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Matt:  Good morning every Tuesday. My name is Matt if you don't already know me, I put this up here on the screen this side text and WL 813-296-8553 If you're new if this is the first time you've ever watched our show you can text those letters WUL to 813-296-8553. And you'll get a message every single time that we go live. It's well I don't think mine has come through quite yet but it's just a simple little message and Nope, there we go. I got it. So it just pops up right on your phone. You can tap and I mean it literally just shoots you right into Facebook Live and bows there. So it's a super easy way to get access to the show to never miss an episode and always, always show up on time. And yeah. Excuse me, I woke up with allergies today. Also, you can get a shirt just like this. If you would like it is You can go there. And there's all sorts of clothing items, things like that, that you can purchase. They're very fairly priced. And they're cool, man. They're cool. Here you can see we've got hoodies, we've got cups, mugs, all sorts of cool stuff so you can get that to b=Be Legendary. Got to the shop and we got a little bit of a late start this morning. We were figuring out our guests. I think we figured it out although we have not done a video or soundcheck So, no clue how this will go. We'll see. But I'm really pumped that our guests were able to make it today. So if you all can give me a little bit of a hand clap emoji in the chat just to welcome in our guests for the day. Nicole, what's up?

Nicole:  Can you see me?

Matt:  Yeah, it's all working. Well, it was meant to be. How are you? Good. Good.

Nicole:  So sorry for the delay. I actually had to change a doctor's appointment this morning and luckily they got me in and out right away. So everything's good. That's awesome.

Matt:  That's awesome. I am I yeah, I read through your bio and we're super bummed that you work and we'll make it and then I was super bummed that you are able to make it so awesome. Cool. So where are you from? Pennsylvania.

Nicole:  Yeah, Erie, Pennsylvania. It's actually really nice out today. I'm sitting in my car because I literally ran out like I gotta make it. So I'm sitting like, the lake is like right to the left of me. It's really nice out.

Matt:  Awesome, super cool. I love it. And you are you've got a full time job. You're doing other stuff you've got just tell us about you tell us about like I just love the way that you wrote your body. So for those of you who don't know, we have a little bio that people fill out before they come on the show and I just love the way that you wrote your bio. And Stephen tells us a little bit about you and your passions and what you do for work and how you found us.

Nicole:  So I like to have my own horn and talk about myself so I live in Erie, Pennsylvania. I work in the insurance industry. So I work at Erie Insurance full time. I'm actually probably one of the few that actually loves my nine to five so awesome. I picked this up as a side hustle because I previously worked as the director of marketing for five years for a custom automobile shop. So I wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing so I could start building out affiliate websites for things like reviews on auto parts and stuff because I know a tremendous amount about lifting and wheels and tires and whatever. So I decided I needed something for myself, because the insurance industry for me is awesome. But it's not like I'm not in the marketing department yet. So I was missing marketing and I needed something for myself. To do like, just to like get myself back because you know, during COVID You kind of lose yourself because you're not around people. You kind of, you know, have to figure out who you are again, and that's kind of where I was going with this. It's like, I really want to do something for me and learn something and stop making excuses because I knew about affiliate marketing for like years, but I just never dove in. And legendary honestly is like the one thing that I needed to kick my butt like to get me into gear to show me what I needed to do step by step on how to do it. So now I'm here because this is my fourth month with everything set up. And I love it. It's so fun. It's challenging. You can, you know, broaden your horizons just from you know, obviously, selling the course and you know doing the course so here I am. 

Matt:  Wow. So you started like are everything back in like December?

Nicole:  Yeah. Yeah. Kind of took my time with it. Going back and forth. And then I think I was finally set up. I want to say it's like the end of December. I finally was set up with everything. So

Matt:  yeah. Wow. Good for you. That's super cool. And you're sort of like to tell us about how you said I think you said you were familiar with affiliate marketing or have been for a while. How have you been familiar with it? And what's that been like?

Nicole:  So beforehand, I knew all about Amazon and Amazon's affiliate program and I actually tried so I'm really into fitness as well. So I teach boxing three days a week. So I started Yeah, it's really fun. theory class worked out. So I started using a website called Change Your Life with fitness and I had no idea what I was doing. I was just like throwing links on there hoping that people would buy stuff from it and it just was awful. And didn't work so life got the best. May I get really busy. Making excuses really puts time for myself. I really just kept putting my last career job before myself. So then, that time I was like, Man, I saw it on Tik Tokk again as I got to do this. I'm just gonna take the chance. Probably like most people, they're like, oh, I don't know about the core. So I don't know. It seems weird. It's kind of scary to put your credit card on the internet. But I'm so happy I did because like now I know what I'm doing.

