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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: How many of you have ever felt like quitting before? Anybody? Just Just drop a comment if you've ever felt especially at the beginning, especially at the beginning of your journey. Have you ever felt like quitting before? Just get this given up just throwing in the towel and saying, You know what? Hey, I've, I've. I give this an honest shot. I gave it an honest chance. Roy Crockett says to me. Good morning, Laurie. Vanessa says Yup. Sarah says, yup. We see you. What's going on, Gus. Good morning calling. Good morning. Gus says Yup, me. We'll check this out. My man, Josh, who I'm gonna be bringing on just a second. Heather says guilty. My man Josh actually did quit. But here's a little secret that I know about Josh, you'll know about Josh here in a moment. He's not a quitter, not a quitter. So he got back in the game. And today, he's really thankful that he didn't quit. So let's go ahead and hear it directly from his mouth. Joshua Smith, what up my brother returning guest Good morning. Welcome back to the show.

Josh: Good to see you, Dave, thanks for having me back. And really grateful for the opportunity and excited to be here. So thank you.

Dave: Now you said it's been a big year for you. And you're damn glad that you didn't quit running through those three or four things that have happened for you so far. in your life just this year?

Josh: Yes. So this year, so far, the first big milestone for us was after five years of struggling trying to pay down debt, and get our credit in a good position, we were finally able to get in our first home. So that was a really exciting moment for us. Then a couple months later, we were able to get our dream vehicle. And the reason we were able to do that, or the reason we wanted to do that in the first place is because our family's growing. So there's a third milestone, we're expecting our third child here in mid to late November. So it's been a big year, it's been a fun ride and excited to see where the back half of the year goes. 

Dave: And you're glad that you didn't quit, right? 

Josh: 100% I'm very thankful, I'm very grateful. You know, the funny thing about quitting is right, if there's a difference between quitting and running into trials and hitting roadblocks, and getting up and moving forward. So that's, it's gonna be fun to talk about, I'm excited to share this so

I can remember man, you know, for me, there's a balancing act of giving, of being here, of being somebody who has, is out there promoting my training, promoting our platform, promoting our community, being the sort of, in essence, the spokesperson for our community here. And, and, and, and in doing what I promised that I was going to do, which was deliver training and be here to support people like yourself every step of the way, but not getting your way and not doing it for you. Right because if I do it for you or I get all up in your inbox each time that I see you having a little struggle to coddle you and be like, come on Josh. It's gonna be okay. So the reason why I say that was because I remember not too long ago where you seemed frustrated. You seemed a little frustrated. You were very when you first got started. I remember you were very gun home, which I'm sure you're like that with everything you do in life. Every gun Whoa. And then I sensed frustration. I sensed frustration. But I, you know, I didn't get in your way. I didn't come in. I just sensed it. I knew it was there. I knew you were running up against the Crossroads to where you either have the breakdown or the break through. Yeah, and I'm happy. I'm happy to see that. You had that break through?

Josh: Me too. That's for sure. Yeah. 

Dave: And so congrats on that man. 

Josh: Thank you. 

Dave: I think it's a huge inspiration for so many people here who have had ad accounts shut down and TikTok accounts shadow banned. Your very first TikTok account was shadow banned. So walk us through the first chapter because I feel like you're in the second chapter. Now. The first chapter of your business being gunho in having some momentum but then hitting a block wall and then the decisions that you faced as you moved into chapter two.

Josh: Sure. Okay so so here's the deal it was it was last year 2020 about April when I really got started a dove into you all as training got into affiliate marketing Give me the business model here's here's another thing I didn't do ahead of time, but I actually did a day training he got so gung ho about that and like Alright, I'm gonna get on Clickbank those are running ads and I found an offer that lined up in my niche what I thought I wanted to do at the time. And what happened was you guys put out a very clear warning like, hey, know, Facebook's policies know their procedures is I was one of those people. I was like, Yeah, that's great. But I'm all about launching it perfectly and like learning as you go, it which is great, to an extent, except when it comes to Facebook stuff, like when you get a warning from a coach or a mentor telling you to understand and know this stuff, like pay attention to what they're saying, I just completely ignored you guys say, you know, know, their policies know their procedures. And I actually launched a Clickbank offer. I got my first sale within 24 hours in my first week, actually, you know, made a solid amount of money. And my first ad campaign was actually profitable. I was building an email list. I was making money. I was like, wow, this stuff really works. And what happened was, I never went back. And I never learned their policies and procedures, and I was in blatant violation of policy and procedure. I got my ad account shut down. And unfortunately, I actually never got it back. So I moved on from that. I started doing the TikTok thing. You guys had a challenge. I think it hadn't been April of last year. Your original TikTok challenge. You guys kind of identify that trend. And you brought in guys like Jake Thornhill, Jonathan Montoya, dama, borrowed a couple guys to do some TikTok training. I was like, Alright, well, you say it all the time, you know, two sources of traffic.

