Below is the transcription of this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave sharp Welcome to wake up legendary. This morning we're going to be talking to a young lady from Phoenix. Her name is Christianne and she's truly working from home. So let's hear from her how exactly you know that getting out of her comfort zone helps target results. How would she'd done it? Christianne Welcome to the show.

Christianne: Hi, how are you? Good morning.

Dave: Good morning, I'm fantastic. Alright, so Christianne, are you in Phoenix? Am I right about that?

Christianne: Yes, I'm living in Phoenix right now. I've been living here for like about three years. I have lived my whole life in Guadalajara, Jalisco, which is Mexico. And like about three years ago, I moved here.

Dave: Okay, nice. Very cool. So how did you start marketing online like what took you online and then how eventually did you find  Legendary Marketer?

Christianne: Yeah, so you know, my life has changed a lot in the last couple of years. So, first of all, I was in Mexico, I was starting to become a dentist so from healthcare to business, completely different things. But yeah, I remember, like about two years ago, I was on YouTube and I started to see videos from a lady called Tatiana James. You may not care and she started sharing about how to start making money online. She is an expert on Amazon FBA. also creating a Shopify account so I got so inspired, that I decided to give it a try. And I started with an online business selling Bluebeam face masks. I don't have any right now.

Dave: Do they look almost like ice or iced out right? Like almost like they got. What does that sequence mean? All on the front? Did you make those or are you sourcing those from somewhere? Like doing drop shipping or worrying?

Christianne: No, I got them from Alibaba from China and brought them here to my home. And, you know, I was doing pretty much like a hybrid business. Because I have my Shopify account. Which was, you know, what's a good business? But at the same time I was. I met the owner of a club here in Phoenix. And he allowed me to put a table outside of the club because they wouldn't allow people without masks. So I was like, this is my opportunity. This is gonna look amazing on The Club.

Dave: So during, the pandemic? You know, people are trying to get into the club, but you're, you're helping them to be safe, but also fashionable to lead. If you need to go to the club in the middle of, you know, a pandemic. Let's make sure that you're safe and like sure, let's make sure that you look good doing it right. Who's in the club with one of those ugly blue medical masks? I mean, come on.

Christianne: Nobody looks good in those.

Dave: I get it. I get it. So anyways, what happened with that? So did you and everybody. Yeah, she is so smart. So you're, you're I like this. So what happens next?

Christianne: Yeah, so after a few months, then must stop being required for a well, you know, now, they're being required again. But yeah, so I decided to just stop selling them. And then I decided to start with Amazon FBA invested in my location, so I bought a course. But yeah, in the end, it didn't really work for me because you need a large amount to invest on all the inventory and the Amazon fees and all that. So I decided not to continue. And so those are my two online business experience that I have.

Dave: So how did you find a legendary marketer and what did you decide to do, you know, get started in that direction? Tell us what happened then.

Christianne: Okay, so, like most guests, here on Wake Up Legendary. I was lost working a deadend job. I hated that I always worked in call centers. And yeah, so I don't know. I would always just start a job like I was so excited. But you know, after a few months, like you start getting used to or I would just start feeling like just a number more in the company. Yeah, so yeah, I just decided I was so depressed. I don't even a member but you know, all the bad things that happen in our life. If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. So I decided to quit that job. And I was unemployed for a few months. And then I found out about Legendary. I found myself and she inspired me a lot. I started to see all of her Tik Toks stories, from anatomy to you know, building a six figure income at that time. It wasn't that much. She was just starting, but I felt so excited. And I decided, You know what, I'm gonna give it a try. But to be honest with you, I don't know. Like in the beginning, I felt like how can I explain it? Like I was just waiting for somebody to save me. You know, like, I was not doing my part that much. Um, but yeah, after, you know, going through the course and of course, reading a lot of books, self help books, and all of that I understood like, nobody's gonna come see you. So you are the owner of your own life. And if you want to succeed, you have to take action. So yeah, I eventually bought the blueprints and started working on that. My journey has not been super easy to be honest with you guys. Yeah, it's been a lot of ups and downs. There are some days that I would feel like why am I doing these? I'm about to be a really shy person and I don't know sometimes. I get that anxious like a lot of people are gonna listen to my accent or criticize when I'm doing it. But yeah, you know, at the end, I understood that. I just had to get over this fear step by step and I know we all can do it. It's just we just have to take it one step at a time and keep working.

