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Dave:  Hey, what's going on my friend Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and I'm ready to Wake Up Legendary and guess what we got legendary guests this morning who has created some phenomenal results and last time she was on. She was surprised. She was you know she was blown away that she was starting to have a little tiny bit of success. And now she's absolutely exploding. Everyone helped me welcome standing each little round of applause and standing ovation and welcome to the show. How are you?

Emily:  I'm great. 

Dave:  So refresh our you know everybody who will start a refresher for many you're going to be new. Yeah, tell people your legendary story. Tell people how you got started.

Emily:  Yeah, so I started March 28. So it's just over. It's been just a little over a month, five months. And I knew nothing about it. I had zero experience with it, but I knew that it was something that intrigued me. So I started. I got through all 15 days and I kinda it was not a slow start, but it was kind of like a slow start right at the beginning. And I was like, I remember like being like, I'm never gonna like getting up and running. Like I just felt like it was slow and now I just hit platinum last week. Yeah really big stuff. Totally wild,

Dave:  serious serious moolah. Serious results.

Emily:  life. Changing. Yeah, for me. I had been in My Grades session for eight years. Absolutely loved it loved what I did. But I had chosen to put in my two weeks. So I left that and I'm actually homeschooling my children this year, which was a big thing that I wanted to try and was able to do as well. And so just a lot of different changes that I didn't think were ever going to be in our future because I decided to start this.

Dave:  Yeah. Did you ever think that something like this was possible for you coming from the place that you come from in your town? Are there other internet marketers or was this something that you ever envisioned for yourself?

Emily:  No, I mean, it's definitely the talk in the neighborhood. I'm having coffee meetings with people. Like know what I'm doing and I didn't do it. I get requested for free coffee weekly now which is really nice. And I'm happy to help but no I did it. I mean I I've almost

Dave:  made it nice that it's not a big deal whether anybody gets involved you're not you're not make it's it's although I'm not here to like Bash MLM because at the end of the day, I was an MLM participant way back in the day or have tried and true failed forward many times right flat on my face and garbage or garage and under the bed of lotions, potions, pills, and all that good jazz, but it's for me doing this being an elearning and using the core for courses, coaching events or doing affiliate marketing, it's not team building. It's not recruiting. It's not you know, it's not that I have no benefit to prospect friends, family or prospect any one person in particular because they're going to be a leader and grow up to blow up my organization or anything like that. And I think that that relieves a lot of pressure. For me interacting with my friends, family, really anybody because no one person it's not I'm not trying to recruit them. Do you feel that same sense of relaxation talking about this and cry?

Emily:  Yes. I mean, it's so interesting, because they'll be like, so like, how do I sign up? Like people say that a lot and to me those words are like, Oh, you've been conditioned to like, sign up and be on this team. And for me, like I always said often like, there is no signup. There you choose to learn this and you choose to do this and you either reap rewards, or you don't, but it is based on you. So I'm like I can tell you. I'm as transparent as I can be. I can do exactly what I did. And what it is, but like for me, you doing it is not going to do anything for me. It's only going to do something for you if you do it the right way. And for me, that's a nice feeling to walk away and just take a breath and be like, you know it's on you. And I just feel like too, sometimes in in those different settings and the same thing as an employee and a boss, you're putting in all this work for someone else or for it to be like a team thing and you know the work that I put in, it's really nice to be like, I get the reward for that. Like I put in that work and I get it. And I love to help people get like I love to teach people about affiliate marketing. But what I realized too, is when you're in that MLM or something like that your success is really based on holding other people's hands and like really getting them to go do things I think for you almost. Whereas like here, it's like, I can help you as much as I can. But what I realize is you're either gonna do it or you're not gonna do it. I've had to learn to be like, I've only put on your oxygen mask first and step away because I just, you know, I didn't have someone holding my hand through this like I put in the time I was gritty with it. I learned and stayed to learn more. And I think so many people want that just like secret sauce in that handling. And I just can't do that for you. You have to learn how to do it. And once you learn how to do it, it's fire and you enjoy it and then something like I don't feel like I'm working when I even put in the time that I do. But like I can't make anyone else experience that I just can't.

