm making five figures a month or I have made five figures or whatever. And I said, Well, we can, we can say that but we have to be honest about the other side. And that's why making income claims is such a dangerous or hot topic in this industry, is because the only thing that government wants us to do is just to let people know if we're gonna make if we're gonna say hey, I made a million dollars just to say most people who do this are not making a million dollars because they're not doing what I do. Most people who bought the challenge didn't even start it right Oh hell no, they're not gonna buy it. That's 30 or 40% of people right off the rip. Just buy something and never do something with it. I wouldn't say that because at least half of the people who come through at least you know, book a call and make it to eventually talking to somebody. Right What the What the what the odds are automatically in our favor right from the beginning. It's what it is that the majority of people don't even get off the finish line. So when you think that it's so out of reach for you to be successful. I'm talking to those of you listening. Amy said something so powerful and so clear. She said I'm now making or I had made five figures or whatever it was some extraordinary number. Most of us who are listening say wow, she really made over 10,000 Either one time or a month either way I don't care. $10,000 doing this. She did and it's because she stuck with it. Something something long enough for it to pick up momentum and that sticking with it through that shitty time that first 30/60/90 days is just what most people are not willing to do. And that's the edge I think and so thank you for sharing your, your two times live strategy letting us know that you're making significant income, but it's not the average result that everybody should expect unless they want to do what you're doing. And so, what else are you doing on top of going live twice A day? And are you also doing that seven days a week? Actually let's stick with the lives here. How did you learn how to host a live and to actually not break down in freak out internally like oh my god nobody's listening to this is stupid and I just need to end it real quick. Does that sound like internal panic? How did you overcome that? And learn how to talk into the camera and engage people?

Amy:  Well, first I heard your story where you said that you would do that yourself and there'd be nobody there and you would just be like we have a massive crowd here tonight and I just thought well, that's just what you gotta do. And you know, you don't know who's going to show up there. You don't know who's going to show up. But what I did I remember the very first

stories are really powerful. 

Dave: Amy just said, Aren't those stories so powerful? That's how you remember the story that I told. Now if I would if it was just a feature, a benefit or some piece of data, you would have never remembered it? Right? Because it's a story. You remembered it and it actually helped you. It helped you in an environment, a work environment. A story helped you. Isn't that interesting? And so those of us who think that we always need to be teaching, teaching, teaching, or you need to be data points and showing people mechanical overviews and screen sharing videos of the insides of your ClickFunnels account. Learn how to tell better stories, and watch your business explode. Anyways, sorry to interrupt.

Amy:  Well, that's okay. That's exactly what my entire livestream is about. One story their story of how I was in direct sales for over 20 years did not like that business at all, was scrolling on Tik Tok just to find a distraction from the crap that I was doing every day in my job came across this girl talking about her affiliate marketing business heard the kind of income she was making, and was intrigued and so I got the same information she got and I was just started learning it and I thought, Well, look, she's doing this and this turns out a lot of other people are too then I can learn it. And so I just started on the education part of it, setting it up. Nervous is coming and this is the story. I tell them I live stream every day. And I do say this is what I say in my live stream. This does not get rich quick. There are no guarantees that you'll ever make it down there's no guarantee I'll even make another dime. This required

Dave:  for you over and over. And that's what you said that

Amy:  stories every single day and the wonderful people who hop on my live stream with me are probably like, oh God, here she goes again. But it's the same story every day. It's the same stories every day of people's other people's success if I didn't have any success yet, and I didn't in the beginning I would tell other people's stories this is like you know there's so and I read a book by Frank Becker. He used to be a professional baseball player and it was called how I raised myself from failure to success and selling. And in that book, he said if you will just go out and tell your story four or five times a day, you know, he was an insurance salesman. They said don't just go tell your story four or five times a day there's no way you can't make money.

