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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe before Welcome to Wake Up Legendary is another day storytime. We're gonna welcome our guest. He took a six month break, and is now seeing results again. Let's see what changed Vaughn. Welcome to the show my brother.

Vaughn: Hey, what's going on, Dave? Happy to be here.

Dave: Happy to have you. Where are you calling from a man?

Vaughn: So Huntsville Alabama. I am actually originally from Northern California. moved to California

Dave: You look like you’re from California.

Vaughn: Yeah. Yeah, I stick out a little bit.

Dave: Hell I stick out in Alabama. Right, I have family at their funeral recently and I felt like a fish out of water up there. So okay, man will tell us your story. How did you get online in what led you to Legendary

Vaughn: So I want to say it started back in 2020. Back when I just had my daughter was born and these kids were on this app called TikTok. So I had my daughter and the only way she would go to sleep was if I played tic tac in the background while I rocked her to sleep. Right. And so while I was putting her to sleep, I was scrolling through tic toc and cross knock and how he was able to make an income online. And, you know, that immediately sparked my interest because for years I've been an engineer for almost 15 years and even though I love what I do, there's always something in the back of my mind saying this can't be you know, this can't be just what I do go go to school and go to work and then end the story. I just make money and die, you know. So it kind of woke that thing inside of me. And so I dove in and like I tried to get into the training or like trying to learn more about it by looking it up on YouTube, trying to figure stuff out. But it wasn't until I stumbled upon a legendary marketer that things started to click for me. Right so I took a I saw one of the the the I saw the trading on on Tick Tock 1515 day challenge and I dove in and it blew my mind it it wasn't just it wasn't just teaching me about affiliate marketing, you know, taught me like how to be and think like an entrepreneur kind of like shake up what I was taught as a kid, thinking that this is the way things are supposed to be it really just shut things up and really opened my mind to see what things were different. And yeah, now I'm seeing results. So I can't I can't complain.

Dave: You know, I didn't know there was that much good. stuff in the 15 Day Challenge. It's just unbelievable. Now you're pulling my leg damn cool. It's unbelievable. You know, I mean, to me, I guess it's stuff that I've that I've been thinking about and talking about for over 10 years, you know, so it's just it's so interesting to and I guess I've subscribed to this way of thinking for such a long time that it'd be almost like trying to convince me that the sky was purple to to go in do something different because this is so second nature. That's all I know. That's all I've been doing. So what has that transition been like for you and kind of where are you? You know, engineer you say is that right? I mean, that's why we were talking about Mars and Venus here. I mean, he's saying you can't use some engineering skills here but I mean, right now are and science but it's definitely

Vaughn: Definitely definitely different. Yeah, it's very more, more technical. Like obviously being a marketer, you really have to really know how to present yourself and sell yourself. I'm not gonna lie, you know, when before I started this journey, like the most you'd see of me when we're having a conversation or the top of my eyelids because I'd be looking down on the ground, not knowing how to have a conversation.

Dave: Even in, in person, right?

Vaughn: And even in person because I still have I still have a little bit of social anxiety and that's something that I'm still even even at my age is struggling to, to to deal with. With like doing this and learning this, it's really learned how to really put myself out there. Definitely rooted myself out of my comfort zone and tried to push myself towards skills and try to understand like, you know, I it's not just more of a confidence thing. It's definitely just being more comfortable in my own skin. 

