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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary and Six Figure Mastermind Week, why do we call it that? Well because we know most people have a goal of making six figures and everybody that you're listening to is building a six figure multiple six figure on their way to a seven figure business this week and those who are speaking at the mastermind and those who will be masterminding with in Orlando on December 3, fourth and fifth of this year, are all going to essentially have what you want and that doesn't mean in every respect of life, but you know, when I got clean back in 2008 I was looking for a sponsor or mentor. It's kind of typically what you do when you're going down a path that you've not gone before and they said find somebody who has what you want and if you want, what they want, or if you want, what they have, do what they do. And so, this week, we're going to try to give you a deeper look at what they do. And then of course at the mastermind, as I said in the in the letter that I wrote you which will link to that if you look in the pin down in the comment section that I believe that people just speak a little bit more or with less filters right let's put it like that in person in a mastermind. So I found that you get a little bit more behind the scenes a little bit more real talk a little bit more. This is what happened a little bit more of the Hey, it looked on purpose, but it was actually a big mistake and I ran with it, you know, the real stories, the juicy stuff, you know, which I have many of as well and I oftentimes share sitting around a table at a mastermind or as I'm smoking a cigar or whatever right or in front of the room and today's guest is no stranger to all kinds of different experiences as an online marketer. He's somebody who is well known within our community and quite frankly, well known at this point. All over the internet. So if you all would help me welcome Brian Brewer. What's up brother? 

Brian: Hey, what's going on? Dave, thanks for having me on here today. Thanks for everyone who's tuning in on the live and of course watching the replay later on as well. Good to be here. Dave: Yeah man, I'm looking forward to hanging out in Orlando

Brian: So excited, I got my plane ticket. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

Dave: What are you looking forward to most?

Brian: You know, in person, that there's just something magical about it. You know, it was an in person event. Well, two months ago now it was in September and excited to be at another one. And this is just a different dynamic. There's different things that happen like you said, people are more real, more raw. You get the opportunity to really ask people questions about their business. what's working what's not working, and you really get the good stuff because, you know, we're here on content and trying to add value and stuff like that. We're trying to help people get results and we're trying to get reached, let's be honest, you know, so it's a little bit more buzzy when you get the man right. That's when stuff gets real and that's when the life changing action happens. So I know I'm gonna learn a ton. You know, I know I'm invited. There's a speaker and it's a tremendous honor and I really appreciate it. I plan on bringing a ton because I know I'm going to learn a ton while I'm there. So I'm super excited. 

Dave: Yeah, when you're putting out content, you're focused on marketing. You're focused on generating leads and sales. I mean, ultimately, whether we, you know, whether we all want to believe it or not. I mean, oftentimes, and I know Brian's your content is so good that a lot of times if somebody is watching it, they feel like you're talking right directly to them. But the truth is that you're a fellow creator, in each one of you who are here who likes it in our community or fellow creators. The truth of the matter is that Brian is talking to you but he is talking to other people talking to consumers who are thinking about becoming creators. We're thinking about building a business online. And so there's a different conversation with a bunch of creators you get in a room, versus if it was just one Creator, and then all consumers right. If you're at say, for example, a Tony Robbins event right? He's not there with the same mindset as everybody else in the room. He's there to basically deliver a bunch of value that's his TikTok, his TikTok is the stage and he's gonna deliver a bunch of value and ultimately he's going to make a pitch on Saturday night. How do I know? Well, because I've been there for right and it was literally a six hour pitch, you know what I mean? I mean, it started after dinner and he actually gave us action at like 11pm at night. And I don't know if his strategy was to just get us so exhausted that we were just like, Okay, we'll buy let us out of the room, but either way, it was very effective. And when you get if it was all just a bunch of like Tony and you and me and you know Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson or whoever a bunch of creators in the room, there's going to be a different conversation and that's kind of the field that I get at our masterminds. We've got a lot of creators in the room and people are kind of sharing secrets and so forth. I know you were at the Clickfunnels event, not too long ago, and this is going to be a bit different. It's going to be smaller. It's going to be at a big mansion in Orlando. You know, it's a different vibe. Brian, I know this is also going to be your first mastermind it's a little bit of a different vibe to to bring people into an environment that can help them dream a little bit, you know, to look around at a house like that and say, I could live in this one day, you know what I mean?

Brian: Yeah, that's it. And that's, that's I mean, that's what's so cool is you come out of those events, you come out of there inspired because, you know, obviously, I love my family, but none of them do what I do, obviously, I love my close friends, but none of them are in the same business that I'm in. And when you start talking to people who are either in the same business or aspiring to do very well in the same business, it's a different dynamic and you end up coming away like you said, dreaming a little bit bigger and a lot of times, that's what it takes because if your goal is to make 1000 a month, you'll probably hit it if your goal is to make 100,000 a month you'll probably hit it so you know obviously it's gonna take a little bit longer but that's what that's what can happen when you get in a room with all those type of people just start setting the bigger goals. 

