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Phillip: What's going on? 

Matt: I'm doing great. I don't know how everybody else is doing but it's good. I said early morning over here. So you're in Texas. We're part of Texas?

Phillip: Actually, I'm in the heartbeat of Texas angels in Texas. 30 minutes of repair and I apparently is like, I don't know, maybe 10 or 20 minutes for big cities. That depends on traffic.

Matt: Well, cool. I like that. You know, part of what I like about this show is that we've just got people from all over the world, you know, all over the world with all these different backgrounds, histories, stories, and you know, it's just a fun thing to see where everybody comes from. I mean, some people come from money. Some people come from trucker families, some people it's just crazy. Some people are homeless, all kinds of stuff. Man's nuts. We've got this one guy. I don't know if you saw him but back in the day. Six months ago or so. Eight months ago, we had this guy Chris, young, young kid, and his. He was born with a sort of like, I don't even know how to describe it. But basically, he couldn't smile, can't smile, right? So you can laugh and he can like, when he's happy, like he's happy, and he's laughing like he can't smile. And, man, he went on TikTok, and, you know, most people would look at that and be like, you know, I will always mean that this guy is like the most like just a no excuses like whatever man I was born with. He always wanted to change it. So we started an online business to try to change that and then to get surgery cost like six figures to get surgery and now on the show, he was like, You know what, actually, I don't think I'm going to get the surgery. You know, kind of part of me. It's just kind of an interesting journey. So your journey, though, comes from a family of truckers. What do you do for a living? What do you work in? What do you do for a living? Like? That's all I can say.

Phillip: Actually, I I started out in culinary arts. I've been in a restaurant since I was 13. My grandfather owned a chain of restaurants in Florida. He was a chef, you know, and I pretty much grew up in a kitchen. I did that all the way until I was probably, I don't know, I want to say like 26, 27 And then I decided to make a career change and get my CDL which was interesting. So I ended up doing that. So I ended up moving to a different industry, which was the industrial industry, and I've pretty much done everything you can think of. I've been a welder's apprentice carpenter's apprentice. I mean, I've become a jack of all trades. And then finally I ended up getting into environmental cleaning. That was a mistake. Because environmental cleaning was not a great job, but I did. Probably one of the lowest forms of jobs you can do in the plants, which is basically a hydro blaster. Similarly, I guess you could say well, pretty much minute maids to the plants anytime a mess happens, or chemical spill or whatever. We're the first people they call because we are the ones that have the equipment. To clean up. Get that for three years backbreaking work, man it was labor's work, I hated it. And then I ended up getting my CDL because I you know, people, you know, all the vets were always tell me, you know, they're like, Yeah, you know, get your CDL and pays more and it's, you know, if you have a CDL you're below man. I mean, I pretty much you know, like you're the most valuable so I went ahead and I did it you know, I got my class A and basically did vacuum trucks. That's what I did. I drive vacuum trucks. You call and I’ll come clean it up. That's really much more, pretty much.

I mean, I've done dude, I've done some of the most messed up jobs you could ever possibly fathom in your mind, man. I mean, it's not fun. I hated it. I did it because I was in the environmental cleaning industry for about 10 years. I have been on and off different companies in the industrial industries, very, very competitive very through training. It's very, very political. And I, within that 10 years gained a reputation. You know, just like they actually I'll go back to that, but basically I gained a reputation for no BS. And you know, I became a high dollar type of driver. A lot of companies won't touch me because I cost too much but, you know, it just wasn't enough for me because I started. I recently got into affiliate marketing around last year, like May or so. Okay. Before that. I'd actually researched affiliate marketing for about a year before actually making the move to actually get into it. Because I kind of had to get some ducks in line before I made that decision. But yeah, man, I mean, you know, I recently just basically left the industry. I didn't want to do it anymore. I just couldn't take it and so I decided I was like, You know what, I'm the type of person when I make a decision. I'm very cold, very calculated, and always do my research, my hometown. no stone unturned. So, you know, when I decided to jump into this, it was all hands, man. I was like, You know what? I'm doing it to sit. Let's go, you know, I had a good, good, nice chunk saved up for some capital and I was like, You know what, I'm gonna take this, I'm gonna use it. You know, I'm gonna do it. You know? And I actually get that question all the time. And like, a lot of people say, you know, why did you pick you know, legendary marketer and I was like, Well, I mean, it's like the University of affiliate marketing. I mean, I've seen a lot of other people's programs, but like, you know, one of the things that attracted me to legendary marketer was the fact that all these people that have all these big names and all this, they all came from Legendary. So it's like, go to the source. You know, I want to know everything there is to know about affiliate marketing. Legendary Marketer is where it's at, you know, I mean, so, yeah, I mean, ever since then. I've been doing it. It's been in our line. Illustrated videos, man, it's been a rocky road, dude. I've been trying to make this work.

