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Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary we've got a gentleman by the name of Tyler I'm bringing him out here in just a moment, who has done quite a bit of drop shipping and he's going to explain today why affiliate marketing, high ticket affiliate marketing and selling other people's information products is better than drop shipping I'm excited to learn from Tyler and have him on the show so please help me, everyone in the community. Everyone on the show. Welcome Tyler to the show what's up buddy.

Tyler: Hey man, not much thanks for having me on the show. 

Dave: Hey brother, it is my pleasure man so nine times nine times, you. You did the old drop shipping deal and oh by the way guys, we're not here to, you know, say that you can't be successful with any business model out there said oh, you know, don't, don't take it the wrong way this is Tyler story it's his journey. You can tell your story when you're on the show but Tyler, you are more of a fan of affiliate marketing than Drop Shipping tells us a little bit about your, your journey, up until this point and kind of who you are.

Tyler: So, yeah, I love affiliate marketing by far. Drop Shipping has been a headache for me. The whole process. I honestly started about two or three years ago with drop shipping, I really wanted out of the nine to five, rat race. Some people call it. And so I was looking for any way out, and I would just get these YouTube ads to check out this new way of making money online and it happens to be dropshipping. And so you know I wouldn't buy the course. I never buy a course. So I would go ahead and just try to learn as much stuff as I could, through YouTube. And so the first three or four times, scientists I just tried everything on my own. I joined a bunch of dropshipping Facebook groups, hoping that that would help me. Some guy reached out to me and he was like, hey, I can sell you this course for $100, and it's one that I've had success with. So I would have tried that and it was, it was a little bit helpful. But what I started doing was I started outsourcing to Fiverr. And that's when I started to get some success, but doing what I would sell a bunch of items just selling items was a success for me for a while.

Yeah. And, but about a month or so later, I get all these hateful emails and like where's my products. It's been 30 days. And I have to refund these people's products because I couldn't do customer service prior to that. It's a pain.

Dave: Yeah, it's interesting how many people have tried drop shipping in Amazon, man. You know what I mean. I had no idea like how you know how, how many people have tried this, these business models and, and there are people who have been successful these just like there are people who are successful with affiliate marketing, and there's a lot of people who are not successful with affiliate marketing, let's not, you know, let's not hype this thing up here today, as in I'm talking to everybody here, that's listening, we're not hyping this up as affiliate marketing is the, you know, or even selling information products in general is the Holy Grail and every single person who does it is going to be successful guaranteed that that's not what we're saying. The majority of people that try aren't successful. And the reason why is because I think a lot of people do the whole thing. I'm going to try to learn for free and I'm not going to. I'm going to try to pinch every penny of every step of the way. And also just, I talked about this all the time and the mechanics and the dynamics and mechanics or how the business works the dynamics or how you work, you know, and. And so, anyways, you you you've stumbled upon affiliate marketing you stumbled upon legendary how to talk to us about sort of that discovery and sort of what light bulbs went off for you and what you saw and and kind of why you decided to pull the trigger on affiliate marketing and, and, you know what you're doing now. 

Tyler: Yeah, definitely. So funny after the ninth time of doing it, after a time of doing drop shipping, which was actually just during COVID time, because I was trying to sell. Wireless thermometers, I'm sure you see him all the time though. So, after that I wasn't doing too well. I was like okay well I can see affiliate marketing on the internet, you know, and I actually found it on TikTok, which I'm so glad I love TikTok. And so, I'm so happy I found TikTok. But, so I was like okay maybe I should try affiliate marketing, and through the education and the community that I've been doing provides, I was able to finally leave my nine to five job because I was looking at, I was working at US Bank, prior to do, so it wasn't an awful job, obviously, but it just, you know I wanted out the nine to five, I get home o'clock at six o'clock today. And, you know, maybe people to do, maybe one or two shows after eating dinner or something and it wasn't, I didn't get to spend any time with my family. I didn’t get to spend time with people who I love. And that's really what it was motivation wasn't never about money for me. It was about my time, I just wanted my time back. After going to college because I went to Penn State University, and I have my bachelor's in business. I think I got used to having all that time to myself, and having time to be around people I enjoyed. So it was working a nine to five where you don't have any time at all, really. I would come home after I started affiliate marketing and after a certain theory, I would come home and for about one, two hours after my nine to five job, I would be just making TikToks just every single day. I was exhausted, but eventually it paid off, I'm up to 3000 followers on TikTok.

