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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: Hello, hello, welcome. Good morning, it's Wednesday, May 26. We're live. I'm live. My name is Matt and the CMO here at Legendary. And, yeah, you know we're getting good weather out here in Phoenix, so I decided, we're gonna get these nice beautiful allergies here in Phoenix. During this time of year. Yeah, I decided to take the show outside a little bit this last week or two, and it's nice out here so I do have this like bright sun sort of reflecting in my eyes so I'm like a little squinty but overall it's working great. What's going on James? Megan's in the house. Lady what's going on, Leslie, Jasmine, what's happening, Robert, good to see you. Wake Up Wednesday love that. Ariana. Raman, or Romana, I'm not sure you're guessing Shamy what's happening Stacy Good to see you. Awesome, down in Chandler. Emily Jose Jennifer Nicole. William John. All right, Awesome, good to see you all on here Kaitlyn, Tara, CJ. All right, Jorge, awesome. Yeah, we are live, we got an awesome guest today. I'm excited to chat with him. And if you're newer, you're just signing on you're like hey what the heck is going on, I'm the CMO here at Legendary and I host these on Wednesday. So Dave hosts monday tuesday thursday friday I host on Wednesday I'll also be hosting this Friday in place, Dave as well. But mostly, every day Monday through Friday, not mostly, we are here Monday through Friday freaking holidays. We come on these damn things every single day at 10am Eastern, and she's a good way to wake up, it's a good, I wrote this last week about habits, forming habits. And, man, one of the best habits you could ever do, I'm pretty convinced is just to sign on to these and get a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of motivation to start your day so if you guys in the comments can give me, you know, a little hand clap emoji or some likes and hearts on this. Let's welcome our guest for the day Paul, what's going on, brother?

Paul: Good to be here. Thanks Matt just up here in Washington State, I wish I could have the same problem as you do with the sunshine but we'll get it back eventually.

Matt: There's just endless amounts of sunshine, it's insane. It's like every single day, we're about to regret that though because of, you know, about this time, we start to dip into the low one hundreds, and everybody has this lingering feeling here in Phoenix, like, Oh boy, here it comes. Here comes the terrible summer, and then you get into the, you get into the 110s and it's like, Whoa, boy, it's fertile, but yeah. Wow. Yeah. So tell us a little bit about you, a little bit about your story, your journey you're just bringing us into your world, how did you find the online space you've been in the space, a long time. Tell us a little bit about your journey.

Paul: Yeah, it's kind of an interesting one. There's been some ups and downs of course like all journeys, but mine is kind of different, it may not have heard something like this before but I had, it's been about like since 2009, 2010, that I was kind of in introduced to affiliate marketing internet marketing, how to make money online that sort of concept, and looking into the Warrior Forum really like drew me that drew me into that and looking into how I can market services online and I got involved back community, which was kind of interesting back in that day. And so anyway I learned some methods, and I started making some money, but it took me a few years to actually start doing something interesting and making something more significant, which to me was like really exciting looking back on it, you know like I probably shouldn't have quit my job and moved because of it but, but I got super excited and I follow different people online and read their blogs about living the laptop lifestyle. So one of the guys I was really into, He moved to Puerto Vallarta, and he blogged about that. And so I thought that was pretty cool so once I really started feeling comfortable about my success online and doing SEO at the time I was doing sniper sites, what we call them building affiliate sites around products and ranking them. And so yeah I got into that yeah.

Matt: Yeah, back in the day I created a course on SEO in like 2011 Yeah. That kind of thing. That's hilarious. 

Paul: So, yeah, so this was. So you've probably experienced what I did back in. Well, I eventually moved. I was like okay, I got something going. This is great. I can get a little bit more freedom in my life, I'm going to explore Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I'm going to move to a foreign country, and it was a bit crazy, and I did that in 2012. And that is like February, 2012, once I kind of started getting settled this was then March, when something big happened, that most SEO guys got hit pretty hard but, and myself, I got pretty much wiped out, and all my sites my rankings.

Matt: Was that Panda? 

Paul: Yeah, the big algo change I think it was panda. Yeah, major algo change. 

Matt: For everybody who's newer, like, there's gonna be a lot of people here who have no clue what we're basically talking about. If I could describe it in 20 seconds. Google has an algorithm in which they determine which sites are the best and so when you go and search on Google, you know, for instance, like how to landscape your yard, they they pick out certain characteristics of certain sites and place the best ones towards the top right so then there's whole strategies around how to rank and how to do that faster. So Paul had kind of mastered that and then panda comes in and, and that's just what they called their update to their algorithm they kind of named it, and, and, and I just remember the whole affiliate marketing crowd just freak out, and the whole SEO crowd just freak out, couldn't understand what was going on but all their sites, suddenly were not on the first page anymore. And a lot of people lost a lot of their income because of that. 