Matt:  Yeah, no, you know what you're doing. I mean, at the very least you have a really good sort of, like, it's obvious that you've, you've got a good business going. I mean, you're just at the very beginning but you're generating lots of leads and you're making sales. And that's cool. And it's a testament to you know, something. I mean, you guys something I mean a lot of people go through training online and do nothing and can't ever figure it out. Not a lot but there's definitely some and yeah you're crushing. You're crushing. What I'm curious about is content creation, so going from a standard kind of marketing job is very different from being a content creator sometimes. What's that process been like? Have you found it hard? Easy? What's the content creation game but like?

Nicole:  There's a lot of parallels actually. So I have to figure out obviously your target market which I think that's for me the hardest part because you know, I'm all about women empowerment. But I'm also like, I love cars on that side of the thing. So it's really hard for me because I think that the people that are most successful with legendary, they pick a target market like parents or single dads or moms or the busy working you know, they pick a very specific target market. So I think that's why I've been struggling on my side. It's like, I just love everybody. I target it will be whereas my previous job, there was a very targeted market like you know exactly who you were targeting, you knew exactly how to target them. So for me, it's been like a lot of like, putting content out and then learning from it. Checking your analytics and learning from the content that you put out. You obviously know what videos do well, what videos don't, what photos do well, what photos don't. So I think that a really important thing for beginners is like don't be afraid to put a lot of content out there to learn from, but make sure that you're looking back at using it. So that's kind of been my strategy right now is just putting the content out and then learning from it and figuring out what people like and what people don't like. 

Matt:  Yep, makes sense. And for you I mean, you've been creating a lot of videos with a lot of content. Are you mostly on TikTok?

Nicole:  TikTok, the most successful platform, so I'm on Instagram. I started a Facebook group, but for me, like being in the marketing world, it's important to really like strategize and put your time into what works so I am like, dabbling in Pinterest and Instagram but mainly putting my foot on TikTok just because like, I mean, I do work full time. Job, and then I teach well, and then try to be a family person. So I want to concentrate on what's actually working. So yeah, mainly Tik Tokk, and every Tuesday so today's Tuesday, I usually create my content and I batch it out. 

Matt: Yeah, that makes sense. And so are you reposting it across multiple platforms and stuff?

Nicole:  Yeah, yeah. So I do pretty much what most of the other affiliate marketers you see do is you know, you're screenshotting the video from TikTok and then sharing it across platforms and that seems to work but I think that there is strategy in Instagram and Pinterest. They're very different from TikTok. So I think I'm going to try to start changing that strategy just because honestly, I think Instagram people really like to see photos. I mean, real schoolwork, but I honestly think photos work the best and then Pinterest I honestly think showing the product when Yeah, so I'm trying to see what my theories are right now let you guys know but yeah.

Matt: Cool. I like this. If you know, I have this, I have this thought here that I'm going to share my screen but since you're on a phone, I'm not sure this is going to work. But let me see. Let me see if I can share my screen.

Nicole:  Okay, yeah, I can see.