Dave:  You just dropped one of the most important things ever said on the show ever said on the show. And it comes from somebody who's achieved tremendous results in the recent time and I want to just if we could just replay that back. Obviously once it's done, we're done being live, it will turn into a replay and we can maybe use that sound bite but that was powerful. You said something along the lines of You know, I can tell when somebody is asking about can I sign up they've been conditioned to think that they need somebody to come in and do it for them or kind of give them that one on one. And that is without a doubt. As you said it's, you know, you can tell they've been conditioned somehow some way whether they were made to believe coming up in school, that they can't do something by themselves, whether they were made to believe in an MLM that they can't do it by themselves that it's a it's a team thing or it's you know I need I need my uplines help are my mentor, whatever the truth is, is that 99.9% of people out here who say they can be your mentor on the internet. I I wouldn't let the mentor the Lizard that lives in my backyard. You know what I mean? I mean,

Emily:  there's a lot of people searching for mentors.

Dave:  Oh, and you know, it's almost like it's in many ways. It's like somebody moved wanting to move from one abusive relationship to the next you know, because they've probably already had a bad experience with some mentor out there, some shadow, you know, hiding in their Facebook messages mentor whatever. You know that they think the solution is well I need to go find somebody else. The next person, the next relationship and what you're talking about there with doing it on your own entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, you know, it is a lonely sport. It is a Can't you know what I mean? Like this is not a it's not a team sport like if you don't get up and do it for yourself like you said nobody's going to do it for you. And I think that mindset that you have no not that you're not talented but guess what I'm you know that there's a lot of talented people in our community but yeah, we've got the result. You got a big, massive, ridiculous result. And I tend to believe that, yes, you're talented, but it's because you're not sitting around waiting on anybody to come and give you permission to do anything or tell you what to do. Exactly. You're taking the training, putting your own spin on it. And realizing there's going to be some unknowns. And you're willing to explore those unknowns instead of letting that fear dominate you but this is such a huge topic in this industry. And I don't think we talk about it enough.

Emily:  Yeah. And I think there's been a lot of people like I'm more than willing to help and like I do answer so many questions. And I love seeing the people that I talked with that are doing well with affiliate marketing, but I think there's a fine line between helping and telling you and being fully transparent in answering your questions. Or like I just can't do the lifting for you. I can't make you wake up and make four tiktok videos today. I can't make you go and follow up or get an email autoresponder setup or play with your funnels or tweak things. I can't figure out your story. I think that's harder because I think you have to be very repetitive with your story. If you have not told your story one time today, you have not told that enough. You have to be repetitive. You have to stay consistent. You've got to find those obstacles and learn how to retell them in a different way. And I just can't do that for anyone. For me. I really feel like I crafted the exact targeted client two. Very, very specific and I feel like so many people just keep it in general and then it's hard to stay general all the time. Where it's like, you gotta you gotta be specific. You have to be repetitive and consistent. And I can't I can't do that for anybody else.

Dave:  Yeah, I mean the cool thing is, we're letting everybody know, like we're not we're letting you know that publicly maybe before you buy any of our training, you know what I mean? is coming on and saying, Oh, we're gonna be there and we're gonna be your family. It's like, Come on, man. I mean, you know, this is a community. This is one of the most powerful communities that I've ever been a part of. And it's not just a cog in the wheel. But it's powerful because there's a bunch of people who are creating independent versus dependent entrepreneurs. And anytime there's a and that's really important. My role is not to be dominating here or be you know, some guru trying to be everybody's mentor, as if I'm the All Knowing one. It's like, that's not healthy, that'd be like, that'd be like a tyrant in a country or it'd be like a tyrant. In a house. The same thing can happen in communities. There's abuse of leaders, leaders who abuse their power, leaders who want to create dependent people, so they can feed their narcissism. What we have to do here at luminary is just continue to tell the truth. That's all that matters. Yeah, truth is always going to win in the long term and the growth in our community reflects that. Because we're getting on every morning and although you're not the first person to say these exact words and make this exact point. It's really coming across loud and clear today, but we have said this, I mean, I talk this crap all the time, which is, this is on you, and we're going to support you every step of the way. But we're going to work harder on your business than you can you're going to work and you probably shouldn't because it's not a good look. You probably shouldn't complain about the results that you're not getting from the work that you didn't do, right, because that's not a good look. You know what I mean? Like nobody wants to buy from somebody who's complaining people want to buy, so would you talk, comment on whatever you want on what I just said. But I also want to understand how you have developed your competence to be able to be a leader to people as they're watching instead of Beto unsure of yourself? Which does come across? Yeah. Not right now. But if you are unsure of yourself

