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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? Good morning. How are we, Legendary Marketer in the house!

Alright my friends. Let's go. Yes, I am hyped now. I need to bring our guest on so I can actually clean this protein bar out of my teeth as he's talking because I eat these are RX bars. I don't have the wrapper, I already threw it away. I've never had a protein bar that sticks to your teeth like these protein bars do, I mean literally, I think half of the bar actually is just sticks in your teeth and then you get the nutrients and everything over like the next hour, as it kind of melts out of your teeth. But anyways, that's how we do right. We do and we got to do it, baby. All right. So, listen, as you guys can see in the description. We're going to be talking to a former security contractor getting back on his feet with affiliate marketing and I'm excited because I always like a back on your feet type of story so with that being said Daniel Welcome to the show my brother. 

Daniel: Hey Dave, how are you? How are you guys, man?

Dave: I'm excited bro to talk to you. Are you actually from New York or do you just like New York and you just like hats?

Daniel: Well, I used to live in New York. Okay, I was originally born in Taiwan, and I moved to New York in 2003 and stay there for a while, and to pursue my education and also did my job there. Then I moved to Los Angeles in 2009.

Dave: Okay, so that's where you're at right now. Right, yes. La baby la wonderful melting pot isn't it. Yeah, LA, it's a lot cooler than Florida and I don't mean temperature wise I just mean. Florida is like where you come to retire, so it's like, tons of, you know, senior citizens, which we love our seniors, I mean don't get me wrong, I love my seniors, particularly, I have many family members who are seniors but LA man it's just kind of vibe to it, doesn't it, it's got a, it's a vibe. 

Daniel: Yes, Yes. 

Dave: So talk to us about what brought you online, like, like, what, what, talk to us about how, what is, what does it mean for a former. I don't know if you're still doing security, okay former security contractor so talk to us about a little bit about your journey in a nutshell.

Daniel: Yeah, I mean, for me personally, I'm very honored to get on this show with you. I'm kind of emotional right now, because you don't know, I mean, actually get to know you or I actually follow you, before I even know what video marketing is about I was back in 2017, and I shifted my career, away from security contractor, because I don't want to travel to all those countries anymore after my first son, Ace was born. And it was not easy because I didn't have any online experience in the past, so I wouldn't have a lot of struggles, okay and especially finance wise, as well. While I was following you, I started another business. I did Amazon FBA for Hollywood Movie Star for like three years. That was not easy, and I lost a lot of confidence, okay because that's another area I have the media with.  I came from business security. I'm in the security business background. So I went through a lot of hard times, especially within my family, and also myself, I don't know what direction I should go. And your story is very inspiring. Okay, I learned a lot from your story and you. I should, I should say that you are power. I mean, I learned from that keeps me keep going. Then, in 2020, I decided to start my own business. And that's when I got into media marketing. And I started my own video marketing back in May, 2020. Initially, I just made a lot of beginner mistakes. I tried to learn from YouTube, I tried to do everything by myself, and that journey was not was not enjoyable. I should say, a lot of fights are going on between me and my wife. Yeah, she's thinks I'm stupid. Okay. She thinks I'm stupid, why, why should I do this why can’t I just go to get a normal job, just like regular people? Then, after trying this for a while without going to the professionals, I decided to give myself a chance to really learn how to do this properly. And in November, I started learning the basics to remote yourself, Then my entire business just went from there. 