Dave: And, you know, I talk about my history and that dilemma once homeless was, you know, recovering heroin addict, opiate addict, you know, have been in long term recovery for over, you know, almost 14 years. I mean, I and I talk about my story of homelessness, just the same condensed little 15 or 30/32 version that I it's just and that's really what is important in a in a quick setting is is is like that, that kind of that story selling or telling formula that I learned in 12 step recovery was just what it was like what happened what it's like now and it's just, you know, hey, I was like I was, you know, homeless guy addicted to heroin, and a high school dropout and you know, I got clean in bought a little rinky dink laptop and in Himself taught online marketer and became a multimillionaire as a result of that's, that's, you know, or now, you know, I do that full time and have been clean for two years or whatever it is, or 10 years, you know, whatever your little milestones, what it was like, What happened and what it's like now, whatever that is, you should I agree with Frank, you should be telling him that a minimum of five times a day you should be telling that to people that you pass by and get into. People are always you know, you're standing around with people in your life. You don't have anything to talk about, well, you have a story practice if people around you are not conversing then figure out a way to you know, practice telling your story without making it awkward. I mean, just find ways to tell your story. I mean, I know, sometimes when I'm dealing with when I'm making purchases, and I'm I'm I'm I'm buying something, I'll make it a point to tell the person that I'm buying somehow. Tell them a little bit about my story. Why? Because I like to be an interesting and engaging client. I have people here that are putting some gutters in a leaf, filling them on my gutters, Leaf Filter on my office house right now and the first thing I did was cut and give them $150 or $50 each. There's three of them. I tipped him before the job started, right. And if I had the opportunity to stand there and they said, Oh, hey, you know, nice car or whatever. I would take the opportunity to tell my story. I didn't then because the show was starting I had to come inside and start the show. But any opportunity that I have I tell my story even today because it helps me continue to be sharp, Amy obviously you do.

Amy:  I do and I tell the same you know disclaimers every day. Yeah, this happened to me. There's no guarantee it will happen to anybody else there is no guarantee it will happen to me again ever. But I tell that story and I tell what's happened to me because it works like this actually works. You hear about all kinds of stuff out there on Tik Tok and on the internet in general about people making you know, this kind of money, that kind of money, this kind of thing happening. And you're like, well, is that for real? This actually works and it was just as surprising to me as anybody else like this actually works. You know, so I tell the same stories. I tell you the same story every single day. This guy's day. He's just a normal guy. He went to school he, you know, he, you know had to

Dave:  undergoes getting dropped out of school.

Amy:  And say, I want people to understand that you know, I'm 100% authentic. You have to be, you have to be 1,000% Honest, and that is part of my story. So I tell it and you just have to be somebody that people can actually trust otherwise it will go nowhere. It absolutely will go. I mean, I won't go anywhere. If I didn't trust you. I never would have started this business. Like I didn't trust your training. If I didn't trust you knew what you were doing. So it's just, it's just something I do every day, usually twice a day until yesterday.

Dave:  It's easy

Amy:  I like to go live.

