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Dave: Yo yo yo what is going on guys this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary, and as usual, we have a awesome guest this morning I'm really excited for you guys to hear from her and I’m gonna bring her out and just a moment and her name is Lori, and it's gonna be a great show if you're new to Legendary and this is one of the first interactions or experiences the we wanna welcome you, we wanna let you know that we are here five days a week doing the show, on top of all the other events and curriculum and things that we have going on here, inside of our community. And so, sit down, put your seatbelt on, get ready for the ride of your life. Okay, and, and, and whatever your goals are, whatever you want to achieve, most likely you are short changing yourself, okay. And so now let's hear from somebody else, somebody who is a client, a student here, somebody who's a member of our community, our family here at legendary Lori Richardson. Lori, welcome to the show.

Lori: Thanks Dave. Good morning. 

Dave: Hey, You're Welcome and good morning to you where. Where are you calling in from?

Lori: Southern Oregon.

Dave: That's right. I thought you were in Oregon but I didn't want to assume so, welcome from the west coast where you are three hours behind me so good, good, early morning to you.

Lori: Yeah, I got up much earlier than normal. This morning.

Dave: We appreciate that we appreciate you getting up and making time for us here to share your experience so you are somebody who, who I've gotten to know, and I've really enjoyed getting to know, I enjoyed watching you take action and get results, and begin this journey. So many people set out on. But, but they, you know, it's, it's just tends to be a challenge for people because they maybe have unrealistic expectations, maybe they, they, for whatever reason, but I've seen you just take consistent action to keep a positive attitude, because of that you've, you've gotten results, you've not gotten rich overnight, but you're, you're building confidence, you're growing it, you know, obviously, I'm really proud of you and happy for your progress, so. So how does it feel to be kind of where you're at three months into your blueprints and coaching client here at Legendary as well. And that's how I've, for those of you wondering, that's how I've gotten to know. How does it feel to be, you know, three months into this, and, and, at least, I, I'm super happy and proud of you. Do you also feel a sense of accomplishment and see and feel the growth as well?

Lori: Absolutely. I feel like I'm right on track. I did not expect this to get rich quick. Obviously, I literally expected… I didn't expect a lot of the things that have happened for me so far but as far as where I am with the business Excel itself. It's definitely a marathon not a sprint and I'm, I'm doing all the training to make it to the end, you know, and it's, it's really exciting. I'm learning so much every day trying to put it into action. I didn't set my expectations really high as far as income that I'm bringing in right away and I think that helps a lot. I've owned a business for 23 years that was started out, not being online just because of my age and what the technology was when I started it but ended up online. And I know that that first year, you're not going to make as much as you would necessarily like to but that's, a year to year for growth. So I went into this, eyes wide open, knowing that.

Dave: Well that's great I mean, I think you have such and you have made money you have gotten results. I mean, for those of you who are wondering if she's actually, you know, quote unquote, making money. Yes, she is how much, quite frankly, it's, it's, it's none of your business. And and the reason why is, why it's none of your business is because her results are not going to be your results. Anyways, you may get more, you may get less. You may have a different growth, you're absolutely going to have a different growth path than Lori does but what I respect about you so much is that you have just such a healthy perspective about what it actually takes to build a business and what it takes to build anything. I mean, anything that you build that's going to last, it's going to be worthwhile. It takes time, in that first year, like you said, is such an important year to lay the foundation. So, talk to us a little bit about what your, what the major milestones for you have been over these past three months. What are some of the things that you look back and you say, that was a big growth moment or this is something that I've really overcome and I can feel the growth in this area?

Lori: Well I've had several of those I mean, starting with just actually posting things on social media, putting my face out, you know I liked all of us went on Tik Tok originally to just amuse ourselves and I think I, my personal account I have one post, that's my cats. So actually putting my face out there and, and talking to people, trying to do, talking, trying to talk, just to one person at a time through the camera versus everyone out there, you know, trying to make those connections online. That is, this was one of my first milestones. As recently, the biggest one that I'm working on with you is just following up with the email campaigns, learning, working more with my copywriting skills because that is something that is so crucial in the marketing of any type. So, I feel like I'm getting close to a breakthrough there. It's that the challenge you have given me I'm working, I'm striving forward with it and I will make that at the end of the month. So when we meet in our next group call, I'll be able to say, Yep, I did it here it is.

