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Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and we just finished up an amazing mastermind weekend back in the saddle here. And something that we say quite often. If you know a construction worker can do it anybody can you know a stay at home mom can do it. Anybody can today, Sean. He's an oil worker. And if you read the title, if an oil worker can do it, anybody can. Let's hear his story. Sean Smith, welcome to the show, brother.

Sean: Hey, how are you? 

Dave: Good, man. I'm fantastic. Where are you calling in from?

Sean: Actually from Claremore Oklahoma. And back to work. I actually had to take my lunch break, too because I just, you know, can't. I don't have any days off. So it's one of those deals that you know, do what you gotta  do and am excited to be on here. 

Dave: Yeah. Wow. That's cool. And I would assume that not having any days off somehow ties into why you're building a business on the side online. Is that right? Is that you know, more family time, you know, because it's just the world's crazy deal going on. And there's a lot of people struggling out there and I was one of them. 

Dave: So tell us about that. Tell us how you found Legendary.

Sean:  I was actually just scrolling through TikTok and I came across you know, Brian Brewer and all actually all the ones that have on your mastermind, this this recent mastermind, and, you know, it just was like, Man, I don't know if I can. I don't know if I can do this. Because, you know, I had no computer skills whatsoever. I mean, is I look dumb when it comes to looking at a computer screen. And for me to come out of my shell and do you know, the things that I'm doing now? Even my wife and kids laugh because they've never seen me break out of my shell like that and to have the opportunity to have financial freedom. That is something that just blew my mind. And that's why I kind of it kind of led me to that and that's where I ended up that was legendary. I mean, I'm just after going through the 15 Day Challenge. It was. I mean, there's a lot of information in those 15 days. I mean, it's actually more than you can actually handle really, and then stellar. Yeah. Yeah, well, I always tell people it's better to be overwhelmed and underwhelmed. 

Dave: Oh, yeah, for sure. You know, people are always complaining about being overwhelmed. And it's like, well, have you ever considered the opposite of overwhelm? It's underwhelming means you're not very impressed with what you're doing and you're not being stretched. So it sounds like you are being stretched a little bit. You're, you're using new muscles. You're trying new things. You know, even the families looking at you. It sounds like they're supportive, but they're just shocked. What is it like for you to work some of these new muscles and I can relate to that coming from construction for some of these folks who are listening who are feeling like they can't do it because they're working muscles that have never been worked before. And it's going to take some time to build them up. How has that been like for you? 

Sean: Yeah, you know, just putting my face out there on you know, social media is a big deal for me because I'm used to just be in hands on being the grunt work guy out there in the field or you know, working on equipment stuff like that and to step out of my comfort zone and and make videos and tell people you know, kind of share my story. You know, you get a ton of people that relate to and I didn't realize that whenever I first started I was just thinking, you know, I've tried so many get rich quick schemes, and you don't I don't know what I'm going to do. And I was like, I'm gonna try it. You know, and my wife, she was like, it can't hurt. I mean, it's only $7. You might as well just go ahead and do it. And in a month's time, it was like, got this email from you guys saying that. Be on  Wake Up Legendary. I'm like, it just blew my mind. I was so excited. And I was like this is I can't fathom how much I appreciate everything that legendary done for me, you know, because, you know, whenever, you know that high ticket commission comes in and my wife was like I showed her I was like, am I reading this? Right? And, you know, is this just a joke? And she's like, Oh, my gosh, this is actually real. You know, and then the kids are like, you know, you just made a TikTok and this is what you got. I'm like, No, it's not that simple. But yeah, it's like that, you know, and they're like, Wow, and then they started getting supportive with me, you know? It's crazy how just one video can change your whole life like, I woke up that morning and had literally like, 3000 followers overnight. And then and then I had so many comments, I was getting overwhelmed and my mentor was like, just calm down, take a breath. Or, you know, just go through it. Take your time, you know, every couple hours, do a few and you know, comment and you know, help people and it's just been uphill ever since and I've just been like crazy going up to the top of this mountain. It's so good.

