Below is the transcription for this episode:

JoAnn: Welcome to Wake Up Legendary, I’m so excited to have you here. So share with all of us a little bit about how you came into marketing. 

Kelsey: Yeah, for sure. For sure. So, some background about me. I went into the workforce doing accounting work. And my first job was like a smaller type but the hours were absolutely insane and it was an hour away from my home. So I would be gone 12/13 hours a day especially during the busy season. And I just knew I couldn't handle that much longer. So then being in the military I moved to New Location looking for a new job. Same thing I got a job but the hours were crazy. And I said you know next place we go I'm not doing this again, like this is just too much for me. So now we relocated to Germany. And it was right when COVID hit right in the middle of COVID really so finding a job was super, super difficult. You know, there's a language barrier. There's limited availability for military spouses. Basically all the obstacles I had to get over in one day. It was crazy. One day I had an ultimate breakdown. I was just like, crying in my bed, but I was scrolling through TikTok and I saw a video of a mom who had two kids. Her name was Stasia and I immediately was like okay like I need to do this this is like a sign you know as I'm breaking down in bed like this is totally a sign. So ideally I signed up for a 15 day challenge for the whole two days. I got the blue. I did everything I said you know it seemed like I haven't had a job in like seven months. I was like you know this. This is basically I just took it as I was so stressed about not having a job, having money and not having income like it pushed me to show up every single day. I feel that's really really helps people to get the ball rolling is like that push and being consistent. And yeah, here I am now. 

JoAnn: Awesome. So share with us what being consistent means to you, like what does that look like in your business in your day, your week and all of that? 

Kelsey: Yeah, so in the beginning especially because I was doing this like only this in the beginning. Like I said the first two months I was only doing the affiliate marketing business at home. I would I swear I would log in every single day and post I mainly tick tock three videos every single day I would draft videos for a day that I didn't want to make videos and you know, some days I batch like days of content one day and just change my shirt or like put up my hair and some so it looks like that day but I'm not. I don't know how that looks better when you kind of change your outfits and videos. I don't know. I just did that. But it's just, you can't really say there's no dog, but you can't just forget about it here and there and be like oh, you know, I'll do it later. I'll do it later. Like no, like, be prepared for you know, be prepared to still post still messages to people still you know show your face. Or if you're not showing your face you know, still post your pins on Pinterest or something in your Facebook community. In the beginning when you're building your audience and building your community. You just have to show up really.

JoAnn: Right like you’re saying don’t even worry about the results.

Kelsey: Right like in the beginning I think my first commission was like a dollar. But you have to look at those results in the beginning and know more is coming. Celebrating those small victories along the way is so important.

JoAnn: So what do you think have been your biggest obstacles?

Kelsey: Just the different language barriers. I'm in Germany and it was weird at first because my videos would only show to Germans they would only show in the country of Germany. So I had to find it after a month and I found a loophole around that whole obstacle. But now when I post, I try to normally set an alarm for like one or 2am so I can just have a video drafted and I'll just post them and just go back to bed. Because I like to spread out my videos throughout the day when I am posting. Especially with messaging people too. 

JoAnn: I can understand that. So it takes a little bit longer to get back to them. So you started on TikTok? Is that correct? You’re meeting and expanding your business on other platforms. How did you decide to make that shift to start to scale, grow and expand? 

Kelsey: So I decided to make that shift once actually Legendary they put like a little contest on Instagram reels contest posting two or three times a day. Like it was a huge opportunity. I would say I don’t want to say pushing Instagram because I know it's like volleyball, but I focus more of my efforts on TikTok. 

JoAnn: Like okay, do you direct them from your TikTok to message you on IG? 

Kelsey: Yes. In my videos to DMS have is to getting a button on TikTok where you can leave your Instagram near like Follow button is so as long as like button is there we can always like make a video showing people like on TikTok how to navigate. 

JoAnn: So what advice would you give someone just starting out?

Kelsey: Don’t make excuses because like when I first started I was whim like I gave it my all for the whole semester. Just like you know this app came up where I had like the wrong link in my funnel for like two weeks. I was like oh my God, I'm such a mess but like I was just starting out and like those mistakes will happen or you're like doesn't work or you know something? It's like experiencing you're trying something new for the first time ever. In the beginning I spent like five hours like my first time ever like, expecting it to be perfect. It’s okay to make mistakes here and there because it helps you learn.

JoAnn: And that’s huge for our audience to hear because mistakes are not a stop sign. The only way to learn and to progress is to make mistakes and figure out what’s going on. But it’s been great to chat with you today. Talk to us about your goals and what you have coming up just before we leave. 

Kelsey: I noticed something different about me posting on TikTok, a new thing I do now is posting consistently for like a week and a half straight and then I don’t post. And I’ve noticed my videos get pushed out more rather than me posting every day. I have maybe 25/30 videos drafted because I’m just about to start posting again. It’s a new thing I’m doing and just started this year. I'm not sure if maybe someone wants to try that as well. Maybe a break from posting and I don't know if it works for me. But I'll keep you updated if that continues to work. But no some golden years are because I started early and like marketing. Maybe I want to double what I made last year in a way, so because I worked from June to December, I want to double that. That’s my current goal.

JoAnn: I love it so as you reach that goal we’ll have to have you come back on. Everyone follow Kelsey on TikTok here at Kelsey_Lynnn. Give her some love here and we'll see it was awesome having you on and chatting with you this morning. Keep me posted on how things are going. And I hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone. Thanks for joining us on Wake Up Legendary we will see you on Monday!