Dave: Well, that's that's a really that's a really incredible story and journey. And you know, I first of all, just want to congratulate you for, you know, sticking with it. You want to obviously have the entrepreneurial spirit. I mean, you you you saw entrepreneurs are people who see who see difficult times they see opportunity, they see recession, they see opportunity, they see thriving market, they see opportunity is always seen opportunity, no matter what you look at, if you're the type of person who you thought, you know, I could turn this into a business like if you've ever said that before, you know, you might just be an entrepreneur. You know, and I know I've said that a million times, two minutes into a business or man that you know, that'd be a great business. But you know, you described some of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Before you started your affiliate marketing business. Or you're, you know, information, your freelance business, you may go on to do coaching, you may create a course, you may do an event, but right now, you're mostly focusing on affiliate marketing. And so you're also going through challenges in your affiliate marketing business, you're describing the journey of entrepreneurship. I mean, you know, we all go through tough stuff. We all have ups and downs, every single one of us have days that are better than others or months that you know, something really difficult happens. And that's literally just the journey. And I think for for what was most powerful about what you said, in my opinion, was the mindset shift that you had from somebody, please come save me and I'm waiting for somebody to come save me to hey, I need to take ownership and responsibility for my my future and my my present my actions, my results. And that to me sounded like when you had a major shift, I just wonder if you could say more about that. I mean, that just seems like a big moment where you realize that and something that just we all maybe should hear a little bit more about.

Christianne: Yeah. Every time I remember, the other day, I was telling my boyfriend like, oh, yeah, like back when I had this mental crisis, depression and all that and he says, You know, I would say that exactly like, what was the word he said? I think he said it was like a spiritual awakening. Like I started to understand that. Nobody really cares what you do. Okay, they might start criticizing you, because I received on the beginning, a lot of hate comments, but eventually I learned even what I don't have to listen to this. It's so easy. You can just look on Google or YouTube. How can I block certain comments? Right. And that helped me a lot also with my mental health because there were people like they weren't criticizing myself knowing what I was doing. And you know, that some things hurt. But yeah, I've been reading a lot of self books, self development books. And that has helped me a lot.

Dave: That's great. I mean, you're just you're, it is difficult to come online all of a sudden, I mean, think about just being in school or being in a job and you have one difficult co worker or you have one mean boss. But online, you can have 100 people leave a hateful comment. And yeah, you said something that's important just a second ago that it's not what they're saying is not even about you, you know, it's just their own. It's just that it takes a hurt person. To say something hurtful, you know, Healthy People don't hurt people, you know, hurt people hurt people. And then one of the things that that helped me realize is that when people were criticizing or saying hateful things that it wasn't even about me it was really that they hate themselves. And so they're taking that out on me and taking that out on others. And, you know, it's one of the most difficult things to do but if you're spiritual or religious, one of the things that that that that I've done in the past that I try to do now is when somebody is really paid for or somebody I'm having a difficult time it's just pray for them. Almost like praying for my enemies. And it's it's it kind of, you know, it kind of takes these people and takes them from these big people who have all this power and shrinks them down to size. Because really, you know, people who are making hateful comments are, are, scared, insecure people who are typing through a screen. It's not like they're saying it to your face, they would never say it to your face. You know, they're just hiding behind a computer and that's sometimes when the worst of people can come out. But you're right we can block comments and spend zero energy on people's hearts, you know, you cannot fix somebody. If somebody is being hurtful or hateful in the comments. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. And it has everything to do with that person being hurt. Or sick, or mentally ill or spiritually ill spiritually bankrupt. Right. You talked about spirituality. It takes a spiritually bankrupt person to sit on the phone and make a mean comment to a woman who's trying who's who's who's creating content, building the business. It takes a no, I'm going to speak to men. It takes a small tiny little man. Just very in not, he feels small to be that hateful. And we got to remember that, that it's not about us. And it's about people. People are projecting what they're feeling onto us. And, man, I'm telling you, when I asked me this, or tell me this, Christianne, how has it been with your family? How has it been with your boyfriend? How have you navigated those relationships?