Emily:  I totally understand like, when I started this I will say like I've really become a I've you Kip person I want it to be like being very prominent in my story and who I am and why I am where I am. And so it's just interesting to me because I feel like being as honest as you can be. I feel like that's really where I excelled , like when people are commenting. Like I'm not just like hey, go check out this I will check out that like I straight up answer the question and like and sometimes I'm a little not like brutally honest but there's people that are like, you know, I I straight up will be like if you don't want to like get anything higher up, that's fine. But if you choose a bit, you're using that as an excuse to quit, you know, like, I feel like I'm very open and honest with whatever questions they have about affiliate marketing. And I feel like people really respond to that and appreciate that I've had a lot of people that will send me a message and be like, Thanks like, I've never had anyone answer that. I've never had anyone address that. And so I think that's been good. But I think also with my confidence is just seeing like once you tell your story, there's a lot of people that relate to you and that you realize you're not alone in that there are so many people that are just like you just like anyone else out there and just seeing so confident and like this. And this is where I came from. It's okay to be there and it's okay to be here now. And I deserve to be where I am. That's been really hard for me to realize like, sometimes it's funny people are like, do you really only work this much or? And my husband looked at me and he's like, Emily, you work your butt off like why do you feel like it's just like he's like, it's not luck in magic like you put in the work to get where you're at. And I think that is true too. And I feel like I've finally started to realize that no, like, I worked really hard to get here. And it's not complicated. But you have to work, you have to stay consistent daily.

Dave:  no, it's fine. I love reality. I like reality. I don't like fake you know, oh, let's pretend like life's not going on. Let's just embrace everything because we work from home and hey, look, my kids are over there and they're being loud right now. Guess what I'm going to have to jump off this interview right now. I'll put my family before any business stuff. I was just, you know, I won't go into a lot of details and things that I've been asked or invited to because I'm sure it would come across as braggadocious and I'm not trying to be that but, man. I don't like to travel. I don't like to speak and I like to go. I don't like to go. You know, to me, the ego deflation and I think becoming right sized in my business. What you were just talking about feeling confident about the work that I put in. I no longer felt that I needed everybody's validation or I needed to get you know, friends or families validation or I needed to go be the man you know, a lot of times we do a lot of things and in business just to feed our ego. You know, I became right sized in my business similar to what you're describing where you build that real confidence just from real hard work and consistency. And it was amazing. I stopped caring about all the vanity stuff. I stopped caring like when I started putting all my self esteem in those appropriate places. And I started to really say you know, because sometimes when you get successful you start to have your ego you're like I'm pretty important. We're gonna shoot, I mean, people want to, they want me to be their spot, right? Like I remember while I was doing it, too, I got started in this whole thing so I could be home with my family so I could I could be around my kids more I could be around my wife more I could, you know, in when I'm looking at her and she's sitting over there across the house or whatever, and then I'm getting tired. I gotta remember. I gotta remember Hey, this is why I started doing this in the first place. It's not to impress all these people out on the internet. It's not it's not to become successful and then let my ego take me away. It's so I can stay exactly in the seat that I am right now and not have to get up and leave. What are some of the other benefits that you've had of now, you know, starting this business and they don't have to particularly be about family. But what are some of the other things that you didn't really expect? might happen?

Emily:  I was going to say like, this is going to be a real benefit. But then I'll go into the real benefits. When I actually started this we were so tight that I got retarding the internet. And so when I was doing this, I would have to drive like 15 to 20 minutes to get to the internet to post videos. So I like yeah, we got rid of our internet

Dave:  like she'll do. I mean, it seems that now I have the internet.