Dave: Well, thank you for that and I'm so I'm so thrilled that we, you know, you kept me in your eyesight and we stayed connected I guess online even though you were good, you know you had found me and were following me for a little bit of time then you went off and you did some other stuff, but you kind of stayed connected to me and I'm glad now, this moment, we're sitting here talking to each other, and it's it's pretty cool right that's how, that's how this thing works, you know about that 2017. That was four years ago, right, you had initially connected with me online and started following me and now here four years later, you circled back after some other ventures and a few shiny objects and a few fights with the wife. You know you circle back around and, and we're having a conversation here talking about your progress and your success. I just really think that that's cool and I'm, I'm just as I'm talking, I'm soaking up this moment. And I'm just, I'm really happy to be connected with you and sharing this moment with you right now, brother. Thank you. Really cool man, really cool and I can certainly relate to the fights with the wife, you know, I mean when I, when I, I mean I've got tons of stories and everything but I mean, I, I can talk to people about those fights and those, it's really more of just a misunderstanding, you know, and the biggest thing, I mean my wife we, we've had some knockdown drag outs back in the day, you know, when I was just spending money and it looked like I was losing money and I wasn't going anywhere and things weren't going anywhere and and life wasn't getting any better, but of course I was, you know I was, I was kind of at that point I was more popular than results, you know, I was great at selling the dream but, but we were still living a nightmare. You know what I mean. And, and, you know, I wish I would have learned early in my career to just ask my wife how I can make you feel loved and supported right now? Because I realized as all my wife was just scared, you know, and she didn't understand she just wanted to feel safe, she just wanted to feel secure, she just wanted to know that we were going to be okay. And of course I took her doubt and her skepticism as a personal insult. She didn't believe in me, and that really wasn't the case. I've learned that over the years, and she still has those tendencies to be skipped. She's not as entrepreneurial as I am. She's not as much of a risk taker, but what I found is that that balance of her being more conservative and her being less of a risk taker has worked really well in our marriage because if there was two of me, I would have been broke, busted and disgusted a long time ago, you know what I mean. Man, if there was to me. Holy smokes, I probably would have, you know, I'd be dead or in prison for God's sakes or something I don't know, I would have done something crazy but I try to surround myself nowadays with people who disagree, who, who have different opinions, who can give me different perspectives. And that's one of the things I actually value most about my wife nowadays. And I know you guys will get there. It doesn't matter, it's a matter of time so I'm rooting for you. So talk to us about what the journey has been like you're getting on tick tock of course you've got a follower count now of almost 50,000 people, which is pretty cool. And what is, what is your business, I mean, what are you doing that's working and what have you learned top lessons over since 2020 When you started?

Daniel: Yeah, when I first started, I mean, because when I look back, okay if I need to restart again I probably would do this in a more efficient manner. When I went back in May 2020 Like I said, I messed with a lot of low ticket items, and also I started doing YouTube reviews. And, number one, financial wise it’s not rewarding enough number two I do need to put in a lot of work, just like a full time job and going after each different low quality software product, and making YouTube videos, and the later on in November, I keep hearing I keep hearing this, you should do high ticket. Then I decided to pursue the 15 day challenge, and all the education that you guys provided to learn how to really do a video marketing business as a beginner, especially focusing on the high ticket of feeding and monitoring. And when I started my YouTube channel. In January, and my regret is that I didn't learn how to do this properly, early enough time and money, and mess around with other products in the marketplace. So just give you an example: get started from YouTube, and probably a lot of our viewers are thinking about doing YouTube. I got about my first and two other subscribers that took me over like a month of time getting. And, but, after learning from from you guys, I started my channel, I started my channel back in January 2021 So within four months of time, not only on building a good size of email list by using TikTok, and also I have over 50,000 followers and so my regret is that I didn't join this party early enough, at the beginning of my business career.

Dave: Yeah. So what would you say to somebody who's thinking now, today, six months later, only six months but you know how some of us are we think oh I missed the boat, you know, Oh man, what would you say to the person who's sitting on the kind of fence of action in inaction. Today, or as I pointed out in one of our Facebook groups over the weekend. A lot of people are shopping for software tools and setting things up and kind of procrastinating getting ready to get ready because of course that stuff makes us feel busy but it's not really taking action. What would you say to the people who are not going all in. Right now taking advantage of the opportunity that's in front of us, which to me is a massively viral, organic platform that you can build huge audiences in big businesses with free traffic, And also an entire planet. The now completely opposite Daniel from back in the day when people were like, Why do I need to make money online or from home? I've got a job, now everybody's like, I need to figure out a way to make money from home. So what would you say to the people who think that they missed the boat, who are sitting sort of on that fence of inaction today?