Christianne: Yeah, so to be honest with you, I still keep this really private. Just the closest people to me are the ones that I know like my best friend, my boyfriend and my mom. That's it. Oh, yeah. In my name, my aunt. But yeah, just those four people. Because you have a small tight circle. Yeah, because the truth is that in everything when you start something, then people are gonna start telling you are not that I'm not going to succeed. You should just stay in your secure job and a normal life but for me, if I want to be a business, then I have to start getting out there.

Dave: Wow, very true. And I mean, how inspirational to other women. I don't know I'm not a woman, so I don't know how it feels. But I just wonder about those ladies who are listening in and watching Christianne and I right now I mean, it How does it feel to see other women in this community? You know, saying what she just said if I want to succeed if I love that, I mean I you know what? You're your spirit and your energy and your mindset is really, really a cool and a beautiful thing. And I know that as a man, I'm inspired. So I would think that the women are inspired and you know what's cool? And you mentioned Camila? Right. Yeah. Okay. And you mentioned that when you first started following her, she was unknown, right? Okay, so I want everybody to hear that and see that that Camilla actually has attracted people like Christianne to her content and into her, you know, onto her, you know, to her personally, as as a as a as a leader and as somebody who people look to even when she had a small following so, so don't discount your small following. As a matter of fact, your small following might be a lot more powerful in a profitable way than you think. And so Christianne, how have you, you know, how have you begin to build your following and deal with that uncomfortable, you know, that uncomfortable first couple of weeks or a couple of months where you know, you don't have a lot of followers or you just you don't feel comfortable and how did you get through that phase or how are you getting through it? And, and, you know, talk to us a little bit about this topic of, of the, you know, you said that and we've titled this show getting out of your comfort zone is the key to seeing results. And in so, did you need to really get out of your comfort zone in the first couple of weeks. Is it something that you're continuing to need to do? Talk to us about it? 

Christianne: It's been a really long process. So, like I mentioned, I've always been so shy, and I don't know why. I think I got traumatized from my call center job because very often a lot of people would say, like, transfer me with someone in the US or something like that, you know, just because of me and my accent and it made me think, I don't wanna talk. Because I'm ashamed of my accent. Yeah, but no, I've been working on that. And what is cool is that people actually speak two languages. And who knows if they even speak another language? What was my process ? When I first started making videos on Tiktok, I was, you know, just doing what I liked, which was dancing. Some of my first videos were dancing in just like, pointing and putting, you know, that text bubbles and all that. I was really enjoying that. And then eventually, I started like, just making videos, you know, showing a little bit more of my fat , not that much dancing against the bubbles. And then in the last I would say in the last month, I started to say, okay, so I need to start getting more out there because if I want to be like the successful woman, like Camila, like any other successful woman, I have to start, you know, talking, like sharing what's on my mind. So I started to make some videos talking, not a lot of them because I'm still struggling a little bit. But yeah, making a little bit more of a story on my Instagram talking. Yeah, it's been a process. I'm still not 100% I'm a big fan of Shannon. 