Dave: Wow. Really, that's crazy, bro. Yeah. Do you have multiple profiles?

Tyler: So I do have one more like a backup I was trying to start making just because I know tick tock sometimes gets eager to be in people.

Dave: Okay, so you're Wow dude so basically you kind of went full throttle on on organic marketing kind of building your own personal brand, right instead of, I think the challenge with, with a lot of, and maybe you could speak to this a little bit about what your experience and sort of your, your approach to this, but I think a lot of people when they say when they hear make money online in their first thought and reaction is, okay, I'm going to basically broker products. I'm going to just randomly sell products. I'm not going to put my name or face out there. I'm just gonna kind of try to hawk. Whatever seems to be a hot selling product to whoever will buy it and kind of not put any skin in the game in terms of my reputation, right, because I'm not showing my face, right. More times than not, for the new entrepreneur that bites them in the ass. Oh yeah, guys. The reason why is, is because a major part of business is your reputation. It's, being willing to put your reputation on the line, it's being willing to put your name and your face on something, which also the marketplace recognizes as, okay, this person's putting their name and their face and their reputation on the line here. And I think that's a big distinction Tyler between a lot of these online marketing, making money models out there like drop shipping and so forth. In the difference between having a brand in quite frankly, whether you're selling physical products through TikTok videos I mean I can very easily start a TikTok channel in the health niche, become an affiliate for various supplements, herbal supplements protein powders, physical things, but there's still an element that I, as the marketer, are putting my reputation on the line, by putting my name and my face out there. And that makes it more important for me to actually sell a quality product so that therefore I go and I look into what I'm selling a little bit more to make sure that it's going to make people happy, exactly what comes up for you as I say that and now that you've kind of transitioned from the model that I spoke, you know, where you're kind of nameless and faceless and kind of like okay I hope people like the product and then shit, the product doesn't even get there but now putting your name your face, your reputation on what you promote and having to have your reputation online, how do you think that's changed the game for you? Obviously it's a little, maybe scarier to put your face out there, but how has it changed your results and just what has changed for you in that change?

Tyler: I mean, kind of like what you said, like you want to make sure that your face is providing value for the product that well, let me, Let me let me, let me backup. So you want to make sure that your face is selling a product that provides value, and that you really believe it because these other marketers are going to see this, and they're going to be like okay well is this guy, the one make sure you can trust. That's all it's all about for us. And so basically what I did was, I mean it was a big risk to put my face out there. But I saw how other people were doing it and I was like you know what I want people to trust. I want people to know that I know what I'm talking about and I want to help them, and then became more about helping people, and then trusting me. And knowing that I want what's best for them. And so, you know whether I promote any of these other affiliate products I want them to know, hey, I'm not trying to steer you and make you go in the wrong direction at all, you know, this is something I would use to benefit me, so I want it to benefit you.

Dave: Yeah, and even more important, that's why we talk about the hero's story and everything we teach that in the blueprints and you guys talk about telling your customers story all the time, for telling your own story, it's even more powerful. If you have an actual story or testimonial from the product or service that you're promoting doesn't mean that has to be the only thing you promote ourselves. It just adds so much more credibility when you can share both your own personal testimony, as well as other people's there's other social proof that other people are getting results from this product as well. I mean you see that with Legendary there's an overwhelming amount of people out there who have positive experiences here with Legendary that's why it's a popular product. Now that doesn't mean it has to be your only product in your in it doesn't even have to be the niche that you're in, I mean, many of you guys have picked other niches, but there's not too many people who are affiliates of legendary toys who have not also experienced our training and have a positive experience with it. Same way, if I'm going to go and I'm going to promote a credit repair service it's so much more powerful. If I'm telling you, I am promoting this because it boosted my credit rating 20 up to 100 points 20 points, whatever, Here's what it was. Here's what happened. Here's what it's like now. I don't know if it's. I can't guarantee it's gonna work for you but it's worth a shot if you're worth it to take the time to invest in yourself, and invest in your future, fix your credit. Now, or pay more later. Right, it's just, I mean, that kind of framework that you use is kind of the same for every product. So how have you now come up with content, to be able to create, to get to 300,000 followers between your account, how, how, how have you. What have you learned in this kind of organic marketing journey that you've taken on tick tock, there's so many people come into it, particularly after I fail and would think. I have no right to create a single video right these are limiting beliefs of, right, right. What have you done that has allowed you to create and take so much action and get so much results?