Dave:  Well just to tell your story. Because you know it. You don't have to come up, you don't even have to learn anything new. You don't have to. I mean, it's not really anything that is is it might feel vulnerable or something if you're talking about things for the first little while but then I'm telling you it's just that unwilling, most people would get over at one time and it just realization whatever that they just can't get it out just even one time and and what I encourage some of you who are feeling like that to do is to talk to is to find somebody who you feel safe with. Stop being such a tough guy. Stop being such a tough gal and find somebody that you feel safe with that you that you're okay emotionally undressing in front of and say hey look, I need a safe person that I can I can tell my story or I can or you know what, don't even tell them that you're you know, don't even tell them that you're using them as a sounding board. Just start telling your story to somebody that you think is the safest person and be ready to screw it up. To say something dumb to get a weird look. Whatever. No, it's your first time. Or you know what the other thing that you can do if you guys really want to hire somebody to be a professionally safe person to learn how to start unpacking some of your shit because there is an element of unpacking that I'm actually asking some of you to do which is why we talk about personal development and actually looking at your limiting beliefs or becoming aware of your limiting beliefs becoming aware of things that are holding you back, because maybe that's the thing that you can talk about overcoming maybe that can be your when is your paralyzing fear. I mean, maybe the very thing that you say that you need is kind of right in front of you in that story and isn't so relevant. Who couldn't relate to that? It's like I was paralyzed the internet. Web 2.0 Some people are saying Facebook and Netflix are dying with the recent stock drops and the bad taste everybody has in their mouth for Facebook, even though we're on it right now. It's sort of like a love-hate relationship but you know getting on camera or running a business or being on Zoom nowadays is almost mandatory. If you there's no excuse you can't say I don't because for some even for some jobs, you're working from home but you still got to show up on camera. That's like how you show up to the office,  it's a thing everybody can relate to. It's a thing everybody can relate to. It is moving from basically web to web 3.0. Right. That's kind of what's happening right now. Because web 2.0 was all about text and chat and words. And now web 3.0 is really about video and virtual reality in whatever this Metaverse is where we're going to be sitting in a virtual reality. Room with each other. Look, I'm not that far down the rabbit hole yet, but can we all just sort of agree that it's a pretty common thing we're all bumping up against. How do we coexist and live in this new world of video and video chat and webinar? And tip talking and Instagramming in how do we do it? When do we do it? When are we going to do it? We're all a little hesitant. It all makes us all a little bit nervous. So come on, folks, you don't think that if you overcome that fear and then talk about that, you're not going to get an army of people who can relate to that maybe that can be a story that you can begin to tell that you can begin to practice some vulnerability a little bit because that is what brings people in. It is a vulnerability. Some of you still need to read Brene Brown's Daring Greatly and understand how the greatest CEOs and the greatest leaders in the world have led from a place of vulnerability not from a place of domination or ego or machismo. Right if I you know, I think that's more of a Latin culture thing is you know, that's a that's a that's a thing that a lot of my friends say is kind of like a tough guy you know, like, But, folks, you know, we're all bumping up against this and there's a beautiful opportunity to create a heroic story, a hero's story, right there from just building your business and doing the things that we mean, Amy, maybe I'm a dreamer, maybe I'm maybe I'm reaching too far. But I'm just trying to come up with desperate little ways every day that people can just take advantage of. This phenomenon that's happening right now. You did direct sales for 20 years, taking people to home and hotel meetings. I'm sure plant party planning is coming , you know, traveling, driving to pee, I can remember I did my very first MLM. I signed up and you know, a lady walked up to me. I was in drug treatment. And I was working at a telemarketing place and she walked up to me. I'll never forget her name's Katrina and she said, You know, I've been watching you, you look like a sharp guy and you keep your business options open. And I thought to myself, it's about time somebody noticed how sharp I am. You know what I mean? Of course, I keep my business options open and she invited me over to a business meeting. And I'm like, Oh, my I told my mom you know, of course, I'm living at home here. I'm wrapping up my graduation from drug treatment, living with mom or whatever. And so I go to the meeting, and then of course, I call mom at the end of the meeting, and I say, hey, you know, I'm going to need to borrow some money to sign up for this MLM. Right? And I found myself standing in front of a room stuffing you know, a week later. Cheeseburgers from McDonald's inside of a stocking show up fast food to your digestion system so we can pitch our products, you know, and I got one pity sale from my mom's friend, you know, and that was, you know, the start. So you know what it's like, I know what it's like some of these alternative businesses. Talk about just from your perspective, 20 years in direct sales. What is this opera? How big is this opportunity? Is it really easier? Is it simpler? How powerful is it to give us some comparison context to some of the other quotes, home businesses that have been available for people to do in the past?