Daniel: Okay, so here's my honest advice. Okay I'm telling you from my own experience, if you're gonna do this. Okay, number one, you learn from professionals, okay, and forget about all. I know some of you guys, including myself, we all have shiny object syndrome, okay, we chase after different software and look for that magic pill. Okay, there's no magic pills, okay. And you've got to learn from a professional how to do this properly, and trust me the effort, if you know how to do this correctly, and utilizing the best tool, which is TikTok is an amazing organic platform that you should start with before you expand your reach to other platforms. So for all the beginners who are sitting on the fence right now, I will suggest number one, you learn from the professionals. So you will. I mean that's gonna save you money and time down the road. So you learn from a professional, and also utilize this opportunity, as your first step, and to get at least to get it going. And then you should keep learning, okay it's never non stop learning. You should keep learning, and take action, and most importantly is to, number one, believe in yourself, and also believe in other people who have walked the path before you.

Dave: Yeah, so I love that. So, what, what, in your opinion, is, you know, Actually let me ask you this. There's a lot of people who look at themselves and they think, you know, I could never be like this and so or English is not my first language, or I don't look like her or I don't sound like him or whatever. I'm asking you this because I assume that English was not is not your first language . Okay, okay, I'm glad that I'm accurate with that because, although your English is clear, and it's, it's, it's perfect. I had a sneaking suspicion that you speak other languages, correct. So, what, and I would also assume that you're primarily marketing to people in America. Right, exactly. English speaking people in America who are predominantly probably even more white. Right. Or maybe I even think the African American population in the Americas is around 13% And I think the Asian population is, is quite a bit less than that, so. So there's a lot of things that people like for example that you have, if you wanted to tell yourself a story. Oh, I I can't succeed because of this or I can't succeed because of that, how are you, or what would you say to people who are also counting themselves out in making up reasons why they can't be successful, before they even get started right and you know what I'm talking about we all have these maybe it's not some of the ones that I listed but I just wanted to point to guests some of the ones that somebody who's not has an English as their first language, somebody who is, you know what, maybe not. Were you born in Taiwan?

Daniel: Yes

Dave: You were born in Taiwan? So you weren't even born in the United States of America?

Daniel: No

Dave: So you've overcome a lot of mental obstacles to be able to, I mean I can't even imagine Daniel like moving to Taiwan. And, and, and marketing in, I don't know I just like I have a lot of respect and obviously America is full of people who have come here from other countries. That's what America is all about. But, but, I just, I just really want to validate you for overcoming, like a lot, and, and, and really clearly having a mentality and a mindset that you've worked on, what would you tell somebody who has limiting beliefs around what is possible for them, and maybe comparing themselves to other people or looking at who they are and saying I'm not good enough.

Daniel: Right, I mean, okay, here's buying a device, okay because I also came from a place that because, well my last business, Amazon business failed okay and there was a lot of conflict within my family also within, within my team okay my coworkers, so I had to leave. And after that, I mean, I feel, and also a video marketing I just didn't. I just didn't get any results. Okay, there's no results, I can show so my, my self esteem was quite low, at that time, okay. And here's one thing I do learn okay sometimes just look at me as an example, English is not my first language. And also, I was so afraid to be in front of the camera. And so it took me a while to get used to it. And, but here's what I learned. Sometimes, you cannot trust the voice inside of you, telling you that you are not good enough, okay, you don't have white takes, because sometimes that means that that small voice is actually the thing that's stopping you going after what you really want in life. So you should seek an end just number one handout with like minded people, like the community within the Legendary Marketer and just learn from other people's story, I mean if other people who are in the worst situation than you are at right now, they can still push through, okay, because they have something better. They feel they deserve it. Okay. And if you always want something better in your life, then find that courage, find some support, and really go after what you want to have in life, that's my advice.

Dave: Yeah. Wonderful. So how did you get over the camera fear, Daniel like how did you are you are you completely over it now? What what did it look like and how, like, like give us some examples of like for me, when I started, I would record something and then if I fumble just a little bit I would stop and re-record the entire thing because I thought I had to be perfect or whatever. I did that to exhaustion. I did that, I would record one simple video 50 to 100 times. I mean it was insane. It was exhausting, and it wasn't fun. So not only was I not making money because no business makes money right out of the gate, but I was also exhausted and miserable because I was being a perfectionist, and, and I just, it took time to feel comfortable, so what, what did the beginning look like for you coming on camera, and like, what are some of the things that you could, that you could recommend to people to overcome some of those fears.

