Below is the transcription for this episode:

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and here we are excuse me back again another Monday. Another incredible lineup this week of obviously lots of sips of coffee, but great get right into it as of today a former basketball player who scores big by doing this one thing, Daniel, welcome to the show. 

Daniel: How are you doing Dave? 

Dave: I’m doing good, my brother. How are you? Where are you calling in from?

Daniel: I'm doing great. I'm doing great. I'm calling in from North Carolina.

Dave: All right, man. Awesome. So you're a baller. So tell us about how you got into internet marketing?

Daniel: Yes. Obviously born and raised in London, I came over to the states and saw kind of that success there and as I got into the internet marketing space, I was actually in network marketing. I was in a network marketing organization and I've been Yeah, still and still have some affiliation there. Great mentors, great scenario. And then I'm very thankful for Thanksgiving. I think it was like November for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and I was just scrolling on TikTok. And I think I saw, you know, Ian Maclaurin, Brian Baron here McCaw. I saw his two passive incomes Eric sold. And I was just like, You know what, $7 to learn about a market space. I already knew back in the day that I really wanted to understand how to leverage social media more, or even just leverage the online space and I felt like where I was at in the network marketing space. Even though I had many great blessings. I felt like it was slightly limited in how much I could expand just based on you know, different circumstances. So paying $7 didn't really pay attention to it. So again, emails and emails and emails so a couple more videos and I was like $7 to learn again, a space and for me, I like to see stuff. So I'll pay seven just to see and make sure I'm not missing anything. And it turned out to be incredible. So yeah, so that's how I got into the 15 Day Challenge.

Dave: Nice man. So mainly you were doing offline stuff in network marketing. And that's, you know, mainly includes, you know, prospecting people out in society, you know, which, which actually a lot of online marketers who are just getting into, you know, just discovering online marketing, just discovering entrepreneurship, quite frankly, and I don't want to go into the all back in my day, I had to walk to, you know, miles both ways, uphill stories, but, you know, I'll tell you that offline network marketing, it ain't a Yang. And trust me this is hard you know, compared to that and that's not to minimize everybody's experience of going through the uncomfortability of just working with whether it be your computer phone camera, I get it, but try 50 calls a day 20, 3 way calls home and hotel meetings galore. Right. Daniel, you know the game.

Daniel: Yeah. And the funny thing is I got into it. I was very proactive before the pandemic happened. I was pretty very proactive with my team to go online. I wanted a place to go online, to make sure that we can do business from anywhere so we kind of transformed a lot of stuff online on Zoom and everything. Yeah, we got to a space where, you know, you know, what I love about your program, Dave is you promote, you know, starting learning skills, build your own brand while learning the skills were in that space. I don't think it was as much about building your own brand and I thought I was starting to get limited. So yeah, we did go into online space. But you know, I felt that it was more than I was calling my name, especially the income goals I had I just didn't see it quite, you know, enlightening gave me then the time I went into my family.


Dave: Yep, yep, that makes perfect sense. And, you know, I think that network marketing is a fantastic way for a lot of people to, you know, to, you know, get into the game and oftentimes, you know, we kind of like the gateway drug, if you will, to entrepreneurship. I know it was like that for me. So in a lot of ways, I make fun of it all the time. Only because I've done a lot of it and and I know I know what it's like but I wanted to just if I can hold on a second. I wanted to try to see if I can share this real quick because what you just said is really really important. And it's it's uh, yeah, it's looking like I need to update Chrome and I'm sorry, but the thing that you talked about with a change in the business blueprint in the phishing formula, so if anybody wants to know well, it's in there. And it is an upgrade. It is an a, an upsell, whatever, you know people want to call it obviously you can go through the challenge, you can get into the blueprints, and for those of you who are new, there's no pressure to do that. There's some incentives as you're going through the challenge. If you want to get deeper into education, want more accountability. There's you know, there's a lot of detail in that and it's, it's, I think you'll find long term when you use the information, everything that you spend here at legendary, you'll make that you know, it's there's an ROI of 10 plus 100 plus 1000 plus in this in this business, and I think that's what I don't think a lot of people Daniel, realize about the skills is man the skills once you develop it once you even get a foot into the industry. I mean for network marketing. I have you know, I got a foot into the industry by just signing up as a distributor like everybody else and then within a year or two, I was selling tools and training in network marketing as I was all in the industry, right. I got a foot in and then I'm all in I'm making 1000s of dollars and all of a sudden, you know, a week for me that was I'm rich. I'm working from home. Right now if I made that today, I'd be poor, but here's my point, you get a foot into the industry, and it changes your life. I mean, Daniel, how do we convince people that $7 Even $2,500 Whatever you invest in yourself in this space, if you use it it's going to possibly be the best ROI of your life.