Amy:  Well, there's no such thing as easy. There's just no I mean, if you get the winning lottery ticket, then you might have made some easy money but other than that, it's a grind no matter what business you're in. And the thing about the direct sales business that I was in for over 20 years was from the start something didn't feel good about it. And I just thought, well, I just you know, it's just uncomfortable and you have to get uncomfortable to get what you want. I was prepared for that. And I was like, okay, okay. I can get uncomfortable. So, I was uncomfortable a lot and for a very, very long time, but I wanted the perks that come with a direct sales business and I got them. I got them but then they just came a day after a really long time. There came a day, and it was last year that I just said I will not live my life anymore with this and I figured out you know, the average lifespan 76 years, okay, that's like 27,400 days, like how many more of these Am I willing to give up doing some kind of business that I don't have any joy or fulfillment and so what about the money so look, so what about the free car so what you know, if you don't enjoy what you do, that is crappy, that's not success. You can have money, or whatever, but if you don't have fulfillment, then you're missing out. Well, the fact of the matter is, I didn't have enough money. I was not making enough money.  So not only did I not have joy and fulfillment, I was not making enough income either. So when this came around, it was just a bell going off in my head like I can still have freedom and flexibility like I did in my direct sales job. I can still have an unlimited income potential. I still don't have to have a boss. I can still work from anywhere really. I can still do that. But I don't have to have any kind of inventory. I don't have to ship it to people. I don't have to worry about all this customer service. I don't have to do all that. And that was just like the angel started singing in the skies open and I said I have to find out about this. So of course the income didn't come right away and you know and and all the six you know, all the people getting started on the 15 day challenge all that stuff didn't come right away. You know, I became an affiliate for five other companies as well. None of that happened right away. It requires perseverance and just putting your head down and trying really hard not to compare yourself to other people, which is hard to do. But it just requires that so no, this is not easy. Absolutely not. This is not easy. And in fact, sometimes it feels hard. But you know being broke is hard. Being in a job you don't like is hard, you know, you've heard it. You've heard the saying choose your heart. So I'm like I'll take this hard. Any day I can. I can still have all these perks that I want: the freedom and flexibility to do this business wherever I am. I do 99% of it on my phone, which you know is with me everywhere I go it just goes with me. And my husband let me just say He is the real deal. You go, it's a real deal. And he actually surprised me when he decided to start this business. He's been in his job for almost 30 years. And he is not the free spirit that I am. He's not you know the impulsive risk taker that I am and so he just surprised me on one of my live streams. He hopped on there a couple of months ago and said I'm gonna do this and I was like you are and he got started on the 15 day challenge . I thought that the reason he was excited about this was because he saw results coming in. That's not what it was. It just solidified to me the excitement, the joy, the fulfillment of the oh my gosh, that he just saw that in me every day and sees that in me. And it just made him say there's got to be something to this and there is something to this. It's not for everybody, but if anybody listening here, I mean, you've already kind of brought into this whole idea of being a digital marketer or freelance, you know, affiliate marketer whatever it is, it is all you know that it is an unlimited opportunity. There is massive abundance available. You just have to persevere. You just have to keep on even and I say this all the time on my blog, you have to keep going even when it looks like nothing's happening. And a lot of times it looks like nothing's happening.

Dave:  Well, do you feel yourself growing as a human being Do you feel the physical growth I've never personally felt myself grow six inches, but people would see me and be like, Oh my God, you've you've shot up you know, think back to your it's been a while since probably most of us have have actually grown I've only grown this way I don't I don't grow this way anymore. But it's kind of the same thing in this business if you don't really feel yourself growing. Until you know one day you just kind of like almost waking up and are just like holy crap. Like how did all this even even happen? Like how did this happen? I mean, I've done that. Do I even do that today? Like you know, we just had a record breaking year last year as we just had our biggest record breaking month in company history. In terms of collected sales. Just last month, you know, we're in our sixth, I think sixth year of business. And last month, you know, we just had our biggest month in sales ever and so, you know, I still have these moments to where I'm like wow, it's almost like you come up for water like you're scuba diving and working so hard on your water or whatever. And then you just kind of come up and you just look around and you're just like I know I'm like wow, like this is really grown. Beyond my expectations or even really my goals are what I thought was possible in this economy or whatever. You know. So obviously you're experiencing that. I really love that because it's like not quitting. It's another way to say don't quit before the miracle happens. Which was at least something that I was told in recovery when I was detoxing and withdrawing. You know 13/14 years ago from opiates and heroin and everything and wanted to use didn't want to get high just wanted to medicate if any of you know what it's like Johnny Depp actually just was on the stand yesterday and he was talking about withdrawing from opiates. And he talked about how the inside of your body feels like it's on fire. And because he was detoxing at some point. And he was describing that. And you know, and so of course what do you want to do? You want that to stop and so people said don't quit before the miracle happens. Dave don't quit before the miracle. happens. Because even though you feel like your insides are on fire right now, even though you feel like you want to give up, throw the towel and go medicate whatever it is, you know what I mean? We've all got our ways to medicate. Let's be honest when we're in front of the computer, and or we're trying to learn something and there's you know, we it's whether it's alcohol, maybe it's drugs, maybe it's porn, I mean come on let's talk about this stuff what what's what's what's our addictions? What's taking us away? What's making us feel shameful? What's keeping us from being our best self? I mean, for me, I really you know, in me, there's a certain part of your story. That's a lot like that, too. I mean, you stayed in the business for 20 years that you didn't that you didn't love. Why did you do that? You know, and you don't have to answer that here. I'm not asking you that. But aren't those powerful questions to ask? It's like why did I stay in a relationship with somebody for so long? Who is abusive or who never became supportive? Or was he narcissistic or whatever? Why did I stay there? Why did I do that for so long? These are powerful questions that we can ask that ultimately, I think you know, bring us to this place of being able to tell better stories, to get better results in our marketing because we're, you know, we've we've, we're more clear, we're more powerful. You know, we're stick we're standing in and following through with our business versus, you know, getting pulled away from all these things. But we're not willing to talk about them. No, let's talk about that. Let's talk about the things that hold entrepreneurs back. It's not your lack of skills. It's your lack of it's your lack of ability to be able to focus, it's your limiting beliefs. It's a trauma. It's the story that you tell yourself when things get hard that you probably heard somebody else talk about when you were little and somehow you adopted that. I give stuff back to people, my dad, I had a really heated conversation with my dad the other day, and he hit me with something, talking about Don't berate him or something. And I said it ‘s not my shit. I'm not berating you, I love you. I'm your son. I'm passionately asking you for help with something. I said, I'm not your dad or your mom or whoever. berating you from your childhood, right? So I also give people back things that I don't want. Now. If you're trying to give me something that's from a previous generation, I'm good. I'll give it back to you. So I give shame back to my parents. I give things if somebody wants to try to make me guilty or make me responsible for something. I don't take that I give that back to them because all these things keep me from being my best self on camera. Another way that you show up confidently and with passion on camera, is you be about what you're talking about and believe in what you're talking about. And actually get it in your DNA. So it becomes more than just some stick or some job that you're doing. You actually stick with it until it changes your life. And then you can be passionate as you tell other people about how you know how it changed your life, but you have to stick with it until you have that breakthrough. And that's your whole story. Right Amy? That's exactly what you just said. It was hard and then for six months, it sucked and like, but then I had a breakthrough. And now and then things just took off in January and now here we are in April. And where are you now? Are you anywhere remotely close to quitting or giving up or considering that or tell us a little bit like get us inside your head and help us see what you see here for the rest of 2022 or What are you focused on now? What are you working on? What are you trying to get better at?

