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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: What's going on everybody? Happy Monday. Good to see you all, I’m guest hosting today. Okay, hang on. Just realized that my microphone was up about a million miles away from me so

Happy Monday. How's it going? I'm happy to have you here. I'm guest hosting today Dave is out today. And so we guess hosting the show. We've got an awesome guest as usual today, who's kind of sitting in the on deck circle right now. And the funny thing is we have guests who fill out a little questionnaire, and it said something to the effect of, I don't know I get 40,000 subscribers on our followers on TikTok and I looked last night when I was kind of, you know, hey, who's the guest tomorrow. What's, what's the story? And, you know, lo and behold, he's got 66,000 followers now so he's, he's going at it hard, and it's just creating awesome content, and he's doing a great job and I think we're gonna learn a lot from him and his journey today, both in terms of strategy and how he's going about it but also in terms of dude's got no time I mean, he's just like the man's got no time it and that's a frequent thing from people that I hear is, Well, I just can't find the timer I just, I don't know. You know, how am I supposed to create three videos a day? I don't even know how it's possible. Well, we're going to bring on Mark this morning, and what I would like from all of you guys who are signing in here, I see Jordan Colleen, Robert. Adam Marie. Catherine Willie, Mark. Who else is here in the comments? Zinab, Sorry if I got that wrong Robert De what's going on. If you guys could comment, with, with some sort of emoji. Like a clapping emoji or a, you know, I don't know hands emoji clapping or something to welcome Mark to the show. Awesome. And let me see if I can bring him in Mark. Yeah, there. Mark: Hey, what's up. 

Matt: Hey, welcome on.

Mark: Oh, it's a pleasure, man, thank you, I'm stoked to be on. 

Matt: Yeah, awesome. So, I'm gonna let you kind of just tell your story and your journey to this whole thing you're, you're a senior VP, you've got three kids under the age of 12 which is nuts. and you've got, you know, baseball and cheer and all kinds of good stuff so why don't you tell us a little bit about you and sort of your life, and then, and then bring us into this for entering the online space, and why you chose to do that.

Mark: Yeah, yeah absolutely so I work for a midsize company in northern New Jersey. I run the company. It's about secondary people so my schedule is 7am to eight 910 o'clock at night, Monday to Friday sometimes Saturday sometimes Sunday. I have 3 kids under the age of 12, two boys and a girl. They do like you said baseball cheer lacrosse gymnastics. Fucking gym, you know, whatever, whatever they're gonna do at any given time, you know, and it's always funny because it runs on like a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday baseball games on Sunday, so it doesn't stop. I got divorced a few years ago. And with that came alimony and child support, and kind of just having to encompass all the financial responsibility, my life on top of now, somebody who's no longer in my life. So, you know bills started piling up and it was just tough so every night I'd sit there you know kids are going to bed 10 or 11 o'clock at night and I'd sit there and I'd watch, TikTok, you know, was everybody go on tick tock, you know you're watching people shake their ass and, you know nice cars and I came across one person, one time, like six months ago about affiliate marketing and I just kind of started looking at it a little bit and then I kind of saw it more and more come into my face every day you know every day, and April 16 My son turned 12 And that was the day I pulled the trigger and I paid seven bucks for the 15 Day Challenge and, and then it was just all go no quit, you know, from that point on, I made my first tic tock video may 2, and I haven't stopped since June. It's been a crazy ride.

Matt: Well I mean you're sitting here, basically 63 days in are so 65 days let's call it, and you're basically averaging 1000 followers a day, stupid, stupid. So, I don't even like that my brain can't comprehend that I started 10 years ago when like, you couldn't really grow us social media following now you wasn't really a thing. So it was like if you were new or you were trying to grow something online, it was like, I guess you run paid ads or I guess you throw some videos out there on Facebook and hope your friends and family, like us, or something you know it was just weird but now there's this whole ecosystem of TikTok and and now even Instagram reels. We've got a few clients who are just smoking it on Instagram reels YouTube shorts Pinterest. That's crazy. It's wild time so you come online and purchase our challenge. Had you I'm not sure if I read this but had you purchased anything else before this had you tried other stuff.