Dave: I muted myself. 

Josh: I was like, I see something, but I can't just move it just exercise in my mouth over here. Well, I was just saying that statement was before. Yeah, yeah, that's right, Matt. So I saw what those guys were doing, I saw what they were saying. I was like, man, there's, there's really something here. So you guys say it all the time, your training, you know, you got to have two sources, usually try to have an organic try to have a pay. I was like, Alright, I'm gonna focus on organic. I took the training that you guys had there, in my original TikTok account starting to blow up, we blew up pretty quickly. I was having a lot of success with that. And then what happened, it kind of all happened at the same time, that account actually got what I believe was the shadow ban. Again, I like to pay attention to trends, I like to, you know, monitor what's happening with all my analytics, and I stopped showing up on the for you page posted for about a month, a month and a half consistently trying to fight through trying to break through. And what happened was, I never got back on the for you page. And it was around the same time. And I'm very open and honest about this. Now. The whole reason in the whole, the whole reason I kind of shut down my business and kind of quit cold turkey was Yeah, I lost a little bit of motivation there. But what happened was people say, if you guys changed my life, you hear me say this all the time, but I'm going to preach this until my face turns blue. People say that money and success changes people, but money and success already amplifies who you are deep down. And if you have some internal issues that are buried deep down, the faster, you get some success and the more money you get coming in, those are going to rear their ugly head very, very quickly. And what happened was my wife actually sat me down and she was like, What you are doing is not okay, she's like, I'm not liking the person you're turning into. I barely even recognize you right now with some of this stuff that's going on. And I was like, I had that moment where it was like, Okay, you know what? The whole reason I started my business in the first place, right? I'm a family man. The whole reason I want to get on my own and have a business successful, that I can work in very limited time and make a good income. It's like I spend more time with my family. So to me, it was like if I'm gonna lose my family along the way, if I'm gonna lose the people that I'm doing this for the people that I care about along the way. It didn't make any sense. So I quit. Yes, but I quit with the intention of working on myself, working on my relationships, and then coming back when my mind was kind of in the right space. So I went on for probably 678 months. It wasn't until we were on a family vacation this year. We go to South Padre Island, Texas every year as a family and We're out on the beach. And all of a sudden my phone goes off and is like, oh, congratulations, you received the commission. And sure enough, somebody texted me right after. There's somebody that I talked to in July of 2020, who's like, hey, finally pulled the trigger on the blueprints. And like, I'm excited and ready to move forward with my business, like, thank you so much. And I'm like, holy crap like this. This literally the whole reason I started this right was to have the opportunity to make some sort of passive income like doing the work once, and then months later, or years later, a campaign. Right. And so it kind of refreshes me. And I was like, Okay, I'm in a really good spot. Now, you know, my relationships are great, my relationships are thriving, like, I think I'm ready to get back to this. So we got back from vacation, put a plan in place, at the end of March, wrote it out. It's like, Look, this is what I did last year. This is what worked. And again, I'm a person who pays attention to trends and likes to study. And so I'm looking at guys like Calvin Hill, Brian Brewer, Sarah, Sarah Ravel, Raphael, I'm not even sure how you say her last name. But those were a few that were on my radar. And I was like, okay, so I looked at what they were doing, I looked at what worked for me last year and got going with another TikTok account that I had already that I had posted on a few times just kind of played around, or sometimes where I thought I might be ready to get back to business. And you know, I would post one time and then not post again for three or four weeks, was never really to get back to ready to get back to it. But anyway, I hit the ground running with that account, April 1, it just got right back to the process of you know, posting a couple times a day, trying to add value going live, things like that. And sure enough, business started to take off again and go in the right direction. So that's, that's a bit about the story.