Amy:  Well, I'm in no way a quitter. And I'm not even close to that frame of thought just like a lot of other people. My Account was banned yesterday. And I'm just like okay, well this gives me an opportunity to regroup just in the middle of a live stream not for last to just cut off and then yesterday morning it was just permanently banned. So I had backed up my account and I'm just you know, I don't have all these things figured out tik tok, but I do know that this works. And so the goal here is to you know, and I heard Josh talking yesterday about how many people have moved away from tik tok and you know, you need to stick with tick tock and I agree. I agree you do. But I also think I need to expand to other platforms like like I've also seen other people do because I'd have eggs in one basket and tik tok decides to play God, you know, then you are like, well, now what so

Dave:  Why are you not already just at the very least repurposing content you're saying?

Amy:  I am I am on Instagram.

Dave:  Pinterest YouTube shorts. Facebook, Facebook reels now are going crazy. Yeah. Everybody needs to get on this. It's not it's it's kind of like one of the things that we don't really have a whole lot of time right at this moment. To make a training tip because it's really just about taking the content that you have on tik tok and making it native making it native to the platform that you're posting it on. So that means as if it's supposed to be there and wasn't originally posted on tick tock right. So you take the walk, you take the watermark off, you just put it in the right format so somebody can watch it vertically on, you know, we're going back to vertical video in many ways, right? I mean, it's really about not making people have to turn their phones like this to watch a video Yeah. You know, so I have to make sure that my contents native , but as long as I do that I use the same content and I repurpose it. Pinterest is a big one that I think we're we're we're Jamar even says I keep shouting from the rooftops YouTube search what uh what up J search content lives search content lives a long time. It does. It does. Search content lives a long time. I got some stories, man. I mean, I got some stories. About some some. You know, I got some stories about some affiliates that I've seen who were building YouTube channels and then literally we're getting so much perpetual traffic from past videos. Because, you know, yeah, YouTube is a search engine if it thinks this is a great video to match with that keyword or that question. They'll keep showing that video over and over and over again. There have been a couple of people who have lived on old YouTube videos for up to I've seen people live on YouTube videos for up to two years without doing another single piece of content. Wow, just living on the old perpetual traffic, reoccurring traffic from their YouTube videos. And oh, by the way, you know some of them don't even have a ton of videos on their own on their YouTube channel. Jay Brown is one of the guys that I'm talking about. He was in a LM affiliate back a long time ago. Hit diamond and everything hit Diamond without we hit Diamond I think and he had posted a video on YouTube and in like six or 12 months. I mean, it was insane. And I still haven't talked to him. He still has he still hasn't. I don't know what he's doing. Anybody know what you are doing? Tell him tell him I was really I'm serious man. This affiliate mark there you know people say there's no passive income. And I'd be interested to hear if I wonder if Jamar agrees with this. Some people say, and he's a military guy. I mean, I trust that he's like your marjoram. I hope you're doing well. I almost think that affiliate marketing and creating content and shortened ways like on YouTube and in some of this content that lives on and you know forever and ever and ever or if you have a system that's down pat, like some of you could really Tao this business into literally one day a week. You know, one or two days a week if you got super folk without the going live alright without the going live. I mean if you're going live, but I'm talking about recording one day putting everything in draft writing all your emails the next day if you had to even you Amy without going live, you could do everything you needed to do if you were going on vacation or something in a day, if you needed to record and put them on draft and then you just log on publish them or whatever. We could all set our broadcast to go out and our email auto responder trust me I've been doing this for a long time. So you know, it's it's, here's my point. I think it's one of the closest things to actual passive income that exists. And I think I'm qualified. I don't really think passive income exists, except, you know, if you own stocks, or if you own Bitcoin or something like that, and it just goes up in value. But even real estate if you're renting or have tenants, trust me it takes work because I've got rentals. It's not completely passive. So I think for those of you who are looking for passive income, this is as close to it as you're gonna get. And instead of continuing to chase passive income where you don't have to work and you make money, just lean into the idea of figuring out how to do this business efficiently. Focus on other things, how can I stop wasting so much time instead of putting the focus on the business? As if it's the problem? It's not providing passive income to focus on you? And how can I get this business down to a day or two a week or focus on things that you can control? In other words, I made a strong statement about passive income and if it really exists, and this being the closest thing to passive income that exists. Do you agree with that or disagree