Dave: Yeah, so what are you thinking about? holding back the curtain on the upcoming mastermind? 

Brian: Yeah, it's gonna be great stuff. I'm super excited. You know, obviously I love getting on camera. Nowadays. Let's not get it twisted here when I first started getting on camera back in late 2016. I absolutely hated it. And I was terrible at it. But now I really love going out there delivering the value. But But But speaking in person is gonna be amazing and there's going to be a lot of good stuff. And I really have a more principle focused right like there's always tactics, there's things that are working right now. But when you can break it down to principles, tried and true things that help you become a better marketer, a better entrepreneur, a better seller. You know that that's really what changes lives. So I'm really gonna dive into that, you know, it's funny you were talking about earlier in this live here today and you were talking about value and content and all that stuff and things change a little bit your marketing. I will most definitely talk a lot about value at the mastermind because this idea that I've started to become obsessed with a little bit is the idea that not all value is created equal. And I think that's what's lost on a lot of newer marketers and newer entrepreneurs. They see the value that I try to bring they see the value that you bring not only with your paid products Dave and and everything that legendary marketer has, they see the value that you bring, you know, on these, you know, daily lives or five day a week lives and just all the stuff you're doing to try to help people out. I know Matt, when that goes live with special training, you know, that's, that's, that's great. But there's a little bit of confusion, I think, to what value really does and in what value actually moves the needle in your business. So what I mean by that is people see these values, these people create value, so they think okay, cool. I'm gonna go put together this worksheet that helps people well, I'm going to go give people my seven secrets for for creating tic tac to go viral and I'm going to hand this out and I'm going to send them an email list and I'm going to offer this as a lead magnet on tic tac and I'm offer this as a lead magnet, a Facebook group or reengagement, my Facebook group, and then they wonder why people don't buy why they don't make more money every time they release more value. In really well focus on and I want to focus on and help people understand is value really, is to sell in the simplest way to think about this value has to break down false beliefs and rebuild them with new ones that give people the confidence and give people the desire to buy the things that we want them to buy. Because if we don't sell if we're not, you know, helping people move up the value ladder if we're promoting Legendary Marketer if we're not selling that high ticket stuff at the end of the day, we're just not going to make a whole lot of money. And that's unfortunate. You draw I mean that is a killer little motto or something that I think can really stick to the brain. All value is not created equal. 

Dave: And you're right. Value is, you know, value is a big ambiguous word that is thrown around a lot that a lot of people think that they understand what it means. But if what you're saying or what you're teaching, or what you're training or what story you're telling inside of a piece of content does not frame the next step properly. It's not going to be effective. And that's why I think a lot of people when they first get into the kind of copycat marketing game, which happens a lot when people first get started. And in sort of, I think try to avoid actually getting good training and understanding the principles like you were talking about. Because if I go in and I just start throwing spaghetti at the wall, look at what other people are doing and just try to copy I might get lucky here might get lucky there but I didn't really know why it worked. And if it fails, it becomes even more frustrating. And so these principles that are around and have been around since the dawn of time, I mean even before the internet when guys were writing sales letters that were going out to mailboxes and people had to sit down and read the sales letter and they had to they had to you know then then mail a check back with you know, cut the little piece of paper out and say check I want this Here's the address to send a little info pamphlet or book or or VHS tape or eight track tape or whatever it is that I'm buying. Right, send it back to this home address. Then they ship the check off and they wait another 14 or 21 days for the product to get there. I mean that requires a different element of salesmanship. And ultimately, I mean, we'll have to sell, we don't have to become great at selling. Right? But I do believe there's an element of salesmanship to where you have to know, you have to sell somebody on your idea. And I think that's why people from Gora financial which is like a big umbrella of, you know, information marketing financial products, different newsletters. This is a company that's doing upwards of a billion dollars in sales. And if you Google agora, you're not gonna find anything because agora owns a bunch of different mini brands Right? Like I believe Stansbury research, and like the Palm Beach letter. If you go look at those, you'll see what I'm talking about if you kind of get into their funnels and such but these are these are these are companies that use nothing but direct response copy nothing but copy in any time in nothing but their whole business model is driving paid traffic to a landing page. To a sales page that sells a $49 usually $39, $49 $69 one year membership to a newsletter, which just gets sent out every month. And then there's various upsells and then you just get hammered with emails for the next two years, selling $2,000 products, other information products right from the email. So you look at a business like that and you ask, you know, they don't, they're not even really generating traffic from TikTok. They're not even on Instagram. These are guys whose sole focus is copy and they deliver. They're big ideas, right? What is the big idea that I can that I can that I can lay out using stories using examples using data from the past and all of that is basically going to be embedded in my sales letter to where at the end I'm going to ask for a purchase. And I think that because we see so many Brian like content creators out there nowadays online. Who are only creating content just to go viral just to get views we confuse content creation and adding value with that with true direct response marketing salesmanship which has value and stories and all already embedded. That's a part of direct response. salesmanship. And when you look at the greats like the John Carlton's the Gary Halbert, the David Bencivenga has the the, you know, the Eugene Swartz that Dan Kennedy's you look at even the modern day legends who have created offers if you go and look at any of my sales videos or any other great sales video webinar that you sit through, there's a portion the majority of that portion is its its its value, but what it really is, is it selling somebody on the big idea through stories and examples. And it's framing that offers for them to buy it. Do you agree with that? And that is absolutely 100% That's exactly what I'm talking about. So it's interesting when you start talking about how you make that simple, Brian? 