Daniel: Yeah, that's a great, great question, Dave. I think the biggest thing is for me, I think understanding my story will help people understand it, you know, I felt like I had to catch up. Right so seven to me it was almost $7.20- $500 whatever it could be, whatever, whatever the case, like you mentioned, to catch up, right? Because when I was in the network marketing space, you know, phenomenal mentorship, phenomenal, great leadership there. But I needed to learn different skills that will allow me and for me, I'm a busy Dad, I'm a global sales leader. I'm a busy dad, right and husband, and for me, I wanted to get to the goal, right? So I feel for many people watching this. If you want to get to the goal sometimes I mean, $7 it really wasn't a joke's on me. I just felt like, I mean, I know there's so many things I could spend the money on. So I think to get people don't understand that is to just think more about what you could be missing, rather than what people could gain. I think sometimes we think oh yeah, maybe $7 Maybe $7 benefit. Well, if you think of it like Hey $7 could make me, in short, I don't miss out on a hundreds of 1000s of dollar benefit right and that's the opportunity cost and I studied accounting too. So opportunity cost is always my biggest fear. So I think what could you miss?

Dave: I like that. And that's a real that's the real that's the real mindset. I feel like I have somebody who's trained at success. And what does that mean, train that success train to be successful if you've never trained to be successful? Why? Why would anyone think that you're going to be successful? So for some of you who are feeling frustrated, maybe you've never trained to be successful, you know? Here's what I mean. A guy like Daniel, similar to so many people who have been successful in other businesses or other industries, comes into this industry. And instead of looking at it like, well, there's just too many people here it's oversaturated or who would want to hear from me are all of these different imposter syndrome. soundtracks that we play, when we are not trained to success? Somebody like you who you weren't born to be successful, unless you unless you were born, but I don't know. Were you born royalty? Were you born automatically successful? I'm assuming you were. So you trained in success over the years and now you're coming into this industry? As late as you could possibly come into it. I mean, a better time to come into it would have been six months ago, 12 months ago, 10 years ago, but you're coming into it in 2022. It's like brother where are you Ben? But you're trained in success. So it's like what I'm picking up is you're not going oh, it's oversaturated Oh, you're going? Who can I pay? Who can I hire? Who can I get around to catch me up fast so I can blow past all of these cats around me who ain't willing to work as hard as I am? Does that fit?

Daniel: No, that's true. I mean, to me, there's no point being skeptical from a lower platform. You know, like, for me, I have to say to myself, you know, let me pay to get to where I can get caught up. And then my skills, talents and abilities now can shine, right? So I think for most people it is look, you know, you have to understand that I'm only 32 years old, and there's some people out there you might be 40 or 50 and you feel like man, like it's too late. Everyone's saying it's oversaturated. So I'm pretty sure you know, the amount of people that say it's oversaturated probably ends up being the fact that only two people even do it anyway. So, you know, the more I hit oversaturated the more I realize, wow, there's less competition out there. So, you know, it just makes it easier to go out there and have success.

Dave: You're right about that. You're 1,000% right about that. And when I discovered that little secret that it was actually a lot easier to succeed than I thought it was because what I really had to do was just be tenacious about it and not give up because around me, if you could imagine a battlefield of men and women we're just getting taken out all around me. I mean, just people were dropping, you know, another month. It's like, Where'd Sally go? She hasn't posted for a month, you know, or where'd Bob go? I haven't. And I used to be on his list. I haven't gotten any emails from him anymore. You know? People just drop off, they get distracted, they move on. Other opportunity, new opportunity, bigger opportunity, whatever it is. And usually it's just Oh, Bob's doing the same thing. He started, he started something new, didn't follow through, and then he started something new. And I know people like that. Who I've literally known for 10 years who just the amount of times that they start and stop somebody if they did just put all that energy into that one thing, whatever it was, and it's and I tell this all the time to people. You don't want to do it here. You don't want to learn here. I don't mean, I'm just a guy who's here. You don't have to listen to me go do it somewhere but do it in don't spend 20 years trying to get rich quick.