Amy:  I did. I mean, you have to put in the work but then it can, it can pay off for you even when you're off on vacation, like you said or even when you're sleeping. As long as you put in the work. Then it can become passive.

Dave:  Yeah, it requires, you know, two things. enough time to really just grind out and learn the ropes and figure out how to, you know, you know, just just kind of just kind of get by and have a nice 50 to $100,000 a year affiliate income. It's not it's not it's not it's not difficult to do. There's a lot of people you just really got to understand the blueprint. And then you know that I really do mean that folks like we named our flagship program the blueprints because when you understand the blueprints, all the details make a lot more sense and they don't matter as much. You know, when you understand the big picture of where you're going and what you're doing and you know, we don't even really scratch the surface. It's one of the reasons why we're starting to put up a featured application for those of you who want to apply to be on the ships. We want to hear from more people who are doing different things in the other core four business models. Are you using this knowledge to create courses and so courses are using this knowledge to run coaching programs, you know, are you using some of the different blueprints if you are you're either even applying the knowledge to a job that you have, how you do one thing is how you do everything I that we have people I know we have people in this community who are doing that and you want to come on the show and talk about it then fill out the the application on We already have a long waiting list but we want to try to mix in people who are doing different things. And the reason why I bring that up Amy is because we don't even really scratch the surface on the show that often with people who are selling courses or who are selling coaching or using some of the other core for business models. And there's other ways to create more automated income when you get into building an amazing funnel and then running ads or even recruiting affiliates or whatever. And having traffic coming in. You know there's different places that you know there's different things that you can do with these business models of selling information. And you just want to know how you see those pieces fitting in? Are you in love with affiliate marketing and just prefer to stick with that business model and have no desire to, you know, dip your toe in any of the other business models? Or do those somehow fit into your future plan?

Amy:  Do they fit into my future? Affiliate marketing is for right now. And although I think I'll always be part of it somehow. I definitely would love to be on the coaching and consulting end of it. I felt like I knew what I was talking about. I would go ahead and do that. But I feel like my knowledge is still kind of limited. And then before I even found out or I took a course on how to create digital courses. And so that's definitely right up my alley. I love writing and, you know, we'd love to create something like that that can be beneficial, you know, of course online. So as far as big events go, we'll see. I mean, I gotta I gotta you know, gotta do the others first, I believe, you know, but definitely I love all four of these online models. Absolutely. Yeah.