Daniel: Well, initially, okay, when I first started my TikTok videos, initially okay I will spend like two, Three hours just to make one video. So it was very time consuming. And later on, I learned that I tried to kill myself as a friend, as the person who is relatable to people. Okay. And initially I was so any part of me that I was not comfortable with the camera because I want to be perfect. Okay, I want to show my best size out there to the world. So hopefully that people will like me, but I was actually locked wrong, okay, and you need to learn how to be the real you, be authentic and because people can relate it to your authenticity, and when people, is less people are less interested in what kind of achievement you have, because that is not really relatable to their lives. So, number one, you have to recognize who you really are, and people will appreciate who you are and also the value, okay you can bring to the table, even if it's not perfect. Okay, maybe that's some dark side story of your life, but other people can learn from that, use yourself as an example. Okay, I think, in order to really be good with a camera. Okay, you have to, in a mindset of helping other people, okay even if I'm not perfect, but you can use my example. My story, hopefully, is what inspired you to move towards something better. That's my goal. 

Dave: Yeah, I think that I think that the the greatest freedom that any of you guys will ever get the greatest freedom which will also be the most profitable, move that you ever make is to completely let go of the need for acceptance from other people in the read and what, what, who that is, that's looking for acceptance is the 10 year old you. It's the 10 year old you who is in school, who's looking around, or, or is afraid that people are making fun of them, or afraid they're not going to get, make friends, or afraid that you're not going to get picked on the basketball Corps, or you get laughed at in the lunchroom, and we all have had that experience and that literally is our 10 year old self. And as an adult, oftentimes what I find is that I can still operate from my 10 year old self, I can still that person is still there that inner child wherever you want to call it is still there. And and I can still get into that mindset of who I hope, I hope, I just hope I don't get made fun of, I just I don't want to get made fun of because there's nothing like getting laughed at, it's that that that feeling of rejection of that people are laughing at me or don't like me. It's one of the scariest things in the world for human beings, it's probably right up there with public speaking as one of the most feared things his tip is to not be like to not be accepted. And so that's why it's so profitable, is because most people can't get over it. Most people can't step into their adult self, and put all of the self absorbed self centered, insecurities aside, which are not which those are actually part of who we are. So it's not that we need to get over them, it's that we need to talk to our 10 year old self and say, little Dave little Dave buddy. It's okay, I got you. We don't need to, we don't need to be afraid of that anymore. We're adults, we're grown now. And I'm serious, like if you have to talk to yourself. If you have to get up a little teddy bear or a stuffed animal and set it there on your desk in front of you in that your 10 year old self, and you talk to him and say, little, little Dave, you're not running the show today. You're not running the show today, adult Dave is running the show today. Adult Dave is running the show today, not 10 year old Dave. We're going to get up here and we're going to serve people and it because you know what people don't give a shit about how we look, give a shit about whether we took a shower, people don't give a shit about what clothes were wearing they simply care about what we do in what we say how it can add value to their lives, how it can help them that's all they care about. And so as my adult self. That's who I'm going to step in and that's how I'm going to deliver on this video as my adult self and I'm telling you. As for me, as I've as I've nurtured that little boy inside me. Who's afraid of rejection, who's not that I don't try to deny him. I don't try to abandon him. I don't try to throw it outside and say, Get out of here you little shit, or try to act like he doesn't exist, because he's still here man. He's still here. But if I just say you know what today, little guy. You're not running the show adult Davis, and I'm going to serve some people even if, even if the haters don't understand even if other people and here's the other key, even if other people are going to project their 10 year old self onto me in the comments, right, because that's the other thing that happens is that other people's child self, their 10 year old self, they get in the comment section, and they get me, just like they did in the lunchroom, just like they did back in elementary school and middle school they get all me know you little shit. You don't know anything, you're a rich scammer, whatever, right, yeah. And so now all of a sudden I because their 10 year old self now brings out my 10 year old self and I'm like oh my god, they don't like me they're calling me a scam right, we just call get up in our 10 year old selves, and that's why you got to step into the room with the adults people, you got to be the adult in the room. If you want to make a lot of money, do you want to be successful in business, you've got to be the adult in the room, and that's what I've learned over the years it's come through a lot of therapy, it's come through a lot of personal development I've gone, you know, I don't just go to seminars and jump up and down and say I'm healed, I battle through this stuff in lots of different ways including facing myself on camera and being aware of how I'm feeling. Insane. This is not my adult self. That 10 year old is running the show today. Why is that, and maybe I need to give him some love. Maybe I need to step away from the camera and I need to do some self care, maybe I need to go take a nap, whatever, right, but I got to have my adult self running the show. Not the 10 year old I'm ranting what's coming up for you right now, Daniel?