Daniel: And I think the biggest thing to Dave is what people don't realize is you will always be successful. You've built multiple businesses. That you know you've gone through the grind of what it looks like to be a rock bone, even learning your story. You know what it feels and I think sometimes when people feel with the hesitancy is that why would someone that's done so much when it helped me right? One of the put programs together that can help you but not realizing that the pain that you went through the pain I went through growing up in London and why I had to go through in the streets of London and Boston will get me out of so many tough situations that pain actually turned into the wanting to help and serve other people. And that's why you know, your program is so incredible because it's putting something together for $7 to say, Hey, I know we have to make this a lower cost and most people can get into it, but be able to now expand and grow. So I think that's another component to it too.

Dave: Yeah, that there's all kinds of reasons to be skeptical, And I'm just not even any type of guy I'm like everybody else and that's, you know, we get people put on pedestals. It's a weird thing. Human beings are just weird in the way that we put some people up and put others down. But the truth is, is that you know, we're all we're all you know, sitting in a chair right now listening in on a similar device. And some of us are talking and some of us are listening and we're all just humans. Having human experience in the secret of this business is really just all about attitude. You know, my daughter who's sitting over here is home from school today and bringing her to the office says a positive attitude changes everything. And I just I wonder somebody like yourself who's obviously come from some you named it brother your story, their tough. Early life London streets excetera probably done seeing and experiencing things that some of us haven't and are glad that we haven't. How have you kept a positive attitude and not gotten beaten down from some of your experiences, obviously, probably some of the situations in life that were major letdowns for you? How have you not become pessimistic? How have you not become negative? How do you maintain a positive attitude?

Daniel: I think the biggest thing is, you know, for me, what are the major things I love about people in my life? I truly believe rejection is not a thing. You know, because I think sometimes people's attitude can waver when they feel that they get rejected but to me I look at it this way. Rejection is just a misunderstanding. And rejection is never personal. You know, to truly be rejected, someone has to fully know you. So for me to stay positive every day if I have someone that doesn't get side or if I have someone that doesn't want to, you know, go wherever the case is, to me, I realized that probably there might be some misunderstanding, right? That's just gonna just interact with more people, you know, create more content. So I think the positive is one might, you know, my belief too, and I'm a strong believer. Another situation is just that I read a lot. I read daily, daily habits that I stick to, I have habits and skill sets. I said to myself, hey, when you don't feel like doing it, a habit will take care of that emotion. And I just feel like people have just put themselves in a place to understand rejection is impossible. It's not really a thing. Rejection isn’t an ending, and it's just people just need more time or maybe you're not talking to the right person in the right place in their lives. But the grace you give when they want to get started and you know, maybe they've had a couple questions for you or whatever it is, the grace you give people is usually going to come back and you know, you don't you don't reap what you sow you what you sow.

Dave: Wow, you reminded me of this thing that I read and I just have to share right now because it's so so on point from what you're talking about. It says people who can't you know, it's just one of these things. I just saved myself from the internet, you know, somebody posts, you know, I mean, you know, people who can't communicate think everything's an argument. Yeah. Oh, yeah. What you just said was exactly that. And I see that day in and day out and and I even see in dealing with little opportunities where I might want to be passive aggressive or I might want to be you know, like, like, like, like, offended by somebody being you know, frost or whatever in what you're talking about. Right there. You're right is the secrets, it's literally what Zig Ziglar was talking about. I feel when he says help enough people. It's those little moments where you have somebody with, with the same like kind of toxicity that they're projecting onto you and instead of doing that turn around and showing them grace and letting them save face, and being compassionate in kind in that moment, will win you money in prosperity in in respect, in what you're talking about Daniel is is I don't know. I just What do you think about people who think what do you talk to me about that meme or that quote, people who can't communicate with Kate think everything's an argument. Do you think that that's true and how eloquently does that sum up? What we see every day day in and day out in this industry and in life is just conflict and miscommunicating?