Mark: Nothing, nothing at all. You were the first and the only program, I don't. I did a lot of research before I bought it right seven bucks, I mean shit I spend $30 a day on coffee and Starbucks you know it's it's what it is, but I did a lot of research, and I realized that you guys are the best at best right so prior to doing what I do now I was an auto mechanic for 15 years and, you know, you can't learn to be an auto mechanic on YouTube right. You can't go and work on people's cars for safety reasons and just learn from somebody who has to go to school. So I went to lincoln tech and it was 60 grand and you have to finish the school you can't go back and keep doing it right unless you pay another 60 grand, and now it's like a five grand, at least in New Jersey. But I did a lot of research before I pulled the trigger. So, you guys were the only person I went with.

Matt: Got it. Yeah, in your, in sort of diving into the 15 day challenge, as it's brand new. What was that, so I'm guessing there were sort of some pieces of it that were really exciting and like oh my gosh this is so cool. Were there other parts that were like, I don't know about that or I'm a little skeptical or was what was like the sort of journey of going through the challenge I'm curious.

Mark: Yeah, so I have to see this right like you guys change my life. Alright, let's just throw that out there. And even at 41 years old, I'm going to try not to cry like a little baby, but you guys straight up change my life. The course was amazing. Dave was awesome. Even my advisor, and I'll throw a big shout out to Jonathan. Jonathan Wheeler, I speak to the guy, three times a week now, you know, two months pass, you know we talk quite often. But the motivation behind it to just kind of kick my ass into high gear and keep pushing was great. The course in itself is awesome, you just, you learn it all and you guys structure in a way where it's not too confusing. But if you get hung up you can just kind of go back and watch it again, you know it's a no brainer. So the course in itself is amazing. The Blueprint was amazing. I mean everything was amazing. I couldn't, I couldn't speak more highly about it, and that's why I kind of decided, I'm going to promote you guys not because it was easy, but because it's the no-brainer thing to do. Yeah, I don't feel so good about it. Yeah, it's awesome. I mean, when I promote this program, and I get on Tik Tok and now it's funny because when I took the course I wasn't expecting much right, no disrespect, but I was just expecting Seven Bucks I'm gonna learn through some shit, you know, how hard could it be right, right. Oh man, it's, it's, it's hard, you know, I spent six, seven hours a day in the business now, two months in, like, 10 at night till three four in the morning. I'll put tick tock videos up at three in the morning like Yo it's 3am Eastern Time, and I'm still posting. It doesn't stop right because it's a global thing it's not, it's not dedicated to just me in New Jersey, it's, it's the planet so you know you have to constantly keep going. But the one thing I learned was, it's possible to do it, it's really that easy to make money online, once you kind of just build through the process and the steps and follow the process and believe in the process. 

Matt: Yeah, I think that's a big deal. Well there's, I mean, she's just so big. I don't know, there's just such a.. Yeah, sometimes I forget that for $7 Right, there's a ton of value that's given ton of value that's provided but also, like, Sometimes I forget that it is so challenging right so I've been through the course so many times but I've also like helped revise the course so many times that I've kind of been through and I'm like man, okay yeah I know there's a lot there. But it is true. Every time I go through it and I've been through a lot of trainings online and stuff but every time I go through it, I'm like, like, seven bucks for all of this like seven bucks to get an inside look on, you know somebody who's done hundreds of millions in sales online I mean, what other place, like, are you gonna find that, I mean, other entrepreneurs other people who have done, you know, even eight figures online aren't willing to really give away their secrets and, you know for under 1000 bucks man I'm really deep, sort of secrets, deep stuff that's in there it's just really powerful I think it's, it has to be the most undervalued course or program on the internet by a longshot $7 It's like a large latte at Starbucks, you know, it's crazy. So without question, you get going. Enough about the challenge, tell us about your, tell us about like your decision to go on TikTok, was it hard, was it easy, how's the content creation process been like, you know, take us back to the first day you're posting like what's that like, you know?