Dave: That's great, it's interesting, I want to talk a little bit about coaching for a second, my wife woke up this morning and she said well, I hired a sleep coach for the baby right in, and I just thought, I said to her I said well, if you want really any results in any area then, the best way to get it is to hire a coach, right, if you want great results in fitness, you're, I guarantee you no matter how motivated you are and no matter how much you know about fitness. If you hire a coach to push you and to challenge you, and to do a lot of the thinking for you in terms of, like, what, what you should be working on this month. Instead of trying to conjure up the vision in the, in the task in all this and then go and execute it. Right, well one of the reasons why I love a fitness coach is because he does the thinking in terms of what I need to be working on right he I don't have to think of the exercise I just do them. But, you know, my wife hired a sleeping coach for a baby just to get some extra tips just to just to, to figure out what she knows from working with hundreds of other babies. So, what is your, what was your thought when you invested in our, in the blueprints and coaching, most people would look at that as a cost. What was your perspective going into that and how do you view coaching and accountability, just in general?

Lori: Well, just getting the feedback from someone that has done it successfully is huge. And I love helping set my goals for me with me. Not for me. And having accountability because I'm the type of person that once that has been verbalized, not just myself but to other people. And if I, I tried to keep my word and if I tell you, yeah, Dave, I'm gonna do that. It makes me way more determined to accomplish that. I also. It makes me so proud of myself when I do accomplish that and I can say, you know, well, I did that, and the coaching has really really helped me because there have also been times that I'm a little. Having someone with your experience to bounce that off of, is really crucial I feel for me. It's definitely, it was definitely an investment. And that is, that's how I viewed it, it was not just an expense, which by the way can be written off. But it is. It is definitely an investment and it's not just an investment in my business but it's an investment in myself.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I think that a lot of times, the benefits you know I've had I've had all kinds of different clients over the years, I've even got lots of different clients right now. Right. And I don't. I don't have favorites. I just have ones that I can see that this person is really, is this real, this person really is, is, is going to get a lot out of this, and, and maybe where somebody else isn't, and that has nothing to do with me, right, that has everything to do with with how the person uses the coaching, you know, and, and, so, you know, one of the things that I think is is really important. And for a lot of us we come into this, this, this environment, and we've never had coaching before we've never had training before. What I think a lot of people come into coaching and. And this is essentially coaching. We're here, educating learning, growing, and sometimes people don't really know how to be good mentees, or students, they think that it's a power thing, like I'm less than and that person's better than and so they might feel insecure might feel like, Like, you know like inferior or something and, of course, nobody wants to feel in fear, and then and than other people in coaching don't really know how, what questions to ask whatever. So what has your experience been with getting the most out of a coaching experience, because you're certainly growing you have a positive attitude about it? I feel like you're utilizing the coat as well. And so, what, what, what tips would you give to people who actually are seeking mentorship in some capacity to actually get the most out of the experience to make sure that they grow the most during that time period?