Brian: Yeah, so simple. Yeah. So I'll give you an example of something

that I do in my marketing on the back end. That is a perfect example of what we're talking about here. But before we do that, you know, when you talk about, you know, agora publishing stuff like that where you say, they are, you know, selling a $49 product. Let's say and then hammer you with emails to sell $2,000 products on the back end. If we look at a principle of that, really, what's the point of that front end product just to generate leads, hopefully at breakeven to generate leads for free they're more than happy to spend $49 to acquire a buyer for a $49 product. Honestly, they're probably spending $1,000 or $400 to acquire the buyer. But that's not the point. The point I want to get at is the principle where when you're creating TikTok, all you're doing is you're just acquiring a lead at breakeven. Obviously there's some time investment but the cost for that lead is ultimately zero. However you do that advertising where you're paying and selling the self liquidating offer or generating content. The bottom line is the principle is we're generating leads at breakeven. So if you want to make some money, there's got to be some back end stuff, right? We're gonna have to sell stuff via email. We're gonna have to get people to move up the value ladder, we're gonna have to sell additional products. And, for example, when you're talking about how we make that simple, right, that creating that content that sells adding that value, one of the emails I send in when I'm talking about simple series here, this just full disclosure, this promotes Legendary Marketer. This is using a simple two page bridge page funnel that that many people have seen and a lot of people are using. Somewhere down the road, I don't know off the top of my head, if it's day six or day seven or day nine. There's a training video and that's what it is. It's a training video. That's what I call it. It's a video. It's a training that's hosted on my website. Below that video. There's a button with an affiliate link to the checkout page for legendary marketer and inside that videos about eight or nine minutes I talk about what type of side hustles you're going to want if you're a beginner. And I start in that training by talking about the problems and identifying the problems. What's the problem? Well, you're busy if you're working a full time job, you can't very well go start an agency where you got to go take out a bunch of clients because how are you ever going to service those clients right? From there, I run through a very simple whiteboard presentation and some people on this call may have seen this. I just have this whiteboard here. And I draw it out in real time. Basically, I break down business into five segments. There's cross product creation. Their sales, there's marketing, there's customer service and there's fulfillment. And all I do is go through that training is show how a traditional business model I use the air quotes in the in the train the traditional business model, whether it's physical product, ecommerce or whether it's creating a coaching company or an agency all is good in the beginning, you're focusing on sales, then you're focusing on marketing, or excuse me, you're focusing on product creation, then you're focusing on marketing, the product created or the or the agency, then great, we're focusing 100% of our energy on marketing. But what happens is after that you're selling now you're worried about fulfillment of the product. Now you have customer service issues. And basically in that training, all I do is show how everything that comes into play in a quote unquote, traditional business takes away from the revenue generating activity, which is marketing and then eventually sales. And I show that how are you ever going to get over the hump if you can't focus every time you make a little bit of money, you get taken away from revenue generating activity. So then to your conversely, I show the affiliate marketing model where we don't have to create products we start on day one, we focus 100% of our energy on marketing. We let you know the third party company we're dealing with handles the sales, the fulfilment additional product creation to increase the lifetime value of the customer, all we have to do is focus on marketing. So that's really cool. That's training that's teaching people things but really all I'm doing is I'm making affiliate marketing the only business model that they can possibly do. Right now. Now obviously we know that's not true. But the point of that presentation, the point of that eight minute training is to say if you want to get started right now from scratch, you must start making some money on the side you want to get a side of the only thing that's gonna work for you is affiliate marketing. Now I don't say that, but that is how I'm preparing the people with the training and oh by the way, if you want the best affiliate marketing training, here you go. So at that point, there is no decision to be made. It's either I'm in or I'm out. It's not what do I need to do? What do I need to buy? It's like, okay, cool. This is what I want. This is what I have to do. This is what I need to buy.