Mark: It's scary. It's scary right I mean, I'm a jokester right I joke around at a time, but like, in all seriousness, like, I'm a 41 year old guy with a gray beard and I'm losing my hair and I'm like, Who the hell is gonna want to listen to me right like so, I get my basement at like 10 o'clock at night and I go up against the only wall that still standing in my basement because thanks to Philly marketing and making money I can now renovate my house, you know, on top of everything else I'm doing right because I needed something else to do right. So I get in the basement and I get home, you know I put the kids to bed and I'm sitting here on a stool and I just fired off a video, and I just kind of ran with it, and people started watching and I got addicted to it right and you're nervous and you're shaking and it took me three hours to make a 32nd video. And, yeah, it's not because you know you're like shit I my eyelids this way my hair like I don't know, it's weird, you know, and I just said, Fuck it, I'm just gonna fire it off I did, and the next day it was three videos and the next day it was five videos and she I post 10 videos a day sometimes 1015 videos a day. I follow the Grant Cardone method, you know, just, you gotta get out there right if you're not first or last right the Ricky Bobby thing 1015 videos a day, dude. And some of them get 10 views and some of them get 3000 views and I don't give a shit because if I can reach one person or two people out of that 30 people that watch my video. I have an opportunity to teach somebody what I know. And to really set them on that mat so yeah it's a scary process but for I'm helping a guy right now in the UK, right. And the guy's in his 50s and, you know, the job that he did before this was completely off spectrum. And I said to him bro just post it, just make the video, don't worry about it. There's always going to be somebody out there that wants to hear your story, they don't care what you look like they don't care. They have no hair, they don't care that you have tattoos, they don't care that you smoke cigarettes or drink tons of coffee just posted, and go. And that's really the best advice I can give you.

Matt: I love that you actually mentioned that Grant Cardone thing about that too. I personally like, I don't know if I love the guy, but the principal. Next thing is so powerful and I remember. I remembered this private a couple years ago we were, we used to do these live events at our studio and in or in St Pete's. We used to do these Brand Builder events, and I remember saying, you know, look, you can either take the average approach, the typical approach that a human would take which is kind of a mediocre approach. So if I come up here and I say you got to post two or three videos a day, that's what you'll do is the bare minimum you'll post too. But if you go in and you take the approach of. If you take the approach of Grant Cardone with the 10x rule is like well, take whatever result you want to get, whether it's, you know you got to post two videos a day to get X amount of dollars, why not 10x and be the best, and obsess over it. I love that you pointed that out because you're doing it right now there's no secret. I mean there's no you know secret potion that you're pouring on your content you're just doing, you're just going harder.