Tyler: So I look for content that provides value. I mean it's more so about content that they're going to want to watch. And because TikTok is so, I pretty much can tell if a video is going to go viral or not just when I'm making it. And I solely because I look for a couple key factors I look for. Okay, is this going to people who don't want to watch this a couple times to understand what I'm saying, or are they missing people and make sure they're getting every single little key factor in it. Are they going to want to share this?  Are they gonna like it? Replayability is such a key factor on TikTok. So honestly, I'm not just growing my TikTok I'm growing my I grow I use Pinterest. I use Instagram, I use Facebook, and I use all of these, and basically what I just do is I recycle my conflicts from TikTok. And I just post them all to all these other networks because a lot of these other social media networks are. They're creating a platform that's allowing people to create videos just like TikTok because TikTok is just the main competitor now. Yeah so realz is being heavily present on Instagram. So if people aren't utilizing rules at all. I definitely recommend it because, on average, I will get 30,000 views on a reel that I upload, and it's just recycled content from TikTok. That's it.

Dave: Holy crap dude are you serious?

Tyler: I’m serious.

Dave: Wow. So you're literally using the same exact video in just saving and downloading to your phone and then uploading that same video with the TikTok branding on to Instagram.

Tyler: So, I use a website that takes away the watermark from tick tock and reuploads it..

Dave: What website is that

Tyler: It's called

Dave: And is that its sole purpose is to remove that watermark?

Tyler: Yeah. 

Dave: Get the hell out of here. You dirty dog. That is incredible. I love it. Is that snaptik.pp?

Tyler: Yes

Dave: Right right right. Okay, cool. Wow, it's just, wow, it's a little thing that somebody made to remove that watermark. Oh, it's crazy, awesome, awesome. That is really incredible. So, how are you posting that, how are you repeatedly repurposing that content? Now we got it for Instagram, how are you? I guess there's a lot of, There's a lot of apps that will take that watermark away. Okay, okay. All right. Okay. My bad, my bad. So, how are you repurposing the content on Facebook? And on Pinterest I saw somebody ask a question about how you are posting like videos, what in particular, are you posting on Pinterest let's start there?

Tyler: Okay so, Pinterest, if there's a feature and now it's in its beta phase right now, but it's basically called stories really basically it just allows you to upload videos that are similar to TikTok. And then you can just post them on there and so I basically just re-upload my TikTok there. And right now, I mean I just started about two months ago on posting on Pinterest, and I get 2.1 million monthly views. I'm done. Free that's crazy. I can't believe it.Okay, this is just too much. This is insane, all with, so you're taking one video that you post on TikTok, and now. Now reposting that to Instagram rails, the new Pinterest stories, feature. And is that something that's available for everybody.

Tyler: Yeah, you're gonna want to make a business account on Pinterest, but then you should have no problem.

Dave: Okay. And how are you now repurposing that on to Facebook, or what do you post it on Facebook.

Tyler: So what I do is I go live on Instagram,

Dave: You go live on Instagram.

Tyler: And then, I save the live, and re-upload the live.

Dave: Okay, Now are you, you can go live on TikTok, which a lot of people do as well. Are you doing that at all?

Tyler: I find more engagement on Instagram.

Dave: Real. Hello, they're really interesting. Interesting, so you're not going live at all on TikTok

Tyler: No. 

Dave: Okay, you're going live on Instagram. And then you're re-uploading that into your Facebook group, so is that primarily how you're using Facebook is your is you is you have a Facebook group?

Tyler: Yes. 

Dave: And how have you added people into the Facebook group?