Paul: Exactly. So, for us as well, who've been involved with it's like this never really happened to this extreme. So this was just like, shocking, and so yes this algorithm change occurred. And so all the sites, AKA your income streams, right. So think about it, you know the money that you're making you're feeling good, and each month it's kind of more consistent and building and building and then boom, one one or two days and then you're out, and for me I just moved to a foreign country. So I was with my girlfriend who's my wife now. And, yeah, we were like, oh, we gotta make some happen for me. I mean it was all on my shoulders and I was like, it was really like a gun to the head type of moment. And it's interesting, thinking back on it too, though, because I think that brought a lot of positivity. There's a lot of good that came from that because had I not had such pressure like that. I don't know if it would have forced me to make the changes that I needed to make to scale and grow and rebuild my online business to bigger levels, so you know, if I was up here in the States again maybe I would have gone back to a job or something, I don't know. I'd like to think I wouldn't, but who knows. But what happened was it, it forced me to go into a different, different area, which at the time was fairly new to me, and that was video marketing, and I had a friend that introduced me to SEO and then recently he had been wanting me to get into video marketing he was saying hey that's really cool it's it's a fast way of ranking your stuff, your your content, and the being on video or shooting videos that seemed really new to me and different and maybe a little scary because it was just a whole new learning curve to master YouTube I just thought was a big deal and something new, why would I want to do that when I'm doing science. Well, at that time, you know after that algo change happened, I had to look for something different, quick. I needed to get my income streams back up. And so then I moved into video marketing. When I started ranking videos around the same keywords that I was using for my sites to make those profitable. I ended up doing review style videos and and ranking those on YouTube and to my surprise, they ranked so much faster than the traditional SEO website building process of optimization and backlinking and things like that to get your webpage, right, and it's still to this day I definitely enjoy YouTube videos and they they benefit so much more important ranking power and being quick to rank on Google, of course to get YouTube as well and get being the author that can bring in some more traffic but yeah so that changed that, that completely changed everything for me. And, and then I just started doing that scaling that and was able to rank all the existing stuff that I had, which was making money before, and now it's making money with videos and so I was able to do that and it's pretty funny because back in the day, and thinking of, sort resources that I had, it was just an old laptop, it was like a, like a $300 laptop and I which you know is a couple years old at the time but it just pretty clunky pretty slow, and I had this Logitech microphone from Target. That was like a $17 microphone, and I would review videos, my wife actually helped me out to, with some of the voiceovers. We never had to be on camera or anything but we're just doing some review videos around affiliate products. And the interesting thing is like even to this day I've watched some of the old ones and you can still hear that chicken in the background, because this is, is Mexico, and they have like a jingle like different delivery services that would have, like, throughout the day with different jingles to sell like propane tanks and bread, and one guy would deliver mattresses in the back of his truck every night. It was a different experience. 

Matt: Holy smokes. 

Paul: Yeah, but, but yeah just starting out with just a cheap laptop, a cheap microphone, you know, it doesn't take much, and and I believe even to this day you know with your phone and internet connection, maybe a cheap computer you know that you could definitely make some progress online, you can really change your life.

Matt: Totally, totally some of the some of my closest mentors, people I know that did not just not just six figures but 789 figures, man, cheap, cheap $100 laptop $500 Laptop, and like just absolutely nothing like just a cheap little laptop. In some cases, man. Wonder if I have all looked for it but I have this photo where I had pillows stacked around my laptop and I made myself a little recording studio. So I would stack pillows around my MacBook Pro. It's kind of a cheap MacBook Pro. When you talk into it, it sounds real echoey. But I could stack the pillows around it just enough to kind of create this this enclosed sound thing that sounded like a nicer microphone, but just I think sometimes people, you know sometimes people get imposter syndrome and think they need all of this stuff, you know, so that they're sort of legit, or whatever, but it's just like, you just you, whatever you've got make it work. There is a certain threshold, I think, like, that you actually, you need something like you do need the ability to sort of create a decent video that's not super grainy, if you're going to be on camera but like you said, I mean you could go to. For instance, you could go to this site, a site like, let me share my screen here real quick. But I was just, I show this to people all the time, and I talked about this site called Pexels, but like, yeah, you can just go to clouds and you can grab like videos right here this is Pexels calm, and for those of you who are watching on the stickiness in the comments, there's a lot of different sites like this, these are totally free. And, or this site in particular is totally free to use and you can just these, these like these stock video clips, and you were talking about doing voiceover videos right so like, being able to just take a take a stock clip or a stock image and put a voiceover over it and do sort of product previews or whatever you do, like I see people doing that right now on tick tock, like people are doing that as we speak, on TikTok right now, and they're doing it for all sorts of products and making money from it, and it's just as simple. They do either, either some of them don't even do voiceover, they just, they literally grab stock video and just put words up on the screen with noises. Wow, and to build audiences of 300,000 Plus, it's crazy. So, anyway, I just think it's, yeah, yeah, opportunities out there. Oh, it very much is.