Matt: And when you said it's been a rocky road. What part of our training are you referencing there?

Phillip: Oh, just Well, I mean, you know, they talked about you know, how, you know, that little point of you know, like the depression gets right there where it's like, you first start out you're making stuff and you know, things are looking really good. And then you go into that dip where it's like, you just can't, it's hard to get out of it. You know, and I've been trying, I've been trying a lot of different stuff. You know, like, as you know, I've got a TikTok. I've been on Facebook, I just recently started on Pinterest. So I'm kind of, you know, experimenting with that. You know, I've also decided to do a cooking show on TikTok to, you know, kind of do that and see where that goes. So I'm kind of just, you know, playing with different things, trying to see where I fit in and stuff like that. You know, a lot of people that I teach I have about four or five mentees and I tell them all the time I'm like, you know, don't limit yourself to what you can do in this business because there are many things that you can do because when when people go in they they take the course they're like oh, I got to do to make money online.

So you know, there's hundreds of niches out there you can make money with totally where people have a problem with is that they like to choke too many places. And I try not to jump to the places but because someone asked me, “ well, you're doing the cooking show, you know you're jumping in I was like, no, no, I said that. That's like a little project. I should still stick with the Make Money Online. Nice. And that's fine because I like business and I like marketing, but sure. I also like what they say in the training. Go with something that you're passionate about. I love it, you know, there it is. I mean, and I like the fact that I'm not in a restaurant, so I don't have that pressure at that time. You know, I'm saying like that, that stress of like, I feel like I'm at a job and I have to like, you know, do that. So, I really like cooking show. There's just so much freedom to be creative, and do whatever it is that you want to do. You know. So you know, I tell people I tell people that thoroughly you know, don't if the make money online niche is not because I know a lot. There's a lot of affiliate marketers that say, Yeah, business, you know, make money online. Yes, that's true. It's a billion dollar business. But there are other niches out there that are making money, probably some of them maybe even more. So. You know, go with what you're passionate about, but know that you know, you can always go back to that leads to, you know, that's something that you want to start up too. 

Matt: Totally the mind needs to be, like, expanded a little bit. And part of it. Part of it is just the more that you're in this industry arbitrary isn't, you know, you need to force people to do that. Part of it is just people are just exploring, you know, it's like, it's like imagining walking into a 100 foot by 100 foot sandbox, and there's a million toys in the sandbox. It's like kids are gonna walk around and just kind of like grab this, grab this, throw one down, throw the next one down, until they finally gravitate to a place where it's like, oh, this I like this corner of the sandbox. And that's part of that sort of, it's like a built in thing about, you know, our training is we by definition are a place where people start, right, so like, there's a lot of people who will promote us disappear for six months. There's a lot of people who will not promote us ever Awesome. That's cool. So a lot of people who never sign up as an affiliate for us as people who promote stuff in health and wellness. We have one lady who's made six figures in self incense as an affiliate basically as a lead generator, self defense, because she has this powerful story about how she was mugged. So yeah, I mean, there's so many different niches and really, it just takes a tiny bit of creative energy to be like, Okay, how would I apply this to me? And that's a dynamic piece that's harder to teach, I think and harder to make that connection but yeah, I like the way that you put that that's really powerful.