Matt:  Alright, so I'm gonna have Roxy email this to you but also put it in the comments here for everybody who's watching or listening. But what this is is this is a life that I did for wakeup. It was March 2013. Okay, so anybody listening, you can go to our Facebook page and go to legendary marketer official Facebook page, go to videos go to march 23. And I did something called the nonstop social cycle. Or I talked about something called the non stop social cycle. And the reason that I talk about this so much is because of what you just said and it brought this up, or it brought it to the forefront of my mind. For those of you who are alive with us, I'm going to put it in the chat but don't leave because I want to tell you about why this is so important. Just copy that link and save it for later. Um, the reason this is so important is because you were talking about you know, Instagram a little bit there a little bit on Pinterest a little bit. They're mostly on Tik Tok. What I think is happening and you should go watch this, Nicole. What I think is happening is a lot of these platforms are competing against each other. And in their competitions against each other. They keep updating their algorithms and stealing pieces of algorithms. And so a lot of times people what people do is they say, Oh, no TikToks not hot anymore. It's no Instagram. Oh no, it's Facebook. They're hot now. And so I'm going to focus more my energy here, when in reality, the goal should be to be omnipresent meaning you should have a piece of content going out on each platform once a day or you know, however, often you're able to do that there's no right or wrong or golden, perfect amount of posts. But you know, you're talking about Pinterest, you're talking about Instagram. You should also hop on Facebook reels with a business page. There was a time about 10 years ago where Facebook business pages could grow and then suddenly they couldn't anymore and that's kind of been the case for like the last six years. But we're seeing that change now. Facebook has made huge leaps to take. You know what TikTok has been doing in terms of the short form video content on reels Facebook reels and anyway just doing a really good job of helping Facebook pages grow and the benefit there is you can post to your Facebook page to you know written word you can post photos images, you can make a full brand for people on that page too. So anyway, I would encourage everybody just to go take a look at that. I wanted to share that because being omnipresent allows you when these platforms change if you're on Instagram, if you're on Facebook, if you're on TikTok. All of those the moment one of them goes hot, it doesn't really matter for you. You're not like oh, the TikToks are dead. It's just kind of like well, yeah, I'm on all of them anyway, it doesn't really matter. And you get to ride every single wave rather than trying to chase the wave. After it's sort of already starting to break and you're like, dang it, I missed it again, you know, it's the shiny object syndrome thing, but a good marketer is kind of out there and in front of it. So, tell me why you think Well, first of all, does that make sense? Yeah. Okay. Tell me tell me your thoughts on that whole Pinterest thing about? Is it just observation where you're like product photos that seem to work really well?

Nicole:  Yeah, I would definitely be observation and searching like other people's Pinterest as well and seeing how they have been successful with their Pinterest is kind of shifting the focus to showing people the product and obviously putting it in front of them and then making it the shiny toy, you know, rather than talking about the product and then then maybe getting bored leaving the feed. So that's like my observation. Again, I could be totally wrong. But this watching the algorithms like you're saying, the popularity of each platform, that's kind of what I've noticed cross platform, because they may be making their algorithms the same but the users on those platforms. are different. So like, Tik Toks. Now it's kind of crazy. Now you have all kinds of people because before it was like teeny boppers on Tik Tokk and it was very seriously now you have like, actors and actresses and quote unquote famous people on their platforms, but Instagram has always been primarily people who just love to look at photos and don't really want to see the drama. Facebook's really been the people that like stories. They've they're storytellers on Facebook, after people's text and then Pinterest has always been quick . How do I do this? The How to or the products that people want to try to look up and buy. So I think that's the strategy I have always followed and maybe it's changing, you're probably right. And that's why marketing is so fun, because it's always changing and you always have to stay on top of it. And marketing spends tools because your strategy has to change, like you're saying and staying in front of you know, those changes. So I love that. That's awesome.

Matt:  No, it's so true. And I even think, Oh, that's such a good point. Just about like, I feel like it would be so beneficial for somebody to read like a really long blog post or some sort of ebook or something on just the history and evolution of social media and how that applies to marketing to like, the way that you know Facebook or storytellers, Instagrams, that kind of a photo driven thing. And you know, I think you're making a really, really subtle but huge point in that sometimes the original intent of a platform is the type of content he ought to be creating a lot of on that platform. Right? So not that not that you shouldn't ignore that Instagram reels are hot on Instagram right now. But you also have to realize if you're getting followers from that content on Instagram, you need to go post photos and images and lifestyle type stuff and you need to care about the images that you're posting, because people are there to look at them.

Nicole:  And the thing is, too is I think Instagram, I mean, all platforms, especially in affiliate marketing, you're selling yourself as much as you're selling the product, because let's be honest, if you're scuzzy and scammy looking and like your lifestyle, this is gonna be really fit. People aren't gonna buy from you. They're not going to trust you. I think Instagram is a really cool platform to really gain trust with people in them to see because you're posting actual photos of yourself. Like I tried to post photos of me traveling in my family and in my life, because this is what you know, affiliate marketing is helping me to better and so I think Instagrams just a really great place to show who you are, and why you're trustworthy and why you're important. And then TikToks are really a great place to do like those really quick stories on this is what's helping me with my journey, and this is why the course is awesome. And then Facebook, you can really drill it home and be like, hey man, like this is the steps I took. click my link, check it out, you know, you can bring it that step further. I'm also on LinkedIn, too, because I don't really ever see anybody posting their stuff on LinkedIn. And for me, LinkedIn does two things. It's a social platform for your career. But it's also a place where people look for jobs. So they could actively be looking for a work from home job. And you could be putting yourself right in front of them at that work for Home jobs. So that's why I'm trying out LinkedIn as well. People aren't as active but I just started as well, like three months ago.