Mark: Yeah, and you know it's funny. And I'll get into this in a little while if we have time but I mean you guys have taught me so much about growing as a person, and expanding my empire right because for me it's not just making a couple of bucks. This is my new life. Right. But before I get into that. Imposter Syndrome, right we talk about it a lot like thinking that you're not worth it, and thinking that you're not good enough to receive blessings in this universe right and I post about that a lot in my Facebook group because that's, that's the hardest thing is overcoming what's in your mind. You know, I look at Tik Tok and I follow a lot of the big names out there, especially the guys that are on your platform and your scoreboard, and I'm like man this guy hit you know 100 grand 150 grand she's been doing it five months, what am I doing wrong. Should I post more videos like her over like him and I do it, and it doesn't do anything. So I had this light bulb in my mind. It's like This is me, this is what I'm trying to convey. This is what I'm going to do, and that's it, I'm not going to follow somebody else. I'm not going to do, how they do and I'm not going to sit how they sit, I'm not going to put the backdrop that they have. I'm just going to pull my phone out, talk like me as a person and convey my message, and that's it. And that's the best advice I can give somebody when you're first starting out and you know you got to have the best backdrop right you got to have this behind me, or you got to be in a certain place. Now, I'll be walking in the mall with my kids, man I pull my phone out and just start making TikTok. And it's crazy because it's just something pops into your head and you got to talk about it. Just do it. Don't worry about what the trends are or what TikTok algorithm is doing or just put videos, and it'll get out there and that's really the simplest form of it. Wow, I love that. I love it. Oh, it's crazy, it is. But yeah, that was the biggest challenge for me. And then once you know, like I said before, once I took the challenge and I kind of grew through and after the first 30 days I didn't start making money until after like two weeks and right so really it's been 45 days. And like you said I just hit 10k on your platform yesterday right so I hit gold before we came on, and that was kind of my goal, just to kind of hit gold right before get into because that's such a big accomplishment, but I promote on so many other platforms, not in the sense of social media but when I get my youtube channel going, or my Facebook group going, and I start sending out my ebook to people. There are other forms of affiliate links in there that allow me to make several income streams at one time, but teaching somebody else what I know in such a short period of time is really where my satisfaction comes from in here, because if I can do it, middle aged, middle aged 41 year old guy who's got no time in the world. To do this, and still make almost $20,000 in total in such a short period of time, anybody can do it.

Matt: Yeah, I just, I think, as I look through sort of your channel and stuff. I think that one big advantage that you have with the sheer volume of content that you're putting out is almost mind numbing to me. But I think the big advantage that gives you is, is your, especially when you start to collect followers, the amount that you are in front of those people is insane. But also, I feel like it gives you an advantage because on your end, you are, are, your brain is learning this new skill at such a rapid rate, and you're starting to pick up on things that work things that don't work. Also, we had a guest a few weeks ago that talked about, you know, the more that you post and the more that you sort of are active on social media posting videos, your brain starts to learn and be able to almost predict like ooh this is going to perform well or or. This isn't going to perform well. And I just, what I see on this is, like I just see a rapid improvement as I scroll right. I just see a rapid improvement both in content style, and also just in design and just like how you're learning and, you know, whatever you're putting up is like the, the thumbnail, not the thumbnail I can't think of what they call it, 

Mark: Like the banners?

Matt: Yes the banners Yep, they're just improving and improving and improving and the beautiful part about it to me, is that you're doing all of that without really I mean maybe you care but it doesn't look like you care about what it looks like or about what people might say about you fumbling through your beginning stages. Talk a little bit about why you just don't care or maybe you do care, but how do you how do you, what gives you that confidence, what gives you that sense of who cares.

Mark: Yeah, I don't, I don't care what I look like I don't care where the background is or how the camera looks on me right because it's not about that. It's about what I'm putting out in the world to try to get people to understand. But what motivates and drives me is my work ethic, or my mindset to have a better life because I was kind of just done right. You're tired of being broke all the time, right, like, I'm tired. My kids have a good life, but it's a good life because I work 20 hours a day seven days a week, right. It's not a good life because it was handed to them because I just made all this money. And I need to ensure that those values are instilled in them but that they have food on their table that my bills are paid and, and that they have a sense of freedom that I never had growing up even though my parents had a wonderful job but we grew up poor shit, you know, I don't ever want to give that to my kids and I'll work as hard as I need to. And for me, if you're really doing something you love, it's not really working right. So, this does not work for me, it's fun. It's addicting. It's, uh, you want to be in front of the camera you want to start talking and, and I just don't, I don't care because the ultimate goal is to get people to do what I do to help people succeed as much as possible.

Matt: If that makes any sense. Yeah, totally makes sense. And I also feel like that that might be one of the secret tickets there is that, that sort of sense that you want to leave with your kids, and that sense that you want to instill because that's a power, I mean, that's a powerful message, that's a really cool powerful message.