Daniel: Yeah, no, absolutely. You know, the funny thing is, and this does relate, I was thinking about what you were saying. And it's just like statistics, right? If we think about communication, we have statistics. Someone might say 1% of people make it right, wherever they make it . Well, statistics really has a lack of communication because it doesn't really communicate to you how many people actually have what it takes, right? If you look at the 1% The 1% did what it took to succeed. Maybe like 9% got distracted like you said because they started and didn't move forward. So that itself is a lack of communication. That kind of relates there but the biggest thing is, you know, what, you know, arguments a lot of times are started by people who are not secure in themselves. And a lot of times we give the other person too much credit. Sometimes you might be incredible at how you deliver information. You might be incredible at how you explained how to get started or what the 15 days are gonna be about. You might have had a great delivery, but the person might be as secure as something that has nothing to do with you. So if you just stay consistent and the right person will connect to that fact. That person will actually sit in the audience and find out that Oh, wow, you actually spoke to him in this way. I wouldn't get treated that same way. Also, some people don't see it the first time like you had, like you mentioned, I think you said 7% of people purchase on their first look, I believe or, you know, it takes seven times to come around. I mean, that's just people being insecure about people's past experiences. It's never personal. And that's why it's not ever, you know, miscommunication. It's not. It's not that it doesn't need to be side by side. We understand what people go through and just be consistent.

Dave: Yeah, I think one of the really easy ways to kind of tell whether you're in a good place, a place to be prosperous and profitable or a place to be basically where you're repelling people in money. And the question is really it's how are you treating people when they say no, how are you treating people and they either reject you or they say no, you know, because the most common trait of a toxic business person or or just toxic person in general is when they don't get what they want. What do they do? And they start throwing a fit so I've actually seen a lot of marketers, and entrepreneurs and salespeople who when they don't make a sale when they don't close on that very first try, you know, because somebody is just I mean not they didn't wake up that morning and decide. They didn't wake up that morning with the intention of spending hundreds or 1000s of dollars with you. Give them a break. Give them a day. You know what I mean? But I see people, it's man, they're the kindest when they're on that first but the moment that somebody says I'm not right now, or I can't right now or it's not a good fit, or even if the person says not leave me alone or whatever. The salesperson or that professional will follow. Going all off, right? I mean, just everything in a niche sitting around and wondering, why am I broke? You know, why can I not get ahead? It's like I've tried 15 businesses, well, everywhere you go there you are, you know, it's nothing changes, nothing changes. And I see people Daniel, they want to understand the science of the code in the funnel builder. They want to get real technical. And I say, forget that. Just learn how to talk to people and treat them with dignity and respect and clearly explained things and then when they buy shit from you, actually over deliver have surprises in bonuses there that they didn't expect. Do more stuff than they paid for. It's like, this shit ain't rocket science. And I know that as professionals, we like to sound like it's complicated and let me deliver the secret marketing formula and blah, blah. But here's the facts, guys. What we're talking about Daniel and I right now is it it's just learning how to speak to people. That’s it.

Daniel: That’s all it is. And connect with people and understanding that you know is is Miss undecided is a big thing rejection honestly, like I said, so we definitely write and I love

Dave: That rejections not a thing because it really removes all of that. They don't like me or they're out to get me because you know what, really we go into when we're when we get rejected. We get angry like what do you do but you know what we really are is afraid and scared. And you know, it's just fear we interpret to perceive this person's words to be all about me. You know, and yes, you're so right. I realized this cat must be having a bad day.

