Dave: What's going on my friends? It's David Sharpe here. Welcome to another episode of wake up legendary. This morning we have a friend, a student client here originally from Cuba,So we are going to bring in Miss Jimenez right now to the show. Welcome Arletis how are you?

Arletis: I'm very good. Thank you. Very excited to be here.

Dave: Good. We're excited to have you. Where are you living now? I would assume not Cuba.

Arletis: I'm living in Canada now. Well, the provinces Newfoundland and Labrador, and it's minus 30. Right now. It's freezing. 

Dave: So Arletis tell you how you came online? How did you find a legendary marketer?

Arletis: I started searching about online business back in 2020. And I started with Amazon FBA. And I do a lot of research because I'm the kind of person that is very analog, analyzing a lot of things. You know, I know

Dave: Analyzing or overthinking? I don't know sometimes. Sometimes we like to package our, you know, package things in a nice little bow but anyways, continue.

Arletis: Yeah, yeah. over-thinking. Anyway, I started my online business on Amazon. And I did my, you know, all that application that you have to do well, I got in contact with the factory in China. I developed my product. The product was already shipped to Amazon, I made my payment and then Amazon sent me an email saying that my product was restricted and that I couldn't sell that product on Amazon and they took it and they took it down. So that was hard. I was very sad at the time and disappointed. not the prayers but disappointment of myself a lot of things behind my head like I'm not good enough for this. Like I can't do this. Like, like, you know, like we always put those walls in front of all the reasons why we can do something. Instead of asking us to stop asking ourselves why that didn't work for you. You know so anyway, I got most of my money back from that experience because I lost money of course and then I say you know what, I'm just gonna keep looking for other ways to make money online. And I kept saying some of it was two brothers on YouTube talking about affiliate marketing, but I didn't have that much trust on them because I felt like they weren't gonna like those woo girls kind of thing but they just want to, you know, get to you and sign up to the program. So whatever, I saw a lady on YouTube. I saw a lady on YouTube talking about affiliate marketing and talking about legendary marketer.

Dave: Did you do you did you did you when you shut all that down? Do you immediately go looking for something else? Did it fall in your lap? Were you on Tik Tok or something? Scrolling? You said that you heard something from a young lady. Who? Who? What was her name again?

Arletis: Well, it was basically a lot to find her on YouTube because I'm very YouTube. At that time. I didn't have a TikTok account. I didn't even have a Facebook account like I was, out of social media. You know, so I found her and she talked about a legendary marketer. I looked at it and I took the training. And what that was like Amazon didn't work in February. And I said I have to find something else. So I found you guys the same. Well, I took the training and I'm happy to be here and oh my god. It's opened so many doors for me like I couldn't believe it. Yeah, wow. I mean, really? 

Dave: Tell us how things have changed and how you know this has changed your life. Talk us through a little bit. Of course, you know what it was like and what it's like now so we can also understand that contrast.

Arletis: Yes, so when I found you guys I knew I went to Ollie. And I said I just got to take the training because I really want to do this. So I took the blow brains, but I didn't start until June. And I did a blueprint in March. So it took me a lot of overthinking. You know how I was going to be pro social media. How I was going to do it like no one's gonna listen to me and like I'm not good enough. Like, how can I kind of show up in the camera and people believe in what I'm doing and make them want to do it. You know? And I just love when my brother is in shape. Because he didn't want me to be exposed on social media. Because we live in a small town and he's in a real estate business. You know, like, everyone knows their family and their families are not like in social media at all. Very conservative on that side. But anyway, I said, I woke up one day, and I said, I'm gonna do this. And this. This is what I want to do, like I'm not asking you why you don't want me to do it. I'm gonna tell you why I want to do it. So you can all you know, because sometimes, like, I was always that kind of girl that will do everything for someone else. Like we have to go here. I have to go there. I like supporting you. Like Hawking, you are always positive because I'm not a negative person at all. I don't believe in being negative because what if something happens now? I can do anything about it. Because it's already done. What I have to worry about is how can I make you know, something that never happened? That That doesn't happen again? You know, so that way, but anyway, I woke up one day and I say you know what? I'm just gonna go and TikTok. I have my convenient Tik Tok hidden. He knew about it. I didn't tell him, but what I felt like, I think two weeks after three weeks later, he found out I was addicted. Then he saw a video and he was like what is that? You know, was it that that's nearby? Like that's what I want to do like you never talk to me. I did talk to you about it. But sometimes our family or our spouse or closer attention that would have to protect us so much that they don't want us to be disappointed. They don't want us to fail, that they want the best for you, but it's not always best for me. So we have to think about that sometime. And think about the reason why you want to do it. Because when you're strong, you will become resourceful and you will find the tools and the resources like anywhere because you are so strong so for me I'm a Latina, I'm from Cuba. And I am very grateful that I have the horseman that I have because he is the best man, you know, like he takes now he took my kid because I'm doing this call. And now he's supporting me because I had to make this call. And I said this is what I want to do. The reason why I want to do it is because when we deal with a spouse, and money is a very touchy subject, sometimes we want to have our spouse, Understand why you want to do that. But sometimes we just have to shift the dialogue between our spouses and show him What we think is best for you. You know, why do you think it will make you happy? It will make you a better person. It will make you enjoy your life even better. Have that fire inside you enjoy things together. Is there a way that it's just such a touchy subject but you know, you just have to tell them what you want. Why do you do that and just ask them to support you?