Mark: Like I tell them all the time. I'm sorry to cut you off but I tell people, like your situation right now right. Look at yourself. If you did one thing, and it didn't work. How long would it take you to get back to being broke, right, like this. So if you spent seven bucks. I tried the blueprint. I had to borrow the money because it didn't happen. Right. And what's the worst that can happen? I borrowed the money and I gotta pay it back in five years because I'm broke, but if I spent the money and nothing happened. I'm exactly where I am right now. If I spent that money and it changed my life. What do you have to lose?

Matt: Right. Yeah, not a lot, I mean seven bucks.

Mark: Yeah, I mean do these, these things cost 10 bucks a pack right I mean, you know, it's it's it's a no brainer to people and they got to get out of that mindfuck of I'm not good enough, you know, everybody's doing it if it was easy, everybody would do it. It's not fucking easy, it's hard as shit, what the reward is huge. If you just do it. Just do it, just do the word man, it's crazy and again you guys taught me, like, yes I'm promoting your course and yes promoting ClickFunnels and AWeber and get response to a traffic sequence and you know I promote seven different items with the course and that's wild. you know where my mind is right now 40, or 67 days later, buying real estate, and building an empire and taking these high income skill sets that I learned, and I'm working on a consulting company right now and how to how to go into small businesses, and make them profitable, and learn that skill set from you guys, like, affiliate marketing is wonderful, bro. That's the passive income that's gonna stay there forever. I can't, I can't lose the money I already made right. It can always grow higher, but I'm working on creating another company to help people do what I do. And then, real estate, and then another avenue and then another avenue and once you get this in your head that you can't be stopped, it just, it just fires off at a million miles now. And, and you're just growing at such a rapid rate that you can't stop. I love it. That's the beauty of it, man. It's wild. It's life, life altering. A lot.

Matt: That's really cool. Hey, on your, on your TikTokI wanted to just also touch on something on your TikTok you do something with, you know, you give away basically a free ebook, right on your thing, that sort of helps brand you sort of helps build your brand, as opposed to and we just sent out an email yesterday to all of our customer base and whatever about that basically about, you know, Hey, start start promoting yourself like serving building your brand. With that, how, you know, how is that gone, and then also you know sort of what's been the response and. Have you seen it when you start doing that and, and, you know. Yeah. Has it helped or just told us about that experience creating.

Mark: So, when I first started my beacons Link was directed right to your sales page right. I, again, you fail a lot in this business right you fail, you just constantly try and then I did the two page process and that worked out pretty well. And then I came across the legend right Calvin and I mean everybody talks about him right he's he's the myth that he's the legend. And I got his ebook and I'm like, yeah, yeah that's it, that's it for me. So I redesigned something. And the minute I sent that out is when everything changed for me. And then I kind of split tested, and I took it down and just went to a different website and then went back to a two page process and I wasn't getting the hits like I was so it was only when I started getting out a free ebook was when my traffic really just went like this, Because I gave value to somebody right I'm talking about the process, it's like hey, go to my website, get the free ebook that I'm gonna give you, you can read all about it. And the eBook has my phone number where you can just reach out to me directly if you have any questions. That's all areas. I love and then it just, it just blew up from there too, because I'm giving something to somebody for free, not hooking you in like yo, buy a course and we'll talk nah man here, it's free taken, call me, let's work it out and then if you're still ready. The links right in the book, click it and let's roll.

Matt: Man, that's cool. That's really cool. And yeah, I do feel like I do feel like that, having something like that is. I almost hesitate, bring it up because honestly Mark sometimes people are like, sometimes people are like, oh my gosh that's so overwhelming to think about right that's so overwhelming, you're like oh my gosh, how can I write my own book I'm gonna write my own ebook, but I like that you've laid out sort of your journey of like hey, you know what, I don't have any book to start out with, so I'm just going to start with what I got. And then slowly build your way for people to see that process I think is really powerful. Appreciate that's really cool and also I mean think about how easy that probably was to write like sometimes people overcomplicate this right. I love, I love how you titled it says seven proven steps to a successful affiliate marketing business, it's like, you didn't even say about, you know how to make, how to make $50,000 in your first month online, you know, or some dumb random claim that you can't substantiate it literally just if you start a business, start an affiliate marketing business which by the way, doesn't really require a lot. You could write that book. Yeah, yeah, pretty much based on what you learned in the chapter and honestly,