Tyler: So, I'll see my email marketing, typically, it'll just be like in one of my first email sequences, it'll just be sent out during my Facebook.

Dave: Yeah, so, and I noticed you also have a YouTube channel. Are you Are you by chance, uploading your TikTok videos without the watermark of course on to YouTube, the stories feature on YouTube?

Tyler: I just started doing that because I guess YouTube is going to start paying creators for using shorts. And so, there's a party game.

Dave: I don't create, like, I don't know if you're in the cryptocurrency or anything, are you, dude, it's like, for me, man. They like the big opportunity. There's so many opportunities that I don't personally have time to take advantage of them all, you know, like I'm not in the crypto I just, it's not that I don't think it's probably a great opportunity and lots of people are getting rich I'm sure lots of people are losing money as well. But dude, the money that is available in the next five years for just marketing online. I mean these platforms like what you just said, are paying people to just simply upload content and that's happened on YouTube now for a long time. Oh yeah, I mean YouTube pays out. I don't know if it's billions but hundreds of millions of dollars I would assume, you could probably quickly research that and in fact check that number to get exact numbers about what YouTube pays its content creators, but it's a lot every year. If you if you allow ads on your videos it's all you gotta do is just pick want ads to be shown and if you have a video that does 50,000 views 100,000 views, a million views, that could be a video that's worth 2030 $40,000 over a 12 month span and then continues, so there's there's a lot of opportunity, way more than even what what I can take advantage of. So, what else? The email thing I think also wants to touch on that is kind of a thing because a lot of people off because they think, Well, you know, I, what emails do I write? So, the way that I teach it essentially is kind of have a first serving product and you send some emails about that first product and then you can have a second survey, or a third serving or a fourth serving product, and you can send emails about that. That's one way to do it, and that's kind of a, that's kind of a, you know, that's a pretty predictable way to where you know that you're going to at least get five to 10 exposures of that product in front of that person after they subscribe to your email list. So you pretty much follow that same framework in, and then just include some ‘Hey, join my group’ here?

Tyler: Pretty much.

Dave: I mean I can't argue with a system that works. Yeah. So, before you got into Legendary you knew nothing about affiliate marketing and you weren't doing any of this stuff, I mean you were just kind of fumbling around coming off of your nine lives that you basically died from drop shipping?

Tyler: Pretty much. Yeah, I heard about affiliate marketing. A couple years ago, I joined this site, it's like an internet jet set or something.

Dave: Right, right.

Tyler: And I was like okay well this sounds interesting, and then I never did anything with it again until now Legendary.

Dave: So what's your experience been here like with Legendary I mean how, obviously you've gotten incredible results you've now quit your full time job. Tell us about that. Walk us through kind of those little points of how your life has changed in how long it has been now?

Tyler: So I started in November, everything. The TikTok page with Legendary and all that.

Dave: So that's been right around six months, In six months, walk us through. You took our challenge with you. When did you quit your job? Walk us through what has happened for you to give people a little bit of hope and inspiration of what you've experienced. 

Tyler: Okay. So yeah, basically, round November. I was like, you know, I keep seeing people do Amazon affiliates. I keep seeing people do this legendary marketer saying oh, okay, I might as well take the challenge. So I took the challenge, and I just absorbed all the information I possibly could from it. I finished it in 15 days. I was like I need to know I need to get out like I need to get out. And so, basically, I had some commissions about maybe three months later. And I said, product, some of it was working for me. But it was just like what is going on, why, why am I, why is this not working and then I just went back to the challenge. Occasionally, I would just rewatch and watch you know some of the other affiliates I know that are successful like, I'm sure you know Brian Brewer. 

Dave: Yeah, I watch his stuff. He's fantastic. 

Tyler: And I was like okay well you know I obviously can do this with organic traffic. I just need to make sure my funnel is completely optimized, and once the funnel was out in December, okay I was starting to post my rules and everything on Instagram. And I made $10,000 that month. And I didn't change anything, I was just posting on wheels. It was just, I don't, traffic was the problem, it wasn't nothing else. And so, from there on, I wanted to make sure I made my entire salary before I left. I wanted to make a friend of mine and if I was like, I want a full year, at least, to know I can keep doing this and still succeed. So I didn't, I didn't leave until I made my entire salary in the bank.