Dave: You just dropped a major nugget. And I just I'm not sure if everybody you dropped a few and I'm really your story. is very inspiring. Just the way that you tell it is very inspiring, because it's so real. It's so human. And I think that's exactly what you were talking about just a moment ago. Where you were like, I can't believe that so many people can relate. It's you know, the more real you are, the more down to earth the more just average normal of a life that you've lived, at least that you're living when you're getting started. It's one of the reasons why I just sit at the same desk every day and aren't out trying to be Mr. Mr. Lamborghini Mr. All this and that is because even if I do have some of those things, even if I can afford some of those things, they're not what the majority of people can relate to anyway, so it really does me no good to get on camera and flash them all up in debt because I mean, people just end up looking at use more skeptically that maybe they're rented or maybe they're not yours or maybe you're somehow just trying to use them as a way to pull the old banana in the tailpipe. Anyways, what does that do? Are you starting to see that now? Whereas maybe in the beginning you looked at Well, I'm just an average person who's worked in an oil field so I could never do that. Are you starting to look at some of those things that you once looked at as struggles now as strengths like hey, people are relating to me because I am keeping it real because I am probably pretty close to a lot of the challenges that they're all facing as well?

Sean: Yeah, yeah, I fell into that same trap that you were talking about with you know, people promoting their you know, their lifestyle and everything and all this all this glamor and everything. I'm like, Man, I just wish I could have that. And then, you know, legendary didn't have all that they just had the they're telling it like it is and, and my mentor he was like, you know, that's what you need to be as real and for me to be real to get us in and you can see my error here my accent you know, I'm pretty country redneck type person, you know, so for me to be on Tik Tok and explain it myself. It was hard at the start, you know, but then now it's getting to a point where it's just second nature to me. It's becoming really easy for me now.

Dave: How long has that taken? Getting comfortable just that we've taught, you know, just the time in which you've gone to go from where it was really difficult to where it's become second nature. 

Sean: You know, this is my second almost third month. So it I mean, it happened quickly. But as far as getting, I'm still not comfortable with some things. You know, there's some that won't do you know, and I won't. I don't. You got to open up to people and a lot of people want to see that you open it up. And for me, I'm this soft spoken type of person. You know, if I started talking real, you know, and I got emotional and I started getting teary eyed and stuff because I'm like this is me, you know. So it went well. 

Dave: I just wanted to point out that you know, that that timeline man of you, you know going from being real uncomfortable to to being like second nature was was just a few short 60 to 90 days. I mean, that's really a very short period of time in the grand scheme of things, to work at something to develop a skill that can provide you freedom, you know, and really communicating with people online, especially where we're going. I mean, for God's sakes, Metaverse, and all this, like, I don't know what all this shit means. I don't know where exactly, it's all going. But what I do know is where we're at right now, to simply be able to have a conversation with somebody on camera or even easier, right because what we're doing right now is live and I'd say this is one of the more difficult things to do. You're just recording the video, and you're speaking to the camera. And you have a chance to do it over but going from totally new and awkward and uncomfortable and it being the 50th nature to do it now becoming second nature being able to do that in 3060 to 90 days. I guess I'd like to pose it to everybody who's listening to it like, Do you have 60 to 90 days to develop a skill? They could give you freedom for the rest of your living life and help you build a business that you could then pass on even to future generations just like you were talking about with your kids?  What sort of future do you think you're opening up for your children by showing them that an oil field works or that's not the only path for them? Sean: You know, that was my main focus, you know, I was scared to let myself down and let my kids and my wife down, you know, because that was one of those deals that you know, it was either make it or break it and she said, just don't do it. You know, you can do it, you know, and just the encouragement from them kept me going and whenever they seemed, you know what was going on? And they were like, they were like, Man, can I do that? I'm like, well, you're still young, but you know, you can do it eventually. And you know, they're all They're all on board with that. They do TikTok and everything and all kinds of computer stuff. So they're really good at it. And I just tell them all the time, you know what my struggles are? No, you don't have to do that if you learn the right skills and you know, set yourself up and so that's the one thing I'm trying to do is just show you guys that somebody that's out here working their butt off every single day and still comes home and does this work. 