Dave: Yeah. Damn right. I am right here with you. And I think this is one of the most powerful, you know, powerful things I've heard in a long time. I think this is what a lot of people need to hear. I mean how many of you can relate to what she said about being a people pleaser for your entire life and always being almost feeling like you're living your life for everybody else, almost like you're a permit supporting actor or actress. You're never the you never get the main role in your own life. And that that begins to wear on a person, I think after a few decades, and what I heard was a woman say it's my time. You know, that's what I heard. I heard a woman say it's my time. And I also heard such wisdom and, and also such empathy in understanding and patience in you and God, I don't see these characteristics. In men. I certainly don't see them in myself a lot of times, to where when your husband was wanting, not wanting you to do it. You did it because you said it's my time. This is my decision and this is my adult self saying this is what's best for me but you also didn't lash back you didn't lash out at him and say you don't understand you don't support you said you you you you sold him you persuaded him in I just want to point that out to everybody because to be influential if we can persuade and influence people who are close to us, it's a perfect practice grounds. So instead of practicing fighting, why not practice persuading? And what you did was you persuaded through your actions. You said I'm going to do this and then you went out and you created results. And we'll put your TikTok handle up. I believe you're up to almost 100,000 followers on Tiktok. I mean, so you're you're I mean, you're a rock star and I can see exactly why I mean Your attitude is everything. And it's so it's it's just I can't I can't I can't stress enough to all of you who are listening. If you want to know what the missing piece is for you. It is likely not something technical, and it's likely not even a skill set. Those are all things that you can learn. But it's that it's that decision that you have to make no turning back. And I'm going to do this unapologetically. Meaning that I'm not going to ask for permission and I'm not going to say you know, oh, I'm sorry. Right, because we are all at likely at a certain place in our life to where we don't have time to you know, we we've spent enough years arguing with ourselves, you know, finding the courage just to do something that takes courage now, let alone you know, so we have to, I think and what I what I heard with you, which was so impressive was even when you're when your spouse was doubtful. You knew that he wanted what was best for you, but it was just coming across as controlling. And if you didn't, have a lash out and get small. You said I love you. I know you want what's best for me, but I'm going to be okay. Just watch you get big, you step into your best self. And that doesn't sound like something that you had always done. It sounds like you have always given in to what other people want mostly probably friends and family and please them and this time you didn't in man. I just wonder if you could say more about that. How can we learn from that? What was it? Do you even know what happened? Was it just in a split second you made a decision? Or could you just say more about making that decision and instead of giving into saying Oh you're right or Okay, what do you want me to do or whatever right? Not going through? I'm just so interested in that decision that you made and how you made it.

Arletis: Well, like you know, like as a woman sometime we deal with a lot of fair self doubt in ourselves.