Dave: Now, so now, you're my I love that I can relate to so much of what you just said from the breaking the rules part that you hit on with the Facebook ads account, like going against their policies. What I did, when I first got started, was marketing in the network marketing space. So I was doing affiliate training on how to generate leads to frustrated network marketers who are chasing their friends and family offline. So what I would do is I would take the company logo, and I would use that as my image. So if I was targeting people like Amway, I would use the actual Amway logo. And not only is it funny enough, I never got my ad account shut down back then. But I started getting cease and desist letters from companies, you know, like, Hey, stop using our logo, dude. Because the reps were like, Oh, this must be a sponsor training or whatever. You know, so I sort of broke the rules at first. I didn't listen and didn't pay attention back then. We didn't, we weren't as clear. This was 10 years ago, we weren't as clear. What was what the policies were honestly, and they were a lot looser back then actually. And I just didn't understand kind of how to navigate compliance back then either, right? Which it's an ever evolving thing. But also the family piece and becoming somebody who, you know, it's almost like, it's almost like, I agree with you that success doesn't change you, it just makes you more of who you already are. And, and sometimes, you know, we can, we can, for me, my business in the early days, I used it as a mask for some of the insecurities that I felt inside as if making money and so forth was going to was going to somehow solve some of that inner pain and hurt that I had in there. And also, not finding a balance between work and life, man, I mean, just just like, Oh, yeah, I'm like, Oh, yeah, I'm gonna do this. So I can spend more time with my family. And then I like never spending any time with my family. You know. I had no boundaries, you know what I mean? And that wasn't fair to them. You know, my wife many times over the years has been like, I don't even really care to make more money if our life's gonna be miserable. You know what I mean? If there's not going to be any boundaries, if there's not going to be any, if there's not actually going to be, how long do we have to wait for that family time to kick in? Yeah. So it's interesting, I think, I think that's great that you bring that up, and I just hope that a lot of people feel they can identify with that and understand that this journey, sometimes on the way to getting to freedom. There is a lot of there's a lot of challenges, and I would invite all of you in particular. Literally the guys, I can't really speak for the ladies, because I'm not, I'm not a lady. But for the guys to lean into your family when they're talking, when they're when you feel like maybe they're criticizing you and you feel like maybe they don't support you, they're probably just doing the best that they can to support you. But it's probably difficult. I know, for me, it was it was it, I can't imagine being in a relationship with me, Josh. So, so, so lean in. And what I learned to do, and this is just for the fellas out there, who may be trying to pull their, their partners and spouses, instead of always saying, well, you don't support me, why aren't you supporting my dreams? Just simply flip the script and be like, Look, how can I make you feel loved and supported? And just ask them? What can I do to make you feel loved and supported, as I, you know, pursue this goal that I have that I'm currently working on. And when you do that, instead of working on trying to get them to support and understand you to flip the script and try to understand them and make them feel loved and supported and ask them what they need? A lot of times, so much more progress can happen that way. So that we're in chapter 220 21 hits, and what, you know, what are you doing, you said, you pay attention to trends. I know you're about to hop on Instagram reels, because that's at the early beginning stages, like Tick Tock was 18 months ago or so. What else is popping up for you this year and working in these first six months in 2021?

Josh: Well, it's funny because, you know, I say I pay attention to trends in you know, marketers will tell you this all the time, like the ones who can pay attention to trends and see them and jump on them early. They make exponentially more throughout their journey than other people do. However, that being said, like, at the same time, I was doing another thing that marketers say all the time, I was simply modeling after success, right? Like I was paying attention to some of the top dogs in the affiliate marketing space and seeing what they were doing on TikTok saw that there was still an opportunity there. And then really all I did at the end of the day, I stayed consistent with my posting, but then the thing that I think really helped my business and a lot of other affiliate marketers are catching on to this is the lag feature, the tick tock offers, right. And again, all that is an extension of things that online marketers have been doing for a long, long time. Whether it's a webinar, a live training, whatever it is, you're going live.