Dave: Oh, what a powerful, what a powerful, you know what a powerful demonstration example. I mean. What are you smiling about? What's coming for you? 

Sean: Oh, I'm just excited for everything. You know. I was so nervous about going on here. I couldn't even sleep last night. Because this is nerve racking. Like you said the live deal is even more nerve wracking than just posting a video. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. But it's so bad. You know, you get it's,you know, to me, it's all about framing. And I told the story to the mastermind this weekend. You know, there was a lady who was a public speaker and every time she saw a microphone , I knew that she was about ready to go on stage. She got all sweaty and knots in her stomach, and that's how she knew she was going to have a breakdown. And then you go over here and you interview a guy like Bondo, the lead singer of YouTube and before he got on stage, microphone, he got all sweaty knots in his stomach and that's how he knew he was alive and getting ready to crush it. You know, it's it's, it's the same scenario and it's just all about sometimes how we look at it, and how we choose to look at some of the symptoms that we're having, you know, some of this nervousness some of this, you know, sweating as some of this knots in the stomach is just letting me know that, you know, I'm alive. You know, I'm getting ready to rock this if I had no feelings, maybe I might need to check my policy. And I think this business has a lot of those things. It's a lot of those coming up against things that are new, that are going to make us nervous, and how we choose to perceive those feelings, those normal human feelings, that fear you know, that that that that insecurity, even that imposter syndrome, you don't think that great and successful people all across the, you know, the timeline of, of humans have at when they were new felt like they didn't belong in the room of the great you know what I mean? Like it we've all had these imposter syndromes we've all felt like, do I really deserve to be this? Do I really, am I really qualified to speak right now, whether it's on your tick tock about marketing or about parenting or whatever your niches or whether it's about, you know, you're a brand new attorney at a law firm, it's yours. Time to introduce yourself or your time to speak up at the first meeting. You know, I'm sure you've felt like that at some points on the oilfield. You got all those legends out there who you've you who've been there for 30, 40 years. Here, you're the new guy. There was probably some imposter syndrome at the beginning. There is probably a little bit of newbie insecurity and stuff. And, you know, we it's just that I think with our business online, it's that it's an optional thing. We make it optional. So we let that push us back into quitting or stopping. Whereas, you know, you said and you said this a few moments ago that you made this. You had a different mindset. It was this now or never. Is that a mindset that you had that you felt was helpful and could you explain that a little bit more, because you do still have a job? You do still have another source of income that you could say, oh, well, I got another source of income. I don't really have to do this. But somehow you pre positioned it in your head with your business that you don't have a plan B. How did you see that? How did you sing that, that gave you that ability to to keep going?

Sean: You know, it's one of those deals that I've always had the kind of a mindset of if I put my mind to something I'm gonna do it regardless if I fail 15, 20, 30 times, gonna make it happen one way or another. And I put that in place with a lot of other, you know, get rich quick schemes. And, you know, I've failed and I've tried again and failed and tried again, you know, and, and that's what my grandma used to do. So it was one of those deals that it kind of runs in the family that you follow into these schemes and stuff. And whenever I got on the legendary it was like, you know, everything just started coming together and, and all that knowledge in the 15 Day Challenge and all the training and stuff is like it was overwhelming. I was like, I gotta figure this out. And you know, having a mentor that was helping me put those pieces together just because I'm more of a hands-on person, so if I can't do hands on then I don't learn as quickly, you know, and that's probably certainly anybody out there. You know, a lot of them like to do hands on. And that was my main focus. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to 110% in it and that's all I want to do. And I did. I watched countless YouTube videos and Google things and everything imaginable to find out everything I could possibly find out before I even got in the legendary because I wanted to make sure I had a plan for this thing.