David Sharpe: You're just talking about some of the added benefits that are given you above and beyond financial stuff? Yeah, I think, I think for a lot of people that can feel you know, I mean, I don't know what money can do for some of you, you know, I mean, it could probably change a lot of your lives pretty significantly. You know, but imagine confidence boost imagine, you know, a managing, feeling like the best version of yourself or 100% It's almost kind of like it's almost kind of like and I and I and I get this dude, I get this because obviously when I was like what before I started and I was broke and I mean I'm not I wasn't insecure, because I was broke. I was insecure just because I was a recovering drug addict, ex homeless guy. I mean, I had a lot of pain. And absolutely I know what you're talking about. This business has taught me how to look somebody in the eye. I mean, I've looked, I can look people in the camera, I can look people in the eye, I've learned how to talk and you know, here's the facts. We can talk in circles all day long. Like we're college professors, but the truth of the matter, you know, and talk over people's heads and try to sound smart. But here's the facts. Okay. It's real plain and simple and easy to understand. People don't buy from people who are confident, right? Yeah, we don't. I mean, I'm just trying not to mince words. I'm trying to make it real, plain and simple for everybody to understand. So you sort of you're clear that that's a major component of being successful in any business, is you have to have an element of confidence about what you're talking about when somebody has a problem. When somebody has a problem you go out to their house, their toilets clogged and you're wishy washy about maybe just possibly I can't ruin I'd make a mess might get shit all in your shower might get shit all over your house. I don't know, might not even know how to do it, you know? Or the guy who says or gal who says I've seen this 1000 times give me about 15 minutes I'll report right back. I have to say I'm absolutely going to put it's an element of confidence in uptight comes across on video. And you know where else it comes across a bond that I don't think a lot of people really give enough credit to but you can absolutely create your own character. You can speak with as much confidence as you can. I know some of the shyest people in the world are some of the best copywriters in the world because their voices may not be loud but their fingers are and they write with precision in power. When you're reading it. You feel like you're taking, you know, you're reading from God Himself. So powerful is the language and so Vaughn what I'm saying is that I think we undervalue and minimize the benefits of growing our confidence in how much money that actually can make us long term. We're out and that's understanding the blueprint, I think, rather than just saying okay, tell me where to hit the nail. I'm not ever learning the full game and how to read the blueprint of how the business works. Would you agree with that?

Vaughn: Yeah, no, I agree.

Dave: There's a mindset. There's confidence and then their skill sets. Right? Wait, let me say it like this. There's mindset, there's communication. And then there's, there's mechanics, you know, right. And I think the mindset and the communication are those dynamic pieces that then there's the skill sets or the setup of the tools and people think that's business is setting up your Clickfunnels or your autoresponder. Let me tell you something. I know that isn't I'm not trying to be mean and I'm not trying to be a dick. But there is that he does not mean you're in business. Because you still got the biggest mountain yet to climb which is your own mindset, which has been screwing you over for 30 or 40 years and other people have been screwing you over and unknowingly by beating you down or or making I mean, look, we get made fun of one time in school about a way we look or sound and then we don't have supportive parents at home and that eats away at us forever. Then we try to go into business so we don't want to talk about, I mean, we have to address things at the root and then rebuild the person. So you can be the best version of yourself and I'm talking to everybody with a normal ranting bond. Okay, what's coming up for you, buddy? 

Vaughn: I mean I guess 100% That's, that's so true. It's, it's, it's um, I mean, that's, you know, I, I need to like I guess I need to go back into what my story was like, so I did a I in back in, back in April. 

Dave: Is being inspired by the work you're doing. I just want you to know that. Just know all this has been inspired by your work and what you're doing. I mean, the fact that you are addressing your confidence. I just want you to know that you should be proud of yourself. Yeah. I know. You're bringing up something that I want us to learn from, right is what, what, what's going on right now. And that's why I'm getting so passionate because I got a great example in you right now, of somebody who has addressed this all important. element of communication incompetent as in even getting comfortable on camera because you said that it was so difficult, and I appreciate that vulnerability for you to you know, look somebody in the eye in a conversation and now you're creating content and looking in the camera. So, brother, you're you're you're you're making major moves that many are not willing to make and and what what else? What other things have you overcome? It has been difficult but worth it?