Matt:  I think it's just valuable for people to have more ideas like I know. Well, look, I think that you've got a treat on LinkedIn, which is kind of like a blog. And you could do video there as well. But you've got to treat it like a blog, but you've also really got to like, You got to spend a little bit of time making that content really great, right? It needs to be readable. It needs to be compelling. I think it needs to almost be like a little bit of a sales letter. Where you know, you hope somebody in but the principles of marketing are all there you need a hook. You need some sort of story or nology or or powerful sort of just a compelling angle, I would say and then a call to action. But what I think is I wanted to I wanted to bring it back to sort of your your analyses of different platforms and stuff for everybody who's listening and watching if you if you don't have a really long history in social media or the internet, one thing that'd be really beneficial is like is basically getting some history and discovering what these platforms did when they first opened up and first started and Yes, they've evolved and changed over time. But really, for most of them, I would say their key core algorithm is still the same. For instance, YouTube has been long form video content, they've tried shorts and you know shorts for some people have worked a little bit but they've tried them and still the core driver of YouTube's business and for creators is long form video content. For people on Facebook, it's still like what you said storytelling. I think that's such a good point. The best ads that we've ever run on Facebook have been story ads that tell a long story and the saint and and have lifestyle style images like just selfies, like I've split tested at least six figures worth of ads with with like perfect stock images, and like really great photography images, versus me literally going like this, and just being like, ah, you know, and that image crushes every time every single thing else, because that's what the platform was designed. To share life with people like organic moments. Same with Facebook or Instagrams a little bit more image driven, Tik Tokk. They launched the thing called stories, right? But that's not their core thing. So there's always the new things that you should be trying and playing around with but if you're going to be on those platforms, you know, and I hadn't thought of that you articulated this. So what builds up something in me, if you're going to be on those platforms, you really have to discover what the platform's intent is and play with it with your content. It can still be the same sort of content structure or ideas. But you've got to sort of make those small tweaks.

Nicole:  Sort of prominently with the algorithm Yeah. That's such a good point.

Matt:  So and that's probably coming from a little bit of history that you have in marketing and now with this because this is this affiliate marketing is a little bit newer, but the truth is like you've been doing marketing for a little while and a lot of sets what's been has anything that a struggle in your marketing, Have you struggled with anything has anything been like? What's been the most difficult part?

Nicole:  I think the biggest learning curve for me just because at the last job I had when I was really in the marketing, we didn't do a whole lot of email marketing because the people that came to us it really wasn't a huge fit, email marketing I mean it would for promotions and stuff to try to get the buy upsell on wheels, tires or whatever. But I think for me, the hardest struggle right now is the email marketing portion of it just because I have a ton of leads coming in like a ton of leads but not all of them are converting which tells me I need to do a better job with the email marketing portion. So I think that's been the struggle for me. And one more point on the social media thing to broaden. I think the biggest thing is that TikTok is really about transparency. ever look at it. It's super genuine. It really follows the trends of Reddit like Reddit will hit it first and then TikTok\k will get it after Reddit. And it's because both those platforms are completely genuine. They like to see the inside and outside of your life. 100% phony baloney and you're putting out you know this stock stuff that doesn't work. It doesn't work for tickets because they want to see you like see the raw version of you and really learn from the Robert and the view and that's why a lot of people will do really well on Tik Tok because they're being genuine like this is them learning and they want you to learn with them. That's how I thought about it like, Man, this is so cool. Like affiliate marketing and legendary is so cool. And when people bash courses, I'm like, why are you doing that? It's like, not everybody learns the same way. Not everybody can jump on YouTube and just learn from YouTube. That was my struggle so there's a second struggle as I tried to learn from YouTube. There's no accountability. There's no structure and there's nobody to be like, Hey, what are you doing? Like are you doing this or what? I think the big thing for me to struggle with is email marketing. Yeah, and just the accountability of getting the course done and trying to learn.