Dave: Yeah, you're teeing it up. You're like a lawyer who's building and making a case. Right? It's now I think we all need to think of ourselves. Sometimes it's like, look, you've got a jury and your jury is your customer, your potential customer who's sitting there scrolling or tick tock or Instagram or Facebook or wherever you're marketing. They're the jury. Okay? They're gonna decide whether you're guilty of some bullshit, okay? You're guilty of you look like a scammer. You're guilty of having no value and not building a case or you're not guilty, right? You're innocent, right? You're You're they want to, they want to celebrate they join you. They say he's let the man free. He's got freedom. Give him freedom. Right. I want freedom. Twos matter of fact. Right. So you are the one you need to get out of that jury. You need to get out of that jury seat and you also need to get off that witness stand. A lot of us are on the witness stand on the defensive, trying to blame like what happened in why this is this. We got we we allow our audience to become the the prosecutor who's who's, you know, we get on the defense. We need to be the attorney. You know what I mean? We need to be the attorney who's building the case. Right? Who's building the case and if you listen to any great attorney, and their opening statement, they begin to build the case by by framing the big idea, which is you know, if it doesn't fit a quiz or whatever is right there. There's some big idea that every piece of content has now for us, and those of you who are promoting legendary, it's a fairly big it's a fairly simple big idea and Brian just made right which is the difference between selling physical products in selling information is night and day. And if you can't just automatically commonsensical II see that then just just use some common sense. I mean, it's it's like you're you're fulfilling physical products that have to be mailed and shipped and delivered in from China or Mexico or wherever. Or you're, you're in business with Amazon, who, quite frankly, just cut down affiliate commissions, like a significant amount. I think we're down to 3% and some categories. We think Jeff Bezos Gibson, is he going live every day? You know what I mean? Does he give a damn he's but he's going to space with William Shatner, okay. They don't need you. You know what I mean? They don't need you. So it's about finding companies out there who can deliver and if you want to sell physical products, that's fine. But getting in the business of physical products or getting in the business of servicing clients, local clients, who expect now that they're paying you a couple of $100 a month, right? You better be working 24 hours a day for me in general, right? I mean, do you want a boss or do you want to be the boss, right? So what we do is as freelancers right, who can basically go around to any company and pick and choose who we want to send our traffic to. We can send our traffic to them. And ideally, I prefer to sell information products because the person can get access to the training or get access to whatever they bought right away. There's in there for the company containing higher commissions, because there's less overhead right now the challenge becomes right, how do I you know, how do I fit this sort of case, into a, you know, into a 62nd, TikTok and so forth. And that's where it really just becomes a lot of testing. It becomes right. I have to try different things. I have to know, I have to find my group and I have to be building upon something more than just, for example, a TikTok profile. You just mentioned your email list, and I think it's underrated. We don't talk about those types of things. Enough Brian, like the email list, the Facebook group, the other supporting features where you're able to deliver more value, aka continue to build your case. In other places where you customer may feel a little bit more intimate with you. It's kind of like TikToks like friends having a conversation with me in front of 20 people on the email list. It may feel like it's just you and me. Right. And so I think there's also an element of making sure that we're reaching people to continue to build our case in more places than just a 62nd clip because Brian, you can I can write as long as an email, or I can write an email that sends people to like you said a video to where I can hold them hostage for eight minutes because that video is posted on a standalone page on my website. Now all of a sudden, I don't have to try to make my case in 60 seconds. I now have an opportunity to make my case over the course of eight minutes, or over the course of a five minute read email. So hopefully some of you folks are starting to get the idea that if you're aren't going viral on tick tock and week one. It's probably a good thing, because that's probably going to give you unrealistic expectations about what this business is even about. 

Brian: You're absolutely right. I was talking to someone the other day and they were seeing renewers in the game and they've seen a little bit of success but certainly not the sustainable and consistent success they want to achieve and they're well on their way but we were talking about length of emails and her concerns. I don't like reading long emails. Said well, that's fine. You don't have to communicate everything in an email if you don't personally like long emails you want to write and that's fine. But then you have to send them to a longer training session. The bottom line is you have to hold them hostage so to speak for a significant enough amount of time so you can actually make your case and people a lot of times the objection is but so many people aren't going to sit through these entire videos or somebody people aren't going to read these entire emails. And okay, yeah, some might not but you know, who does the buyers, the buyer sits through them and so that's what that's who we're focused on. And,

you know, I think you see that a lot with the copycat marketing that you were talking about earlier in the live here where anybody who wants to promote the same things that I can promote or I am promoting can go look at my tic tac and see which TikTok are performing well, then pretty much recreate the TikToks. And more often than not, it seems like on the TikTok platform. They do pretty well. That's great. You may generate as many leads as me. You may even generate as many front end sales as me but what's being lost in this whole copycat marketing are the principles. If you're not doing those trainings on the back end that help build the case, as you say, strengthen the case, then they're not going to move up the value ladder. It's easy to spend seven bucks or 10 bucks on a front end product that feels like progress. People feel great when they buy into something. But if they don't actually go through, do the work and continue to believe in the opportunity, then they're not going to buy the next thing and if they're not buying the next thing. 