Unknown Speaker  I just can't believe

Dave:  you did that. I mean, you can't I would think that'd be the last thing the kids I mean they got no no internet you got that's

Emily:  unbelievable. That's been a really big benefit but kids love it or like we have fast internet this is so cool. Yeah, no dots on the screen like waiting because it was a lot for us and we just didn't want to put that in our budget at the time. And so I was like, you know, I'm gonna use our data as much as we can and like, our hotspots and I'm gonna, whenever we go anywhere, I'm gonna have my videos ready to post them and like it was you know, it was a lot of frustrating. So that's been a big benefit we can afford. But the other big benefit is that, for me, homeschooling is a huge thing. I was just my therapist, and it seemed like something for our family, my husband, and it's super busy in the winter. So one my husband signed up so he's not like he is, he just likes seeing me happy doing something but also for him. He likes work. me he's worked concrete 80 hour weeks in the heat. Then for him like he's been so conditioned to think that you have to be out there physically working every hour of the day. Go to see his mindset shift as there are other opportunities on this internet. You know, this world wide web out there. Full the opportunity. So that's been really interesting to do just like, understand the magnitude of what is out there. That's been really wild for me to just understand that.

Dave:  Can you say more about that? I mean, for people that may not even have any idea of what you mean by that.

Emily:  When people think I say this so often because I think what happens is when you're trying to educate someone on affiliate marketing, they get stuck in the algorithm of education on affiliate marketing, and what they don't ever understand or research is the amount of affiliate programs out there and companies. It's like, it's anywhere and I mean, even local businesses, they would be happy to have affiliates out there. And so I think when you really think about how many opportunities that I think people think about longevity and they get afraid of like, oh, like, you know, I'm gonna do this and then what's gonna happen? It's like, well, what's gonna happen is you're gonna hone in on your skills and you can go to any company with affiliate, you can start as many niches as you want. I always tell someone to get really comfortable in one area and understand it and learn it and then branch out and there's just so many areas that are growing right now. It is not limited to just like this little piece of the pie that people think like there are wild amount of companies out there that you can apply for that you can that you can grow but you have to obviously understand how to do it the right way and learn the right way and then feel confident in it get those skills Yeah.

Dave:  approached a martial arts instructor, and they put together a pretty simple affiliate program and she went on to do 10s of 1000s of dollars and affiliate referral sales from we had a we had we had our own makeup legendary actually, this was like, well over a year ago. Client here who you know, just went through our training and did exactly what you're talking about sort of went and found somebody that she really loved. And because of seeing things, having the knowledge to be able to see things in a different way. It's sort of like knowledge is the most important thing in our life. It's more important than anything. It'll make the difference in how you raise your kids and how they turn out. It'll make the difference between you know how long you live, it'll make the difference between how you live how much you make money is not a it's not. I mean, in today's day and age for a long time. There were advantages that people have and I think to a certain extent, there still is in society, there's an advantage that people have: Don't worry about the dollar. But this levels the playing field, this levels the playing field.

Emily:  Yeah. Totally agree. Yeah. I

Unknown Speaker  mean,

Emily:  I think there are so many people that go into it that really do want this to work for that. They really do. And I think though they just lack the like, you do have to learn the skills. And I think it's so funny. Of course, not that I didn't love the mindset. I didn't appreciate or understand the importance of the mindset until I got into it. I remember. Like, even now, like, you know, I'm five months into it, and I have had success, but it doesn't mean that I'm not like, you know, like, oh, like what do I need to do and I need to do more and am I not awesome? Like it just being like, No, you are showing up every day you're doing what you've been taught, you're learning and continuing to learn the skills and just realizing like, you get so much knowledge from this and like just just growing on that and I do this a lot to people like when you get a college degree, you don't just like get a college degree and then you go and like get this great job and you're wildly successful. Like you have to go into the real world. And you have to grow upon those skills. And it's the same thing with affiliate marketing. You learn so much and all of the resources but you also have to then learn to apply those to real life like how to apply those to real life and expand those.