Dave: We're doing it right now. Yeah, yeah. The platform is different, right. But the strategy was the same. all I was doing was sharing a bit about my story, being there for my audience answering questions that they had about online business, affiliate marketing, again, I was being very vulnerable, upfront and honest. And, you know, people are probably sick of hearing me say it by now. But like, I talked about it all the time, like full time dad, full time husband, full time employee, and then a full time or a part time entrepreneur, like it's so you know, it's all about sharing that communicating that message is being honest with people, I kind of took a little bit of a different approach. I feel like a lot of, you know, some of the training you guys have, you know, talks about, kind of like the presentation style, or the webinar style, and there's some people who are fantastic. Add that there. What happened was, you know, I had a system of going live that was really working for me. And again, I got a little too much trying to model after other people and I stopped. It's funny because Matt just did a training on this last week about, you know, don't don't get away from what's working right. I was looking for the next thing to help expand and grow my business. Like, well, I've been doing something for the past two and a half months that's really been working. So I started changing it into a presentation type of style in my life, like I started going this way a little bit. 

Dave: I want to stop right there, you just dropped a nugget. You just blew up a big ol hole in the ground and there's a lot of gold there. I just want to find it out real quick. Folks, listen. The biggest mistake that I've seen in the past decade of watching marketers blow up their business is they stop doing what is working in an effort to try to add something to their business, add another stream of income at you know, the transition from doing affiliate marketing to creating their own courses, if you're going if you have something that's working. So for example, if you have affiliate marketing Converting for you and generating revenue and income for you on the front end. And all of a sudden, you want to go and create your own course, because you, you have this idea in your head that I'm gonna keep all the money on this, instead of taking a portion, which isn't true, there's always going to be processing fees, advertising costs overhead, there's always going to be that there's always pros and cons to every model. But I still love selling information. So let's just take that example, because I've seen some, some dudes who have made a million dollars in affiliate marketing, blow their business up, because they stopped doing what they were doing. And if you want, if you want to add an additional stream of income, if you want to add an additional stream of traffic, if you want to somehow some way, try to systematize something or just improve something, just make sure you don't stop what you're already doing that's bringing in any revenue whatsoever. Because here's what happens when you basically kill that, take it outside behind the barn and shoot it, right. Because all of a sudden, now you have this other idea. And you want to take things to the next level. What if that doesn't work? What if the what if the what if it's going to take a year of testing to finally dial that in, you've killed a stream of traffic and or income that was probably in momentum phase about to start growing, or it was already growing. And instead, it's so easy to just add something on the back end. So for example, I'll just practical application, if I'm doing affiliate marketing, say I want to steal my own train, okay, sell my own training, or course or something, I'm not going to change anything on the front end, I'm going to keep the front end exactly the same. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to market my email list, whatever my offer is, whatever my email course, I'll start out by simply just charging people $37 to attend a live webinar with me or something like that. super simple, super easy, but not killing that front end offer that's working. And maybe even that follow up sequence that's currently working. It's Josh, it's kind of like somebody who has a carwash business. And people in the town are starting to hear about it. So they're coming in, they're bringing their car to get washed. And all of a sudden a guy has wild hair and says, you know what I'm going to, I'm going to not just do outside car washing, I'm going to do detailing. So I'm going to start washing the car washing. Okay, and now I'm just going to do the details, because there's more money in it. And now all these people around town are coming for, they don't want to detail. They don't want to get out of their car, they just want to sit in their car for a carwash. They pull up, they realize that you're not doing car washes anymore. And they turn around and they leave. And you're sitting there going, but wait a second. I mean, not, Oh, hold on, hold on. I'll detail your car and wash your car, then we get into desperation mode, because we realized we just killed something that was working. So hopefully that made sense, man, but I've seen that happen. And I have a tendency to do that too. Because I've also a variety slash add slash, watch the next move entrepreneur just like the rest of us.