Phillip: The funny part about it is it's like the mind frame that everybody has is they have that doubt, like, well, I don't know if I'll be good at it. The point is that you're doing something to like, you know, I mean, if making money online is not your, you like your thing like you like it like me, I like business and marketing, but I don't know I like cooking a lot more and I'm really good at it. So it's like, if you were to put it on a percentage it would be like 100% You know, culinary arts marketing at about 90% You know, I mean honestly, I'm not because I preach this on my channel all the time on my TikTok, I'm, I'm no guru, I don't seem to be any expert. I'm a student. You know, we all, all this industry teaches us stuff all day long every day. So, you know, I don't ever I learned from other people. I'm very observant, you know, and, you know, so So I mean, yeah, you know, don't feel like you have to say stop in that niche. You know, and I emphasize that quite a lot, because I see so many people that really do start out whether it be legendary or Jonathan Montoya or Brian row or whatever. You know, I see so many people that they get stuck in it and then what will happen is, they're like oh, what's not working? You know, it's, it's not you know, it's I'm not making the numbers and, you know, you know, all this and I'm like, What are you doing what you're passionate about? Because dude you're passionate about you'll see those numbers because you have more and not just that, to be honest with you. Like, you notice a lot of my tech talk and I get this from a lot of creators actually. A whole bunch of people were there. They'll tell me all the time you're doing too much inspirational stuff. Yeah, but you also have to understand, I like doing inspirational stuff and being creative there. But also not everybody wants to hear about selling them, of course all the time. Sometimes it's good to kind of go outside your box and just kind of play around with you know, because that's how you start to understand what works and what doesn't, you know, and as an entrepreneur, that's basically what it is. It's a trial and error thing where we experiment with something, see what the results are, and if they're good, keep it, if it's bad, get rid of it, you know, I mean, that's basically the credo. I mean, you can't stay doing one thing, and if it's not working, still keep doing it. So

you're not going to get any worse. You're going to be spinning your wheels with that. So, you know, it's kind of just a touch and go type thing.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, I think. I think it's like, when some of these like, Hey, you're doing too much of this on your TikTok . They sound and nothing gets people who get advice, whatever. But it sounds really great until one of one of those things that you're doing is really working. And then suddenly, it's like, oh, well, that advice was kind of shitty, you know, having the wherewithal to stick with something crazy. Yeah, stick with something. If you've got a proof of concept you're following, you know, I think, I think sometimes it gets a little bit blindly blind. online and on TikTok and Instagram, right? Which is, so we're seeing like our approach to all of that is less like, hey, let's invent something and let's formulate and fix something brand new. Usually, like what we do, we basically see what's working and just reveal it to a large number of people. So it's just identifying what's working right now. What worked yesterday, what's working today. What worked a year ago is that store today and then just continually putting that into practice. And doing it ourselves and then bringing it to the marketplace and bringing it to our affiliates, whatever. But yeah, so what's the see you bought our challenge back earlier last year, God started getting going and then and then now you've got a TikTok channel, you're running almost 10,000 followers. What's that journey on TikTok been like? 