So, anyone you have. It's like when you have that drive, then you can make anything happen. Right. 

Paul: Yeah, it really starts from within.

Matt: I believe, really does. I mean, and getting put on the spot like you did I mean I think that that is just, it's a crazy thing, and I think it's just funny that he had chickens in the background like little stuff that people overthink. Right. It's just so crazy and then you listen back to you. Just, I used to have stuff in the background going on in my videos because we were in a one bedroom apartment. It's sometimes like the door would open or whatever. So I would introduce some of my videos and literally just be like, Hey look, you know, I live in this one bedroom apartment here in Denver. I am going to be honest, we've got this kind of smaller living situation. At any point, like my wife could walk in here and yell at me to do the dishes or take the trash out or some random crap so I'm just giving you the heads up right now. People will just laugh and be like, That's hilarious. Like I love you're doing your thing and I love you're just kind of honest with it. And we've got affiliates who have gone through our training who make videos on TikTok, and they're just standing in the middle of their like studio apartment, and they're just like, it's so real and raw and honest that people are just like, yeah, yeah, I'm trying to like find an excuse to not believe you but this is too believable, it's too late.

Paul: I don't know exactly how to cover that up and it's just like just showing it. It's okay, you know.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, making it relatable makes it more engaging because some people can feel that themselves can relate to you, thinking that they're in the same situation and, yeah, I, it reminds me of this quote I don't know if I should share it. I heard one time about Oprah Winfrey and when she was on one of her weight loss kicks people her viewership actually went down. And when she was more overweight than she got more fans, more used that for some people was a lot more relatable. The fact that she was just being herself and not trying to be skinny. I thought that was interesting. Yeah. And yeah, like your arm in and then that little disclaimer that you, you said at the beginning, like, Yeah, that's great. So many people would probably be like oh yeah he reminds me of myself, my friend or something. He's a real guy. That's very for people out there making TikTok videos or YouTube videos definitely doing that and not being afraid of using what you have, whatever it's just a matter of just cranking out that content, producing that content, just getting it going. That's the important part. That is the important part. And I also think, you know, there's sort of an order that I would go in which would be like an order. The first thing which sort of be like, I, number one, let's just get your content going let's get something up but number two I feel like is, now I need to study and not be it, I don't. I shouldn't be consuming content just for entertainment, switching switching over to studying people strategies like studying called strategy on SEO, studying, Brian strategy on tick tock studying, you know, and actually becoming good at the craft and good at the craft of content creation or SEO or whatever you're trying to do whatever marketing platform you're trying to do, getting really good at the craft of it. The first barrier is usually just creating the content and getting over the fact that it's not perfect, getting over the fact that you suck. And it's embarrassing and humiliating and oh my god, and then it's just like, okay, it's okay to be embarrassed and humiliated like that it's okay for me to feel these feelings, right, and sort of just, you reframe all of that, then take that next step to actually become really skilled at it. Some people sit in this realm of Alright, finally just creating my content, and then I'll get, you know, I'll get an email or the post on Facebook or something, you know, two months down the road it's like nothing's happening. I've been posting, everybody says just post. And it's like, oh, well let's take this to the next step, let's take it to the next level right now you've been posting, we need to create good posts, engaging posts that really grabbed attention, you got a market. Right. And that's kind of the trick of getting to that next stage but you're so right that first moment is just like, hey, bear it all. I mean maybe don't like, keep your clothes on, but, you know, sort of just reveal all and have some fun with it. I think that's just the last few days in marketing.