Dave: We're just we're just not gonna We're just not gonna make a whole lot of money. Well, we're on track this year to do $20 million in sales. Just you know, I mean, I don't have anything to hide here, you know, you know, I mean, find another company out there that's doing that many sales that that big volume selling just all information, right? It's hard to find. And all of those sales are generated from presentations that are 25 minutes to two and a half hours long. You know, so there's a lot there if we say how does that apply to our business as affiliates, whether we're sending traffic to Legendary, a company like Legendary, whether we're selling, you know, whether we're selling, You know, dog training, parenting, whatever it is. I think if we go back to your original point about what you're going to talk about at the mastermind, because as you folks can see Brian and I can I mean we can just go right down any rabbit hole that has to do with marketing. It's just, you know, it's in our DNA. I mean, we get a lot of fun, free hours, but I want to get back to what you said you're going to talk about at the mastermind, which is the principles and what Brian and I are both trying to say. And I'm speaking for you here, Brian you can add to it. Is it that a lot of you are asking, Well, what what, what do I talk about in an email, you know, how do I go from copy and pasting templates? And just sort of throwing spaghetti at the wall not really understanding what I'm doing right to actually understanding what I'm doing. So I can. I can not just be a carpenter swinging a hammer but I can actually be the boss of my business reading the blueprint, understanding the blueprint and then being able to communicate it to my leads in a way that makes it make sense to them. So they go yeah, like I get this right. If that is all you're trying to do, I think we can relate this to people who are in the construction business. If it is all I'm ever trying to do is just grab a quick check to get a six pack in a pack of cigarettes every day. Then I'm going to be willing to do day labor and just go out and swing a hammer. And that's going to be my life. I'm going to be living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life. And guess what? There's a lot of marketers online who are also living paycheck to paycheck, because all they want to do is they want to just get a six pack in a pack of cigarettes and I'm Metaphorically speaking, right like I'm not saying that each one of you all drink and smoke. If you do, that's fine. I don't care. No judgement for me. But my point is, don't be a day laborer. Don't be a guy or a gal who's just working two jobs swinging a hammer but never really learning how the blueprint works. And I think if we go back to what your original point was, which is what you're going to talk about at the mastermind, and I'm excited to take notes and see your perspective is is is the principles and understanding the principles and understanding how the principles of this game works and the psychology of producing content and how to weave in stories, when to use analogies. How to make a case in 60 seconds or make a case in eight minutes in weave in some of that solid timeless salesmanship and marketing chip that has been used since the you know, since the direct response marketing was basically invented since the first I mean, you know, in the 1900s 2020 when tick tock was invented was not the first time that anybody ever started selling, you know, information or or selling stuff via direct response marketing. Again, we go back, and there were books that were written in the 1950s. There is Eugene Schwartz, there is Gary Halbert. There are some of these folks that we could go back forward, who understood and even taught and quite frankly, in the business blueprint, I actually go over the history of direct response marketing and give tons of examples. So our clients and our students can actually begin to understand that what we're doing here is not something that was invented when tick tock came up the success of our business and our top affiliates and our top students is not because some new age platform came up that all of a sudden made it possible and before we were all just scrounging around for crumbs. No. We were applying the same timeless principles to other platforms. Whether it was YouTube, whether it was Facebook, whether it was whether it was paid ads, whether it was mail, and that's what I think I'm so excited about this this topic, what personally because if tick tock went down tomorrow, there'd be a bunch of day labor marketers, who were only focused on getting a six pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes who go oh shit. Marketing Online is over. I'm sure legendary is going to go tank and then all of a sudden, they'll see a little blip right to where a little bit of our traffic goes. And then they'll see us just continue to grow because it's not a platform that's made us successful. It is the principles that we understand, Brian and you know, that we could apply to any platform.