Daniel: And the funny thing is Dave is even in my life, I get more I get more leads from my lives. When I just have conversations with people and just ask them about them. If you know people find out about you I have a little banner on my lives. You know my tell them you know what I do have wherever it is, but all I do is talk about others and just ask them questions, see what they're about and connect with him because I realized, and even some of my you know, the people that you know, connect to me in general, I like to just say hi to them. That's the important thing. Say Hi, to them . How are you doing? Oh, man, I've never had someone connect with me. Yeah, because we're human beings right? So I think that's another thing too, if you don't have to connect with people or human beings. And I mean, I still haven't finished it. Now. I always say to people, when you're in interaction with someone, in communication with someone, right, then that movement is never again, to know that hey, I might have a bad way. I said something but it's never you because you just have holding your ground and being confident to communicate information, communicate this program to someone. A lot of times people come out of their shell and say, hey, you know, I apologize. I shouldn't have said that to you. I shouldn't have because they realize that they were secure. And they just wanted to throw something at you to see if they broke you down to see if you can match them. But really, and truly, they really do respect you. They just put you in a quick test and you failed the test. But you reflect and say, man, what can I do have a better conversation, maybe the blueprints were trained and kind of listen to again, what you'd have said that would be I never, you know.

David Sharpe: I just had that situation happen last night with my wife. She asked me a simple question. I got defensive and she's going hey, I just you know, it's just a question, you know, and she wasn't, you know, she could have said made it all about you know, she has gone into her own you know? Yeah, that to where to but she's wise enough and has have been been at this long enough to know that it's not her it's me, you know, and and she doesn't take on if I'm going to be immature, if I'm going to be defensive, but she's not going to take that bait. And she just says, oh, you know, wow, okay. I'm curious as to why you're so defensive right now about this, you know, and she keeps the pressure on me and, and the focus on me not to Hey, can I want to catch you, but babe, what's up? Like, why are you okay? You know, and instead of arguing, this is what we used to do when we first got into a relationship, you know, she would ask me a question. I get defensive and you know, how we get we puff up and all this and, and then she would, you know, pursue and engage in it would end in toxic fights. And you know, I mean, you know how it is. It's the honeymoon phase where you get a lot of highs are high, but lows are low, if you know what I mean. Yeah. And so, this is so true. And the the this communication thing, learning how to communicate, realizing that you're in the communication business, realizing that you're in the people business, this is really you know, all of you folks who say you you like people and you know, you just you want to work around people that you like and all this kind of stuff, will you create that atmosphere, and now that you're on your own and you're your own boss, and you're in charge of facilitating your energy in the environment, on your pages and on your profiles. Well, you control that energy, and so you get to have the energy wherever you want it, you know, and I'm really empowered by that even on this show, is because I really get to bring people on whereas where the normal what I usually experience on podcasts and things like that is a guru bringing on another guru, you know in for me what about this when enter this kind of scrappy hey, here's all these new people who are using this training, succeeding, let's learn from them. Let's listen to them. And you know, I think most gurus would say I never bring on somebody that just bought my course 15 or 30 days ago, you know, afraid to talk about to them afraid they might, you know, have bad feedback or something and I'm just like, you know, let's let me let me quite frankly, let me keep my communication sharp with my audience with my target customer. Because if I can have a conversation with you and listen to you, and it helps me so much more when I go then to do other lives or create other content and stuff like that. So I guess in a way I still have after 10 plus years, this desire to also because I know if I don't Daniel my communication will get rusty and I could get right back into a place where my words are not connecting with people. Because I'm, I've been too much in isolation and not keeping my I have to keep these skills and that's why I like going live so much. So maybe you could talk about that and how that's maybe helped you and give us a couple of tips about how to practice empowering communication with people and engage in an audience instead of just feeling awkward on the live you know, like you feeling like you don't have anything to talk about. And then you might get into care and sort of freeze up. What do you do to make people engage and even feel them and make them feel empowered?

Daniel: That's a good question. I always take the focus off of me because I think what happens you know, when I first went on live on TikTok out like, hey, you know, you know what to do, like, you know what to do, right? 

Dave: What like link in bio, right? That move

Daniel: Exactly. And I realized I wouldn't have taken the skill sets I built in leadership of basketball, play for my country and go to and be able to be the network marketing and leadership. I thought I wasn't taking that into space. So for me the way I must have that was taking myself off. You're completely understanding the science, you know, days. If people come to my page if they like me, they go with the pace, they will scroll, they'll click on the link, they will do this. So if I focus too much on the other things that people are going to do anyway if they like, the less we do. So what I focus on, I focus on building trust and connection with the people that come with my lives. You know, how can I learn more about this story? How can I connect with him? I already know and here's the one thing I learned too. And I've learned this many times, you change one person's life that can lead to an impact that you could never you could never even imagine. So in my live even I have one person there. Guess what? I was saying to speak to them like hey, what's going on that you look familiar? Have you come to my live before?