Dave:  Yeah, and I think the the power of this community is that there's so many people and just, I mean, if a student was to come, there's so many distractions, but if a student was to come in and just go through our training and then tune into the show, just like you did, you're gonna get a million examples. You're gonna get ideas gangly, you're gonna have more ideas and know what to do with. And it all comes back to what our guest yesterday on the show said which is taking the shot just taking the shot. The majority, and this is what I know about being in this industry for over a decade. The majority of failure, the majority of struggle just simply comes from not trying. It's not that it's not possible. It's not that you don't have the right information, and especially if you're here, the undeniable proof is all around you. It's just that you're not taking the shots, not that you're not capable. It's not that you can't do it. It's not that there's anything wrong with any of you. And that's a big thing that I think we have to give ourselves a break. There's nothing wrong with you because you're hesitant. If you are hesitant, you're listening, there's nothing wrong with you, if you're skeptical. There's nothing wrong with you. If you're fearful. There's nothing wrong with you. If you're paralyzed with anxiety and fears. There's nothing wrong with you. That's all totally normal feelings. Yeah, I think where it becomes a problem is when you let it create inaction rather than action. That's it. And for me what I've learned to do with sweaty armpits, I slept like a prank. I got all kinds of shit that's wrong with me and going on with me and weird. And here's I think the key is pushing through it and doing it anyway, because there's just nobody that's coming to save me. I got a window right here. I look out every day. I say, you know, maybe there's gonna be a black chopper or somebody's gonna come in and land in my front yard. Save me. Hey, Dave. It's your turn. You've been such a good person. You're done working you can pick but nobody's coming. Nobody's coming to save me. Nobody's gonna save any of us. We have to deal. Play with the hand that we got, whether it's anxiety, whatever, and push through it. So tell us one thing that we wouldn't know about you besides the other cool stuff that you've shared, that sort of like my sweating and anxiety and all this other stuff, but we do not know about you that you've pushed through and had success despite it. I think a lot

Emily:  a lot of people come and they tell me that they are fearful and things like that. I think a big thing that I try to get across if I actually oh my gosh, I have always struggled with ups and downs and anxiety and I feel like a big thing for me is feeling worthy. Like that's been very hard for me. So there are some times where it's going really well and I'll be like, this isn't going to keep going well, like I should just quit. Like, what's the point in this like, you know, and, and I do get down myself or like I'm not doing enough like you should various doing more like you're not enough and you need to be doing more and that's something that is a mental battle. Like

Dave:  A lot of moms say that to men. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like I was in the feelings of a lot of I don't even want to try to demand explain or describe but I've heard a lot of women say that, you know,

Emily:  yeah, and I think a lot of people see my videos sometimes to where they're, you know, they're, I get a lot of people that are like, how do you make time and how do you and I'm like, you know, sometimes it's not always easy. There's some times where I look at my husband I'm like, you know and I really don't work that much but I sometimes get guilty as in like, oh man, like maybe I did like work two hours a day and I kind of ignored my daughter for a minute and I'll and I'll be like, gosh, like Am I a terrible person like in and you know, and then I realize like, I'm in the season of like, you. Not everyone thinks this is bad. So there's weird valence and I'm like, No, sometimes there's not a balance. Sometimes I'm grinding. Okay. And then on the weekend, I am there and I'm killing it with my kids. No, sometimes I'm not the greatest spouse or I'm not the greatest. There's not some weird balance. Everything is absent. And for me, I've had to be okay with that. And that's not always easy, but I think people see you on social media and your videos are always like, yeah, pointing and happy and it's like, sometimes before I take those, I'm tired. And I don't know if they're going to be hits and I look at my views and I'm like, What in the world is going on here? And so yeah, that makes me really feel like a human like I'm, I have emotions. It's hard. It's not always easy.

Dave:  And you got kids right Shayla, so she's overwhelmed as a twin mom and you have kids and we are homeschooling. And let me tell you something. That alone I got a six year old in a one year old at home. That alone is a full time job. And so I can see as you're talking how that pressure couldn't build up on you and you would begin to be hard on yourself and think Am I good enough? Am I doing enough and a lot less on their plate would feel that way. And so that tells me that it doesn't it doesn't have anything to do with what we have on our plate. It just has to do with what we have in our head and how we choose to see it and how we choose to frame these situations and I'm so happy to hear that you're you're giving yourself that that break and you also have gave up that that fantasy of this balance that people talk about because I really think that we have a lot of things in our head that we think because we've heard about them like balance that uh, we don't have it and we'll never achieve it. And the truth is These assholes out here on the internet acting perfect don't have it all going on either.