Paul: Yeah, well definitely but I think it also has kind of made a comeback with TikTok I know for myself I did that I mess around with that a couple months ago and I mean even some of the videos that I have now I'm like, oh, that there's so many problems with this video but whenever it's getting used, and it is adding value and some people will like it and who knows, I mean some of, some of those bad ones go viral. Yeah, because it happens like I think anytime you try something new. That's where you're going to experience you're going to fail, you're going to fail forward hopefully you know, anytime you get hit with something just try to get yourself back up again, and keep at it, knowing that maybe you learn something for next time, you know, if, if this time didn't work out to your liking. Or, you know what you find is great and perfect perfection. I've heard an interesting saying about perfection. Makes you broke basically, like if you try to overanalyze, get analysis paralysis and you just spin your wheels and not do anything. There's no such thing as perfect anyway so you might as well just acknowledge maybe that's just, maybe it's just your own flaw that saying this has to be a certain way, that's preventing you to just publish it and get it out there, but anytime you do something new like no matter what, I happen to me all the time, like even though my video marketing my YouTube videos and review videos now, They're different. They're better now that I've been doing them for 10 years. But if I do something new like TikTok, it's like,  it's funny I laugh at it like okay I know I'm going to get better now because I see this video and I see little things and I know then that there's gonna be changes that I make the next time I do it. Totally, totally. So just believe in yourself and believe that you'll improve and hopefully I'll improve to when I, when I do that,

Matt: So in your experience or this like it's been like a real 10 year journey here experience like, like what are some, what are some bigger, larger themes that you've been able to pull out also, I mean, you've probably experienced a lot of different training, like, you've probably experienced a lot of different communities and training, and even like, I would say sort of ethos, what, like, what's your experience been like, let's say with Legendary now versus, like a lot of the stuff that you've experienced what other stuff have you experienced mostly I'm just curious. And then, you know, what's that been like over the years, like what if, you know, what do you look for in affiliate products we look for in communities like what, what's those 10 years taught you?

Paul: Interesting. Yeah, that's a good question. I think like, there's two points. One of them is like your question about my experiences and like, I guess, is your question as like a product creator or are just finding different ways to make money online. And then the other part is like affiliate selection affiliate product selection and that's, that's completely different, in which like yeah there's I'm, there's a lot of discernment, and there I have a lot more filters now, nowadays than I used to back in the day wouldn't be like oh look at the EPC suite, which stands for earnings per click and, and you can find that on networks where it'll say like this product could get your averages, this EPC, and for those that are not aware of that, that earnings per click, it's kind of exciting because you make it makes you think like, oh, if I just send 10 clicks and it has a $3 ABC I can make $30 Like, like that, and I know people on Tik Tok and I can get us 10 views or whatever, what doesn't really work like that. And you can actually get better earnings per click or lower earnings per click, depending on the quality of traffic that you send so it's all about quality of traffic. And with Legendary and that as, as a course and as a program, and as a community, I, I've been very impressed the whole way through. So the community itself has been interesting like not just inside the Facebook group, but outside, you know, the marketers, they're cool people think I learned stuff from them all the time, and I get value out of different content and I can't speak for everybody but there's been many like that I don't really know, one that's like really annoying or spammy or anything like that. I think that really says a lot to your guyses training, and how you set people up for success, because you set them up to add value, and to have content that's congruent to your services, and then also to have like quality traffic that's coming over there that's already framed and educated about what's going on. So yeah, I've definitely learned a lot from the community and the people promoting Legendary just from their free stuff. And so as far as a product and yeah legendary when I went through the 15 Day Challenge, just in a couple days I was really impressed, like, extremely impressed with, with what it is like what, what it teaches you like I've there's methods in there. This might sound kind of crazy but I've gone through other courses like $1,000 courses, and some of those concepts were like the aha moments I got from the $1,000 courses. So yeah, I was super impressed.