Phillip: Actually, I have no idea what happened? What it was that I did like the training said, I mean, I just started pumping out content and just just getting content out there and I struggled for a little bit. By chance, I blew up and didn't mean I did my first video. I guess I can consider it viral because I've never had a video that got that many views and likes. So I considered it to be viral. I think it was a video that I did where it was a pretty emotional video like in this wasn't anything that I was expecting. I actually didn't expect to blow up or anything with it. It was just some random things that happened. My daughter came up to me and she said would you do it or something? And then she said, now mind you both of my children are autistic, they're high functioning autistic. So they look at things a lot differently. And she asked me something, she asked me a question. He said, What are you doing? She said Daddy's got to help the TV people? And I said, Yeah, Daddy's gotta go help the TV people. And it was just really emotional for me because I guess, I guess it was kind of like at a bad moment because I was a little you know, in my own head too much. And I just was crying man and I just didn't realize that the camera was still rolling. You know, whenever I said that. And then whenever I went back to go edit it, I was like, sure I really put this on there. Oh, and I said, alright, well, you know, I guess I could just edit it and just, you know, really just tell the truth in the video. That's what she said. And that's, you know, that's what happened and so, it just blew up. People just started following me and you know, people from the autistic you know, side of TikTok started following me. You know, a lot of single parents and stuff like that. And before you knew it, I mean, I was up to almost three 4000 people. And you know, it just kept on going in and I was like, okay, cool, you know, and then, you know, so I just kept on pumping content out like that, you know, and I did a follow up video to explain to people like I didn't mean for that to blow up and what that was, it was just one of those emotional things for me, but also know I have to document my journey, you know, so that people you know, I'm all about authenticity. I don't know why this blew up. Like it. But it was this now I didn't know that this person had like almost a little over half a million followers on TikTok. I had no idea. I just saw the video and edited it. And it was the bonus video too. It was her doing like saying okay, well you have $2,300 for the month and you have to spend it you know basically on utilities and all this stuff and you know, left over to edit. Apparently the video had a lot of views and it just kept on going man I went from like 4000 followers to like all the way up to 9k. Now and you know, like I said it was a fluke thing. I didn't know I did you know because normally whenever I flipped through TikTok I just I just to add and comment on different things. I mean, I don't really, you know, I'm not looking to be one of those, you know, instead of viral type of people, you know, I'm just my two cents in here and there. That's it, you know. And so, I mean, it was interesting, but it also had a downside to it because all the people you know, and now I started to understand what a lot of these other other people were saying a lot of these other marketers, it had a downside because now my channel is not doing very well. I'm stuck at 9k. I've been putting out content constantly six videos a day almost. And, you know, basically what it is, is all those followers that follow me weren't into what I was into. They were just into the video, you know, so they weren't really into the make money online stuff like what I do, um, you know, so it kind of it had its pluses and minuses, you know, it's clear how many followers but got a lot of people that weren't quality people, you know, they weren't really into the same thing I was into so Chow stuff, you know, but I decided to make a separate channel just to kind of like play around and experiment. I'm also moving to YouTube and I'm doing some YouTube stuff on there. That's basically what I've been working on. I'm just recently getting over COVID. So I'm getting back on the grind with that and trying to do some more content creation. So it's, it's a process it's, you know, it takes work so,

Matt: We've had a lot of people who have had that kind of experience of virality and blowing up and then it seemed to slow down, but I also I wouldn't underwrite that. I wouldn't underwrite that. Oh, yeah. Because we've also I've, I've specifically worked with people who had that, hit that and hit big numbers like I'm talking 80k 100k and had that blip for a couple months. And then their channel just felt like it was dead. And then boom, they hit a couple more and the amount of leads and sales coming from that is a lot. I mean, you even experienced sales because of that junk. But I think it is an interesting observation because I'm not the world's foremost expert, for sure, but I do get the opportunity to basically review and look over virtually every single affiliate channel and stuff like that for a really long time. And I had for a really long time, and I think many big large affiliates have grown huge audiences and built six figure multiple six figure businesses with some of those types of videos. Now the trick is that it's a limiting belief to say those people aren't interested. That's a limiting belief because I know the video that you did was about money and finance and not having enough money and how much the money adds up. I watched a really good video of a really good duet. It is amazing, though, that a duet like that can get 200,000 views right? I just wanted to hammer that point home. I think that that limiting belief is common in the social media community where people think that somehow those people are interested but the truth is, that a lot of times what needs to happen after a moment of virality are two things. I think one is going live because I've seen people very specifically, like for instance, there's this guy, he even went extremely viral with 10 million views on a video. And what he does is he goes live every day. So there's a ton of people getting into his atmosphere because he hits this 10 million viewed video about working from home. It's all about just basically working from home. And he hits this viral moment of virality. Now there's a lot of the same exact thing that would happen with your videos. Like goes viral. A lot of people who are mildly not really interested in affiliate marketing, right but it's not the right way to go about saying affiliate marketing all the time. It's more like if you're in this niche in this industry, she's talking about side hustle or you should be using words in current contexts that are hot affiliate marketing has a lot of negative connotations because it has an affiliation with network marketing, right? So rather than saying things like work from home, is it more approachable? But anyway, my point is, for somebody like Ian, he goes live for a couple hours a day and what he does is now all of those followers, he brings them into the conversation. The other thing is that some people don't want to go live or don't don't want to do that or don't believe in that or something. The other thing is he posts a lot about his life and his journey, which I think you do really well and I think I think it's a limiting belief to say, well, these people are really interested in now my channel said, I just don't I've seen too many examples of people who, who specifically said initially to go viral and converted the audience through really good storytelling and marketing. I think the skills of storytelling and marketing and connection, being able to be a connectable person to people. I think that is the secret sauce of connecting virality to conversion to the sales and I don't think that I know that because for a great a good period of the last six months, Ian was a number one person in our company as affiliates of front end sales. And he did that primarily by hitting that virality and he grew a six figure business from it, right so I've watched it multiple different times. Even Calvin Hill, if you go way, way, way back, he's done some of those videos about, you know, making $100 a day on Amazon. A lot of people hate on those videos, think they're shitty at whatever, clickbait or whatever but he's now got an audience of 1.2 million people. And he goes live every single night for a couple hours. And he don't have 84,000 likes on his live the live 800 concurrent video viewers or more for the whole two, three hours that he's live and he can hurt a big handful of those people into buyers because he's just he's so good at making that connection between why do they who is this Calvin guy? So my point in saying that is both for you and for everybody else listening because there's a lot of people who hit that moment of virality and wonder like, what's going to happen next, you know, is my channel dead? Is my TikTok dead? All these different things that are all solved by building the storytelling and specifically like the attachment, the ability to attach, right? 