Emily:  Right? I completely agree. I think like what the Beyonce do and like I just remember something you just said to like, so many people are like, I just don't know if I have the degree this and that and I'm like, you know, I used to be that person that would be like I saw this other waiting for the publishing Clearing House thing I'd fill in at my grandma's and be like, This is it. We're gonna win it grandma. We're gonna win it and I always have an envelope she's gonna ride to arrive in my mailbox and we're going to be financially set. I was like, That is bullcrap. That's not going to happen. And so why am I waiting? I'm waiting for someone to save me that is never going to save me. So I can either like to get through it and then make the commitment. Or I can just sit and wait my entire life. And it's like, you know, I have people that are like, oh, like, I've been with us for two months and I am almost without what I don't think it's working for me. So I think I'm just going to switch to a whole different platform. And I'm like, know what, like you could be on the cusp of greatness. Don't stop. You're gonna have weeks. You're gonna have two weeks that are gonna suck. When you might have one week. That's really freaking awesome. Yeah, so it's just Oh, yeah, it's just, it's not at all it. gotta stick with it. You have to and this is the one thing that I've really stuck with and that I'm like, What about the other stuff that I should have stuck with like where's my success fee? So I'm so happy that I'm seeing that now.

Dave:  Yeah, it's it's I said this to my wife actually astronomic here my what I was talking about but half the battle of success is literally showing up. It's literally showing up in and I think that if I was to if I only had one thing like you know there was a genie and he said you got one one wish. Well if I had one guess if the guessing Jesus said Dave say the one thing that's the number one killer of people success that are doing this digital marketing model online. And really this applies to most businesses, but I'll tell you the number one thing that I've seen over the years, that everybody liked to hear that anybody on the show is interested in the number one and this isn't by a little bit, it's fine. Like this is the big killer, and I'm just setting it's quitting too soon. It's stopping too soon. That's it. That's the number one thing when Dave it's not some you know, it's not some A knot is just that people stop too soon. It's the same reason why we don't have a whole world of clean and sober people. Because like me, I came into recovery and those first 30 or 45 days I was so this was 2008 For those of you who don't know my story clean from opiates, DT was on that. And I've been cleaning from that since 2008. And the detox on that is mind blowing. Mind blowing is painful. And you probably know your therapist, right? You

Emily:  know, physically, like, it feels like you're dying,

Dave:  debilitating, crippling, and I almost quit before the miracle happened. You see, almost no, you know what I mean? Because it hurt because it was uncomfortable because I didn't want to go through it. And you know, I watch a lot of interviews of various people just listen to people's stories. I like I like human nature. I like reality. I like the underworld. I like all the things they talk about. We all love to pretend doesn't exist. I like those things. And so, you know, I was watching an interview of some active addicts on the YouTube channel, soft white underbelly. And yeah, they were like We don't want to go through the detox. That's why we're not getting clean and I can relate to that. I can relate to that. And I've got this wonderful life because I you know, I've got this wonderful life because I you know, I did go through it. I didn't stop before the miracle happens. I've got a life as a high school dropped out. We were named by Inc Magazine, and we'll have all the stuff coming out all the trophies and plaques and maybe even will be in the magazine. here over the next couple of months. We're the 63rd fastest growing education privately held education company in America over the last year. I mean, why? How because I and a bunch of other people didn't quit any. Like, we didn't quit too early. Nobody here is so talented that Everett we're just riding on their cow. You know what I mean? Like I'm not asking the town. I mean, I'm sure and I've got a lot of tenacity, but I'm not the most talented guy in the world. But I just won't quit and that's what I'm hearing you saying right now as well.