Vaughn: Right so really, it's that it's definitely a mindset about not not being what's the word? imposters having that imposter syndrome, right? So I mean, that's why I was gonna trace back to when I really got into making content that started way back in April of last year. I was really making content. I started really diving into the learning within the program of a 16 day challenge and and, and, and during that time, I you know, I absorbed it, and I kind of just went running. And I guess I was comparing myself to too many other people. Right? Yeah. So what ended up happening is like I was making content just making it because you know, that's what people said. That would make me succeed. So how I'll do it if I see a little bit of success, right? But nothing makes me feel like oh, man, I'm gonna quit my job tomorrow. Right so but what ended up happening is, I'm in Alabama, right so I had I like got in the way and I moved from California to Alabama. And during that time, it was difficult to stay consistent with what I was doing with the program and just with just creating content, creating traffic and so I stopped. It was pretty much a quick moment for me. And it was because, you know, obviously I could blame the move, but it was really just me doubting myself. And my abilities and but, I mean, I was still like, kind of in it. My head was in it because, you know, I was seeing so many people still succeed. I was like, Why? Why are people succeeding? When I do, there must be something that I need to tweak. Right? I know I have everything set up in place. I got the funnels. I got the autoresponder I needed. There's something that I just didn't get right. So it wasn't until my house was on fire. When I got laid off in December when I was just like, well I need to do something I really need to do something I need to support my family. So let's go back into this thing called affiliate marketing and really just get your head down and do it and what I noticed. What changed was I really started studying what other people were doing and really understanding like, Okay, what were they doing in their content? It was different from me comparing it to reverse engineering. That's where the engineering part came in. I started reverse engineering what they were doing and how, how it fit me in and that's when I really started understanding what my story was and how to appropriately tell it to people so that they could listen. Yeah, I guess. So part of that was just really just overcoming that imposter syndrome and just knowing that my story is my own and I need to know how to tell it.

Dave: Yeah. Wow. Really, really well. Really well said and you know, really, just a really powerful line. You know, it's not often, you know, that we get to hear somebody so eloquently describe their journey, overcoming such a powerful evil which is, you know, which is which is something that we all have inside of us, you know, we all have unlimited power and we all have unlimited doubt. You know, that's the powerful thing in, you know, you can tap into whichever you want. You can tap into your unlimited power, you can tap into your unlimited data, we really we really all can and it's just it's it's wonderful to see somebody and the reason why I like this stage of business building so much like people who just had absolutely no, I'm just just just just brand new people, people who have either not succeeded before never done anything like this before. Because the breakthroughs are so big, they're so powerful. And if you build the correct foundation now, you won't have the big crash later on. That so many entrepreneurs have because they didn't do the important work and be aware of the important things as they were becoming successful. And you know, and you are not only doing the things that so many take so many out. I mean that one thing right there has created more tombstones in the entrepreneur graveyard, just that self doubt. What were some of the things? Do you remember any of the things that you were saying to yourself or maybe not saying to yourself, but some of the limiting beliefs that you had, so you can specifically and clearly call them out. So if they ever crept back in that you could identify them and maybe also so I wish

Vaughn: I could, but it's really one of those things. Where it's years of indoctrination into my mindset of this is really, can you really do this? Can you really make money online? I mean, if there's other things that you've done in the past that didn't really succeed, this might be one of them. You know? It was definitely just wanting to just figure out who you are because life tends to be quick. You know, you don't have time to really sit down and actually think about those things. But when you actually do get to sit down, want to focus on yourself, those things kind of start to arise, right like yeah, just just just the self doubt of you not feeling like you hit this. If this doesn't work, you know, you know what else is left? You know? So it was just me telling myself, you have to focus on one thing, make sure it's one thing, one thing alone, get good at it because what you're doing is jumping around from thing to thing. You need to stick down and humbly hold it until it works. 

Dave: And you look around and you see all these other people who are doing it, you know, it works and it's just a matter of how long you're going to have to hunker down right and and in how long is it until those skies are going apart and God's gonna come deliver, you just don't have clarity, right? Which doesn't happen by the way. We're all waiting for that big burning bush moment where it's all finally going to click and it just doesn't happen like that. You know? Life happens little things, you know, if you're if you believe in God or the higher power, some might say, God will never give you more than you can handle, you know, which I think it's true life, God, the universe, whatever you believe, you know, we'll have lots of different beliefs in this community. Or if you if you don't believe anything at all, and you just, it's like, the, the, our, our bodies can take much more than we are than we know. You know, like, look at a woman having a baby if you've ever watched that process before. You know my wife did it without any pain medication. She wanted to have 100% natural birth. Okay. 10 out of 10 pound babies. But how could one's body do that? How could How could How can we do things that we just had no idea we could do but then suddenly when we do them, we're like, holy shit like and then a year later, we're a totally different person.