Daniel: No, I'm just learning from you. I mean I'm just learning. 

Dave: Yeah, it's, it's, so here's the other thing I look at, I'm not perfect. I'm not perfect, I still have more money. I have a 10 year old self that pops up every now and then I get insecure I get scared, same thing, but I'm telling you I think this is the thing that we don't talk about enough in this entrepreneur world of Lamborghinis on Instagram and all this bullshit is that it's, it's not about, you know, not feeling. It's not about not being scared. It's not about not feeling insecure. It's about feeling those things, acknowledging them, and in walking through them, saying, “My adult self is stronger than this my adult self is, I can handle this, maybe 10 year old Dave couldn't handle this. But adult Dave can handle this situation. And I'm going to take care of my business myself and my family. And one of the things that's really helped me Daniel, do you have any kids? I have two, you have two boys, and you know how they don't know it's so it's, it's so clear when you're around children because they really don't. They're pure and they're beautiful, but they're, they don't know how to operate in the real world, when we have to protect them, right, we have to look out for them and that's one of the things that I think is important for us to do as entrepreneurs, adult entrepreneurs, is to look out for that little tiny kid inside and not treat ourselves badly, not, not, not chastise ourselves not not get down on ourselves, but just realize that, okay, that's okay, Like I'm feeling scared. Today I'm feeling sensitive today, because some of these comments hurt, but you know what the adult version of Dave is, I can handle this stuff, man. I mean like I can handle this. And I think that's one of the most important things for us to remember is that we all can handle this Daniel. One of the things among my now five year old is, you can do hard things you can do and I love how you said it's not easy, you got to work your ass off. But haven't you realized that you can do hard things brother that you can actually accomplish Tough shit and you are absolved. When you work your ass off, you actually can. How has this business, you know, and being an entrepreneur taught you about who you are and how much you really can handle?