Dave: Right and that's probably the reason why I can't understand it is because I'm not a woman and so I want to acknowledge that as well. I don't know what it's like to be in a woman's shoes, but please, please continue because I want to I want to know

Arletis: Like no confidence. We don't have a lot of confidence in ourselves. Like we always tried to do the best for others, or we put ourselves on the side. And we have like I learned through the earth like even before. I knew that I wanted to do something in my life, like two years ago, so I started saving my own money because I said when I'm going to make that decision, I'm not going to ask no one who gave me money to give me a yes to give you permission. I'm going to do this on my own and when the time is ready, God will tell me like I'm reading this. So I am anyway like I started learning about loving myself. They know what is best for me. That will make my life even happier and easier. Because we can do for someone else where we don't do for ourselves. Like if you make your husband happy and you're going to those hunting trips or he can do right or or don't do casino or going to the beach and do whatever they want to do. Or to your brother Latin mothers and like whatever they want to do and you do it and you enjoy it because you see them happy. But reality is that behind that wall you're not having signed you because it feels lonely at one time because your wage you could do the same thing on the way that no, it's not going to go in your I know your hair fashion choice are going building your online business. Whatever you want to do, you have to know yourself. Like what what is what you want the most angry just go straightforward.

Dave: I think that you know, a lot of us don't stop long enough to ask what we really want. You know, so we don't know we never did so what was there a time or what? What made you finally stop and say wait a second. You know what I mean? Like I just think a lot of us live our lives and don't even stop to smell the roses and stop to ask ourselves, hey, do I love my am i doing good self care? Am I you know, I have kids? I could so easily see how our wife and I could get so involved in enthralled and just engrossed in just totally losing our identity and our children. But we have to, I know what you mean. Even my wife likes to work. You know, like to have her own identity and make her own money and these kinds of things she can. I know she can relate to this. But what you're describing, there's a moment also where you have to stop and say, Hey, timeout a second. You know, and I think for a lot of us what happens earliest is we don't know how to communicate our needs. I know I struggle with this. We don't know how to articulate what you're articulating right now. Like these are my needs and these are, this is how I would like you to be, this is how I would feel supported and this is what I need to do for myself. A lot of us don't stop to ask ourselves that and then and then be able to communicate it. So you know, we end up just bottling it inside and then just getting bitter and resentful and mad. And what I see from you is that you chose Hey, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna drink this poison and just keep it bottled up. I'm going to identify why I'm not happy and I'm sure that came after? Did you have kids? Did you have a child you say?

Arletis: Yeah. His birthday is tomorrow. It's gonna be three years old.

Dave: Did you find after you had your child did you go through any sort of postpartum kind of like either depression or like asking yourself what am I going to do next? Yes, yeah. My wife went through that big time. And so again, something that I'm sure a lot of ladies can understand. So you should be proud of yourself.

Arletis: Thank you. Yeah, then a long run but I'm so happy like, oh my god, like just I can describe how many things how, how many dollars it's been open for me. Love is worth it. Like, I mean, like, you know why, like when you do something in your life, like, like, that you really love and you like, even if you fail, I don't take that as a failure. Because I got to do it. I did what I wanted, I did what I wanted to do, but it didn't work. I'm going to find something else that is going to work because it is all about why you want to do it. It's not about the money. It's not about having your bank full of money like because behind all this. Anyone that is in this industry is because of pumping out the transformation that they're going to have in their life. For some people, they have control of their time so that they can spend more time with their kids. That is most of our audience is our moms' women and that's what they want, you know, for some people is to have control of their life, their freedom, and some money but it's not about the money. It's about something else. Or someone wants power, feeling independent because in Cuba, Cuba, I was standing as a doctor, I was going to become a doctor in Cuba. And then I stopped my career because then I met my husband and it was a lot of back and forth, back and forth and then in Cuba at that time. It was harder for me if I finished my career to leave my country because of the restrictions they have or whatever. So I decided to quit my career to come here and Canada. And then I came here to Canada, and my English wasn't the best. So I got a lot of self doubt about being insecure about my language. So I didn't decide to go down that road to become a doctor.

Dave: We just had somebody yesterday who said the same thing and liked where she was from But same thing insecurity about her app. And it was just flirting. There's a beautiful sound and a beautiful accent and yet she grew up feeling insecure and you of course moving to Canada describing feeling insecure and in that that probably contributing to you. You know just staying kind of quiet, I would assume Right?

Arletis: Like behind the scenes, like no one could see, like, all your talk or whatever.

Dave: Right, right. Right. And I just think for a lot of us, you know people who are Americans myself, it's difficult. It's difficult to understand, it's difficult to know, I've got my own challenges and things I've had to overcome. But I've got a barber who's Cuban. That's why I'm a fan of Cuban people. This guy's unbelievable. And he's, you know, came from Cuba. And what has worked his ass off, has worked his ass off to get to where he's at, which is you know, basically he's got his own place. He's got his own car. He's, he's, he works in a salon and he's got the most clients and he's probably going to have his own business soon. But his store and he's got citizenship. I think you got it last week actually. But man, tough tough tough roads and, and but you do you are tired of being quiet and tired of that self love, I think was a big thing too. Because I think that ties into this, doesn't it? Learning to love yourself for who you are the way you look the way you sound?