Brian: It's just the only difference is where's the attention? And that's where you're going to take your principles and go make some money. And that's what it comes down to. You know, when we talk about he said something about writing emails, you know, how do you go from the point where you're just a, you know, a day laborer marketer or a copycat marketer to actually writing emails, and I think I just kind of made a few notes while you're talking about that. And it really comes down to I think three things and it's pain points, desires and metaphors. And what I mean by that is, if we understand what people want to get away from, right their boss, the fact that they can't take vacations, the fact that they're living paycheck, whatever it is, whatever their pain points, okay, if we can, if we can understand that. And then also understand what people really want. I tell you right now, it's not money. It's what the money provides to create a security all that people really want. Then once we understand those things now we just wrap them into metaphors or stories. And really, the thing about email marketing and marketing in general is we don't have to reinvent the wheel every single time we write an email. We don't have to reinvent the wheel every time we make a tic tac toe. Most people know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, Gary Vee, because he's pretty big on social media. If you really dive into his content, he seems to do the same six things over and over and over and over and over again. And that's self admitted. Because he's like, people call me boring. What do we do? Like no, it's these six things that you need to know are seven things or two things or whatever. But it's just really wrapping these pain points and desires into different stories, different metaphors. Once you understand what people really want to get away from, and where they really want to go. Then it's just fun telling different stories. You know, tell a story that somewhat loosely, relates to your point from your life just to get people interested. Just get people involved just to get people to remember you because guess what they might not buy on the first email that you send in they're probably not going to but if they if you told an interesting story, or they remembered you and say, Hey, Brian Brewer I read one of his emails was pretty good. Guess what they're gonna open the next email. And then you can attack a different pain point or a different desire or break another false belief with a story with the training, and eventually, you're going to get them and it's not if they're going to buy it's when they're going to buy some. I don't know if you want Dave, you want to do this really quick. This might be some actionable stuff that can help. About a month ago, I emailed my list and I really just wanted to get into their desires and their pain points. It took a lot of responses that I got. It kind of jotted down some patterns if you want to share that really quick. I don't know if anyone wants to watch this live or watch this replay. Maybe you can start a comment and you could take notes really quickly if you're on a laptop or desktop or something that's really easy to type. Basically, the three main things that I focused on are what I was asking people, what's holding them back and the struggles. What are you struggling with? So I'll just kind of go through these really quickly. So the first heading would be what do people really want and this is not me trying to decide what people want. This is from the words of the folks and people who want to do their own thing. They don't want to be held accountable to a boss. Honestly, people want to be rich and not work. Okay. People want to make progress. And that came up time and time and time and time and time. Again, people want to make progress. They want to see results. They don't necessarily have to go start making million dollars tomorrow. They just want to make some progress. They want to feel like they are ready and well prepared. They want to know how to get traffic from social platforms. And what was really interesting to me and I don't want this to come across as cocky or arrogant, but this can relate to everybody who's watching this because so many people said they just wanted to be like me. Right? They wanted that life that I had. And even if you're just getting started even if you're not making you know, six figures or whatever you whatever, whatever it is you think I'm doing. If you're out there making progress, if you're out there as someone who's learning affiliate marketing, guess what? People want that. I already told you people really want progress. So share that in your story. Share that new content, share that journey. And guess what? I understand that people are going to want to be like you even if you're just getting started, even if you've got to make your first commission. If people are paying attention to you, they're gonna want to be like you so help them get to the point where they can where they can do that. Whatever it is for you. What's holding people back this could be another comment or another heading. What's holding people back? Fear. Fear is the number one thing holding people back from creating content getting started. belief that this thing will actually work for them. Lack of confidence. Scared to try something new, right?