Josh: But here's the thing, too. To add to that a little bit further, right? What happens is, when we start unknowingly or knowingly kill that area of our business, we start blaming other people, right, rather than looking in the mirror and being like, okay, has my content shifted? What was I doing? They changed what I was doing before work? Right, we have a hard time looking in the mirror and understanding that and thank goodness, like, I caught that very, very quickly, and was able to actually take an inventory and go back and I'm like, oh, there's been a shift in my content, there's been a shift in the way that I've done live. So it makes sense, right? But what happened was, for a little bit there, I was starting to think like well, you know, maybe maybe the opportunity to promote certain programs is dying on this platform. And you know, start looking at things and be like well then there's brand new affiliates that you know, seemingly weren't making any money and then on the back end because as an affiliate and Legendary you see all that so like all of a sudden these affiliates seemed like they came out of nowhere and they're killing it and they're doing the exact same thing that I was doing and I was like wait a minute, wait a minute. So I start trying to blame everybody else and get sucked down these rabbit holes of like, now next thing you know I'm on like a webinar presentation for a completely different product or the Amazon business. We do any of this so like click off and like, take an inventory of yourself here Josh like look in the mirror. And for some reason. It's so hard for us to do that. But the Once you can do that successfully, it consistently seems to always happen again, maybe they plateau a little bit, but then they go back like this. And it's like this linear thing right here, even though it's kind of all over the place and starts to get more linear. So we got to take an inventory of ourselves and stop blaming everybody else.

Dave: Well, really, I want to get real, I want to get, I want to offer strategy for people right now around messaging, in around consistency of theme of structure and of topic. And what I mean by that is thing, Oprah show, there's a time there's a theme, there's a structure, and there's common topics of that show, think Jerry Springer, think Maury Povich, think news channels, they everything is always there's a theme, there's a structure, and there's topic consistency. Okay? consistency on all of those pieces. So if the 10s, or hundreds of millions of people who watched Oprah all of a sudden, one day, and I could still remember, it was 4pm, when I was growing up, sat down at 4pm. And all of a sudden, there was a new intro song. And there was a completely different they all of a sudden, they were talking about sports, I would go, I'm not here for this, what's going on? The world isn't right. What hold something's not right. And I would eventually tune out because that's not what I was sort of programmed to expect from that particular content creator. And what happens is, is online, we do something, say, for example, like this wake up show, right? We do it for a period of a couple of years, or a couple of weeks, or a couple of months, right for some of us. And then all of a sudden, you know, we get bored with it. We say, well, I've been I've been doing this every day, for so long. And you know, I'm just, I'm just burnt out, I'm not feeling it anymore. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to switch it up, I'm going to switch it up, I'm going to switch the name, I'm going to switch what I talk about, or I'm going to start going from marketing being the main content, Josh, and I'm going to talk about fatherhood in entrepreneurship, whatever. All the sudden, that audience that I just spent all that time conditioning to expect something certain at this time from me in this structure, all the sudden, all that work to where they're finally it's finally becoming something that they look forward to something that they've tuned into enough episodes that they trust me, they know I'm going to be here, all of a sudden, I changed it on them. And that that audience that I worked so hard to finally get to buy into me and my brand and what I was saying, I lose. And it's not because I'm a bad guy. It's not because even what I'm talking about now is not valuable. It's because at this time slot in this structure, this topic, okay, right here on this wakeup show, people are conditioned to expect a certain thing. And that's why the audience has consistently grown. And this happens on social media channels. This happens in our business with entrepreneurs all the time. And it is, it's where many businesses go to the graveyard to slowly die. You know, the main. So here's, here's the punchline, just because you're bored with it, or just because you feel like it's not working. Doesn't mean that it's not, it doesn't mean that others are not. While you're getting bored. Your audience is slowly trusting you. You know what I mean?

Josh: 100% I love that you use the word board to ride because we do what we do as entrepreneurs, we get bored. A lot of us experience shiny object syndrome. We're like, what's the next thing? What's next thing

Dave: That adrenaline hit, you know what I mean? Like, sign up and start something new. 