Dave:  Yeah, well, there's a lot that you can do and there's, you know, we really only just scratched the surface but the surface is exciting. That's why we stay there a lot because it's not like level one is not as exciting as level four or whatever. It's not like that. It's just how do you see yourself best being successful? Is it that you want to market other people's information or do you want to package your own information and market and sell it? I mean, it's, it's a real simple thing. And 99% of people start out with affiliate marketing and then they go, they, you know, they go to different places and do different things. And I think that's one of the things it's hard to track that we don't really realize. You know, we hear a lot of people on Tik Tok and a lot of these places saying well that legendary only teaches people to promote legendary folks. That is so far from the truth. It's complete ignorance in action. It's ignorance. It's it's it's people who are are you know, they're the people who you quite frankly, you want to just unfriend not pay attention to I mean, these people are the the people that don't know the difference between a an actual Ponzi scheme and actual you know, it's what's funny is that somebody will be like, oh, you know, like the notary only pitches people to promote legendary and then they'll turn around and promote some actual Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme or some thing where you're, you know, there's no real product and you're just you got to buy you're buying your affiliate. position and then you're going out and you're recruiting more people to come in and not buy any products but just pay the look if the product and the affiliate fee are both the same thing. You're in trouble. You know, you might have a legitimate business as you think you do. Because, you know, so, so, this is an online school for online marketers. I mean, my point here is that you'd be amazed how many people have used this community as a launchpad. Not everybody is, you know, a lot of folks who wake up. I can point out many of them, and have gone on to use these skills in other places. Some of them have launched other companies. Some of them have launched companies that compete with us and then we got to say stop being a dick. Stop being an idiot, stop. We trained not to copy us, but to go out and be your own person. But you know, there's so many people who are using these skills and using this community as a launchpad. It's far beyond bigger than anything that I am responsible for could truly have made happen. I mean, this community is, all the people in it are creating a launchpad for people to go and use these skills, both as affiliates but also as they're getting consulting gigs. They just know how to get customers. They know how to get customers, which is a skill set that Don't you wish you had for 20 years in direct sales, understanding how to generate leads, cold leads, not friends and family but traffic. People who were out actually going to become customers in your business, the dirty little secret that MLM never tells us, God bless him. It's where I got my entrepreneurial star is that your friends and family are not going to be your best customers.

Amy:  Right now. They're not going to make you rich. 

Dave: They're not going to buy shit. Okay? Do you guys understand that? They're not going to buy shit and they ain't going to support your s period. They're going to love you, but they're going to question what you're doing because that's what family and friends do. They have your best interest in mind and how they show their love is usually by questioning and criticizing. Don't ask me why we're not here to dig into human psychology. I'm just telling you that so you folks don't The  feels alone. So, in any business, you need to know how to generate cold leads.

Or else your business is dead. If you're relying on friends and family and your lawn service business and your landscaping business in your mlm business, in your affiliate, whatever it is, it's going to fail and you have to know how to how to generate cold leads that don't know you how to turn strangers into clicks in those Clicks into Customers. Eventually into cash. But Amy, give us some final wisdom and tell us you know what you want us to hear. Before we let you go on the second round. Thank you for coming back a second time and just both sitting through my rants but also delivering the value in your story. 

Amy:  I would just say that opportunity passes people vile and they're not prepared. And this business of affiliate marketing and learning this digital marketing business has just, it's just like a stepping stone into the other business models and all four of them that we just talked about affiliate marketing and coaching and consulting digital courses and events. All four of them can create the fortune that you want, you know, one or all of them and so be prepared, you know, go to the classes, or the zoom calls or whatever. Read the books, listen to the interviews, the wakeup legendary interviews, just pay attention to what we have right in front of us and be prepared become prepared for the Fortune become prepared for the challenges and for you know for the disappointments just be prepared and persevere. You know, that's what that's what it requires.