Matt: That's cool, that's cool, sometimes, like even just the amount of time that we spend sort of looking at the content in the in the challenge or stuff like that we forget that like, man, it's only $7 And there really are some people out there selling $997 courses, or even like $297 courses that teach basically sort of similar or, you know, you know, you get the same aha moments from yours. From those courses. And it's just, yeah, it's just crazy. It's very interesting. Well that's cool. I'm glad that you'd like the course and, you know, have, have had a great experience with our community. I feel like, you know, most people who come on here have mentioned or say something about the community is so great, just because of the collaborative kind of feel to it, you know, I think that's a, I think that's a unique thing that's been cultivated here that is, it's harder to cultivate that with. I think this is just a real credit to like the leadership at Legendary specifically Dave and his wife Erin and Julie and I think, like, we put a big, big emphasis on mental health, and on just being healthy holistic people like not in a weird way, like, like, Oh, we're good people. And I think that over time, that sort of wins out as where you and I have both been in this industry to know, we've been in this industry long enough to know there's there's guys out there who are young bucks or, you know, and they're all hyped up and excited and, and they get people ramped up and they kind of make false promises, or they kind of, you know, they prefer they there's stuff going on behind the scenes that might not be the most honest or, or have the highest level of integrity. And, you know, those, what ends up happening over time as those communities become really toxic and people start taking advantage of each other and it just, it gets real nasty real quick so I just, you know, for people who are new here, I'm obviously a little biased, I've been with Legendary for quite a few years now, or I guess three years now, and I'm obviously a little biased but I can still even if I wasn't in legendary I can tell you, there's other communities out there in the online space that are far more misleading and dishonest, and we do everything we can to make this a safe community. Are you going to get people who've messaged you in your dm’s trying to sell you stuff. Yes, it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen all over the internet, there's tons of people and it's just how it goes. But for the most part it's a, it's a real clean, you know, fun fair, honest community helpful people. I don't know why I'm ranting about this right now.

Paul: I think that's very interesting actually. So you mentioned mental health and I was curious what kind of things you do there, or that?

Matt: Mostly just like we make it an emphasis there's sort of this expectation of like you're going to take care of yourself. So, like in other circles that sort of the expectation is you're going to grind until you die. Right and it's like, and that's set from the owners, expectations, the owners there every day they're grinding every day they're working 16 hours, or they're burnt out and they hate their life, and that's not the case. And when it gets set at a higher level, you have this like, I don't feel nervous about working 16 hour days I feel nervous if I'm doing that, I feel nervous if I'm like, if I'm overworking myself, I feel guilty about that, because I know the expectation is like hey man, you've got to have a gauge and a pulse on yourself to take time away to set time away and to actually, like, take care of yourself, and if I don't do that and I'm burnt out. That's like part of my job description, like part of my job description is like, you take care of yourself when you show up to meetings when you show up for customers and clients. You're not giving them, you know, short answers or you're not, you know, treating them like you're not giving them the time of day.

Paul: That's, that's really interesting to hear I'm glad to hear 

Matt: It’s not some we're gonna give you $1,000 stipend for, you know, therapy or massages or whatever it's more of just like, Hey, make sure you take care of yourself, like yours, and it's sort of like this trusting like we trust you. We trust that you're smart, that you're intuitive and that you know yourself. Take care of yourself, you know, so.

Paul: Yeah, well yeah and it's interesting you say that because I think starting out, you're talking about my journey and stuff and starting out it's easy to just want more tactics and techniques, you know like, I want to get more traffic to this offer or I want a better conversion rate on my landing page or my funnel, you know, tweak this tweak that. But what's really interesting is that as you as you see things happen as you see big things happens like like what's happening with legendary or other successful entrepreneurs, and what they're talking about what they're doing is it's really a mental thing, And it's a mental health thing it's taking care of yourself. Now there's masterminds where people will talk for hours and hours just on sleep quality, and, and they will all like that they love that like that that's a huge value if you can master your sleep, then you can really do well in business you can do so much better in business if you get bad stuff down. 

Matt: That's some real stuff there. That's, yeah. And it's not to say that there's no time where, you know, you get four hours of sleep because you're grinding and you're getting ready for a big launch or whatever, but knowing yourself, knowing your body, knowing how to take care of it, that's huge. So yeah.

Paul: And as Matt was saying to it, it's how you show up. So for Dave and him, he was what we were saying David was, was telling you, or the team was saying that you know it's important for how you show up and so that that time that FaceTime, maybe the interviews or maybe talking to people selling something, that time is going to be so much better and it's going to mean a lot more when you show up in your presence, and you have the energy for it.

Matt: Yeah, it’s the difference between customer support, giving a one line response to a support question that doesn't really help anybody and it's like hey, we just need to get these tickets answered versus, you know, three to four paragraph responses detailed that gives links out to different videos and different resources and really actually provides value for somebody that little extra is all stemming from sort of that mental health space where they're, they log in, and they log into their support back office every day with a full cup, their cup is overflowing and they're ready to help people. It's that overflow comes in sales, marketing comes in content.