Josh: Yeah. But the key to anybody who experiences long term success and success in business or anything you do in life, right? It's about mastering the mundane, like success is going to meet boredom. It really is not, but the achievement of success, the money coming in when you experience success. That's nice. That's fun, right? But the process of you know, waking up at 430 in the morning, every single day to plan out your day. So you know exactly how you're going to execute in your spare time. You know, spending time in gratitude. Maybe you're trying to lose weight, maybe you're stretching early in the morning, whatever it is right? The process behind it. It's boring, but that's the key to long term success is being Consistent with that stuff, and being able to do it over and over and over again, you hear successful entrepreneurs speak on this all the time, people like oh, well, what's your key to success, and they all say the same thing. I was willing to do what other people weren't willing to do. And I was willing to do it consistently. And every single day, when I didn't feel like it, right, I wanted to lose 10 pounds. Well, I don't feel like going out and running a mile at 430 in the morning. Well, if that's the only time you have to run a mile, you better be doing it, otherwise, you're not going to lose 10 pounds. So people don't understand. And this is a great segue into what the Winning Edge formula is, right? It's all about this concept of learning how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations in the way we do this by intentionally putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations, because that's where growth happens. Nobody ever experienced success from sitting in their comfort zone. And I'm sorry, if people don't want to hear this, but it needs to be said like, you cannot just sit in your comfort zone and do what you've always done and expect to get a different result, you have to step out of your comfort zone, you have to be willing to do uncomfortable things to make the impact and experience the success that you truly want.

Dave: And that's a great, you know, that's a great that messaging that branding that you're developing with this Winning Edge formula, is something that the more you build on this, the more you mention this, the more you talk about this, and the more that you stick with this branding, and this messaging, and the more that you build our lives, that are that where you mentioned that the Winning Edge formula live show, or whatever it is, right? kind of look at what we've done here, you know, Wake Up Legendary, you know, I'm so obsessive even about brand colors, and being in the same place every day. You know, I'm not in a different location every day. I mean, dude, I've got all kinds of places I could sit and be. And, and, and, you know, showing off this and doing that, but what's most important is the consistency of the look, the feel, you know, the messaging, the structure of the show, or the content, and then the topic. And that winning formula, what you just talked about right there, that messaging, which is sort of the foundation of your marketing, is the most important part of your entire business, because that's what people are going to remember about you. And the more that you tie your story into that which I know that you do with sports and growing up and how, how much you learn from that experience. I think you played football growing up, right? 

Josh: Yeah. 

Dave: So each one of you has a and can and needs to develop a message you need to develop an identity. And I think that that's a difficult thing for most of us because we, you know, we we, that wasn't something that was really important that was talked about to us when we were growing up. Who are you? What's your identity? Right? Oftentimes, we didn't have strong models, whether it be you know, male role models for us men, or, or sometimes we had to look outside in pop culture, music or athletics or whatever, which is one of the things that I did you know, I looked at athletes a lot, and I grew up watching and rooting for the bulls and Michael Jordan, and I think the consistency of the jersey and the shoes and the moves and so forth, gave me something to grab on to, you know, when I was a kid, I also was also a sports fanatic baseball, Ken Griffey Jr. I can remember watching Ken Griffey Jr. and modeling his stance the way that he had discovered that he put his elbow up, and my dad always wanted me to get down and put my elbow down, but I wanted the hot dog and look like Ken Griffey Jr. That's us as young people developing our identity, and developing our look and feel, our swagger, our vibe, you know, our message, what do you say? What are you saying to people when you're talking and even when you're not talking? And this is what we talk about when we talk about developing your brand. This is brand new, right? Not just logo development, but everything that I just mentioned, and then tying your story into it. But this Winning Edge formula thing that you got going man is a great kind of brand. It's a great message. There's a great story and message behind it that you can just use can ride that for 2030 years in this industry, but we're never going to change, it's a timeless message to constant reminder for people, you know, to, if they're getting ready to buy something, or whatever, or they're going to go through some training that you recommended to accept that come that uncomfortability and know that they're in the right place, if they're comfortable. And one of the things that I say to people oftentimes, like, on our decade of the day training that we have, for blueprints, members is, if you're not overwhelmed at the end of the day, then we're not doing our job. Right? 

Josh: Right. 