Dave: Here how can I help you? It's all about you, dog. You know what I mean? Like and let me know how I can serve you. Otherwise, I'm going to talk until more people come. But it's you, man. That's such a good point. You got one person a lot. How can I help you? You know, it's like, Look, nobody else is here. We're one on one. How can I help?

Daniel: Exactly I used to be the guy take advantage there's about 10 people or 100 people guess what oversee but what I realized is guess what? You know, the people will come. The leads will come if you connect with people and build great content. But the most important thing is that when people come to live, they don't think hey, how can I make Daniel's life amazing?” Certificate, basically you like, do I want to stick held Why do we keep scrolling? Oh, that guy said my name. Wow. Let me know. Let me talk more about myself. That's what makes people feel happy and educated and connected.

Dave: Such a good point. Yeah, it's not their job to do that. What? I'll be done in a minute. We'll get some food so you know. That mentality is such a big one in this business when you stop looking at numbers. That's one thing I like about Gary Vee. Gary Vee really talks about that a lot. And while everybody over the years has been, you know, critical of him and how much energy, how much grind, how much hustle. I mean, everybody has opinions about his work life balance and always marriage must be in crumbles. You don't know that. We all just want to come run in our mouths about stuff you don't have an opinion on. And the truth is, is that all of that time, you know, who knows his family and his marriage may be 1000 times better than all everybody else's and and simultaneously he's putting in that work that consistency and having those conversations those one on one conversations out events are you know, and he is that guy you know, that's his personality that he's you just know that what he's saying is true because he's been saying it for long enough. But his point in all of it is to do what makes you happy. And and and don't focus on the numbers, focus on the individual, focus on the life, the life that you can impact. Because another thing I'll give you another practical example of how that domino effect happens is that now all of a sudden you have a raving fan, who's who's you know, or a friend who's commenting on your stuff and liking your stuff. And that's how you create momentum with your content. Right, Daniel say it's just the simple things. How do you think that people engage on post? Well, they feel some connection, they had some one on one interaction, they have some sort of relationship with you. And if you don't have enough trouble to comment on your stuff, that's how people get people to comment. So those little investments are really important. Those one on one conversations, not only can you know resulting in somebody buying something, obviously, but even more so like you said that raving fan, that's how you get people to come on to your stuff and actually pay attention and want to support you, you know, and want to like your shit and comment on your stuff. And you know what I mean? I mean, it's, it's such a simple formula, and I think we, we just I guess in society today, Daniel, everything's so fast and everything's so instant gratification, that we forget what you know, the equivalent online of opening a door for somebody or smiling at somebody, or just what if somebody goes off on us in public just like not wanting to fight them, but saying Oh, my God, like, I'm so sorry that you're so upset. I can tell you having a bad day. Like, is there anything I can do to help, like, that's an act of God man in today's world, but really, it's not. It's just sort of lowering my ego right and just putting others, either equal or before me and not always having it to be about myself.


Daniel: Exactly. Exactly. And, again, a lot of times people you know, there's certain actions you can do, you know, like, you know, tick tock, right, you know, if you have someone like Shin watch time, and all those things are a factor. Well, guess what? People don't necessarily come to tick tock and say, Man, I want to I want this post to go viral for all right, they usually and you've made it you know, the way you can get that same result by caring about them, connect with the people that do engage and having a great conversation and you know, what will lead you to my page what made you want to follow you know, you know, what kind of goals you have, what are you looking into those type of interactions and one of my good friends told me to

Dave: try what have you tried so many quick little questions, but that really, your friend said what?