Mark: That's, that's where we got it from, you know, I, I just took your like day I think it was seven to 11 and I kind of just rolled through it and took little it's in bits and pieces and you know you learn copywriting, and I just kind of rolled through and you guys hand it on a platter and I took it. Now, I don't know if you have the old version or the new version. The old version looks like my kids wrote it, I did do an updated version. It's that that's a little nicer but it was simple to your Canvas, Canvas free, I just grabbed it, typed some shit up, lined it all up, threw it out there. And, yeah, you know, the biggest thing is it to everybody. Now, it's a scam right, it's a scam because it's confusing. So how do we make it not confusing? Here's free. I want your money, free, read it if you like it, let's talk. That's it, because they need to trust you right it's not. They're not buying, yes they're buying your product, but they're buying me when I buy you, they only see you after me so they have to trust me and like me, and I say my videos, I'm no bullshit, right, this is what it is. I'll show you everything you need to know step by step. You just gotta put the work in. But by giving them something for free upfront, it makes them feel like they can invest our time without money. Yeah. Yes, There you go. That's big. That's big. So it was a game changer for me. I highly recommend it and I tell people all the time, people that I help you take a copyrighted ticket and take my just change and change some words, use it, go. It's the best thing in the world. Yep, share sharing is where they say Sherry's Carrie right taken, that's cool.

Yeah, especially with something like an e book right that you're giving away for free which isn't like a, you know, let's say a 20 $500 or $5,000 paid course that would be a little different but in this case, it's like, Hey look, you know, let me provide you some value take go read this freakin thing, read how I set it up, read how I put it together, like it's pretty. Yeah, yeah it's, and I like that he did that in Canva you made the whole thing in Canva, but hopefully bro 11 minutes at like 2am Yeah, it's not, it's not perfect, you see it like if you have the openness black with blue in the line through it. All the lines. I've got the new one. I think about what you do. Okay, that was a fiber outsource bro 50 bucks. You got to learn outsource when you can, right. Yeah, it's kind of make it, you know, I made some money so I'm like, let me spend a little money right that's what you do, but the first one I had was in there was 11 minutes in Canva. Nothing was straight, nothing was lined up, the fonts were all off. I just got to get it out right, got to get it out, who cares, take it, and it was because people see imperfection, as honesty, and it's not a sham. It's just not the best writer in the world. I'm not the best. I'm not an author, all my shit was misspelled everybody was like, Yo, your shins misspelled I'm like, awesome. Appreciate it.

I was gonna say the word, actually on the cover I just noticed I had looked at it from our end and didn't notice that the word actually is misspelled, and nobody cares.

I'm not the best. It's not the best, you know, written book or ebook it's, but it was all jacked up, and that just shows people that it's just me, you know, one o'clock in the morning on camera, making a book.

Matt: Yeah, the I think the interesting part about, Like as I listened to you is, you have a lot of like similar characteristics I think the way that Dave thinks through a lot of this is just get it out just get it out just push it out just get it out doesn't need to look amazing doesn't need to look pretty, like just let's just get it out, And, and that for me learning and watching that. It's been really powerful over the past couple of years working with him because it is so true. It's so true when you've got that inspiration when you've got that little spark of sort of flow state you just got to go and get it out and let people respond back to it right let the people tell you about it. And you've got to be in a place where you're okay to handle that feedback, where you don't care as much what people think or say, but you can take the feedback and take it and internalize it and sort of, hey, is this real? Is this legit? Is this not? Is this okay? Correct. Right, and then sort of make a determination,