Dave: And when did you do that when? When did you quit your job? 

Tyler: Two months ago,

Dave: So in four months basically four months. Yeah. Wow. Congrats, bro. How's that feel? Now you've got that time back right, you've got freedom back to do what you want with your time.

Tyler: Yeah, it's been crazy i. So have you felt like I, it's crazy how draining a nine to five can be when you're not really wanting to be there, because I don't have a nine to five. Sure. But, I mean, some days I would just be, I would make my, my entire month's salary at the bank, and I came in one day, and I just be like, Why am I here?

Dave: Yeah. Now, being a bit of a ridiculous disclaimer for all of you who may feel desperate like you want to get out of your job. This is not easy. Okay, this is. Remember, nine lives. He died nine lives in other businesses leading up to this point and didn't quit. Okay, got into this whole process and found us started affiliate marketing started selling information products in training and so forth. And I assume will continue to sell information in many different forms Tyler right? I mean, we were for so you can see your, your future you can see a career of selling information and doing affiliate marketing whether that's other people's courses coaching events or your own. But I just want to be clear, guys. That is an incredible story, it's an incredible testimonial, but there's a lot of hard work behind that, there's a lot of dedication behind that, there's a long time coming up to that point, right Tyler? I just wanna, I want everybody to understand that if you are quitting your job in four months and making your monthly salary in one day. Don't get a comparisonitis because there's a good chance that maybe you didn't do the same things that Tyler did or whatever, right, each person is on their own journey. So I want us all. If we're going to get excited about this opportunity to also go into it, eyes wide open, knowing that there are certain levels of commitment and discipline and so forth that are required. We're not here to just act like this is some pie in the sky bullshit, overnight, get rich quick thing. No no no no no, this is, this is running a real business, and what is it like, just give us a day in the life of kind of the discipline, what just in a nutshell your kind of day looks like or your week looks like like what sort of systems have you set up in order to keep track of all, both, both be creative, but also pay attention to the systems and so forth, that you kind of need to be on top of in be consistent with it may even get redundant, right, but you continue to follow through and do them because that's what works talk us through a little bit of that sort of routine, so we can get an idea of what a day in the life or week in the life of you really is.