Daniel: Yeah, my friend said to me one time you know, good to maximize it. You know, sometimes taking people off the road, right? What does that mean? Everyone's used to the Hey, how are you doing? How's it going? Everybody wants to ask, what about a question that takes them off road a little bit? Hey, you know, you know what's a lot when's the last time you really felt fulfilled in what you did? What what, you know, what's the drive you have? What's the one thing you're afraid of losing if you keep everything the same right now, now people have to wait, oh, wait, hold on. They don't have to go into their phone and pick out the generic. Oh, so they go. Now think about it. Now they will come back. We feel something before guessing what sells the connection. That's it.

Dave:  Yeah. And sometimes it's about not being salesy, not you know, the best sales interactions and experiences that I've had are not people who have tried to, you know, get that one up positioning on me. You know, and there's a lot of strategies that people use in sales, you know, like trying to remain the one who's asking the questions and, you know, leading the conversation and all this but, you know, I've really found that just not trying to get an angle or a position on somebody and really just trying to connect with them in as if they're a friend. Although being intentional with your questions and not just totally going, you know, off the, you know, off off brand or off message too much, but I just I just I just don't think that we realize, especially coming out of what's happened last couple of years and all the hate and pain in the world, how just lonely people are and how just giving them some gentle kindness in treating them like a human being with dignity, even in a sales process really makes a big difference. And it's, I see people who are so even people who come on our team advisors who come on and they're so they want a script, they want this, they want that. I don't hand out or give away scripts. Just kind of just kind of here's a guide for some kind of what the conversation and what a good quality conversation might look like. You know what I mean here's a couple of different questions in ways that I like to follow up with the question that I just asked. So I can dig deeper and make somebody really feel like I give a shit about that question I just asked. And like, it's not just a list of questions. I'm trying to get through on a script. You know what I mean? I mean, people can sense that and I think that we, it's not the 70s people. It's not where, you know, it's the same thing that is happening in Russia right now. You know, I feel like Putin feels like, you know, for those of you who are keeping up on what's going on over there. Putin basically has eliminated all of the communication and the news organizations, there's no freedom of press. It's all state controlled. And and, and, you know, I think he feels like it's like pre internet times, because people can get on the internet and get information man. Patients they can get on the internet. And our people are no different. Our customers are no different. We can't talk to them like it's the 1970s and they don't have every single piece of information along with 50 other options right at their fingertips. All they got to do is just here's here's you, cause right here, this is what you are nowadays. Think you're gone man. the flick of a thumb Daniel Is it a crazy world out there man. I mean, we are more replaceable than ever. You know, as people who are in business and you see this every day, a Mom and Pop quality store that was on the corner of the street? Sure. It's good. Sure. We wish that it stayed but guess what, your eyes had Chipotle last night? Because you didn't want to leave and you wanted to UberEATS right. So the truth of the matter is people have more choices. We can't just come on the internet, spend our $2,500 and be like where's my money? You know, get up there. On TikTok and start talking all kinds of ways to people.So that's why I think this conversation is all the more important about just learning how to talk to people and treat people with respect and realize that every little answer or response that you get, that's not exactly the one that you want. That doesn't mean that it's an argument. It doesn't mean that somebody's you know that you're a piece of shit or that you're never going to be successful. It just means that hey, maybe somebody's having a bad day or maybe I'm filtering this in a way and I'm hearing it differently than it's being said. And that's another scary thing. Daniel is a text on how things can get lost in translation. I have to be intentional in paying attention to what I'm writing to ensure that it's clear and ensure that it's coming across in a way that doesn't rub somebody the wrong way. Because I'm sure you've had a few of those situations to where it's like, let's hop on the phone. This is not coming across the right way. Right?