Mark: Correct, you know, when, when I in front of any listening right these are guys that are, and women that are already in the program are already taken the program right so when you start, like, your mindset changes right, you know, I always tell people read right I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and that's kind of what triggered the mindset to be like, holy shit, I can do this. And then as you can see like I have some extra books up here I've been constantly reading, but as you go through the process, you're going to lose people around you right you're going to lose certain friends that were kind of around you that were negative or the family members like myself, my whole family's like you're 41 years old, you have three kids, and you're gonna want tick tock and make videos and make money. I'm like, fuck yeah no like it's a joke, and now my mom's like, Wait, how much money did you make it can you, can you show me how to do this. And I'm like, yeah like 500 bucks an hour. But yesterday, consulting business, yeah you know and you just, you fail, and you laugh about it because there are trolls out there, man, you're going to put content out there, and there are people that are going to hammer you and report your conflict, I'm sharing right now on Tik Tok, because somebody reported like three videos, and I've been like tick tock jail so I'm getting like 11 views a video and cool, I'm gonna put, I'm gonna put 15 out now, so that when it's over, you're gonna get you're gonna see my face everywhere. But just fail, fail, laugh about it, fail some more laugh about it. Call somebody who's been doing this right, there's, there's 1000s of us on this app on your group called reviser cold somebody, Hey man, I'm feeling kind of shitty What should I do great, let's do this. Who cares, make money, change your life. Fix yourself and just do it. All set. It's fucking a mate, this is awesome. Let me tell you, I'm 41 years old. I'm ecstatic, like I said on, I get on these things and holy shit, I love it I get on Facebook. I'm doing this consulting course on my own, on TikTok I'm making videos. It's just such a high like holy shit on the internet people see me, you know, that's cool man. It's wild. I love it.

Matt: That's really cool. I can say like I love when I can actually feel like just the real, raw sort of excitement and then like fun. You know, I can tell you're having fun with it too which is like an obviously an added bonus, but I can tell that like, you seem and feel like just such a go getter in life, lifelong learner kind of person, there's like a whole nother skill set a whole nother put the sandbox for me to play in that I never even knew is possible.

Mark: Hell yeah, you know, I, you said it before, right like Dave and I have some similarities and I appreciate that because like I sit there and my goal is to like go rent out a Sheraton somewhere and charge people like two grand a ticket and just fucking talk, you know and get on stage and and tell people that journey and teach them, and that's it that's a goal for me man, I can't. I can't tell you how excited I am that I can get to that point, because, you know, again, I don't keep like going back to it but you guys changed my life bro it's wild and the internet is such a powerful tool and, and, to now be able to sit down with somebody on a voice chat right I've got like setups from this guy in the UK, the other day.

We're going through and he's like should I promote the course and I'm like, is that what you want to do like are you passionate about it and he's like

well you know I'm like, what would you do for the last 20 years and he told me and I'm like, well, let's run with that right like if you can go back 20 years, or see yourself four years ago and tell him like, what do you need to be successful now and let's start making content on that tell your story and do affiliate link through that way and start making some money and then you know get monetized or YouTube once you get big enough and we can grow your brand that way. So it's not just about reselling a course or reselling this, you have to love what you're promoting because if you don't, you're gonna fail because you're not your heart's not in it. You know, I love coffee a lot but I'm not going to promote it because I don't love it in the sense of, everybody needs to drink it, I just drink it. But I promote education because I'm a huge believer in bettering yourself constantly. So, yeah, yeah it's fucking a process is awesome. I love it. I can't I wish everybody would do it.

Matt: It's awesome. I love it, man, I love it. I love your energy too. I love, I got nothing. I just, there's nothing else, you know, I have nothing more to add or give to this conversation, better this is just powerful. I think people just need to get the hell off a hearing, and go start, you know, just do it.

Mark: I mean, you're, I gotta say like I love you guys you too, like I watch all the videos when you interview people follow your shit and I'm a huge fan, or like, I'm starstruck.