Tyler: So yeah, when I was doing my nine to five job, like I obviously I'd have two days off a week. Some days it would be like a Thursday and then always on Sunday. So on my Thursdays and Sundays, I would always, I would get up and I would immediately start to research tech talks. And I was hurt to research, you know, different kinds of content to make. And then I would execute for the next one to two hours just creating content, non stop. When I wouldn't stop. So now my schedule. I work maybe one day, Monday to Wednesday. And I've worked maybe from 10 for. So I woke up content, you know, same, same procedure. And now I'm prioritizing going live, whether it's on TikTok or Instagram. Instagram is my main priority though. And then just after that, I grab some lunch. And then I started researching and creating the content, and I have to do that. Even if I don't feel like it. I mean I've been, last week I was sick to film. You still have to make content. And don't get me wrong, I mean like, going back to what you were saying like this is not a, you're not going to have amazing results you know don't be upset if you can't find these results for us. I mean, I wanted to give up a couple of times. I did. I mean, when I was, when there was an after upgrade immediately after the legendary 15 Day Challenge about two months after that and I wasn't getting the commission, why people like what's going on, why am I not succeeding. But you know I just kept pushing through and it really is a challenge, you dedicate a lot of time towards the end, you know your motivation and your mindset. And most of that's like 80% of this entire owning a business is just your mindset out of eight years ago. I was fortunate, but I still graduated high school. My dad took me to a Tony Robbins seminar. Okay. It was like walking across fire or something like that, it's like walking across coal. Anyways, the first day, it's like he is just talking about, you know, the mindset that if you believe you can achieve it. You have, I mean it's all about you. Get rid of your limiting beliefs, and you have to believe that you will succeed. Yeah. And so after I did that, you know, I came back and it was like you really believe, if you really believe in it. You can pull through eventually.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I get that experience too. You know, I like Tony, he's incredible, you know, he's an incredible commanding presence in the room. I don't quite remember really anything about what he said. I went to a UPW. I also went to a business mastery. I bought his $15,000 package. When I was there, just because I wanted to invest in myself, and I wanted to, I wanted to buy other higher ticket coaching programs to give myself more conviction. When I was selling coaching programs, and so forth of my own. And I did go to the to the other events and so forth, and, and learned a lot more than anything, I got a lot of that same those same takeaways of just what's possible, right sometimes when you put yourself in an environment, you just, you just really level up your, your, kind of what you believe is possible. Right, so somebody like Tony who's been selling information for 25 or 30 years and has five or 10,000 people who will pay a couple of thousand dollars to be in a room. It levels up your thinking right oh yeah right when you're thinking that oh, nobody buys stuff out there, nobody is certain nobody that or there's not a lot of money out there. There's not a lot of opportunity like you go and you see people who are crushing it, and it just expands opportunity, or at least my, my understanding of what's possible. But I also did the coal walking thing and that was, that was really, that was really a unique experience but dude I love it man. And I thank you for sharing that there were a couple of times that you felt like quitting because I think we've all been there. Most of us are there, often, right, it's like, I'll often, you know there's something that happens and or something that doesn't go right or life gets in the way. And then, we get away from it, we don't get back to it or whatever. And, you know, and that's very, that's normal, I just, I appreciate you saying that, I just want to hammer that home but that's totally normal. And what, what, what I notice with people who are successful is they, they, they push through those moments, and they, they, they just, there's no secret, there's not some secret discipline formula, there are some secret success strategies. It's just embracing, last week we had a guy who was recording and does all his content in his bathroom. So you know, we gotta do what we gotta do. Yeah, and he's like, and he's like lean in, lean in, like that was his thing like, that's what he told himself was tough moments, things that were uncomfortable up just last Tyler. But anyways, he was like lean in. Lean in, lean in, lean and, and, yeah, it's like lean into those uncomfortable moments right lean into those, those, those moments that you don't really want to lean into those moments that are, you know, make you scared. You know what I mean. Tyler, were you ever scared like as you started this like just outright just fearful and scared?

Tyler: You know what's crazy is that I was about two or three years ago I was camera shy. I hated hearing my voice, I hated being on the camera. And so for me to be here right now, as a stepping stone. I can't believe it because two years ago, I've never seen myself through this effort. And here I am. I mean sorry I was afraid. I'm afraid of what people would think, you know that would always get into my head, but I have the mission. And like what my goal is, and I haven't lasered on it. So I don't even think about that anymore. I mean I didn't get hateful comments on my posts. Oh yeah. Do I ignore them? Yeah, because it's like, I know what I'm doing, like, if you're gonna hate on me. That's cool. You know, I know what I'm doing, I'm confident and by hating you’re just giving me more views anyways.

Dave: I know it's so funny. It's so funny. Yeah. Yeah, you should you shouldn't want haters, you shouldn't want, you should want people leaving, you know, I know this is kind of a weird thing to say but you should want people to leave negative stuff, right, because, you know, I know it's hard to take those, those blows, but like all press is good press. 

Tyler: Exactly. 