Daniel: Well, I mean, we, everybody I mean everybody has more than what they do, they can give me okay, if you find a purpose. And also I also would like to enhance the last subject, which is that for people who are on the fence, okay here here's how I look at it. Number one, you have to find your why, Why you want to start this business, okay, even though you are scared, even though you have fears, you have to find out your why. First, why you need to do this for me is my, my family, okay, it's my two kids. And that's, that's, that's the, that's the power of the fire you had, you had to find first, okay your why. Number two, there will be a lot of challenges when you are doing a new business, for example, how to get over my fear of being in front of the camera, how to deal with those negative comments and all that good stuff. So they would challenge the stock, but how I looked at it, is that by doing this business, or by doing this new venture. Instead of focusing on what you get on it, which is why I always started, okay we want to make more money, but to take it one step further. Is that who you can become by doing this business? Okay, so I like, I would like to become a powerful presenter one day in front of the camera, and not just the, just the Dave how you doing, I was totally blown away. Okay, by the details how, how you talk to people in front of the camera. That's something I'm looking for. So there are a lot of pieces that I don't have. And I know by going after this new business is going to bring me more skills, okay become the person I want to become, and also become a better father to my kids.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, it really is amazing how many different areas of our lives can be improved. When we use entrepreneurship in this business, as the sort of the way to grow, you know, it's like, it's like there's not a whole lot of things that challenge you, the way that being an entrepreneur does, you know, there really isn't. There's not a lot of things, and, and what I have found is absolutely in combination with really good personal development I've done therapy I've done. I mean, obviously, a lot of you guys know I'm in 12 step recovery because I'm a recovering drug addict, you know I've been, I've been clean and sober for over 10 years, so that all is a lot of personal development work and stuff too like real work not just sharing fucking memes on Facebook, you know what I mean like, like, like a lot of times we think we're doing personal development because we're, you know, listening to a bunch of audio books, it's that's fine, information is fine. But, but, but, execution is where real power comes from, you know, information is just information, it doesn't it's not anything until we do something with it. You know, and lots of people get lots of information. I know people who sit in front of the boob tube and they just watch documentaries and they, they, they've learned so much but they don't do shit. They just sit on their ass, you know, I know people who go to. I know people who go to college for decades, and they don't do shit, they get a bunch of degrees, and that's fine. I'm not putting that down, I'm just saying that there's a difference between, you know, getting information and then using that information, you know, executing on that information, and then finding out who you really are, and there's not a whole lot. I believe this. I believe this is my belief Daniel is that every single person here that's listening to every single person just in general, but each one of you guys and gals, has everything inside of you that you already need to be successful. It's just that, as, as you said Daniel, sometimes the pros can help you to go inside and find what you didn't know is there, like, I don't, I don't need anybody to, I don't want anybody to be in, like dependent on me, like, I don't, I don't want I know there's a lot of gurus out in this industry, who want to be like, oh I got the secret and they keep moving these you know what I mean it's like, oh, you know they dangle the carrot, it's like go to this seminar then go to this seminar, then go to this seminar then but it's like, you know, it's like that's that's that's a that's a that's a predator, you know, we all have what we need inside of us, we just need the right information from the right person in the right environment, but in order to get that information out of us, and get that personal power up out of us to feel courageous enough we look around if we're in the right environment, we look around we see other people doing, like, I can do it, we say something people validate as you come on the show people comment supportive stuff, you're like, I can do this like, I feel supported, that's why environment is so important. But those three pieces: right information, right people, right environment can help you all to bring out what is already inside. So a lot of you guys are searching for the right guru or the right opportunity or the right this or the right, that things outside of yourself thinking those things are going to fix you or make you happy or successful. And the truth is that you need to. My opinion is, get in, get the right information from the right person in the right environment, who will help you to find your best self, the best version of yourself that's already waiting to be uncaged inside of you. Right? And, and then and then you run and you know what a great mentor or a great coach is not going to give a shit if you fly the nest, they're going to be happy that you fly the nest, they're not going to feel like they need to have control over you. You know what I mean like they want to keep you down or only support you if you're doing a certain thing. Right, I've had in my decade in this industry people, maybe as many success stories as anybody, organic, I don't, I don't work with gurus, I work with regular people who are, who have no experience. And if you look at our community the amount of people who are just brand new never been entrepreneurs before but are having success. It's on matched in the real reason is is because of what I'm talking about right now. And the problem with this industry is there's too many predatory unqualified coaches and mentors who are pretending that there are people saviors, and instead of creating a supportive community. And I think that's one of the biggest assets that we have here, and, and. And anyways, so I just I'm passionate a shit about this stuff and I think that if, if we all just took a breath, you know, I saw somebody who said in our one of our Facebook groups yesterday I just made my first commission any advice, like the fucking advice is do more of, like, the advices don't ask for advice. Okay, that's the advice, the advice is don't ask for advice because you're making, you're making, you know what Daniel, I'm ranting like a son of a bitch right now but it's Monday I'm going hard. You know, look, here, here, here's my here's my. Here's my thing. When I stopped listening to everybody else, all these assholes out here on Instagram and Facebook and all this other shit when I stopped listening to people is when and when I started listening to this, in this. That's when my life in business blew up. You know what I mean, because I was like, Look man, I, for so many years I felt insecure and I felt inadequate and I felt like I needed somebody else to tell me what to do. And it's like, you guys know what to do, but you got to you gotta quiet the voices in clear out the Creativity Channel, because right now it's like you're you're like, You're like an artery that's blocked, and I feel like my job here at legendary is help you guys unblock that passion artery that that that vision artery that confidence artery unclog it. It's like a sewer pipe man. It's got shit all in, in, throw a router in there to clear it out. So you guys feel more confident in yourselves, and you begin to listen to yourselves, because Daniel, what you're going to find as you become a better and better presenter and speaker is that you have amazing confidence and amazing value. When you get into flow state, right, when you, when you when you when you just really just because you you know so much, and when you get into flow state and you're comfortable in your skin and you're feeling confident you show up as your adult self and not, you know, little 10 year old Daniel like little 10 year old day laborer, show up as that adult self the guy you are. Your father to your kids like that guy, that guy who is the guy who if your kid ran out to a street, you'd snap that little fucker. Right that's instinct baby that's instinct, if your kids run out into the street you don't turn to book and Joe Schmo next you know, what should I do, you know, do that,