Matt:  Totally, totally. It makes a lot of sense. I think that people would be good to learn to sort of ignore people who are like, you know, just, you know, throwing shade on different courses or different people and stuff, but mostly just because it's like it's it's like yeah, there's I here's what I here's my opinion is I've been in this industry for about 11 years. And I think that people, largely, especially people who come into our community, right as their first real exposure to something online. Generally speaking, and I could say this pretty objectively, I think we have a pretty good team of advisors and support people in most cases, unless we've got some sort of crazy staff shortage, which has happened, and it's happened in most companies over the last year. But unless there's some sort of crazy staff shortage or something, generally speaking, you're going to be able to get your questions answered. You're going to be able to get a refund if you need a refund or something right like, like in this industry, there have been so many irresponsible people who have created courses and not set up a company and have denied people refunds and different stuff like that and and really shady kind of and and so when people first come into legendary they, there's so much accountability, there's really good support. And when maybe when they get like a little glitch in that, like maybe we don't respond to support. They're like, Oh my god, like this, you know, whatever, you know, they suck or whatever and it's like, in 11 years, I can just tell you that there's a lot of places out there who I mean, you're lucky to get an email back from the course creator. You're lucky enough to get an email back within like three weeks. It's almost embarrassing and because they don't have the money or resources or time to hire support person or support team and they're overwhelmed and yada yada but I think you make a good point that the second point you made there too, is about just the accountability piece and I think that people learn different you said this, but people learn different ways. And I think it's important to know yourself, but you know, try and do YouTube stuff. There's debt. The thing is, and this is why some people don't like digital courses, or think they don't like digital courses, they'll say things like, Well, you could find some of this information on YouTube and it's like, yes, you definitely can. Like that's actually true. You can find information about sales funnels on YouTube. But the reason that courses and coaches and things like that are so incredible and you know, this is so incredibly powerful is because it's a guided experience. And many humans mostly it's learned through experience and doing and getting feedback and doing and getting feedback. And it really, really helps you know, with people connecting this part of, you know, let's call it like freelance digital marketing with their identity because it gets you know, when you've got a community around you, it's a much different experience than you tucked behind on a YouTube thing like Oh, shit. I do and maybe today I'm dropshipping. Tomorrow, marketing. Today I'm going to be starting the knitting business, you know, it's like, it's like there's no sort of guidance. There's no short of confidence from somebody else about what you should do or about how you know, all of that. So. Yeah, anyway, just my thoughts on that, but, I mean, we've got a person in here who just said, you know, I had to ask for a refund. And he said, legendaries are really responsible in this aspect. Because I live in Brazil and I just couldn't ask, you know, whatever. And, you know, he's like, he's like, you know, we got my refund. It's like, for us, it's, you know, for some, I think for some companies, they're a little scared. They're hesitant to do that. They don't understand the larger consequences, whatever. But for us, it's like, hey, it's just not a big deal. Like, there's never a reason

Nicole:  Other human beings should. I mean, everybody, I think that's the biggest thing in marketing itself is like, you have to realize that on the other side of that phone or the other side of your computer, it's a real human being like this is not just like you're not just the sale, you're not just like an ad you're like somebody that I want to connect with. So if that human being something happened in their life where they can no longer do it, like, I think that's so cool or legendary to be like, listen, we understand that you have like, that you're a real human being and that things happen. And here we go, here's your money back. I think that just proves even more that success and that you believe in this product and you believe what you're doing. Because if you're willing to give somebody their money back, you believe that hey, maybe down the road, if you treat them well now that they'll come back.

Matt:  So totally. And that has actually happened. We've had people who have bought our Blueprints refunded and realize they made a huge mistake and came back and purchased after they went out and explored these other offers. They have people saying in their ear you know, hey, are offers way better? You shouldn't have done that. And she kind of freaked out was like, Oh my God, what did I do? So then, you know, so then she, you know, went out and explored and she realized like, oh my god like, this is really amazing. Like, there is far and away better than what I experienced elsewhere and came back and purchased it to get Jeff you know, again, like not to just keep harping on my 11 years in the industry, but like, I have a long history in this industry. I have never seen that. That was a new one. But yeah, I think for the most part, I think a lot of times and we've I've seen this a lot, like just people come back around, they just they slowly kind of come back around. There's a lot to explore out there. And also, some people don't and that's also fine. Like it's it's, you know, I'm not going to pretend that everybody comes back around. It's it just doesn't work that way

Nicole:  But fit their life too. I mean, everybody's gonna find what fits them best. And if that's Nelson, probably not somebody that you want in your community anyways because they're just maybe not a fit, but it's the wrong thing. It just means that they found a different way to go about it.