Dave: You kind of learn that as a marketer, like, it's like, you know, you kind of realize that wow, whether somebody left a positive or negative comment, like, there's a comment there and they're watching my videos and they're, you know, they're, they're, they're responding, and you know that's really a lot of times what marketing is all about is it's about engagement that engagement doesn't always have to be that engagement doesn't always have center effect you'll get more engagement if you, if you get people disagreeing. People are angry, if you get people in and it's not particularly that you're trying to piss people off and be that if you get people disagreeing with you get people who have opposing views. You know those people always want to voice their opinions. They always want it if you ask for it. If you create content that asks for people's opinions. A lot of the big, you know I was doing some research on cars recently so I was watching some YouTube videos on various different cars and, you know, it's easy to get into a rabbit hole, and so I started watching some various videos on guys who had supercar collections and I was looking at supercars and just, just not into it that much but you know I was looking at various videos from guys who had supercar collections, different, you know, reviews on this car and that car, and they were always like one of the main things throughout the video was, what do you think, what's your opinion, leave it down in the comments do you like that feature, do you not like that feature. Yeah, agree with my opinion, What I'm saying here about this car do you disagree with it. Right. And it's like, there's nothing that people like more than to voice their opinions into and if you notice, human nature, people will just, they'll just give an opinion even if they know nothing about what they're talking about, they'll say it is what they do and what social media does gives people a platform to be able to do that. Right, they can leave a comment. So, you know, it's just human nature. So, when we, when we begin to frame it like that like it's just human nature that people are leaving, they're, they're there, they're voicing their opinions, they're letting people know what they think, even if it's like, it's hard to not take it personal, what have you, if you don't take it personal and you look at it objectively. People are just doing what people do, and you can use it to your benefit, because if everybody agrees and nobody feels anything when they watch your video or read your email, then it's probably not going to go far, but it's like a good piece of art. A good piece of art when you look at it, you feel something, If you feel sick. If you feel happy. If you feel sad, right, right, content when you're watching it, or you're reading it, you feel something, you have some sort of a reaction. Nowadays, that's more important than ever because people are looking for that stimulation. That's why they're on social media. Do you agree or disagree with me?

Tyler: I agree completely, and because, I mean, I see some people on TikTok, or even YouTube when their whole entire goal of their videos, is just to make people mad or upset, somehow, and then you go into the content people are like, going back and forth but, I mean, this is all benefiting the greed or it's, yeah, we just got to be strategic about it. 

Dave: The creator’s, sitting there God. He hates me. Right, I mean even all the hate in the comments like, I mean even on YouTube right before like take like you can leave a thumbs down. It's like that thumbs up, thumbs down, it's still, like, some sort of engagement which YouTube wants, they want, YouTube's not stupid YouTube knows that just like major media outlets like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, like, Why do you think that there's only a small section at the end of the program for, you know, the little cat that was saved by the firemen? The good news right, the other 98% is just the crisis and everything that gets people pissed off and saying I can't believe these Democrats. I can't believe these Republicans right? I mean, they're, they're, they're feeding their audience stuff that gets them outraged, right, why because they know that that's what keeps people engaged so, I said this to somebody on a coaching call Tyler last week he was doing a lot of personal development slash motivation stuff. And I said that one, and he said well my contents are not taking off, and I said we'll do one of the reasons why your contents are taken off is because people really the masses don't really like to be positive. 

Tyler: You're right, though, I mean 100%

They don't like to be positive, dude, They want to be negative, they look at things and try to figure out what's wrong with them, or what they don't like like, like I'm getting a new car and it's like, it's like got a red exterior with a Tesla, so excited about it, but it's got a red exterior dude, and it's got the white interior, right, and you know the two people that I've told that bro to beside you, you just like nice which is cool. The other two people that I told they're like, oh that's the highest ticketed car and actually what my mom said. Right, so, I mean, but her first response was just, oh that's the highest ticketed car, read, and then my aunt, uncle, loved them too, but their first, my uncle said white? Boy I like to see that with two kids, right. And it's like, Do you know what I mean like, it's just, but I'm not mad, it's just human nature. People like to point out what they think is wrong. You know what I mean? So, if we use that in our marketing if we go into our content creation our marketing with that in mind, we don't have, we can expect those things we can even invite that controversy, into our content without getting so personally insulted if somebody says something negative, do you do use any of those tactics at all, try to create a bit of controversy or are you mainly just trying to kind of do trainings and value and stuff like that?

Tyler: So I moreso do that like on my Instagram Stories, which is one thing that I have said a lot. And I love that feature on Instagram. Just because I can engage with my family a lot more. And I kind of have a gauge of what kind of information they want to know and they're always asking me what affiliate marketing program should I get into and stuff like that so I use it all as an advantage. But yeah I mean I'll try to use that more on their TikTok I mainly just here's some apps you can use there's some websites that will be valuable. And then, you know, they'll go to the link in my bio. The process starts from there.

Well, you got lots of time to do lots of tests, bro. Lots of different stuff out, I mean you're so early in your journey, you know, and, and honestly, the more successful that you get nude, also the more people just naturally just hey you know what I mean. It's hilarious. You know what I mean like they'll naturally just hey, at it. I've experienced that quite a bit over my career, you know, just, it just nowadays it's like success is like negativity and hater catnip, you know what I mean, it's just been just, I mean people just. And that's, and that's fine you know it's it's it's, again, when we set ourselves up to expect it and not be personally insulted by it. Nowadays, that kind of stuff is really fuel for me, you know, I figured out along the way. At a certain point that I was going to challenge, both my pain, trauma, sadness, anger, all that into a pot like turn my best into a message like into a positive, something that was going to be helpful for me. And also, negative feedback from people I think has been one of my biggest kind of success hacks, is to turn negative feedback from people into like an inner charge that motivates me to be more.

Tyler: Yes. Yeah, like oh, you know, I was thinking of like who would be a good example for like who is using the haters to their advantage and it was like you know, Jake and Logan Paul, because I'm sure you're familiar with. Yeah, but like, they get so much hate, but it only makes them more popular. It only makes them more successful. 

Dave: Yeah, I mean, even Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather I mean, those people love a paid off this guy Oh yeah. You know what I mean. And Conor was Forbes Highest Paid athlete last year. You know, I mean, I mean, Paul, Logan Paul or whatever, one of the guys who's, I think he's gonna, he's got a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Tyler: Yeah, yeah.

Dave: Did you see the video though where he snatched the hat? 

Tyler: Yeah. Like, Logan Paul was the one with the hat. 

Dave: Who's the guy who's going to fight? The brother? I think Jake is, Jake Paul is,  the guy who's a boxer who I think is going to fight. Floyd Mayweather but I mean, dude, This guy was just it's just two words. Just a YouTube IV. But think about this for a second. I mean, even Floyd is smart enough to realize that it's like, I don't want to fight some no name guy who might be a better fighter or might provide a better mechanically good boxing match. Floyd wants to fight the dude with the massive YouTube following, more exposure for, I mean, the game is just changed, it's gonna bring more controversy. Well, we could rant forever. I’m really impressed and proud of you. A lot of people have been asking for your handles to go find you. He’s getting 3 million news off Pinterest he's not hard to find. For God's sake, so you guys are to use, put up everybody's handles you can go just type it in and you'll find the guy no research and he's everywhere.

Tyler: Yeah, pretty much.

Dave: Alright man, well listen, I enjoyed this chat and I hope you'll, you'll come back man and another four months or six months or whenever you want and keep us posted in it teach us more cool stuff.

Tyler: Definitely no thanks for having me.

Dave: All right, Tyler, we'll talk to you soon, buddy. Alright guys, that was a that was a that was a winner right there that that was a winner, that. Yeah. All right, so I was just kind of trying to look at some of the comments but you guys are just awesome and funny. Love the support that you give our guests every morning, it's really, really cool. So let's show Tyler lots of love, so he can go back and read some of these comments. It feels charged from his wonderful contribution this morning, a lot to learn from, from that dude so you want to learn more from him. Go. Go and find him. With that being said, we will be back tomorrow for another episode of wake up legendary, we just, You know the value just never stops it just, I actually think I may be a little biased. This is the most valuable podcast show out there on the internet, you know what, at least in this industry. It's because of this amazing community, you know, I'm just like, really I said this to our internal team we've, we've got a team of 80 people or something now that work within Legendary all virtually by the way, so it's not, you know, it's kind of cool that we have 74 people who are working virtually here to serve you guys, whether it be customer support or marketing or training or, or BPA’s, or whatever. I just said to them exactly what I'm gonna say to all of you guys now, I'm just really really honored and humbled to be working around such incredible people, the spirit of this community, this family. The reason why I call it a family is because of family. You know, you love people you go above and beyond for people. You also tell people the truth you really care and love about love them, you tell them the truth. You give them what is best for that. And we don't blow smoke up your assets here. I mean, we don't get on here, just like Tyler's had incredible success but we're not blowing smoke up your ass saying it's guaranteed for everybody. If you just, you know, put your money down and your success is guaranteed, just not right, we're not we're not blowing that type of smoke, you know, but the spirit of this community is, is incredible, and I'm honored to be part of it, and thank you guys for all being here, people see your assets back here tomorrow for another episode. Be Legendary.

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