Dave: Because I already know that they're gonna feel overwhelmed. So what I want to do is I want to shift that overwhelm into a positive frame, instead of a negative frame. And similarly with you with the getting comfortable being uncomfortable, all you're doing is you're creating that's called framing, you're creating a positive frame for people to feel uncomfortable, so they can embrace that. Instead of being like, Oh, I feel uncomfortable putting my credit card information and probably don't want to buy this because I feel uncomfortable. And then they hit remember your content, you're like, get comfortable being uncomfortable there like so. A lot of nuggets, a lot of good stuff, man, a lot of good stuff. So you know, you really kind of got at least some of your start here at legendary going through, would you say to somebody who's brand new here in your shoes back in 2020, who's getting ready to maybe go through the challenge or feeling skeptical? You know, you've achieved a lot of things over the last six months, because you didn't quit? Talk to us or talk to that new person just for a moment before we wrap up?

Josh: Yeah, I think that the key right is to not quit to understand that the only true failure in life is if you quit, right. As an entrepreneur, there's gonna be ups and downs and especially with learning a new skill, whether it's affiliate marketing, you know, whether you're doing the 15 day challenge and learning about online business, it's gonna be like drinking from a firehose, at times, there's gonna be like Dave said, a lot of overwhelm at times, but you got to spin that into a positive and understand, yeah, you're overwhelmed, maybe because you don't understand this stuff yet. But you know what, there's gold, there's light at the end of the tunnel, because when you do understand it, if you can grasp it, and more importantly, you can take action on the things that you're learning. You're on the right path, you're gonna, again, you're just starting to take action, right? Just just understand that you need to develop some sort of consistency, you need to take action. And no matter what roadblocks you run into, you can always come out on the other side, you know, if you keep pushing it, you have the right people around.

Dave: So yeah, well, bro, keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to hearing what happens for you and comes to light here in the second part of the year. Congrats on the new house. Congrats on the new car. Congrats on your new baby. In your family, great health and an amazing birth experience come November. And, you know, congrats to you for growing, evolving through some of those first chapter challenges that entrepreneurs face that many, you know, choose not to grow through. I always say you either grow or you go, right. And you chose to grow through those challenges. And you did that on your own and by yourself. Sure you had support, but you made that decision. And that's just a big deal, brother. So super proud of you, excited for all your all your momentum here, man. Keep up the great work and come back for a third time and see us on the show.

Josh: Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it. I look forward to the next time. All right, man. Dave: Well, all right. We'll talk to you later. Josh. See buddy. 

See you later, Dave. Thank you. 

Alright, my friends. Well, you can go and follow Josh. As you can see on the screen there on TikTok connect with him there The Winning Edge formula, you'll find his profile there. And he goes live and and and, as you can, as you heard, produces a lot of content. And it's all about delivering value. It's all about you know, so I'm sure you'll get that from him. There's no doubt. And also, once again, an opportunity to expand your network here within this community, right with more people who have sort of paved the way for what you're trying to accomplish now. And please remember as we wrap up, that there's no challenge that you're going through right now that somebody like Josh has already been through, right hasn't already been through and overcame. And that's important to remember because you're not going where no man or woman has gone before. It's not that it's not like you're not like, you know, Jeff Bezos today Who went to space all the he didn't even go where no person has gone before somebody has actually been there before. And I actually wanted to say this, I forgot to mention this, when we were talking about quitting something and starting something new, you know, Jeff Bezos just recently stepped down as the CEO of Amazon, to go full time with Blue Origin, his space company, but he didn't shut down Amazon. He's still, I believe, the majority shareholder, he's still very invested in the success of that company. And that's a great example. Now your, you know, your business may be at a smaller scale than Amazon and who loses it on a smaller scale. But it's a great lesson when somebody builds something, whether you've built it for 20 days, 20 weeks, or 20 years, like he did at Amazon, that once you've built that up, don't don't kill that stream of income, don't kill that business just to go and pursue something different and something new, which is exactly what he did step down as CEO of Amazon, to go and pursue space travel with Blue Origin, his other company. So there's a lot of lessons that are happening around us all the time if we just, you know, have enough self awareness to see them and then relate them to our situation. But today was full of nuggets. It's worth another listen. Please go connect with Josh. He's absolutely awesome and has proven himself to be a great leader. We'll see you guys back here. Tomorrow. Gone. Get out of here. Go do something Legendary today. We'll see you back here at 10am eastern time tomorrow. Peace.

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