Vaughn: I think that people think that once they see a problem or a struggle that they need to shut down, right or change or do something different. I mean, that's the point of struggles and problems. It's, you know, you have to, you have to learn how to deal with them because I mean, it's like your mind and your body. Everything is like a muscle. You have to put it through a little bit of stress for it to get stronger and to grow. You know, you have to at least try you know, if I told my daughter you know, just get on that bike and just go for the if she was trying to learn how to bike for the first time she would fail. How many times do we have to fail before we actually succeed at something right? And we have to fail, we have to struggle in order for us to be who we are. We study things. Drug addiction gets laid off in order for things to change, you know, but your mind can just shut down, people can just shut down to things like that.

Dave: So Kurt made an interesting point and fear vanishes when experienced fully some such deep, deep thought. How has your fear vanished?

Vaughn: I've been trying. I don't fully agree with that quote. It's a great quote. Don't get me wrong.

Dave: It sounds profound. Yeah.

Vaughn: But like really, you have to have a little bit of fear, right? Just just a little bit in order to just get you going. Because if you don't have any fear at all, you wouldn't do anything. And like if you fear vanishes after like, so, then well, then you might stop. Right. But if that is always there, that will constantly push you. Yeah. I think that if the fear needs to happen like, why would we have a fear of death and while you know if you wouldn't want to we wouldn't want to live?

Dave: It's deep I mean, it's a rival right? I mean, you could go down that rabbit hole. I don't think I'm gonna jump in there with you. But what I can say is that you know, when I'm afraid of something nowadays, it's usually that I need to walk towards it instead of away from it. I mean, that, you know, I mean, I think you just live life in one of two ways. You're just always running from things you're afraid of, or you're running to them. And I think that you know, it just all depends on how you want to live. I don't think there's anything wrong with running away from things that you're afraid that's just how you've chosen to live your life and in you get exactly what you you know deserve for every action there's a reaction or whatever Newton or whoever the hell the scientist who convinced a ninth grade dropout, you know, you're trying to sound smart, but um, you know, golly, I'm either running towards it, or I'm running away from it. And I think for a lot of people, they they get, I mean, maybe people never get tired, but I mean, I think at a certain point, one of two things happens and this is this is what I think usually happens, it's usually the latter, that you either get tired of running away from somebody who say, Okay, I'm tired of doing this. I'm ready to change. You know, it's like I'm tired. That usually never happens. So what happens is you're asking to put in a shitty situation like you did where you're laid off in your force. And now you're as you know, there's there's there's heat on your ass actual heat, grass. You can't go that way. It's unfortunate that it takes some really shitty stuff sometimes for us to get into action and go towards our fears. I don't know how to change that. But when I hear somebody who had a difficult situation just lost a job, I secretly go yes, because you know, I mean it might be the thing that is so painful that makes them do it.

Vaughn: Right now. Yeah. I mean, I definitely had to feel that, that struggle, that pain in order, because you know, before it was kind of like yeah, I could do this. I liked the six months before I stopped. Maybe I could do this. I'll dabble in it. It's dabbling. And when your whole heart isn't in it, people could tell. Right? People could tell you I mean, you could tell so when you when you when that finally switches for you, and you understand the true importance of why you're doing things, and because there's no other choice. It makes you think that that's what actually propels you forward.

Dave: Yeah. No, I agree. Man. I have yet to find a better motivation. Then. Your ass just was completely on fire. I mean, it's just not you know, you've lost a job you're I don't know. I mean, you're going to be homeless for a month. I mean, for me, I pretty much have been in both those situations. You know what I mean? But it's difficult. I'm not saying it's impossible. You know, you got to be more serious and create maybe a bit more accountability. If you've got a job, and you've got money, but you want to transition over into the Internet lifestyle. You just have to be aware of that and say, Hey, maybe I just need to grab an accountability partner, or I need just a little something extra because if I don't have a lot of pain push memakai Come on. This isn't rocket science isn't. Vaughn and I are not talking over your head. If I got, you know, a couple of million dollars in the bank, and I don't have a business or a job, it might be difficult. I might have a hard time finding the motivation to get up and go see what I'm saying? Because I don't have a lot of pain. I'm not broke. So if you're not broke, and you don't have a lot of pain in life, but you want to transition to doing this. Be aware of that in the bottom. I'm talking to all these people out here who know the large majority of our people who are students? I mean, I think the large majority have jobs, I think.