Paul: Yeah, exactly. I was gonna say for the people watching, if you're thinking that's really necessarily congruent to what you're doing because you may not have a business like legendary. It's actually very congruent to your affiliate marketing efforts. If you choose affiliate marketing, when you're handling support tickets or somebody is replying to your emails, then if you do that, like, it's amazing what can happen when people can see that you actually care. Wow. That's the difference between like $7, as commissioned and $1,000 Commission. Yeah what. Yeah, yeah cuz, cuz a lot of people are doing it, you know, most people aren't. Most people don't care. You know, they think about numbers and clout. And yeah vanity metrics and stuff like that. And then over-source or have like really poor quality customer service and it's good to delegate, but when you delegate you want to make sure that's quality too like, just how you would frame it and just how you would respond to somebody. So it makes a big difference because those numbers don't actually need to be that big for you to have significant changes in your life for you to make significant income.

Matt: Yeah, totally, totally. Man. Wow, this has been very valuable dude, this has been really fun. Thank you. Good. Do you have any? Do you have any, I'll let you have the last word. Do you have any parting sort of advice or thoughts for. Anyway, it could be, could be an affiliate who's already killing it, it could be. We've got people here today who like to purchase legendary an hour ago, and they're all here watching, you know, so like, there's people who were like, this whole thing is so brand new to me. You know, and they're just honored to be like, you know, what the heck is this Legendary Marketer. What is this 15 Day Challenge? And then there's other people here who are more experienced. What do you have, like parting advice or things that you what's on your mind today? 

Paul: Yeah, well, this kind of like what we talked about the theme of this is, has been consistency, showing up, and, and taking massive imperfect action, you know, but but making it mindful to, you know, don't just like throw things around like to, in terms of customer support, you know, don't just take that for granted and not handle that, but, but, in terms of your content getting that content out there and taking action on that and taking imperfect action and results will follow when you do that, it's it's been proven, and, and not to be afraid of just doing something or pressing record, you know, telling people who you are, I see that on TikTok all the time it's crazy man I'm sure you do too. It's like, you know these people like, they still have a job or they just lost their job or all walks of life, all walks of life, and they're just doing some TikTok videos, and then just all of a sudden they blow up. And they're, they're able to live that laptop lifestyle that live that internet marketing, lifestyle, from anywhere they want in just a matter of few months, because they're able to be consistent, and it's pretty tough, like it's not easy because it failure is sad, or feeling like you fail, it's really not about failure, it's about feeling like when your video doesn't do certain thing that you want it to do, but it will and another video might, you know, the next video might and the next next video that might be your viral video that changes everything. Right. It's a matter of showing up.

Matt: Yeah, there's a good chance. Actually, I mean, like there's actually a decent chance that it is, I think, I think people are. Yeah, especially on TikTok, especially into, because yeah, it's, it's like it's, it's, like, gosh, I could go on and on but it could just be like, it's such a hack, I mean it's such, it's, it's just, it's crazy. Thanks man, thanks for coming on. This is awesome, and that I got to meet you, and you know we're always kind of coming back to recurring guests later down the road so if you're around later, a couple months down the road, we'd love to have you back on. Sounds good. Great to meet you too man. Awesome. Have a good day, see. Alright guys, happy Wednesday hope your Wednesday's going well, middle of the week, we start to ramp up and get ready for the weekend, and I know many of you are weekend warriors, you're like hey I ain't got no weekends on Friday night, Saturday morning, I'm starting my business like that's that's not actually got time. I'm not working. I'm not on my nine to five, so it's been two days. But yeah, let's, let's keep going if you're newer to our community. I just want to say one thing, you're newer you're getting started with the challenge. Look, even if you don't do anything, Even if you never actually go forward and, and go crazy with this online business thing. Just my encouragement to you would just be to finish the challenge, right, doesn't even matter if you never do anything with it for the rest of your life. Just finish the challenge, get through 15 days, because there's something powerful and just finishing what you started that habit is such a big habit and if we don't ever teach you anything else here legendary Let us teach you how to finish something that you start and creating that new habit for yourself would be really powerful. So we're signing off for the day. We'll be back here again. Same time, same place next week. Okay, so we're here every single Monday through Friday 10am Eastern we're live. This is not pre recorded. I'm literally sitting out here, there's a freaking landscaper outside of me. I don't know if you've been able to hear him, the landscaper right outside of our fence, doing. I don't even know what, but this is just, we just go live and it's real and it's raw and it's honest. And we have real guests every single day. Unless they don't show up, but they usually show up, And, and we'll see you tomorrow at the same time.

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