you get back over here you snapped his arm and it's instinct, man. I'm going to tell you something. We all have that instinct inside of us, we all know what we need to do next. And it's just a matter of sometimes that is that we just need to keep going and keep doing and stop looking for others to tell us what to do. And that's exactly what I see you doing brother, so a big round of applause for you, and I want to give you the last I've been talking my ass off, thank you so much Daniel for letting me rant and rave. 

Daniel: Thank you for having me here. I'm learning. I mean, learning from you. Oh, great advice. Thank you so much.

Dave: So, what if somebody was on the fence about getting involved in our company, our community and coming and joining us and locking arms. What would you tell them about Legendary Marketer today Daniel?

Daniel: Okay, I'm thinking this because I've been, I've been to a lot of courses, okay, I came from the product review aspect. So I pretty much see what's out there in the software shiny object and all that good stuff. So, the regret I'm having Okay, is that I didn't choose to do this properly, and then foundation during marketing earlier enough, so I wasted like six months of my precious time. And if I can start like six months back, my business will be at another level. And that's number one. Number two. Why does it take that small step, with just a little bit of fate? Okay, you believe you can do this. Okay, and just take that first small step, that's gonna lead you to a totally different path, because I came from nothing, and after learning from Legendary Marketer, I started doing my affiliate marketing business properly. I'm still small right now, but I can see other members inside this community. I mean they have crazy results, I admire them, I should say, Okay, so those are the role models and learning, and also I tried to, I tried to build my business, following their path. So they are inside this legendary marketer community, okay. You don't need to wait till you are perfect, because that is not going to happen. you just need to take a small step, and that small step will lead you to the entire new opportunity, and also by building this business, you're going to become a better person. Okay, you're going to build your confidence by doing shit okay by doing things, not by sitting on the sidelines.

Dave: Right. And there it is, folks. You know, I also want to say that we're not perfect, right, we're not perfect, there is no perfect course or program out there. Right, there's no perfect, and I'm not perfect, and it's not me that makes legendary marketer what it is, it's, it's, it's actually you. It's actually, people like you, because if I was just standing alone out here on the internet, screaming and talking and shit like I do every day. And nobody like it didn't resonate with anybody and they were like, you know I'm not. I'm just gonna sit here and do nothing, right, it's because of like people that, that also have like you that have the same visions and goals, and this message resonates with so I'm eternally grateful for you. Daniel, and the fact that, like you've taken the journey from Taiwan to New York to LA, that you've done everything that you've done up until this point that you started following me in 2017 and went off and did whatever you did and that eventually you found your way back we've connected now, and I've helped you, you're now helping me you're helping our community just with the inspiration of what you've done, because we all need that man six months, look at what you've done, I can't imagine another six months imagine six years I've been doing this for over 10 years imagine where you'll be in six years, you can imagine, Daniel, you actually can't imagine if you tried to right now you would shortchange yourself. You will shortchange yourself, of what's possible brother. So keep up the great work, man. Come back and see us in a few months and keep us updated, keep learning, keep growing and keep up the great work, brother. 

Daniel: Okay, Thank you, Dave. Thank you for having me.

Dave: All right, Daniel, see you later. Right. Later, tell your wife and your family I said Hi

Hey, tell him that you crushed it, brother. Okay, I wouldn't tell them to put on their seatbelt and tell them to get ready for the wild ride because this next year, Daniel brother, it's going to be a wild ride for you my man so keep it up. 

Daniel: Yes, sir. Thank you. 

Dave: See you man. My friends, get the hell out of here. Go do something productive this week for God's sakes, I love you all. Be Legendary, we'll see you guys back here tomorrow. All right. Peace.

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