Dave: People are scared that they're gonna sign up for a course and left hung out to dry when in my promotion of Legendary Marketer, I talk about the community. I talk about the updates to the blueprints. I talk about the five days a week live just to help people understand that when they sign up, they're going to be taking care of what's holding them back. People still believe that imposter syndrome is real. These are things that people are struggling with so we can help them overcome these things and then show them what they need to do next, which is obviously buying the thing that we're promoting. Then we're going to be somewhere and finally struggle. What are people really struggling with? A lot of people tell me they're making good money. They're making six figures at their job. But they're not happy. Okay, so how can we relate that into stories? Because if we get inside the conversation that's already going on in people's heads, they're gonna be likely to pay attention to us because they're, they're gonna look at that person and think I was struggling with that person. I'm going to listen to them. I'm going to go get on their email list. I'm eventually gonna buy that thing that they're selling. If you understand these things, you can use them as a weapon as long as you do so ethically. People struggle with stepping in uncomfortable situations, indecision confusion, shiny object syndrome. One of my trainings, basically talks about shiny object syndrome. And what you can do to avoid it and that does great for conversions into things like blueprints. And a lot of people struggle with COVID changing their situation. Kind of the last one I had, they were in one situation now COVID Completely changed it now. They just don't know what to do. So I know what those quickly but if you kind of rewatch this and really kind of take those notes or find someone in the comment who took those notes and figure out like those are the things that people want and work them into your stories and your content and just get people not to say that you don't have to go there and say hey, this thing I'm selling is the greatest thing on earth. It's gonna change your life. We have to get people to say hey, this guy understands me or this girl understands me, and they can probably help me. Then they're going to start paying attention. Then they're going to get in your training, your emails gonna go by the thing that could tell him to buy. I love it. I mean, I heard Oprah say one time and I've never forgotten it at a live event. Actually. I went with my wife and I was probably one of, you know, 100 men instead of a room of 10,000. A state auditorium of 10 or 15,000 women. Quite frankly, I think more men should pay attention to what she's doing because she's a brilliant marketer, and she brilliantly brilliantly makes women particularly but in general everybody but makes women feel her and seen and understood and that's what she said. She said all people want is to feel seen. And that's my entire intention when I'm telling a story or when I'm framing something or when I'm speaking about one of these lives. I want my audience to feel like I'm one of them. Like, I want them to be like yes, this is my dude kind of like if you're listening to a sports podcast, and you felt like the guy or the gal who was talking wasn't really a sports nut. Didn't really get fired up. I mean, you see me sitting here getting a dead GM fired up. And it's like, you know that quite frankly right? Even sports dude, I wouldn't get this fired up. I mean, I liked sports but I'm more of a playoff like championship watching cup kind of guy that's probably because of time. But marketing man marketing because it's changed my life so much because it's made a basically a dysfunctional, ex homeless recovering drug and alcohol addict who was a high school dropout in a in a not that great construction worker into a multimillionaire right i mean into somebody who who has more time freedom and options than I know what to do with sometimes it's a it's almost a burden. It's like shit, it's like, you know, kind of lay what I need some I need to, you know, I need to fill some of this time you know, because listen, when you start to really build a business and you have investments going and you and your business become systematize it's like should I need to get a hobby you know, I need to, you know, I need to really, you know, work can't just be everything to me, I need and I can do this, you know, the one year I went fishing, like 50 times, like at least once a week you know, now I've been obsessing about watches and mixing some golf here and there, but I promise I'm gonna I'm gonna get a hobby to fill some of my extra time that I have because as you know, when you develop systems and when you when you when you get good people great offers around you. You don't have to work as hard. You know, when you understand the principles like what you're talking about, you don't have to grind as hard because your content becomes superhuman. Why? Because when you're speaking, people really really really feel seen, heard and understood. So you don't have to. It's like I believe today my superpower is that I'm almost like one take Drake right I get in the booth, I record it or I write the copy one time, and I don't have to keep doing it over and over and over again because I know my customer so well. I know their pain points. So well. I know exactly how to speak to them. And I know exactly how to build my case in Bridge, that pain point to the solution, which oh, by the way, I've also uncovered and discovered so I've got personal experience with both the pain points, and the X, you know, and the solution. And as all I have to do is build that case, build that bridge over in any video that I make in any conversation that I have in any webinar or sales video. And so, you know, I'm excited to dig into more of this obviously over the weekend in Orlando. We're going to be talking about this in a much deeper way with live feedback and people in the room. And so I didn't encourage all of you who are registered for the mastermind to go ahead and or who have who have a ticket to go ahead and register click the link down in the in the comment section, you can go over to that page, it should open in a new window, and you can read through and then you can click the link down at the bottom of the page which will take you once you log in, it'll take you to it'll take you directly to the registration page. And when you get to the registration page, fill out your information. And on that next page will ask you your dietary, you know request and restrictions and all of that and give you an informational pamphlet about look, you know nearby hotels and so forth. And you'll have all the information that you need. And oh by the way, if you have a mastermind ticket, there's no additional purchase necessary. So we're not actually selling anything, which is kind of weird. We're not, we've already purchased it right. And now even though we delivered way moreover 2020 In the beginning of 2021 with all those virtual masterminds that we were just an additional bonus, because that's how we like to roll we weren't able to do these live masterminds so we did lots of virtual masterminds. This is our first back in person mastermind. I understand that some of you guys are maybe used to staying home now or you know, unsure about traveling and when it comes to your personal health, that's something that you're going to have to make a decision about. We will have masking coded tests there if anybody wants to take them. We're not mandating anybody do anything. We just request if you don't feel good, stay home, we'll probably take temperatures or whatever, anything that's non invasive, and that's respectful of everybody's personal space there. We'll do everything that we can to make it as safe as possible. And again, just ask that you stay home if you're feeling unwell, but get registered because I think the bigger thing that that people are feeling is, you know, I've tried things before and it hasn't worked out the way that I sold it to my wife or folded to my husband was going to work out or or I failed with things in the past and do I really want to put more time and energy into this. And the truth is, I believe right before you're feeling like you're having a breakdown or about to quit is a chance to break through. You know, and it's another moment to add to your story where I was just about to quit and then I discovered the real meat and potatoes and secrets to this business. And I'd like you to know, they all become parts of your story. So for those of you who are feeling like oh, I don't know this is a stretch or this is a you know, whatever it is you know whether it's the support of your family that you don't feel like you have and you need to go get humble like I talked about on yesterday's live and have a conversation and say I'm committed to this and I need your support or whether it's you need to kick your own self in the ass literally, you know, bend your leg and give your acid actual kick. And remind yourself that right before breakthroughs often breakdowns feel like they're going to happen. And this is truly a moment for you to add to your story to where maybe you almost quit or maybe you were feeling like you weren't going to make it and I assure you that if you come with an open mind just like everything else that we do and ready to learn and apply, then you will get more out of being in this room over 40 days with us than you could ever imagine. And the only people who are going to miss out are those who you know who let fear or who let you know those feelings. I think they're all derived from fear, kind of overtake you know, like fear that you're not good enough for fear that you can't do this or fear that you're going to fail. Let us continue to believe in you until you believe in yourself and understand that it takes time. It takes time to both learn the skills but most of all, like Brian said, learn the principles and really build back up that self esteem from maybe a job or maybe a society that you've been a part of. That's quite frankly probably chipped away at that self esteem over the last 10, 20 or 30 years. So Brian, I am so thrilled to both hear you share but also just hanging out with you. Thanks for your time today. As always, it's way more than I ever expected. It's just in your nature. And any final words for our listeners about getting your land or just digging in, in failing forward in keeping going in their business.