Emily:  Yeah, I got a lot of people too that are scared. Like, why here like people's accounts are getting taken down and all like stuff like that. And in my mind, I always say like, today is a day and tomorrow's another day and I'm gonna cross that hurdle when it comes but like, like people get so worried about that and then they quit because they're worried about that. It's like, what that's just like, just another thing to like to move forward with. Like, that's just another thing to move forward with. And I think that like, for me, it's like, I can look at it, but like, you know what, like, this is taking an hour away from my kids. It's not worth it. But then I look at the big picture. I'm like, no, no, I'm homeschooling my kids so they'll get even with me or you know let's say I want to grind for the next I want to grind for the next year, if I'm gonna grind through the next year and that allows my husband in turn to learn this and do this and Asheville to go to Florida and the winters for two months. Because financially we're able to do that. Then that time with my kids to me that's worth the grind. So it's really like where you ended up putting those priorities at. But so many people, I think, to want that quick payoff, and I'm like, you know, you might have to grind for a year, but then you have a path for 10 years. And I think that's somewhat important to see like you might be giving some something up, you might be giving those nights on the couch with your husband watching Netflix, which I get that my husband works all the time. And it's hard for us and you know, as a couple you're like, you know, I should be sitting or hanging out or spending time with him. But to realize like, if I put that on pause and I take that time of sitting on the couch, and I put it into something that will allow us to dictate and have more college worth it. So you really have to look you have to look at it in the long run and what that grind is going to be worth and you know for me too, like, like I have my kids all the time I work maybe an hour to a day sometimes I will have my mother in law calm and I'll do three hours in a day. But you can make this work around your schedule. You can just say you're gonna do it and do it. It's not always going to be at the most opportune time. But it works.

Dave:  Now's a dang good time to be pretty much building every thing you can build because we don't know where we're where the world's going and I'll tell you what's also cool and I don't know if you've experienced this. I'll let you go after this question. I know you got a house full there. Particularly your chromogen dog codger that's exactly what mine was king he was old codger but the it's it's it's certainly worth it. It's certainly worth it. I've found it to be worth it and I wonder if you are being at home around your kids and now having this extra time they are at home to be with your kids. What sort of lessons do you think it's teaching them and what do you think you're showing them despite what you're thinking in your head? What do you think long term shows them and ultimately they're going to take away from this experience with you?

Emily:  Yeah, I think that I think a big thing for me is showing them that you can follow your passion and be successful. You can follow that niche like you can if you find yourself as a creative person, you don't have that way like you don't have to steal that away to like, be something that you're not like you can totally dive into that and lean into that and be successful and that you can make your own path if you have a will to have a different life. You can change your life and that they see that they watch me all the time and they'll be like my mom does this or something but then I see them be so proud and I want them to be proud and anything that they do. I want them if they want to. I don't know. Travel the world, be artists and travel the world but you better work for it and you better be the best one out there and you better stay a learner. And I want them to have that passion for whatever they do. I want them to have passion for it. I don't want them to be in a cycle of just doing what they're told. I want them to really love everything they do. And be so confident in who they are. So I hope that they see that and I think they've watched me transform in a great way in the past five months. And the financial gain is wonderful, but I think that right they're watching their mom transform and feel confident in who she is and love what she does. And say you know, this is something mommy's doing for her and for that wildly change, like life changing for us and for them.

Dave:  Well, thanks for sharing that with us. Once again, you know here so cool to track you know your journey and you know to talk to you back when it was probably in your you're thinking this is just a fluke guy I don't know if I should even you know I don't I don't know if I should even go on Wake Up legendary and talk about it.

Emily:  I definitely was very nervous. Because last time yeah,

Dave:  now you've come back with some more certainty. And you know what, what you're doing now and you're doing it for some reason that looks great on the legendary sides every day. Thank you so much. You're very welcome. And thank you and we've got your tick tock link up there and I'll put your Instagram as well and, and yeah, we'll talk to you probably another couple of months

Emily:  I hope so. This is really great. Thank you for having me.

Dave:  All right, and we'll talk to you later. Bye. All right, my friends. Wow. Wow. She's on Instagram. @emtheaffiliate. And, man. I mean, every single day, it's a new story and a new and a new journey that we get to document and you know, it's it never ceases to amaze me that people can achieve what people can achieve and I think it's going to blow you away what you can achieve as well. And so pay the shot, hit post, hit post again, and then hit post and keep hitting post. As it may not feel like you're getting anywhere but please don't leave before the miracle happens. All right, we'll be back tomorrow for another episode. Thank you and again for an amazing show and amazing journey that we get to sort of be a fly on the wall and and watch and it's so so cool to see it happen. All right, everybody get out of here. Have a fantastic day be legendary. We'll talk to you back here tomorrow for another episode 10am Eastern Time. Peace.