Arletis: Exactly. Like now I don't care. I really don't care what anyone says. So, if my tickle is good, if it's no good if my grandma and mother last time, my tic took what they think I don't really give about us. Yes, I don't, I don't care. I don't care even if I get let's say like but message across or whatever. You know, like, I don't really care about that. It doesn't affect me. Because again, when you love yourself, and you decide what you're going to do in your life, and you're wise on Sunday, you become soulful. You don't give a shit about what anyone says. Like it is for a farmer and is that a start, like learning and putting practice where you learn because it's not only learn and learn and learn like, like, I have struggled with that too, because I want to capture so much information, then there is no implementing that. You know, there is to learn about it. Because most of us always make an excuse or they didn't work because of that. They say that it didn't work because of that. And it's not really the answer. The answer is why that didn't work. No blame at Tony. They'll blame it or they are the training not blaming the problem or not blaming the course. That is blaming you. Why didn't work for you and find something else twisted around because everyone will have the same success and not everyone has the same perspective. For some people it will take longer than others to achieve what they really want. So I just have to think about that sometimes. 

Dave: I mean, your story is so inspiring and your attitude is just one that I wish I could I could scoop a little bit for everybody out and just just give them a little just, just just shoot him up with it. You know what I mean? I mean, because of taking ownership and taking control of your life. I mean, it's really if we boil it down to a simple sentence to describe what you did that would be what I would choose. You took control of your life. And when you think about it, you're either in control of your life or somebody else is in control of your life. And so you can go through each area of your life and say, am I in control of this somebody else in control of it? And, you know, I think a lot of you might be surprised by how little in control of your life you are. That's a scary thing. Look at the people over in Ukraine, by the way, praying thoughts and prayers for them and all of their friends and family but look at those people.

Arletis: It's indescribable what is happening there now.

David Sharpe: Yeah, yeah, it really is. But yeah, I just lost my train of thought thinking about them. I was talking about something with you. Oh, having control over your life, I think is what I was about. Yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy. It's crazy about what's going on. In the world right now. And I think for me, I'm proud to be an American but I also and I've definitely had a tough life. I think that a lot of it's been because of my own choices, you know, dealing with addiction and some homelessness and and just you know, kind of life on the streets for about 10 years. But you know, some of these some of these some of these countries like Cuba and Russia. These fucking places are unbelievable to live in. I mean, it's just that somebody like me, who was born and raised in America just has no idea what it's like and so, you know, that's just a special shout out to all of you who are, you know, overcoming additional odds coming from other countries or overcoming language barriers. You know, I can't tell you early, just how many people I've had on the show, who have said that same thing about an accent. And every single person of course, we have a supportive community, but they're like, Oh, you're your accent, beautiful, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what others say until you start to believe it. Yeah, it doesn't matter. You have to believe it yourself in there's a moment in which and that's why I say always be in touch with the pain. We are always so quick to want to try to get rid of pain. It's just human nature and we will act fast. We will run to the store to get a six pack or run to wherever, wherever we're going to try to numb our pain. Who jumps on social media, goes shopping, go have you know, whatever it is, but I'll tell you what, being in touch with your pain, being in touch with the pain, what is my reason? Why is pain My why is pain and that's what people don't understand why people say man get in touch with your wife. Well, okay, well, that's my Why I Don't Know What My why is, well, guess what hurts. What do you want, what is painful in your life? And if you say nothing, then you're probably living your life in a fog. You're probably living your life in a fog, and we probably can't help you. But if you're aware, you know what ship there is some pain that I've been avoiding. That I've been avoiding. I knew it's there, but I buried it. I push it, you know, and you described it perfectly. I'm tired of not being in control of my life. I'm tired of not feeling the self esteem that I need as an independent woman working and being productive. You know, I'm tired of not having an identity outside being a wife and a mom. I'm tired and not you know, what hurts. Where's the pain? In staying in touch with that pain? Be crystal clear on what hurts? What do you want to stop that you're tired of? Hey, it's almost like okay, this wound has been here for 10 years. I think I'm going to take care of it. Now. You know, and I'm going to take care of that wound of my self care, my self love, so I can get ready to go out and pursue this journey that I have no idea what's going to happen, but I know that it's what I want to do. 

