Who is Legendary Marketer?

Who is Legendary Marketer?

Many new students ask WHAT is Legendary Marketer, but have you ever asked the more important question of…

WHO is Legendary Marketer? 

Who are the people, the humans, the hearts that are behind all that have created what Legendary Marketer is today?


Hey everyone, this is JoAnn, the Director of Marketing here at Legendary Marketer. For those that are newer to our space, I want to give you a glimpse of what you’re truly a part of. For those that have been around for a while, first and foremost we thank you for the continued trust you place in us and I want to ensure you know the people behind the brand. 

We have been in a season (heck, multiple years) of massive growth, not just with our continued growth of students but also within the team of Legendary Marketer. 

When Legendary Marketer was born, Dave, his wife Erin, and our COO, Juli didn’t just commit to building a course. They committed to building a brand of integrity and longevity. 

They committed to leading with service, value, and over-deliver for our students. 

Over the years, they had a small team of committed team members that also believed the online space can be one that delivers education along with value and ethics. (Something that is hard to find in the online space) Each year, the team inside Legendary grew a bit more and more…. 

Today…Legendary Marketer has over 120 amazing humans that play a role in answering this question daily- how do I continue to amplify the high standard that Dave set for Legendary Marketer? 

Along the way, we have had amazing team members that poured their hearts into our students. One of those, many of you know, is Matt Heltzel. Although we were sad to see him depart, we are grateful for Matt’s work and service here and it was fun and productive working with him. I, along with the entire Legendary Marketer team, wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, one of which is his coffee shop in his local area that he owns and operates. 

As I look at the absolutely massive growth we continue to have, it’s clear our core team is absolutely phenomenal and continues to ensure we give YOU, our students the best experience possible. 

Let me take a moment and introduce you to a few of the humans, the hearts, and the passion behind Legendary Marketer.

Meet Abigail - Community & Events Manager

Abigail oversees the extensive planning of our live Mastermind events, but also day in and day out she ensures all our Facebook groups remain a space that is positive, safe, and continues to build community in an absolutely Legendary way.

Meet Dana - Compliance Manager

Dana is our Compliance manager. She communicates with our affiliates to ensure everyone is keeping compliance at the forefront of their marketing business. She also ensures that all our Business Plan Advisors are giving you, the student, the best experience possible that continues to deliver the core values that Dave set.

Meet Kristie - Customer Support Manager

Kristie is our Customer Support manager, she oversees a team of support agents that answer emails, phone calls, and live chats…24-7. Yep, our customer support is UNMATCHED in the online space. 

Meet Jackie - Business Plan Advisor Captain

Jackie is a LONG standing team member of Legendary Marketer and now helps our team of over 100 Business Plan Advisors feel supported and empowered with the tools they need to give our students an amazing experience.

Meet JoAnn - Director Of Marketing

As the head of marketing and live events, I have the privilege to not only oversee all our marketing efforts here, but also ensure we continue to update, grow, and provide the training and support our students and affiliates need in the ever-changing world of marketing. With a phenomenal team of talented members, the support and continued education you receive is top-tier quality!

Meet Juli - COO

Juli is our Chief Operating Officer. She is a master communicator. The leader of the operations within the virtual walls of Legendary Marketer. Her high standard of care is easily felt throughout the Legendary community.

Meet Erin- Head Of Human Resources

Erin who oversees all things Human Resources and Accounting. Plus, as Dave's wife she has and continues to play a huge role in the family business that is Legendary Marketer. 

Meet Dave - CEO and Founder

Of course, we have Dave our CEO and Founder of Legendary marketer. Dave is far from an absentee CEO.  He hosts the majority of each daily Wake Up Legendary interview, he is actively working with all departments of Legendary Marketer. Dave leads us within the virtual walls of Legendary Marketer by example, but most importantly, he leads you, our students with authenticity and care.

Lastly, each team member of Legendary Marketer, whether they are a coach, customer service rep, marketing team member, or one of our top-notch Business Plan Advisors… 

they each amplify the experience you receive day in and day out. 


Thank you for being a part of our community. 

Thank you for your continued support to keep our online communities safe from DM sharks, scams, and negativity. 

Thank you for making your future growth a priority and trusting us to bring you the skills that significantly aid in reaching your goals. 

As Always…

Stay Legendary,