Dave: You know, there's a million comments coming through people, you know, saying how beautiful your accent is and how you know how nice it is to listen to and and I would say the same thing. I mean, I could really listen to you talk all day long. So, you know, I just want to commend you and validate all this hard work this attitude that you have, because these these these beginning you guys are looking at a young woman right now who is in the beginning stages of her journey and she is absolutely has the right mindset Christianne you just you are a perfect template of somebody who has what it takes to succeed because of your attitude and because of the way that you're choosing to see things you could absolutely you know, and also I want to also commend for just being so real, it's it's it is hurtful. I can't imagine working in a call center and having a an accent whether that be a you know, an accent because I'm you know, you know, Mexican or Latino or, or, or because I'm Indian, or because you know, wherever I'm, I happen to not have ever had to dealt deal with that really. And so I don't know what that's like, but I cannot imagine how difficult that is. And what you've had to overcome mentally to now do what you're doing. So I am just impressed and inspired by what you're doing. And yes, yes, yes, I always go when people are giving me compliments I go stop it so Christianne I you know I I'm gonna put your TikTok up here for everybody to go and follow you know they can they can check you out @Christithegirlboss Oh, hey. Oh, you're really stepping into your power. I mean, even with that handle Christithegirlboss, It's almost like it's almost like there's there's you you know who you want to be right? I mean, it's almost like you can visualize and see, that's what I sense what I'm talking to, is that you can visualize and sort of see who you want to become. And you're creating and building that Christianne. You're building that boss girl. Is that right? I mean you're naming yourself. I love somebody who's confident enough to name their handle Christithegirlboss. So you're really, really it seems like you're intentionally building yourself up to be the best version of yourself instead of mentally tearing yourself down.

Christianne: Yeah, that's right. And also follow my creators on TikTok about, you know, self help and manifestation and personal development and give people a great comment. Okay, so where do you see yourself in the next 510 years of devising myself as a business woman helping a lot of other women and men as well because sometimes I receive comments. But yeah, I mean, I wanna, you know, do more. You know, sometimes right now, I'm still working on my full time job. A different one not not the one and you're doing this array now as a part time job the the affiliate marketing thing. But yeah, I've been working on myself because no other name, that's another thing. I'll tell you right now. But, yeah, I've been trying just to think where I want to be in the next 5, 10 years. Okay. So, I want to be like these people. Well, I have to start talking more and sharing more. You know.

Dave: For if I want to be a you know, if I want to be a great singer, I have to practice singing. I mean, if I want to be the best version of myself, I have to practice being that person. You know, and becoming the best version of myself takes practice. And I see you practicing that right now. I see you practicing being the best version of yourself: that millionaire boss, woman, that independent entrepreneur and you know it looks beautiful on you, everybody in the comments showing you wonderful love. We're proud of you. You should be proud of yourself as well. Christianne. Yeah. Wonderful. I'm glad that you are because that's what I want for you. And that's why I feel proud of you. So I hope I'm glad to hear that you're feeling proud of yourself too, because that's important.

Christianne: And you know what, I've always since I was young, I wanted to, you know, start making videos. Back when I was younger, I wanted to be like makeup orr lifestyle YouTuber or then right before I started with affiliate marketing in my first picture, and I was just making little dances because I wanted to, you know, get out there but then I found about affiliate marketing and all this valuable information you're making, like a real change on these niche because you're helping more people, not only you. So I think this is more what is the word like? It has more feeling 

Dave: We're more rewarding more there's more. There's more. There's more payoffs. Yeah, I think we all understand what Yeah, it's it's it's a powerful thing to be able to share you know something with somebody that can change their life. We know what you're talking about.

Christianne: It's super fast but due to this thing, so I've been preparing myself and soon a lot of videos are coming.

Dave: Awesome. Well, when you do that, you know and get that up and going let us know and come back on the show and keep us you know, posted. Let us know what you're doing. Let us know what that channel is and let us subscribe to it and support you on your journey. Okay.

Christianne: Yeah, of course I will. 