Arletis: It’s calling you that's what you want. You know, that's what you want to do, they just stop asking for permission. Please stop asking for permission. Because permission. When you ask for permission, that will lead to unhappiness. That will lead to Don't Be yourself. That will lead to not being the person who you really are. Because you are being the person you think is the right person to be around the world, but it's not who you really want to be, you know, and each one of us has a talent. Each one of us has a talent that we have to share with the world. You know, and if you're willing because people connect with us with our stories, they do not connect with us because I make that much money and look at my bank account or the page now. Some 10 people don't relate to that. What was your transformation? What were you before and who you became, right? Why was that tool or that resource that you use? That maybe can help me as well? Because my story resonates with your story. There's a reason why people buy things now because I'm gonna make that motion that is always about the transformation deep into it. Because I changed my whole email list now and my first email is all about talking about who I am. You know what, I'm not talking about Afro Cuba, blah, blah, blah. I talk about a little bit about that, but more about who I was before I started my journey and

Dave: Who you were when you were asking for permission, who you were before, and what a powerful thing to describe because anybody can relate to that. Because it has nothing to do with your external circumstances. Here you are in a nice marriage with a child that you love. A husband that you love sitting in a nice safe home. You're probably not wanting for any meals or anything. You guys have money in the bank. You may be even independently wealthy. We don't know it doesn't matter. But you're sitting here with feelings of unhappiness, and feelings of unfulfillment and and you're depressed. And now you've made that transformation. From that to tears in your eyes, tears of joy, tears of pride, tears of self esteem. And you're absolutely right. What you just laid out. Nobody cares about how much money you've made. I mean, we assume you've made some money because you're on the show. And that's usually how we invite. We want to try to invite people who are making money and making moves and doing things but what we're so impressed with and inspired by your right is your transformation. You nailed that. i You You said that so perfectly. I don't think I've ever heard that said so clearly. And so perfectly about what is actually The Attractor Factor. When you're doing personal branding style marketing on the internet and that personal Attractor Factor you're absolutely right. Is the transformation. Yeah, that's really really very clear. And very true men that are leaders. That's that's a that's a big that's a big thing. So you're selling that transformation. You're talking about vulnerability in your emails on your TikToks in your videos. You're talking about the feelings of how you feel, not particularly the scenario because all of our situations might be a little bit different. But you're talking about how you felt and that's something everybody can relate to. And will it's no wonder why you know you're resonating so much you've got almost 100,000 followers on TikTok you're clearly building an email list making Commission's I mean, and you've got the added benefit that you've added all this self esteem and you've added this newfound powerful you know you've sort of given your identity and uplift you know, a facelift and upgrade you say hey, this is, um, being the best version of myself. And I'll tell you, it looks good on you. You know, it looks good on you to sit here and hear you talk so powerfully versus, you know, I could imagine, you know, maybe interviewing you and your husband and he's sitting there and maybe you're sitting towards the back and not saying much but for you to have your own spotlight here. It really looks good on you. And so, like I said, You should be proud of yourself. You are your voice and your message and the things that you have to say are powerful and true. And so I just want to encourage you to keep doing the same exactly what you're doing the character back. We're wrapping up just right on time. Okay. So, thank you, our leaders for your time. Really, really it was a pleasure and we are all so happy and proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. And come back soon. Okay, keep us posted.

Arletis: Yes. And well. Thank you. Bye.

Dave: Bye bye. All right, my friends. That is a wrap. What a powerful, powerful episode. You can follow our lead us over on Tik Tok @arletisjimenez and wow, you know what? For me? Just listening to her message each day and kind of what she's saying would probably be a lesson in mindset and probably some really good mindset vitamins for you if you want to get some of those each morning but anyways, with that being said it's a wrap for this week. Okay, ending here on you know, the week Friday, March 11. And halfway through March, almost the first quarter of 2022. And we're growing our communities and we're just so thrilled and proud to continue to keep doing what we're doing and not change anything because look at all the success that's coming out of this legendary marketer. It's just incredible. And thank you to all of you who come on the show and make it what it is you're willing to come back to. Show off your success. Talk to us about what you're doing. And it really really makes a huge difference. So get out of here, my friends, be legendary. We'll see you back here. On Monday at 10am Eastern Time. Peace