Lori: I would say probably to, first of all, don't be intimidated. I was that first month it was like, Oh crap, this day. Don't be intimidated. Listen to what they have to say, take, take the challenge. They are, they will challenge you, and they will. They're in it for helping you. So, you know, listen to what they have to say, and if there is any type of comments they give you is not cutting you down. They're not criticizing you, they're literally just trying to help you succeed. And don't let don't get down on yourself. If you fall a little short of what their expectations are just show some growth. Baby steps. And that's, I'm making a lot of baby steps forward. And sometimes, sometimes I make a huge leap forward and I think that it's. Don't be disappointed if it's a baby step. Huge leaps are great but Baby Steps Get You There is also just a little slower.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. Somebody else said you don't want to feel like you're bugging, a mentor, right, and that probably is something that's really common I know that that's something that came up, common in, in, in recovery, you know I've had sponsors in different mentors and coaches in recovery as well as business and yeah you don't want to feel like you're bugging them. But I want to give you guys all a little bit of a quick little tool, a quick little resource that can help you to not feel like you're bugging them. And, and, and if you use this tool, it will essentially help you to get what you want by asking better questions and asking better answers, but also when you go to ask a coach or mentor or someone for support or guidance, you can know that you've already taken certain steps to that you've done your homework, and that you're not just asking the mentor to do all the work for you. So I call this getting what you want by asking better questions and getting better answers. And what this is is this is basically a checklist to kind of go through and ask yourself Have I have I sort of checked all the boxes before I go and I ask a question now this can be a format that you can use in a Facebook group. If you ask a question, it can be a format that you use to send a mentor or a coach, a question, it can really be a format that you use to ask anybody a question right because it helps you to build personal responsibility and do as much homework as you can before you ask the question. So the mentor the coach doesn't feel like you're just trying to get them to do all the work for you, because I don't care what like think about it in athletics or sports if you were trying to Ask your coach to come out and throw the ball for you, they're gonna say, get like, literally get off the team like this is, I, I'm the coach I'm over here right it would be ridiculous. So a lot of times when we come into a sort of a personal counseling or coaching situation or a business coaching situation, particularly in this industry. There's a misunderstanding about what a coach is really what their role is in their role is to help you to find the answers within you first, if they can. And then if you have or need that you know the answers because you just literally don't have that experience, then they can give you their experience, but really never tell you exactly what to do because ultimately you have to make the decision, right, and you may be saying Well, Dave, if I hire a coach I want that coach to tell me exactly what to do. But the problem is is that if they tell you exactly what to do, then a lot of times you're just going to buck it because nobody likes to be told what to do, right, so it's it's it's it's a it's a delicate road to travel, and it's really important to hire somebody who is experienced coaching. And out of all my years of experience in coaching, this is one of the tools that I've come up that I think is one of the most helpful. So, how to get what you want by asking better questions and getting better, better answers first get clear on what simplify clear, simplify, clarify and then briefly and clearly explain what you've tried already. Right. So you ask the question. Here's my question. Here's what I've tried already outline what you think the solution might be so to lessen the workload for whoever the, the, you know, the coach or the person that's answering the question, right, ask respectfully and humbly for feedback or thoughts and let the coach know that you'd be grateful for their help. Congrats asking for bench strength not a weakness. Now if someone has time to help and they might not so don't take it personally just ask him to be in later. Make sure to put it into action, and then update whoever helped on how their advice, worked, or if it didn't work, but make sure to take responsibility for that outcome, no matter what. Right. And what's really important about this process are these first three pieces because a lot of times we don't really get clear on what our question is so there's this a bunch of back and forth or we don't really get the answer that we're looking for. We don't try other things we just throw something that somebody else hopes for them to just sum up. We don't like, do any work mentally to try to figure out an outline of what the solution might be, which is really useful when you're working with somebody for them to know that you're also, you know, brainstorming and thinking for yourself. So, I know you've heard me go over that tool before, Lori, but what comes up for you as I kind of go over the some of these outlooks that I have about coaching, like, you know, finding that helping somebody find the answers within themselves, you know, some of these pieces that I've just gone over what comes up for you and, and what, what, what advice would you have maybe for people who, who, you know, are, are looking for a coach, but more looking for somebody to kind of maybe do it for them instead of understand the power of having somebody help to empower them, what what's coming up for you?

Lori: Well, a couple things. Mainly, if they do it for you, you're not going to learn, you know, this is your business and you are for this particular you know looking at it here. It's your business, it's not their business, you need to know how to run it, and to solve these things after you stop having that coach if you're just expecting them to do it for you. You know, you might as well just close the doors now because it's, it's not going to your business won't last long. If you don't learn it. 

Dave: They won't last long, and that's a great point. I mean, the, the way that I coach is, is, I don't, I don't want to have people dependent on me. Right, right. I don't want that it's not about, you know there's a lot of marketers who, there's one marketer in specific he's a mentor. And he, he prides himself on people, re, you know, re, re upping on his coaching, year after year, and that's fine if they, if they, if people want to do that but, but, you know, if you're going to work with somebody, then ultimately the best coaches that I've ever had have a goal of the of the mentee being independent. Sort of like, you know, sort of like working in housing. My wife used to work in a homeless shelter where they would bring people in from the streets, give them housing, and then ultimately the next step would be they would help them get up an apartment, and kind of go out on their own and be independent and, and that is sort of the philosophy that I have about coaching as well. Now is that the best thing for my pocketbook. Right. Well, no, I mean if it sure would be better for my pocketbook if I received coaching clients for 10 years and convinced them every you know, to put on a big sales pitch in the last month of their coaching term to get them to re-up. But that, you know, I think it's to look for a coach and look for a mentor. Mentors, who are also mentally and emotionally healthy, and will actually put you over profits you the client you the person over profits, I know you work in a minute, you know, we've got a medical facility but it's in a mental health facility, and mental health is a big part of your life as well. Right. What would you, where do you see the correlation between good mental health and positive results in life, and also business?

Lori: Boy that's, I can tell you, having worked in mental health. It is… Your whole life is affected by how you feel about yourself. If you are, if you don't feel good about yourself. You're not going to be successful in relationships, you're not going to be successful in your business, you're going to be most likely miserable. So, I've been there, you know, it's I've been through a lot of shit, and getting out of it is not fun, but getting once you're out of it. Life changes, and that's what my last several years have have been is just suffer I suffered a lot of losses all kind of one right after the other and go got my mind right, just working on, on it and that's, that's when I started this, you know this venture is, you know, I, my, my body, I lost 50 pounds over this last year which was exciting thing for me so I changed my, my health is better. My mind is better. It's time to, you know, get the rest of my life going forward, and this was a great new step for me to do that.

Dave: Yeah, I can tell you that you said, feeling good about yourself, is, is, is important. I have a belief that self esteem is the bedrock of success, how you feel about yourself, is, is, is everything. If any of you guys consider yourself struggling in your business. Your business is probably not the only area that you feel is struggling, if, if you look at all of the different areas of your life. Usually there's a pattern and it overlaps and it's not just we don't just struggle in one area, while the other areas are blossoming and blooming in doing great. Whenever I've struggled in my business, or I was unclear or I felt like I wasn't making progress. Ironically, I felt similar about my marriage. I felt similar about my fatherhood. I felt similar about my health or whatever I felt similar about my recovery. Right, so. So the first step of actually being successful as an entrepreneur, ironically, is, is, is, is not only building self esteem, but it's combining the mechanics, which is what we're all interested in, what's the funnel builder? What's the auto response, where do I click, click, click, click, click, pull the lever right and money is going to explode out of my computer? No. It combined those panics, which are important. With those dynamics, those dynamics being self esteem building activities. Now, what are self esteem building activities inside of our business. Well, Lori, you said you lost 50 pounds over the past year? I would assume that I built massive amounts of self esteem for you, am I right. Oh yeah. And what were, what, what were some of the components of you losing that 50 pounds that helped you do that? I'm looking for things like consistency.

Lori: Absolutely, yeah, it's just changing habits, you know, I'm drinking water, I didn't drink water, because I don't like the flavor, you know.

Dave: yes, there is no flavor.

Yeah, well, city water is nasty. I'm sorry, I lived, we lived out in the woods, we had new and nice water versus having chlorinated pool water. So I, that was a huge change for me is to start drinking a lot of water, and, you know, just the habits of sitting in front of the TV eating from the time I got home until the time I went to bed, you know those getting rid of those habits, was really crucial, and it. In doing so, that also freed me up and allowed me to do other things beyond that, as well as knowing that I can take charge and I can make change for myself, and by doing so, you know I have the health benefits, my mind is, is much better. I think clearer, you know there are a lot of things that came with that weight loss.

Dave: I'm going somewhere with this thank you and congratulations for that, where I'm going with this is those same sort of blueprints to losing that much way that's, that's hard work, I mean I know that that is hard work that that takes to follow through and consistency and changing of habits, and just in, in, you know, it's it's takes, it takes good, solid, it doesn't it's not doesn't take a lot of work just takes, takes consistent work over time. Right. And, and the same thing applies with our business, you know, The one thing that I know and I saw another successful entrepreneur that I respect say this the other day, the single most important component of us being successful in business is consistency. It's literally consistent. It's literally if I'm going to try, if I want to get better at writing copy. I'm not going to just take a course and magically just become a world class copywriter, I have to take what I learned in the course, and apply it consistently over time. And part of the learning experience is actually applying that education, and then tweaking it over time. So tying that back into self esteem and how we feel about ourselves and our mental health. If I do those positive aspects, those stealable actions out of my business. Over time, I literally will become more confident because I feel better about myself, the more I shoot tic tock videos, the better I will be on video, the better, more confident I will feel there's not just I see people asking all the time, it's like well how do you know I've done put up two videos and I haven't had any sales yet and I've just been wondering what I'm doing wrong. Well what you're doing wrong is nothing, absolutely nothing you're not doing anything wrong, you just, you've only put up two videos. That's a freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass compared to a career, right, of actually doing something for a consistent period of time I know marketers who put up two videos on tick tock before 10am You know, every day. So, these, you know, this, this, this mental health how we feel about ourselves, I believe it's the number one most not talked about topic in entrepreneurship. And the marketers and the entrepreneurs that I know who are the most successful are the ones who literally had, you know, had some skills and maybe had some success but crashed, and then said, timeout, I need to take care of myself. I need to go to therapy, I need to get myself right, and I need to develop some healthy personal habits and start taking care of my mental, emotional and physical health. And then when they showed back up all of the other clutter and the distractions in the stuff, like, you know, all that was calmer, they were out of crisis mode, And they could actually show up to their business focused, full of full of confidence, full of full of, you know, with the ability to be consistent and not distracted, and I feel like that is, I get that vibe when I work in talk to you, Lori, that you have put mental and emotional health, as a priority, and that is one of the reasons why you're moving forward and growing and progressing at the rate that you are. Would you agree with that?

Lori: Yes, yes. I had to get my mind right, I just, I needed to be able to trust myself, I needed to be able to make it, you know, I, I had a lot of years where I didn't, and I have that, and I feel good about it, and consistency persistent, you know, not giving up all those things that came with that.

Dave: Yeah, I want to talk to everybody who's listening very briefly and give you just an opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity of a lifetime. And what that opportunity is is to use this journey of building your business as exactly what Laurie said when she lost 50 pounds, right. If you have not accomplished something by just simply sticking with it. If you have not built in filled up your self esteem gas tank in a long time. If you're writing literally on e, if you're a steam is writing on E. You have the perfect opportunity right now, not only to make money, because I know that's the care that everybody chases you have an opportunity not only to make money, but you have an opportunity to fill your self esteem gas tank up your confidence, gas tank up by following through, in being consistent and overcoming challenges in sticking with this for a significant period of time until you do get sizable results, which will then take that's when compound self esteem interest kicks in. Because once you have loaded self esteem and you've stuck with it for long enough that you've gained traction. That's when your results go to the moon, and that's what a lot of these folks that you've seen that you guys look around on the internet, TikTok, YouTube whatever you see these marketers who have taken off people look at me what's my, what's my secret? Well, I've been doing this for 10 years plus. I've been doing affiliate marketing and coaching and creating courses and following through with stuff, I mean I was a low self esteem mass in constant crisis mode when I started, and I had to push through in my recovery, I had to constantly put out fires, and I had to keep coming back to that well of building self esteem, outside of my business, and inside of my business by persevering through. And over time. Time has allowed me time, things I must earn time has allowed my success to compound to where now it's it's at the point to where, you know, it's, it's, you know, it's at a place that I never thought that it would be, where, where I'm not I'm not the hunter I'm the hunted. Right, but I've been hunting for a long time. Right, meaning that I'm not chasing people I'm not asking for people things, you know, success tends to bind me now. Right, but that's only because I've built this sort of self esteem kind of this, this, this, this self esteem kingdom that's what all my success is built on is self esteem, it's it's it's been, you know this rigorous, personal development that I've done. It's not just been sharing memes Laurie on Facebook, it's been going to therapy it's been, you know, following through with a working on my marriage, it's been leaning into my business, you know, focusing, when, when I got bored just focusing anyways and not switching gears and going off to another shiny thing. So, you're three months into this, where do you see, what are some of the goals that you have for yourself over the course of the next nine months, that will kind of bring you to that one year marker?

Lori: To be able to build the. Gosh. Now, in the next nine months I want to be able to have the mechanics down better. I'm still working on the mechanics, I'm three months in. I'm alright with that I'm working on more follow up through emails through reaching out to clients and helping them with getting their businesses started that is, you know, definitely I want that to be in a more more part of the business because that's not what I'm, I don't have a lot of that right now I'm answering questions but I want to be able to work a little closer with people. I want to. Gosh, I want to be able to take time off. I'm working full time plus, I'm working on my business a lot on that when I'm not at my other, you know, my, my day job I want to be able to go and then see my kids I want you know those are all the goals that I have and I know that by the this year is going to be a busy year, and I'm alright with that. But I want to be able to get to the point that I can walk on my own.

Dave: So, your why has tweaked a little bit. Okay, your why has tweaked a little bit, you obviously you want to travel, you want to see your kids but you also want to, you also now feel passionate about this online marketing kind of this this opportunity, and you're, you're, you're excited to share it with people, tell, tell us how your why has evolved. And we you know your internal motivation and your why, where it was when you started maybe more specifically being all about you, you, you, you, you, and now it's moved and sort of morphed into also adding an element of being of service to others and actually using your business to serve people and help them help themselves.

Lori: Well as people have reached out to me, even just three months worth of experience doing this. At first it was really intimidating, speaking with people trying to, you know that imposter syndrome, but I know I am helping people. I'm answering questions and people really appreciate it and appreciate the time I spend with them, and that is very rewarding. I want people to be able to experience the freedoms that I am starting to achieve, and I want them to be able to, you know, not have their kids at the babysitter, all day, you know letting babysitters, raise their children. I want those things for other people, It's, it's part of my nature. I've been a caretaker, all my life and, and, you know, now my kids are grown. It's just me and it's time for me to, to experience a lot of different things I haven't been able to, and I still am a caretaker at heart, you know, I want to I want to help, and it feels good to do so.

Dave: That's great. I think a lot of people can relate to that. Now, do you feel cared for? Then, and then give and then being a marketer who gives calls to action and then has to transition from that caretaking role to also then that call here's my call to action for you to actually go and do something, buy something, take some action, get a training etc. Do you feel that there's any conflict there with you, is that a muscle that you've needed to grow?

Lori: Absolutely. I do a lot of talking with people and knowing that, I mean a lot of the people I'm helping have already started Legendary, you know, I'm, I'm helping people that I'm not getting any money for it. I'm not spending, you know, an hour at a time with them at this point but I, I could just say sorry you bought from someone else, but that's not, that's not my nature. So, you know I'm doing what I can to help if I can help.

Dave: Yeah, so one of the suggestions that I would, I would give to you is in everybody is if you do help somebody, then there is something that you can get out of that, that will actually help you in your business you can actually ask them for a testimonial and have them shoot you a little short little 32nd testimonial that you can then use and build up your testimonial file folder, that, that you can use on future sales pages current landing pages bridge pages, sales pages email follow ups. You know, if somebody asked for references or referrals if you're ever selling coaching or something like that, you can easily just set to a page that has all of your testimonials on it right so testimonials can be one of the most powerful things that we get inside of our business, right, it's a third party validation invoice from somebody else, and it literally nowadays, take somebody 30 seconds to record it on a on a on a cell phone or a loom video and just send it to you, and just, you can even give them instructions, like hey would you be open to, you know, recording me a quick testimonial that I can use in my marketing to acquire other clients and coaching clients and other clients of products I'm selling in the future, and you can have a little one page document that just gives them a couple of helpful tips about what to say in the testimonial so you actually get exactly what you're looking for, and exactly what would help you, you know, because it's, there's nothing wrong with guiding and leading people, coaching them about the type of testimonial that you're looking for. So anyways, I just wanted to offer you that because, especially early in our careers, one of the smartest things we can do is be of service to other people in ways that maybe we don't get paid for, but we can build up that testimonial portfolio, and that really, really is beneficial for us, it can be beneficial. right away. When we start to put those on our bridge pages and landing pages and stuff like that. Does that make sense Lori?

Lori: That makes great sense, that is such a great idea, I jotted it down real quick, that's, I will do that. It never even occurred to me so that's, that's wonderful.

Dave: Thank you, and I would even go back to the old you that you've written to me, literally, each every single one of you guys it's like, it's like every conversation that you have. You can turn around and ask somebody for Hey, I, I hope this interaction this conversation helped. Was it helpful to you? Was it valuable to you, and you get that? Yes, it was, Hey, you know, it would be really helpful to me, it is a quick little testimonial, right, little 30 seconds here's kind of a one pager about what I'm looking for. I'd really appreciate it if you take 20, 30 seconds and just record a minute, whatever, and just record something for it. I'm telling you guys, it's, it's, it's, it's a big deal, it's a big, big, big deal, and as you begin to expand your business, even if you're just, even if you're just doing affiliate marketing, but if you expand into courses or doing your own protein those testimonials can be priceless. They can be priceless.