Matt:  So okay, so you're creating content, you're putting out content in the world. You've got sort of your nine to five that you're killing and you love and by the way, like congrats on that, like so many people should have jobs and it's just like, to me, I'm just like, it's just not a big deal. Like that's like, it's just a much better life. If you have something that you're doing every day that you find value in and you're happy to be like, I'm just pumped for you. Because it's a cool thing. And you've also got a side hustle and you've got dreams and visions for that. And so what, I'll give you the last word, I'm excited for you, by the way, but I'll give you the last word to anybody. Who's here who's thinking about putting out their first piece of content, maybe they're a little scared or nervous or something. And what would you say to those people?

Nicole:  I love this. This is such a good editor. So I myself used to be terrified of making content like terrified gonna judge me, what if it stinks? You know, whatever. I have some advice for you. And this may be very simple 10 thinking but they don't pay your bills. They don't pay your bills. They're not going to be able to come to your doorstep and be like hey, listen, I'm taking your rent money this month. Blah, blah, blah. So take the chance in like, the more you build content, the more comfortable you're gonna get. And you're gonna realize like, there's a lot of people that probably will cling to you for you being transparent and for you just being you just be you. That's like, my biggest thing is like my biggest like, I don't know, my, I guess my trademark. I don't know, just be you. Because transparency is everything in this world. And people want somebody who's honest and transparent and straightforward. With them, like not trying to trick people because they're gonna see right through anyways. And that's like, the fastest way to kill your content, honestly, is if you try to trick people so a Don't be afraid. Just build content, you'll get more comfortable with it. And honestly, nobody can take your birthday and they don't pay your bills. So just go for it. And just be yourself. So that's like my best advice to people is just be yourself. People will see right through it because even though we're on camera and you can edit you can be you know, whatever. So going to see her you try to help as many people as you can. That was my biggest thing starting this is like I really wanted to provide a different kind of lifestyle for myself and for my family and people around me like I want to travel more. I want to explore and see life. I want to be able to give back to my community more. I want to be able to donate money here and there to different charities. And, you know, if I'm living paycheck to paycheck, I can't do that. So for me, it is big to really push myself to do something for myself, but also the people so don't be afraid. Take the leap and do it. You're going to regret that I was two years ago when I was researching this. I wish I would have found legendary then and then been on this journey. Alright, so just go for

Matt:  it. Super cool. I love it. I love your energy too. I'm gonna put up your social for people to follow you and to check out what you're doing. Is that cool?

Nicole:  It's awesome. Yeah, awesome. And guys have questions or anything. I'm always open to it. If you have suggestions, or let me know Do you

Matt:  I feel like yeah, I feel like you've got a really good idea for people to get into your world. You've got great positive energy and sometimes when people are starting this, people can become jaded or people can kind of get this. Like, I don't know just sort of insecure energy about them. And I just don't, I don't get that from you. And I think people would be good to get in your world. And yeah, so thanks so much,  over to your profile. Thank you everybody. Sorry. I was a little bit late. But thank you  for showing up. It was awesome. Worked out

Nicole:  Running out of the doctor's office to have me and I hope you guys all have a great day and just go for it. Just do it. Like Nike.

Matt:  Very cool. Enjoy the warm weather.

Nicole:  Thanks. All right, bye everybody.

Matt:  See ya. Alright, so she is @maake_money_online_today Go give her a follow and like her videos, say hello to her. Let her know that you found her on Wake Up Legendary. And, man, great episode, great episode. I referenced a video in this particular live show that we just wrapped up right now. That was from, I believe, March 23. And that is in the comments if you wanted to go find it. It's about 7:17am In the comments, but it's March 23 Wake Up Legendary. We talk about the nonstop social cycle and how to be omnipresent. I also go back if you have a few minutes and go watch that video. Some good stuff in there but go follow Nicole on TikTok. Hey, we're gonna be back here again tomorrow with another great guest to wake up legendary peace out everybody. See you have a good day.