Vaughn: Right? I'm not saying I'm not saying that they should be acquitted or they should keep their jobs but for me, like, that's what changed for me.

Dave: But if you have a job and you want to transition over and quit your job, just be aware that a human being is going to naturally be lazier when they're in a less painful situation. So be aware of that, don't sit around having fun, brother. Um, I mean, you laid out this so clearly and perfectly. Explain this, but you brought a beautiful story brought this in and made it just made it so crystal clear for us that difference between when my ass is on fire, I will do things that I will not do when my ass is not on fire and that I need to create if I need to create that fire. Then I need to create it. Same thing in a marriage, fellas. I've been with my lady for 1314 years. Boys. You think that I don't need to get out there and find me a little kindling and start me to spy some sparks to keep this fire going over here. Yeah, you know that's what we do. We have to either we're motivated by pain. God bless everybody in Ukraine right now. Okay. Tell yourself what what would what would you try to get somebody who doesn't have bombs drop it on their their heads to move out of their house in get across the country in a couple of days. They would say it's impossible. It's impossible. But now all of a sudden, an insane dictator. And I'm not saying all Russian people. I want to be clear about that. We have an insane dictator who's invading and dropping bombs. I mean, two and a half grandma, two and a half million grandmas pack their shit and get out right because that's the power of pain and God bless those people what they're going through is disgusting. But it proves the point doesn't it? When we have enough pain now that's the ultimate pain but shit you had pain that wasn't it price felt similar. It's like fuck I don't have a job I got, did you say you had a kid?

Vaughn: I have four, and it had me thinking, how are they going to get food? How can I take care of them? How will I keep this house over there? You know? It really that stuff started really echoing right before I woke up. You know it motivated me to wake up?

David Sharpe: Great brother. And I'm really hoping that you'll just continue to dial it in and tell it and and and just let people know your journey and what you've done because so many can relate in so many need to learn from it. Okay. I will thank you. If somebody was sitting on the fence right now getting ready to invest in our training and go through this experience. They want to change their life. They want to quit their job they want to or they just want to build an online business and they're hesitant. What would you say to them?

Vaughn: This is going to be a calculated risk. And I've said this in one of my videos before that you really have to. It's either do nothing and be in the same spot or take that calculated risk and try something at least try to make something of it. You know, but if you don't do anything, you'll be in the same spot. You were and you'll stay in that same spot because that's just the way physics even physics is you know, nothing will move until you push it.

Dave:  You know? You're brilliant. You're done by some shit that's way over my life believe. I believe you. Listen man, thanks for your time today. God bless you in your family. Good job on your part with overcoming such a powerful inner voice and I know it is never, you know, have doubt and come back in a couple of months and keep us posted on your journey. Okay. Well, I will thank you for having me. All right, Vaughn. CMOD All right, my friends. You can follow Vaughn, you're listening and you can follow him at passive income dreaming passive income dreaming I'm not going to spell it out for you because, you know, just passive income dreamy. The only person on this show who would have a hard time spelling that out was probably me. So so passive income dreaming, go check Vaughn out. He is doing it and you know a lot to learn a lot to learn from this episode a lot to learn from him in general. And wow. He said that the thing that really made a big difference for him after he went through the education was understanding the pieces of you know, understanding all the pieces of the puzzle, and watching people put them together and what better place to be able to find those people. Then each and every morning right here on Wake Up Legendary. That's why we do this. So you can see those people connect with those people. Follow those people and watch those people. These are all people who have gone through this training. We're implementing the skills and strategy and the dynamics, the psychology that we teach, it's all inside the 15 day challenge in the business blueprints. So I just love hearing these stories. Because there is an element there is a part that you have to do. I know we can't do it for you and Vaughn spelled out beautifully and powerfully this morning how he had his heart and looked at where he's at. estimate the power of you doing your part, which is you got to face that mindset and face yourself every day. And we will give you the inspiration on the show and within this community to do that. But you must walk through those doors. You must call that shot. You can do it. Be Legendary , we'll see you back here. tomorrow for another episode. Peace.