Lori: That's such a great idea.

Dave: Yeah, you're welcome. And so, we always want to make sure that, and that's one of the things that I, one of the reasons why I asked I think for so many people who are not, you know, I believe, being successful is not about being good at sales, and I believe that sales is not even about being good at sales, what is sales, I don't even know, sales is just when a transaction happens, what it's called getting what you want in life. And you know how to get what you want in life? Ask for it. That's how you get it. There's no other way. You can be the best person in the world, the most deserving person in the world. And you can serve the whole world, you can just give your entire life, in that if you sit back, you will not get anything in return, except the feel good feelings inside but you know what good feelings inside. Unfortunately, I wish they did just like I wish good looks paid bills, they don't. They don't, they don't pay bills. Right, so the way that we get what we want is we ask for it, and I think that this is a huge takeaway, particularly for all of you who are caretakers, in our have a servant's r, and then you get into marketing, it's like, well, I'm helping a lot of people but I'm not getting what I want and need, and what we have to learn how to do, and this is, whether we're on the phone and doing phone sales all day or whether we're marketing or what we have to learn to ask what we want, and in need with to ask for. We have to ask for that and that's how I train salespeople. Your biggest job is to bring people to a decision. Ask them for the sale, and to ask them for a yes or a no, it doesn't have to be a yes, a nose just as good because at least you've closed the conversation. You've brought you didn't leave an open ended cover, well maybe I'll get back to you see that's just lying to each other. I'll call you back. Let me think about it, that's just lying. Instead we have to make it okay for people to say no. We have to be able to restock. We have to go nose, because at least we're putting a period on the end of a conversation instead of a dot dot dot dot dot. Right. So with all of these actions that we're all taking every day. The number one thing that we need to remember that if I want to get more leads, I need to ask for more emails. If I want to get more sales I need to ask for people to click more links, I need to direct them, I need to ask them specifically if I want to get more testimonials if I want to get more of this. I got to ask for it. If I want to get more guidance, if I want to get more insight from the crew from a coach, I get to ask for it. Right and I think that that's just a big major takeaway, Laurie for all of us who are caretakers or he feel like we have a great servant's heart, but we're having a difficult time making that transition over to like kind of hardcore marketer right it's like how do I blend these two skills together well, it's really just about, what did I, what did I ask for in this email. Did I ask for anything in this conversation, or did I feel guilty or bad about it? Right, that's a muscle that we have to condition is asking for things because sometimes we feel guilty asking. Oh, I don't want to ask them, I don't want to ask for anything. I don't do it on my own. Right. But the only person that you're hurting when you don't ask for things is just yourself, right, because then you don't get your needs met. And what that's called is codependency. Right, and that's called people pleasing, that's where we put everybody before our own self. So we have to become equals in this game. And in order for me to, and that's another self esteem building tool if I'm doing something, I’m interacting in a situation, say it's a friendship and then I'm give, give, give, give, give, listen, listen, listen to your problems talk talk talk about you, but then I don't ask about me hey you know what I need right now? One of the things I learned, Lori, I just sometimes needed to be held by my wife to heal that inner child that little boy in me, I just, I need you to just hold me baby. I learned to ask for my needs, you know, I, this is adult conversation- a lot of you guys are sexually frustrated in your relationships, just because you're not asking, ask. Maybe I really, I just wondered, I'm looking at you, you're so sexy and I'm just, I'm just wondering if we can make time for each other tonight? You know what I mean, like sometimes we just don't we just don't ask so anyways, I'm ranting here, what's coming up for you I want to give you the final word and also bring this conversation in for a landing but what's coming up for you as I'm ranting about this, asking for stuff Lori?

Lori: Well, that we've all heard it needs to call to action. You know, you need to ask them to do something, you know, You need to absolutely call to action. Click that link in the bio, you know, let's follow, you know, comments, whatever. Please, by, you know, they don't. Hopefully they'll, you know thanks but, but no. You know that, that absolutely is. Makes perfect sense, and that carries over, like you said that's a life skill that's to be able to do that.