Dave:  Life is about struggle. Life is about difficulty. You know, if you're not struggling, you're not growing. Right. And I don't know, you know, in recent modern society, you know, we've been conditioned to think that everything should be easy. Why? Well because that's what human beings want. So that's what people sell, because that's what they'll buy. We won't buy this shit really hard. We want to buy easy. We want to buy, you know, we want to buy surgeries and pills and quick fixes and all that stuff. Trust me we all do. Do I want to go to the gym or do I just want to take a pill? Of course I want to take a pill which doesn't mean if that exists. So becoming an entrepreneur and now coming into this and hearing some of this, it can be shocking. It's like Wait, hold on a second. I want the McDonald's of home businesses. I just want to drive through man. You know, I just want convenience. I just want it fast. I want it cheap. I  want it for free. Then it's like wow, hold on a second. You're you're you're talking about the consumer side. Now you're asking to walk behind the curtain and now it'll be on the marketing side. But you want to still act like a consumer. Right. Now you want to come behind the curtain and you want to see what it's like to sell to consumers. Be the people who are making the money instead of always buying stuff standing outside for the latest and greatest, you know, your slot watch or Playstation or Air Jordans. If that's the person you want to be we love you because you're gonna you're probably gonna buy something from one of us, right? But if you want to come around the curtain and you want to see you know, what is what it takes to be significant? What are we actually doing behind the curtain to put on the show to run the business? What are we doing? Because I promise you when you come behind the curtain of New York Broadway, there's a lot of people running around. It's looking crazy to make that show. Beautiful and successful. So if those of you who are here brand new you want to come around the curtain and be with the the owners you want to be with the bid the entrepreneurs just understand that it's it's a different conversation than standing out in front of footlocker waiting all night long and your 10 for a pair of Air Jordans. It's a different conversation. This is not the comments on a Reddit thread where everybody's bitching about the Twitter CEO or whatever this is. Let's figure out how to get an ad in front of those people and what are those people buying or I mean that's how a marketer thinks. And you know what, it's it that's how you build a fortune. The fortune is in again. You've got to stop acting and thinking and speaking like a consumer. And you have to start thinking about acting like a creator and like an entrepreneur. That's why I say listen to the show every day. Even if it's the podcasts or the replays if that's the very least that you can do because you're gonna hear straight entrepreneur talk. There's no consumer talk here. Because you know, that's what we're doing here. We're you know, even though you said that I heard a story on a wake up legend that when I was in the moment of going live and nobody was there. I remembered the story that you told Dave about you being on a webinar and nobody was there but she had built it up and you're too prideful and you didn't want to tell your wife that so you we got a full house here oaks and just delivered the entire webinar to zero people. And that multiple times it will still do that to this day. To just still do that. I still find myself in places where I'm like, Well, that didn't work or you know, whatever. Not as many people on the show. I mean, we didn't always have 188 or 200, sometimes up to 300 people on the show. There were five or 10 at the beginning. just talk it like it's a video because somebody's gonna watch the replay. Yeah, and if you know what a lot of times people are going to buy into attending the next one buy what they watch from the replay. So if you have a low audience, at the very least if you want to do something early and strong. Don't end like and with passion and like you got a full audience. So when somebody comes on and watches the replay, they're like, damn, maybe I'll catch the live show next time. All right, Amy. Hey, great to see you in. 

Amy:  Thank you. Have a good day.

Dave:  So I want to point out something really important about you know about Amy and the fact that within the last 24 or 48 hours she she had an account you know deactivated or banned or whatever on on tik tok and, you know, likely a lot of times what that is is just you know, trolls and stuff. You know, flagging you know, reporting a video or something and then an algorithm kicks in and it just deactivates it until a person comes in. and says This person is doing did nothing wrong and then they reactivated it and that's why people usually get their accounts back usually. But that's not what's important. What I wanted to point out was her mindset and her attitude. My five year old says a positive attitude changes everything. I don't know where she heard that from but it's true. You know, your attitude changes everything. And I bet you in just a few weeks or even a couple of months, probably when we talk to Amy next. She's going to have a completely different setup. This is nothing going to be nothing but a blip in the road. And isn't it powerful? How I sit here and I'm speaking this into existence right now. Right? This is required. This is what speaking something into existence is and I guarantee you Amy does the same thing. You have to speak positively and you have to pick yourself back up. And you know what's really cool is when you know how to do it once you can do it over and over again because you have the know-how , so it's not like this big oh my god. What if I lose on Tiktok because you can do it. And you can actually do the same thing, even with a small audience on an account that's just getting started, you know, so a couple of points to take away that I heard crystal clear was diversification beyond multiple platforms. pick yourself back up and get right back in the game if you had an account banned or deactivated. And man, attitude, attitude, attitude is everything. Go live. Because where else are you going to practice speaking in just getting good at that and overcoming that fear? There were so many nuggets today. I hope you'll go back and give it a read. Listen if you feel that you need to and we'll see you back here for another episode. Tomorrow, my friends, all right, you don't have to hear peace out. 

Amy's TikTok- @makemoneywithamyonline2