Dave: I got you, I got you. Well, the only thing I would say to anybody who's listening who's brand new, is maybe save yourself a little bit of time of Googling and thinking you're going to figure everything out before you get started because there's you're going to come in and you're going to find that if you just take it one step at a time and you figure things out as they come up. It's a lot easier than trying to figure everything out or think that you figured everything out before you get started. And I think that ends up holding a lot of people back. You're lucky that you continued and followed through with it. Because the majority of the rabbit holes that people go down into on YouTube and Google actually keep them in a cycle of excitement and then overwhelm and then self sabotage and then and then do it all over again. So just know that you know, the truth is there's enough people in this community that if you need additional help, you need insight. You need somebody to help you. Anybody can be a mentor to you at any time. And that's what I think one of the things that people get for me, let me explain to you how I use mentors. Sean, you could be my mentor today, because I need help with how to make a video go more viral. Because I've been posted on TikTok and I just, you know, what, I need to figure out what can I do to make it go viral? I could reach out to you and you could mentor me at this moment. You know, and sometimes I have multiple mentors in a day. You know, and I think this is also one of the things that holds people back is they think that they need. You know, they hear folks talking on these shows and they think that I need my situation to look exactly like that. And stay flexible folks as you're listening. Take the meat and leave the bones. Know that your story as much as your story that you're telling is inspirational in tongue and just amazing. And you should be so proud. Your story is not going to look like the next guys. It's going to look a little bit different. And there's some things that people can do that I'm sure you wish you knew. At the beginning, you might do a little bit differently so speak to your brand new day one self in knowing what you know now, what is something that you would have done differently? 

Sean: I definitely wouldn't have waited as I was trying to get to the point where I'm at now. I would have gone ahead and just went through the challenge and did the research through that and instead of because like you said there the YouTube and everything will take you down past it will hold you down. You know they'll give you that up to that point and then stop, you know, and whenever I had that one viral video, you know, I was talking about single mothers and stuff like that. And it was a single mother who said hey, you know, you're the first person that's ever explained this to me correctly. And I'm like, No, I did it correctly. You know, I just did it, you know, and that right there blew up all over TikTok. And, speaking of Megan and Ryan , they're the ones that commented on my Deal and like, I got so excited because I was like I thought they were famous. That's how it was because I was like oh my gosh, they comment they say good job. You know, do you ever need any help? Just let me know. Oh, my gosh, there's actually people out here that I see making all kinds of money that will help me and I'm like I'm not anybody special. You know and if that's what changed a lot of my mindset to go with don't have to have a lot of knowledge. You just have to know the right things to tell people that help them get through the process that they're trying to get through. Because everybody's struggle is different and I can speak the truth every single day that somebody is going to say all that they're gonna find and pick everything and find that one thing that really sparked their interest and like a person I actually relate to, you know.

Dave: So true brother, so true. Well, listen, I want to leave you a little little time to actually, you know, eat your lunch so you know I thank you so much man for you know being willing to carve out time on your lunch break to chat with me and with us. And congratulations on your success. Congratulations on the beginning of your journey. And you know, stay Legendary brother keep up. Keep up the fantastic work. Tell the family I said hello. 

Sean: Okay. Sure. Well, thank you for everything. 

Dave: You’re welcome, Sean. You're welcome. Keep it up, buddy and come back and keep us posted here in a few months. All right. Well, thank you. Alright, so I'll talk to you later, buddy. I'd say you could go follow Shawn at @stepaboveaffiliate. He's on TikTok and Instagram. That's his handle  @stepaboveaffiliate. Alright, my friends. Back in the saddle back to business as usual. You know, I just had a fantastic mastermind in Orlando. As Sean mentioned, you know, Brian Brewer, and Megan and Ryan Hubbs, Austin Becker. We had Sarah Ravel there we had Andre. Andre why his last name always is a challenge for me but he's been kicking tail. Yeah, we had just an amazing group . We had a fantastic time. There's different levels for you to know to interact with us whether it's just watching the show every day. Obviously going through the challenge, going through some of our training and getting on live coaching calls or coming to a mastermind you know that we just want to work with you. We don't want to sell you something and then go hide which is what I see so often happening on the internet. So we want to work with you. We want to support you and there's so many people in this community who are here to help, who are here to support and who are here to kind of lift you up as you run into both challenges, but also all your successes to celebrate with you. So get out of here have a legendary day. We'll see you back here for another episode. Tomorrow. We'll do something great. Go be great. Be Legendary. Peace.