Daniel: Yeah, absolutely. And even before COVID As I was in the network marketing organization, I told people the time the team I had, I had a pretty good team. And I always talked about let's try our best to create the experience that people felt when we were in person. We can't just go online. We have to create the experience that people felt when we were in person. So that's why a lot of people contact me and ask some questions. About getting started and everything. I like some videos. I'd like to say video Hey, this is me. This is because I wouldn't have if we met in person there'll be able to see that. They can't touch me right now. Right? But I would have died. I think that's a good thing to do if you are just a swipe away how you are and if you're if you really want to have a good return on investment, and people always have what they say all the time. People always have time to do it a second time. They never want to do it right the first time right? Well, that's why that's why I go into blue. That's why I've got everything in the blueprints. So I will do this right the first time. I wouldn't get the results the first time but create an experience for people that you wanted to experience. I mean if you think about that it will just change the game but it's been working out for me.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Really. I like to look at it like a game. Although, you know that's not to minimize anybody who might be saying to themselves, well, these bills ain't a game Dave Yeah, I get it. You know, I understand but you can't take yourself so seriously because unfortunately, the way the world works if you do nobody else will. We have to have fun. We have to treat people with kindness. Everything we need to know in this business we learned early on in life is treating people the same way that we want to be treated. And it's just we're doing that just in new ways for some of you whether that be through apps like TikTok or whatever. But it's all the same rules. It's the same principles and that's why I never ever worry about the game or business getting away from me and me not being able to keep up because I know the important thing is never the technology. It's never the you know, Facebook ads platform its net there's always going to be a new tool. There's always going to be a new webinar platform, a new Metaverse, a new virtual reality, but you know what it is. There's never going to be a new way in which people are going to want to be treated other than with dignity and respect. That's never going to change. It's never gonna be that people are going to be like, please talk to me and confuse me more. Please make this more difficult and more overwhelming. That's never going to be the case. So these rules of communication that we're talking about today, this is such an important conversation are always going to be true. So this may, for those of you listening, be one of the most important conversations that you've heard here, Daniel, thanks for sparking it today, brother.

Daniel: Absolutely. Thank you for having me.

Dave: All right, man. We'll keep you posted. Come back and join us here in a couple of months. And let us know how you're doing okay. We'll talk mindset and communication and all that stuff in round 2.

Daniel: Awesome, ppreciate it Dave thank you so much..

Dave: All right, my friends. My little buddy here and I gotta go get something to eat. Okay. Have a great day be Legendary, my friends. And we'll see you back here for another tip. Borrow of wakeup legendary you know, basically as Daniel was talking that I just want to say real quick is one of the reasons why I never you know in sitting on here, you know, say you know giving strong calls to action telling people to go buy stuff every you know two seconds is because I don't need to Daniel's right that if you deliver value, if you people already know they're not dumb they know about your link in your bio, and you can gently give a call to action just like I gently see that in our Blueprints today. But oftentimes, it's more powerful to gently seed something in because you create curiosity. What was that that he mentioned? People always pay attention to those little offhanded comments that are sort of said under the breath. Because it's like planting a little seed more so than if you're putting something in their face, right? Tell them to go do something because a lot of times when you tell somebody to do something, human nature kicks in and nobody likes to be told what to do. We all like to make our own choices. Right and that is a more true statement than a lot of people don't like to you know be sold they like to buy well. At a deeper level. They like to make their own choices. And so it's another reason why I don't sit here and give endless calls to action to go buy our training and programs and products because you know what? If somebody got value from this episode, say you're new you came on you heard to have a quality conversation, and you're like, dang, this is what they do for free. I can't imagine what's in their paid training that they actually prepared for. That's human beings are not stupid. That's what they think. So I don't need to insult my audience's intelligence every two seconds by saying click the link in bio or go buy our Blueprints or whatever because you know what, you know they're there. If you want to go by him after we've demonstrated that we can help you by actually helping you then you know that they're there and that's how every business works. That's how all the big giants visit when you have a product that is so quality you don't need to talk about it all the time because you're just proving it's good. Buy my favorite business one of my favorite businesses. You know, the bourbon chicken right in the mall, right in the food court. What are they doing? All they're doing is handing out samples. All day baby. They're saying here's our product. And if you want to play with this bourbon chicken, just get in line, right? But that's all it is. That's all we're doing here is we're handing out appetizers all day long. We don't need to constantly say if you want a full plate of this chicken you can go get in line, right people know that. Focus on get handing out appetizers and make sure that it's quality stuff, just like we're doing every single morning at least five days a week right here on Wake Up Legendary and if you want the blueprints if you want to take your game to the next level, if you want more accountability, if you want to join pretty much every person that's been on this show and it's getting results. You could dive headfirst into the blueprints just make sure you put your seatbelt on. It's going to be a wild ride. Alright my friends, we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Be Legendary. Get out of here. Peace.