Matt: I love, I think, I mean, I think, you know, thanks. Yeah, I mean I think we try really hard to put spotlight on people who are working their ass off and, you know, the interesting thing here is just like one interesting thing I'll close with this is, it's just, it's, you notice how Dave doesn't have a big social media presence right and I don't really either I just, it's just not my thing. It's not me, it's not who I am. But Dave, it's neither of our things. Neither of us have ever really enjoyed the social media thing like that doesn't it excites you, it empowers you, it does the opposite for us, but also, you know, we're not in this big, like I don't come on here because I hope that somebody someday is going to follow me on Facebook and buy my shit or that somebody is going to go, you know, I'm going to blow up my tic tock following some people do that we sell courses like you're watching, they do like a new course release or something they do a big course launch or whatever, and they have this whole massive massive brand that's theirs and it's their name and then that explodes and then suddenly, you know their course fizzles or their or whatever, but you know everybody's sort of like, okay, that was weird, and that one person or maybe two or three people gained everything. And we're just not really interested in that, it's just not our thing we're interested in growing something really Dave said something a long time ago, which could, you know, I don't know people would take this but he said I just want to get rich doing boring things like, I just want to be boring. I want to set up systems, I want to set up a platform where people can benefit and learn and grow and have their lives changed, but I'm pretty cool and he is pretty boring, like he's a he's a cool dude, but he's pretty boring and I am even more boring than he is. It's like this out of the limelight I'm just boring which I feel like for customers and also for affiliates and just, you know, for people who are, you know, even our staff, you know, like, having people who are sort of off the cuff, they go on video and say crazy shit and have PR nightmares all the time, you know like, we might say some crazy shit here, there but for the most part it's, it's, we're interested in, in being around here for the next 30, plus years or whatever. So, it's just, it's just slow moving. I mean we're moving fast, but we're just kind of in a bigger shift that's just moving gently forward, and consistently forward if that makes sense. But anyway, Mark. Thanks for coming on, man, I appreciate you so much and your energy too, and having, I feel like having your story kind of be out there and in our universe. You know a lot of times I'll tell people on our Blueprints calls and stuff to go watch certain calls, and because we have people on there who they'll show up to our Blueprints folder like hey I made videos for three, the last three days, I got 15 videos up there, and doesn't seem like much is happening. So these are the kinds of things where I say hey, there was this great guy on his name's Mark, who's on Monday to live, whatever today, do I need to go watch that he need to go watch that ad and go study and see how many videos this guy put out, and then we'll chat about your results, right, is unless you're producing what somebody at the top is producing that should you really expect much for results. And so, thanks for sharing and being willing to come on, because it's a powerful testimonial testimony to what's possible when you kind of enter that teknicks mindset and really go for it.

Mark: Yeah. And, you know, I'll leave you with this as well and thank thank you, again it was it was it was a fucking pleasure man, I just love it. Thank you so much, but to everybody listening that's just starting, or putting in this a while, the big guys, it's 10 years 15 years right it's not, It's not a race but it's a marathon. So take your time, mess up and fail, it doesn't matter. Trust your gut, and just, just fucking do it. Just do it. That's it. Do it. Get it over with, and strategically go for the long haul, because I'm not going anywhere. Bro, you're gonna see me 10 years from now.

Matt: I love it. Cool man. Well thanks for coming on, I'm gonna let you go. And if you need anything, we're here, we're happy to help. 

Mark: Yeah, man, I appreciate it. Hey, have a great day and please reach out and I'll definitely hit you up. 

Matt: Sounds good, see ya Mark. Thanks man.

Alright guys, another one, another one is DJ Khaled would say marks a good dude you should go give him a follow at the affiliate motivator, and we'll be back here tomorrow. Same time, same place, I think I'm on again tomorrow I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty sure I am. I'll see you guys all here again tomorrow, same time same place 10am Eastern, we're always here, and we'll see you. Peace.

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