Brian: Yeah, you know, one thing you talked about, I remember what you said if you call them a one take Jake or whatever, whatever you call it. You know I see that now to where you know I used to be I spent literally a week, a week and a half writing one webinar or sales letter. Now I talked about the whiteboard training, I go up, throw it up there and eight minutes it converts like crazy. I watched back and they had pretty good and it's because I put in the work for years and years and years and years and years and years and years right so that is part of the process and like you said, you're gonna get more in three days at a mastermind than you will three months watching videos. It's just something about it that can't be explained if you've done your research and and and you're afraid to travel in that respect. But don't let fear keep you from coming down and attending what's going to be an amazing event. I hope to see you there.

Dave: My brother will see you there thanks for your time today as always stay Legendary brother and we'll talk to you soon. Bye. Thank you. Bye. Alright my friends. Get to the mastermind. Listen, I'm gonna throw Brian's TikTok up as well. Just because he's somebody you should have in your network. And whether it's your personal network that you're you know, you're gonna have a chance to be able to hang out with him and learn from him in Orlando or whether it's of course continuing to follow him online. He's just a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of experience, somebody could be doing anything really in the online space. And we're really blessed to be able to have him in our community because he really is super experienced with selling, you know doing multiple different business models online. And the fact that he's, you know, a focused affiliate marketer who's sort of setting the pace and setting the tone for so many of our members in our community and stuff. We're really really blessed to be around somebody like that. I mean, for many of you, you know, the It's who you are around in the early days, I was listening to the Braves first baseman last night Friday. Some of you guys may know who I'm talking about. But anyways, he was talking about basically how he went through. He's been and they just won the World Series last night. By the way, they beat the Houston Astros seven did nothing last night and they took the trophy last night but he was doing an interview in which the interviewers were asking him like, you know, how does this feel sticking through this? You know, you were with the team back for 15 years back when the team sucked, you know, when you guys were the worst team in the league and he said, Well, I was a route. I was around the team though, back in, you know, in the early days in the minor leagues and so forth. And I did get to be around that last group of guys who did take it in to win a championship some of the guys like Chipper Jones, who is the breaks third baseman for a long time. And some of these other guys back if some of you remember when the Atlanta Braves were an awesome team when they had you know John Smoltz and Tom Glavine And anyways, he said that I was around these guys earlier, who had won championships in who didn't know how to win, and they taught me how to win. They taught me how to be a winner. That was his response. It wasn't that oh, I've worked so hard. This group of guys is so great. And we're just kept it was that it was that he was able to become a leader, even in carrying the breaks through a really tough time over a period of about five years, when they were a great team 15/16 years ago, and then they really took a big slump. And he said, because the guys that I was around, when I first was young and early in my career, taught me how to win. They taught me how to be a winner. And I think that it's really undervalued and really underrated. The ability to be around people like Brian Brewer, right, be around him because he can teach you how to win. Just like he did for Freddy, the first baseman of the Atlanta Braves, who just won the World Series last night. He credited success to those early mentors who knew how to win and even when he wasn't winning, even when he wasn't a winner, right? They taught him how to win. Sometimes we need to be taught how to win. We need to be taught how to be a winner, doesn't mean to have anything to do with who we are as people but we need to understand what it takes to play this game. We need to understand what it takes to be a winner, as a business owner, to be a winner as an online marketer to create winning offers. What is the mindset, what is psychology and what are the principles that we need to understand. So we can win, no matter of TikToks here, Facebook, meta YouTube, whatever it is, you think that the opportunities are going to get smaller folks over the next couple of years? No, they're going to get bigger. Right now we're at the we some people think we're at the top of the mountain it's only going to go what are you are you crazy? Has it ever gotten smaller the opportunity ever gotten smaller? No. It's only gotten bigger. So if you're wondering, you know, if you want to look at this business like Bitcoin or something, let me explain it to you in other terms. We're at the bottom. We're at the bottom right now. It's not peaked yet. It's not saturated. The opportunity does not run out here. It's just getting started. So learn how to win now around people who can teach you how to become a world champion, just like those guys at the beginning of Friday, how to become a World Series world champion. We got to be taught how to win in this game. How do you do that? You get around people who are winning. And you have them explain the roadmap, the blueprints, the dynamics of this game. Alright my friends. I'll see those of you who are coming to Orlando. Okay, I'll see the rest of you tomorrow for another episode registered if you have a ticket. Stay Legendary my friends get out of here. Have a great day. Bye bye. Peace