Dave: So, overall, if somebody like yourself brand new three months ago was sitting on a checkout page or thinking about getting involved in Legendary Marketer, what would you say to that person.

I would say do it absolutely, it will change your life, not just making money, but there are so many other things that you will get from doing marketing online marketing, Legendary marketing, I can tell you if you're looking. It is. It is Legendary corny, sorry, but there are, you know, The community is fantastic. Oh my gosh, the support is great from your peers, and from obviously from the staff and Dave and Matt and Roxy and everyone that's, that's out there, helping us. I would do it because you. It will give you the freedoms that you're looking for, it will give you the support, the resources will be there, you know, with you for life. Pretty much if you buy the blueprints. Do the blueprints, oh my gosh, if there's any way you can afford it, do the blueprints. They are more advanced skills. They work with you longer, harder. I would jump on it, you will absolutely not be sorry.

Dave: Well that was quite a testimonial thank you for that Lori.

Lori: It's how I feel. It literally changed my life. I'm so excited each day to get home and start working on this, you know, what am I gonna learn today, I want to learn something new every day.

Dave: Yeah, well, it shows I mean, your attitude and your just your outlook is just, it's contagious. So everybody Lori's financial freedom is her TikTok, You can connect with her there. Go now, let's draw it, let's also make it a clickable link, I'll drop it right in the comments right now. This is somebody who you guys, I mean, I mean, obviously fellows, but also, you know, ladies, I mean, talk about talk about somebody to have inside of your network in your mastermind, it just as part of your network. I mean, jump on it. I mean it, this is, this is when we talk about community, this is what we're talking about. It's not just about. It's not just about. It's never about me, I don't want it to be about me. I don't want it to be about Matt I don't want it to be about any one person, particularly on our team, it's about us building connections and finding peers and friends and people to support us and people out there that are on the same path that we are, That is so that it's so energizing to know that there's hundreds 1000’s 10’s of 1000’s of people out there that are literally on the same path doing the same thing, even if there's not our neighborhood or town it's like I look around and I see a bunch of weirdos that I have nothing in common with in my town, you know, relatively speaking, but not not marketing anyways. But there's, there's 1000s out here and Legendary is full of them. So Lori, had a fantastic show. Well done. Great job, we'll let you go I know you've, it's coming around to eight o'clock there be your time so gotta get another cup of coffee or whatever you drink in the morning and take the dogs out. Start your day. Thank you for spending an hour with us in giving back. And I know you've, you've gained some new fans and new followers, some new friends here this morning, and just keep up the great work any final words you get the last, last word.

Lori: Well thanks Dave for having me. It was a goal to make it here, and so I'm thrilled to have been here and thanks guys for for watching, and the support that you've given me, and

I love you guys.

Dave: Awesome. Love you too. Lori, you are just a real gem, and I'm looking forward to continuing this journey, and for many years to come. I love when my clients turn into friends and we stay connected and look back a decade, you know, later and say, remember when, you know, all the memories and in the journey, it's, it's, it's really, it's really a cool thing, so keep up the great work. I hope you'll come back and keep us posted on your journey every few months. And, if you will all look forward to it and I'll talk to you soon. Okay.

Lori: Okay, thanks Dave.

Alright see you Lori. All right, my friends, seriously Lori's tick tock is up here on the screen, go connect with her go support her lift her up let her support you lift you up, and, and just, just a wonderful, wonderful person to have as a part of your as a part of your sphere of influence, right. They say that we're a combination of the five people, whatever that we, how many ever it is that we surround ourselves with and I believe that. I just believe that, you know, there's, there's different people in different mindsets here even in our community. And so we have to be really careful about who we associate with who we who we're listening to, who we're getting information from, who we're talking to, and Lori is the type of person, the model type of person to have in your corner, and also to model her mindset and behavior, because just in three months. She's just growing, not only the money aspect, but also just is, is developing the skills that are going to be there for the rest of her life to be able to thrive and be able to achieve her goals. So anyways, be legendary my friends, we will be back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern time. Have a fantastic day. Have a Legendary day. Have a great week. Let's end this month strong, And we'll talk to you tomorrow. Peace.

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