Dave: Thanks for your hard work and your story. Thanks for living your life. So you could tell your story. And you know, best of luck but I know you don't need it because you're a powerful woman who's going to rock this business and so stay legendary karate, and come back. Okay, we'll talk to you really soon. Okay, we'll have you back on the show and a couple months

Christianne: Of course. And I just wanted to take a quick second to say thank you because really, and thank you Camilla because all of this information that I now know wouldn't be possible without both of you as well as the legendary marketing team in Yeah, so I am so excited that I was able to be here. This was one of my dreams. 

Dave : All right. All right. Christianne will talk to you soon. Okay. Bye. All right, my friends. You can follow Christianne over on Tik Tok and Instagram @Christithegirlboss. Alright, my friends. Wow. You know every day it's just you know, a new flavor of inspiration from the show and from the people on it. So, you know, let's have a rockin day. It's Thursday. And you know, we've got one more day left in the week. If you've got a job that you're still working at, go do that job to the best of your ability. How you do one thing is how you do everything. It's not like you're gonna suck at your job and then go crush it in your business. If you're working full time in your business, then you know the biggest question that you can ask yourself is what I hire myself and what I continue to pay myself, you know, a good salary to continue to work in my company. And you know what I like to have a bunch of me working in my company. And the reason why that's such an important question is because even as the owner of your business, that doesn't mean that you get to work less, it means actually that you have to set the pace. You know, you have to be the leader and we're seeing some great evidence and examples of leadership around the world right now. Right. What a great leader, we see President of Ukraine Zelenski down in the trenches with his citizens. While, you know, Putin sits in an office, you know, 50 feet away from anybody and lets nobody around them, you know, the difference in leadership there. And so, what I see on the show everyday is true leadership, people taking the initiative in ownership over their lives, and in being real leaders. I mean, what Christianne explained today, that is a story of leadership and inspiration. And somebody who's taking ownership over their lives not waiting for somebody to come save them. But saying, hey, you know what, if I'm going to, if something's going to happen, I'm going to be the one who needs to get the ball rolling, get the ball rolling. It doesn't mean that you need to carry the ball the entire way. But if something's going to happen, you need to be the one who gets the ball rolling. That's the important part, then others will help you carry the ball the rest of the way. And I love that about the message that was shared this morning. So have a great day, my friends, be legendary. Get out of here and go do something impactful. And that's profitable. Focus on income producing skills today, right? Not all this fluff, things that make you feel like you're doing work but are really just busy work. Go directly from this show. take a brief break, come back back to focus on income producing skill sets , what are those? Those are activities that are going to connect in drive traffic to generate leads, period. If it doesn't do that. It's probably just busy work. Oh, I'm playing around in my website Oh, I'm building another funnel. busy work doesn't matter. Right. So focus on income producing skill sets. And really, you know, tapping into as we saw with Christianne, that best version of yourself creating the entrepreneur in the person that you want to be, you have to create that person. It's not going to just magically show up. My friend was telling me that he heard an episode of Joe Rogan who interviewed Mr. Beast and Mr. Beast has a YouTube channel Christianne was mentioning YouTube. Mr. Beast has the biggest YouTube channel in the world, more subscribers than anybody else. And he just did an interview with Joe Rogan on his podcast. And what Mr. What was interesting about this interview, my friend was telling me and I'm going to listen to the interview. As well as that Mr. Beast is a 23 year old kid who just looks like you know, he's making videos, but behind the scenes, the amount of work and the amount of focus and trial and error and testing of things that he's done is unbelievable. My point is success doesn't just happen. It's created the same way that leaders are. They're created. The way that Christianne named her, you know, go for the outfit that makes you feel a little uncomfortable because you feel like it's you're being too cocky. You know, grab the handle for your TikTok that makes you feel like oh, man, this is Whoa, this is should I really call myself a boss? Yeah, damn it. You have to create the leader that you want to be leaders are not born. They're created you know, and I love that about just one of the many things that Christianne shared with us this morning. So have a fantastic day, my friends. I know I will. And we'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode.