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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to wake up legendary. We are going to be talking to Amanda, and as you can see, or I'll tell you the title of the show today is funny, imperfections equal perfect marketing, and I am excited to hear her stories about this, I've done this as well over the, over the years and oftentimes, when I've made a mistake, or I've spelled something wrong, or I, I gave the link didn't work for example in one of my emails or something, you know, it would cause this sort of frenzy of people wanting to tell me that it was broke or wasn't working and just created a lot of engagement and interest in what I was doing so amongst her story and how she got to where she's at now we're going to be talking about some of her kind of cool profitable mistakes that she's made. With that being said, Amanda. Welcome to the show.

Amanda: Thank you for having me, Dave. 

Dave: Hey, you're so very welcome. Where are you calling in from?

Amanda: Michigan, the western part of Michigan

Dave: Yeah, okay. That's actually a state I'm not sure that I've ever been to. So we'll have to make it up there. At some point, maybe, hop in Detroit or whatever and and say hello to you folks up there so tell me a little bit about your background in a nutshell, and what led you online and eventually to Legendary?

Amanda: So, I have always done, kind of like direct care for people who have had brain injuries, and so once you know, kind of COVID hit I had gotten pregnant with my oldest I had decided, you know, I kind of want to stay home more I want to, you know, have more flexibility in my job, especially you know being a brand new mom, so I did, I feel like what everybody does, when they first start trying to find like an online business and I just Googled how to make money online. And that turned up zero results that were actually legit, which I feel like a lot of people might experience with. So I was just on tick tock at the beginning of, you know like March 2020 When the lockdowns first happened. And I had found dropshipping and I was like okay, like, I'll give that a try and as many people that showed before, have said it's not, you know, not that lucrative it takes a lot. So then I found a couple of creators on tic tac. After kind of like doing my own manifestation of like I just need to give this a shot like I know I can do it. Like, I have the power and the capability and everything to do this, I have found a few other creators, and one of them had posted a tech pack like hey, reach out to me on Instagram if you have more questions and so I was like okay I'm taking that as a sign to reach out to somebody. And he actually was like hey, my 2:30 Meeting canceled today. Do you want to do a zoom call like I can tell you more about, you know like, what, what this online thing is and I was like, Heck yeah. Like, let's try it out, fully expecting it to be like, you know like, hey, you need to sign up under me and you need to recruit people and you need to do all of this stuff and he was like No, this is what I do. This is how it works, you know, if you want more information, you know, Here's a link, and I got some secondary, and the rest of it is history.

Dave: Well that's, that's interesting. That really makes me think about the different calls to action, sometimes we can give people in our content. and I talked about this quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, it doesn't always have to be link in the bio click the link in the bio, you know, sometimes that gets kind of old, or it's, it's said a lot, I think, especially with affiliate marketers on like tick tock and Instagram and so forth, because you only have, you know, you have less time to give a call to action so it's easy just to go, Lincoln Mio, you know, but to actually give somebody an invitation. Hey, direct message me, shoot me a message and I'm happy to answer your questions, or, or to give them a specific call to action to direct message me what your what your goals are and I'll tell you if that's realistic. There's so many unique and creative calls to action that you can give somebody to send you a direct message, and what you're saying this guy did at that point was actually offered to jump on a zoom call with you, which I'm sure it for you, that made it all feel very legitimate you much felt make you felt feel much more safer to move forward, versus feeling like there's no real human beings to talk to in, and you're kind of, you know, taking a chance, walking through a door that you don't know what's on the other side. You felt a lot more safe to move forward after that interaction. That is what I'm hearing?

Amanda: Oh yeah, definitely. Having like that more personable, being able to ask questions, whether that be on a live or Zoom call or things like that definitely felt more inviting, is how I would put it, I definitely felt more invited into instead of getting like a generic message through messenger or, you know, a DM and my Instagram of being like hey this is a great opportunity here are the benefits, here's a link. So since that's, that's what I have sort of integrated into my content as a call to action. So I put on, you know my videos or in the first comment on my videos on Instagram in case I'm your DM if you have questions, like if you're ready to get started. Send me a DM, the link in my bio actually has a phone number that is linked to my phone so people can actually text me. I'm like, send me a text like I respond as best as I can, like, I want you to know that I'm a real person. I want you to feel comfortable reaching out to me like I don't want to be known as like, Oh, she's just on here to promote she's here to do this like, no I want to help, I want to help.

Dave: Right. You know I've done that a couple of times. Oh, in my career both gave out my phone number. And then, what I then ended up doing was getting a phone that was just for texting business stuff. All right, so if at a certain point, you get too many messages, or you are feeling like, well I don't want to give out my personal number going down there in adding an additional phone to your plan. And in an older generation iPhone or something like that you don't have to have, you know, just something that has texting  is a really cheap option. And I think, you know, nowadays people have that ability to be able to get a hold of you in ways that are familiar to them versus ways, you know you want to go to people versus trying to get them to change their habits to come to you. So I like that a lot it's a matter of fact, we've got a text message list that all of you who are listening can send a simple text right now, the words with the letters, WUL to that number that's on the screen 813-296-8553 And will actually send you a text message. I just got mine. Every morning, we'll link right to the show and will actually give you a link that you can click right in your phone right to the show. So, speaking of text messaging. So you found Legendary, and you went through our challenge, tell us what that was like.

Amanda: Oh, it was great. Honestly, so I have never actually taken an online course, like training like where it was just specifically about, you know how to build a business online and then. So, the first day was great like your first video I was like, oh yeah, this is awesome and then I scheduled, I think my business plan advisor called like the next morning, and I talked with my business plan advisor and I was like this is what like honestly this is great it was training it breaks it down, like I am still working full time, I have two toddlers like if, like if I can do this in like 30-45 minutes a day, and actually learn really good information and skills that I can apply to an online, you know, business. This is wonderful. So the training is great. I learned so much, even from Jessa, for the first 15 days. And I'm pretty sure my business plan advisor would log on to his emails in the morning and go oh man there she is again because I would send like four or five emails overnight while I was doing. Yeah, you'd be like, you don't like Michael was my was my business plan advisor and he was great he answered every single question so like just having that like I kind of made him hold my hand and that's what I tell you know some people when they're like, I have no idea what I'm doing, like, you know, you've got me, you'll have this personal business plan advisor who will answer all of your questions and I was like, What do you have to lose at this point, you know, like there's, there's two people right here right now who are ready to guide you. Plus you get access to a wonderful community of people I think I've asked 100 questions in both groups that I'm a part of for legendary and also you know, just having the ability to reach out to people and have that community connection to get help, instead of, you know, having to wait three or four days for a response from from somebody.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, well we want to provide the same experience that we were talking about, which is that human interaction, to help people feel safer to move forward, and also to give them a more personalized experience because cookie cutter doesn't work, you know, and as much as we want to automate things and love automation. Still, one person, one market or one entrepreneur helping another is still the fastest way to success. And it's the right information from the right people in the right environment, I've always believed is the right formula. And so, now you're at and the most. The coolest thing to me is when that process comes full circle and the student then becomes the teacher, and that's the case, right now, and congratulations for being here so you're on the show because you've gotten results because you went through training and you applied it. And so talk to us a little bit about what's happened since you've started implementing and taking action, what are some of the results that you've got and what are you most excited about?

Amanda: So, most recently, and also the title of this Wake Up Legendary. I've gotten over a million views, by just doing some math wrong. And I didn't do it on purpose. I'm actually not super great at math, but I had seen on your, one of your Wake Up Legendary’s, where you had said that somebody had said five r r instead of Fiverr. So, I had started to kind of like implement like these weird things into my videos like I would spell something wrong or I even did like the like the five RR thing with like the speech that like talks over the text or like go read the text on tick tock, and wasn't seeing like crazy like I would get, like, you know, a couple 100,000 views whatever not a big deal. And then I didn't map wrong, where instead of, you know, multiplying by like 52 weeks out of the year I ended up only doing 48 and I posted it right before I went to bed because that's you know one of the best times for me to post is at around 10-10:30pm And I woke up the next morning and it was like, you have 99 plus notifications and I think I had like 700 comments of like, who's gonna tell her she did her math wrong, it's actually this amount and I was like, this is what's working, okay I get it. This is great. And even now, I checked my account right before I came, live with you. And I think I had about seven more comments posted that are like, you do know your math is wrong, right. We do know you didn't do that. And, like some of the comments that I get, you know, they're, they're not the nicest, you know like that that's hard sometimes, or you know Thanks for engaging with the post like it really appreciate it like you're really just boosting algorithms and thank you for that. Even with TikTok brand new algorithm change. So really just finding what people want to see. I tried to do that as much as possible. I know Matt talks about that a lot. When does the wake up show, so just trying to genuinely help people but also make it a little bit funny. Even if you don't mean to make it funny. Sometimes people just engage with that stuff.

Dave: Yeah, I mean there's some major takeaways there from that which is that people like to criticize, more than they like to compliment. In many cases, right, and they like to be right. And we see this a lot with some of the polarization in the bickering back and forth politically and the bickering back and forth between the… I don't even want to say the word because we can get, you know, we can get penalised for it but yeah, all of this, all of this really is, is generated from people criticizing and bickering and arguing and pointing out where people are wrong and that's exactly what people are doing on that particular video for you they're pointing out that you're wrong. Right. And, and, and I think that what is beautiful about what you've done is that you've embraced the idea that you. You've prepared yourself in a sense and I think maybe you, You might not have been ready for it at first, but at this point what I hear is that you're prepared to receive the criticism because you are not taking it on personally you know it is literally people typing into their phones. It has nothing to do with you as a person. But what they are doing is contributing to the boosting of your content. It's helping your actual viewership in bringing more people to your content. Is that what I'm hearing? 

Amanda: Yeah. So, definitely I was not prepared to receive hate on that first month I remember my first couple of hate comments that I read out to my husband, he's, he works out from our garage and I walked down I was like, we're being need and he goes, That's just part of the business, like that's you're going to get that posting on social media like that and he's like it's not you personally like, you know, take it in stride, like, what, what's the benefit that comes from that and I was like, well they They boosted my posts they commented so now more people are seeing and I was like, Yeah, this is crazy. So then, you know I make it a point to even on the hate comments that I get on TikTok and Instagram I reply and I go, you know some people have said like, oh this is just a scam or oh you can't do your math right, and I'll be like Kim, what's your reasoning, like what's your reasoning for this like why, you know and I don't engage more than like one or two times. So if somebody's like, I know I can't change their mind, I'm like, oh okay so you're just gonna be stuck in your ways, that's fine, but you know if you really want to hear what I have to say or you want to, you know you want to have like a good conversation like reach out to me in the DMZ would love to. I would love to talk about this further, and then I'll still get more of that engagement of people coming to my profile. When I say hey, like, Let's not argue about this in the comment and let's not talk about this here like Let's go somewhere else and talk about it and I think about seven, seven out of 10 times, I will be able to start changing people's minds of this is what I'm doing, sorry you've been burned before. This is different, like, Can you, can you just hear my side of it and set so another 10 times I would say I would get people going like, oh, all day or oh sorry I was just trying to be funny, like okay like that's fine, but you also have to remember, you know, even though I, I have learned not to take it personally. There are other people especially like younger creators, or people who are new to this, affiliate marketing or building a business online who don't have those resources or that support system yet, you know, being able to reach out to somebody having and be like, okay, comments.

Dave: Well, I would like to prepare everybody listening and everybody in this community, to look at that sort of engagement as success, not as failure. Not as taking that on personally in it, meaning that you know that you're not good enough, in, in even believing or giving any credit to people's comments, I would actually like to prepare our community here. And all of you listening to, to receive those, and even to create content and marketing that polarizes people, which, which, which means that some people are going to love it and some people aren't are going to hate it. So that's one thing is actually standing in a position, taking a position, and standing for something. Being on a side, right, is another way to polarize people, because here's the truth is you're not going to, you're not going to resonate with everybody. It doesn't matter if you're nice and you try to stay in the middle, and you try to be somebody who makes everybody happy people are not, You're not going to please everybody, there's always gonna be people no matter what you say, I don't like his voice, I don't like his face something rubs me wrong, there's always people are always gonna have something to say and I even think that a lot of people talk shit about whoever they're listening to or watching right as they're buying they're like, I think this guy's an asshole, but I want to know what he knows, you know what I mean. So, this we got to, we got to, we got to release the addiction to people wanting to like us to refer to meeting people to like us, that's step number one. Step number two is to pick a side of whatever you're talking about and I'm not looking. I'm not talking about politics, I'm not talking about this. There's a lot of, I mean if that's the route that you want to take and you want to talk, there's a lot of, like, content creators that are, you know, moving towards freedom right now because of everything that's going on politically, and that's fine but I'm just talking about whatever content you're creating, pick a side. Don't be the middle pitcher, if you're trying to be down in the middle because you don't want to offend people and you're trying to make everybody happy. You will not reach anyone. And here's the third thing is, if your only message is positivity, and you're just always Mr or Mrs positive as much as I think that's cool, and as much as I think it's great to have a positive mindset, that is, that is not the news that people love to watch. If it was then, then the news stations would all be playing the clips and the top stories would be how the fireman rescued the dog out of the sewer, but you know what, as much as that. That's not what people, it's not what will make people keep watching. People want to know the juice, they naturally we are gossipers, naturally, we are RubberNeckers naturally, we are. We can't not watch. We can't resist a train wreck. And so, what sort of juice, what sort of comedy, what sort of even criticism of people. Can you, can you come up with in your content versus, here's the thing that I see all the time that just fails, and it sucks that it's this way, but it's the guy who's getting up every day, taking the videos and selfies from the gym going, it's time to get up and get moving. Right, and rock this day, you know, that stuff, that stuff's got five views, and nobody's watching it and you'll want to know why, because it comes off as toxic positivity.

Amanda: It does. 

Dave: That's like the phrase that I could use to describe that. And most people, especially the audience that has money to spend on whatever it is that you're promoting, is not living their life in positivity all the time, we as human beings have an assortment of feelings. And I think the older we get, the more chromogen we get, I know that's been the case for me. I used to be a super. Everything was happy and positive, and now I'm like an old curmudgeon. I'm like, I'm like the guy who's like these damn kids, you know I'm having work done at my house, they're installing some turf and then I'm gonna have a playground bill, and I was like walking my son on the road today. You know, in a stroller I went over and I looked at the grass where they're kind of carrying the things up and there was, I was thinking to myself, you know before I make the final payment. They better clean this mess up, you know, they fucked up my grass there by bringing in all that old dirt, I’m old like an old curmudgeon, you know what I mean. So, you know, I know that was long winded, but there was three pieces there that I think are important in ending with that sort of, don't be afraid to be critical, don't be afraid to be negative, don't be afraid to reveal the chromogen any parts about yourself in your life, and instead of trying to you know have your appearance be that everything's perfect and you're always happy, what comes up for you as I say that Amanda?

Amanda: Actually a really good example I had recently shortly after I started posting on Tik Tok. I had some, a close family friend, reached out and she was like, you know some of your videos are kind of sassy, and I was like, Okay, like that's that's who I am, that's, I mean, but look, I'm getting, I'm getting some feedback from people she's like, you're not gonna be able to retain customers if you're sassy. I was like, and here I am actually sending her. I sent her the link to this show and I was like, why I've retained some customers I would say even with my sass, right, and she just sent back like, oh. Like, I don't need to be everybody's cup of tea. As I can't take credit for this quote. I heard it from another creator, but she had said I would rather people hate me because at least they know me, I'm scared of people not knowing who I am. Yeah, yeah and I'm like I don't want to you know put on this facade for social media I don't want to have to, you know, put on a face or a different hat when I show up, if people were to you know see me walking around my neighborhood or walking around town and they were like, you're and it'd be like, yeah. Yep, that's me, like, I'm the same person. In person that I am on social media I don't base my needs for genuine self is like the most important thing.

Dave: And tell me if this is true for you, this seems like it's true. But I of course I'm not a woman so I want you to, to validate this, I feel like it's harder for women to show that sass, to show that we're to show that sort of hair down trash talkin you know, like, just to like, be not not be lady like you know what I mean like, like, I feel like guys get a pass to like say whatever we want and talk shit. And that's, like, deemed okay cuz he will, he's a dude. But then when women talk like that, or, or, sort of show their Sass, Right, that kind of like who you are when you're around the people you're most comfortable with, you know what I mean, like when you just let your hair down sweatpants you're talking shit, and it's just like you're with your husband or your with your best friend. Like, I feel like, women don't get that same pass. And it's even more difficult for y'all to kind of really get sassy, in, in kind of have personality. I don't know. Do you feel that that's, do you feel that that's true?

Amanda: Yeah that's definitely true. Not only the fact that I can't do math and then I respond with like the cute little emoji. In some of the comments, it's just kind of like passing subtasks out there. But, even outside of, you know what I'm doing on here I get like people aren't gonna like you if you're like that or you need to change who you are to make lady like or women don't talk like them, it's like, okay, okay, but then you know my husband and I have very similar personalities, but he's able to just go off and everybody's like, Oh yeah, he's good. Real man. Yeah, look at him go. And then, you know as soon as a woman does it. Oh, you're being Karen or, oh you know you're doing this or you're doing that and it's like, oh my dress. Give me a minute. 

Dave: I know right, I feel, I like that care thing I got like, like, like two sides of my feelings for that because, like, for real. And I know that's also targeted towards, you know, sort of middle, like, kind of Midwestern white women, like in a sense, like, and I've seen my mom do that shit before you know what I mean and I'm like, oh my god don't like and I love my mom, I just, I love my mom with all my heart, but I, I get I get that. and I get the whole where that came from but in this, in the other sense it's just another way I feel, to criticize women, you know what I mean to like to criticize women for being outspoken too because it gets overused, and it gets then generalized across, like all women. Women, now it's just another way for us to know if a woman is speaking out or being sassy or right, then we can call her this other name. You know what I mean. And so, yeah, I think there's a lot of comments, you know, and even, you know, even Tony, women should want to be like men, ears, this is a this is a hot topic, you know what I mean, like, there's in all the women, and they're like, oh yeah I kicked that shit out the door. A long time ago you know what I mean. So, you know, I think, I think, even what we're talking about right now is a great idea of a hot button topic that gets opinions getting engagement, you know. And for me, like, it's really interesting because, like I, I, the ego sort of fantasy side of me. I want to be king and I want you know, my wife to submit to My orders and I want to walk in and, but the other part of me loves when she makes fun of me and treats me. You know what I mean, like, kind of makes me submit to her a little bit, you know what I mean, she kind of tells me off and stuff like that. And I think we all sort of have that. And I think when we're watching content on the internet, it's a great place for us to sort of go into, and get a lot of those fantasies realize, and I'm not even really talking sexually, right, but certainly we know that a lot of people get their sexual fantasies realized on the internet, there's, there's no disputing that. But even just watching content and having somebody who we would normally have, as a man, right, want to, you know, like Tony, women should not want to be like men and Tony shout out to you I'll just use an example. But, but, you know, maybe secretly Tony likes to watch content to where women are sort of dominating him, I don't know Tony, you know what I mean. But it's what I'm saying is the Internet is a place to where we can realize a lot of those sort of fantasies, or we can engage in that sort of content, because we can put our headphones on and we can kind of have our phone here where nobody and it's just us in the person who's talking on the other side of the phone.

Amanda: Yeah that's exactly, that's exactly, you said it perfectly.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. So I would encourage, particularly all you ladies to do your thing, you know what I mean do you think that they're gonna ruffle some feathers, you know, I think that, you know when, when a for me I've seen women be just as or more successful as men on marketing out there on Instagram and TikTok and so forth. And I'm and without I'm talking about creating content, not just, you know, not just, and I'm not saying women are the only ones who flashed body parts I know, I know all the fitness dudes out there are flashing their six pack, I would, I would do that too. Honestly, but nobody wants to see my one pack right now. I still haven't launched my pregnancy, you know, from our son who was born nine months ago, but I'm talking about women who are really crushing it. Women like yourself, women like Stacy law in our, in our, in our community, and the many other women who are on the show every day. Women like Jenna Kutcher. She's got a great Instagram page. Women like Marie Forleo, you know, there's a lot of, there's a lot of really, really successful successful women, but there's also a ton of room for the ladies to step up and capture audience, and I think you're finding some of the creative ways to kind of do that, and, and it's it's really cool to watch. So, what would you say to people who, well, what would you say to women or men I'm really interested in, in, kind of, I love to see. I love to see people. This can be a male dominated sport, you know what I mean just like a lot of things. But I love love love to see women crushing it, and I've been, you know privileged to be around a lot of really successful and talented women in the last decade in this industry. So what would you tell the ladies who are maybe you're going through some of the fears or anxieties you did at the beginning and now that you've sort of overcome at this point?

Amanda: I would definitely say what somebody else says about you doesn't matter what you believe about yourself, matters. So to kind of expand on that, you know, a little. If I was talking to me, you know, early, early May, late April, I will go. Who cares, you know, what you look like when you get on the camera. Who cares how you sound, who cares about your attitude. You know, if you were being your genuine self, and you love who you're seeing, and you love, you know, what's being replicated on the camera and going after sassier type sounds that you can use on tic tac, go for it. And if you receive hate, that's okay, because you know who you are and you know who you want to be and you're going to crush it harder than anybody else ever has. That is what I want to say to anybody, especially women, because we do get a lot of personal things when we come online and we have that sexy attitude. And you know we don't conform to what everybody wants us to want this to be societal norms of you need to look perfect and, like I do my makeup in my videos, because what I like to do. I've also posted videos where I've literally just rolled out of bed and I've got baby fingerprints over my shirts and I'm just like, Yeah, you know, it's fine. As long as I'm happy and as long as whoever you know the creator is is happy, like let's just, you can do it you can crush it. Let the haters get to you, man.

Dave: Yeah. And somebody said, Does Amanda have an IG in @theaffiliatemom is both her TikTok, and her IG handle so go give her a follow and stay Legendary Amanda, and come back and give us an update here in a few months.

Amanda: I will for sure. Thank you so much for having me on the show. I don't think any of you guys understand how excited I was when I got invited. 

Dave: Yeah, well, I mean, you know, we, we, we love to do this. I love to do this, and I wish I could see some of the reactions. I know what you mean by being excited to do these kinds of things. You know, when I was when I first got started I was the member of a month in, in a community that I was a part of and, and I get an interview like this, and you could have swore I was delivering like the State of the Union address or something, I mean I was I was I was super stoked, you know, So, yeah, it'll be like second nature and you'll be doing this stuff all the time in the near future, so I'm glad we could get you early before your, your big startup. 

Amanda: All right, yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Dave. You're welcome. Tell your husband that we said hello as well. All right, I will for sure.

Dave: All right, see ya. All right, my friends, my family, I hope you guys have a fantastic Friday, be Legendary. If you haven't taken the challenge yet of course do that and get into the blueprints if you can. We have our next decade on the day coming up next Friday. And, and, of course, our training sessions in group coaching calls for our Blueprints community. Every Thursday. But regardless of where you're at, and what sort of membership level you are here in Legendary. You guys know that we do these every Monday through Friday, and it's, it's people, it's men, it's women it's, it's, it's, it's folks inside of this community who have gone through the training who are willing to now come back and come on the show and share their experience that makes this show, great. And I think, so cool, at least for me, from my perspective, I would absolutely get sick of hearing myself talking, every day if it was just me. So thank you all. Thank you, Amanda, of course, but all of you who are yet to come on the show that when we reach out and invite you, you say yes, thank you in advance for that I look forward to having as many of you on the show, lifting you up giving you a platform to share your experience and results with us all just made this whole community. And if you didn't know you can also go and grab the transcripts of the show over on you just hit the blog, and each week we put up the video and the transcript of every interview. And if you want you can also go and grab them. You can listen to all of these episodes on podcast, just go on your favorite podcast platform, and type in Wake Up Legendary and you'll be able to find us and you can also listen to these throughout the week or weekend the replays right there via audio on most of what we talked about, you can listen to and be able to make it useful by by just listening to audio so we've got those additional resources, plus the entire library of all these wakeup legendaries on our Facebook page, so plenty of content plenty of interviews plenty of stuff that you can dig into to keep learning. And then eventually, some sooner than others. Start earning and blow your business up. All right, and make this year especially leading into the end of the year, and then the beginning of 2022, the best next 12 months of your life. Alright, So have a great Friday, have a fantastic weekend, get out of here. Make it Legendary, be Legendary my friends, and we'll talk to you on Monday. Peace.