Phillip: Oh, yeah, definitely. Definitely. And that's one thing that I noticed on TikTok is the storytelling part. You know, like, I've had a couple of videos where I've actually told for like, I recently did one about a confrontation I had actually this one was a sticky one. And you can go back and watch it and everything it was about this. I encountered she she she wanted to buy legendary right but she but I didn't know I thought it was for her but it comes to find out who's her son and know that until like a little bit later on down when I start talking to her and we'll see blew up on me she got mad. And I was like, ma'am, I said I understand your dilemma, I said, but I would rather sell the program to you. You can show it to your son if you want but I can't sell it directly because she wanted me to sell it directly to her son. I said he’s minor and I said I can't do that. Like, you know, and I told everybody in those videos like you know, how it went down. And then I had a couple of DMS and they were telling me like well, you know, I don't understand why you can't, you know, sell it to a minor. I was like well, I said for the simple fact is I said you know, take for example. So what if he doesn't make money with this and then she turns around and tries to sue the company or sue me? I said I'm not guaranteeing he's gonna be a millionaire overnight. I'm just saying this is a training course that can teach you for what it is, you know but she doesn't take it like that. She takes it as Oh, if he is going to be a millionaire overnight. That's not the way it happens. So it's like I told a few of my followers that they're like, oh, yeah, I understand now and I said you know, I wanted to do a part two to it, but I was kind of like a dead issue because it's like she blocked me. I mean, I tried to explain it to her and killer with kindness, but it just hadn't happened. She blocked me, you know, whatever. I was like, you know you can be mad all you want, you know? 

Matt: Yeah, that's a wild placement. You get some crazy people there. 

Phillip: I get some seriously nutty messages like this, for example if I get questioned about this all the time, Greg. Flag I'm like where'd you get that? The same place all right next to the stuff there's no secret sauce trust me. 

Matt: Right. Oh my god. We had this guy. We had this guy named Shawn Lowry. He's been in many of our mastermind events. And, man, you should connect with this guy dude. I mean, he is just. He is hilarious and he goes fishing and hosts like he has a Facebook group, all private messages. You got to join this little phase. It's all just about fishing. And I get some stuff. He's just like a commit. He'll go out on his boat. I'll put it in a private chat. for you but the dude is just a funny marketer but he's grown a group on Facebook 3200 people or something. And, and you know, pre pandemic we were talking about him doing some events out in Houston, North Carolina. out in the sticks and and he was gonna I mean, February six. We had a mastermind in Orlando and we were game planning how he would sell tickets to a fishing trip. Right. So part of our business blueprints are events and masterminds. So his business blueprint was going to be I'm going to sell events basically. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to fly people out, they're going to pay 2500 bucks, because people pay him to go fishing with him already. And so he's going to rent out a little cabin on Airbnb for the weekend. And people are going to fly out, they're going to get picked up at the airport. It's like getting to the airport event. 30 minutes from there, we'll be on the water and we'll grill steaks and burgers and dogs every night have some beers. Go out every morning all day long. Video and photograph the whole thing. Anyway, he's a cool guy. You connect with him just because you guys probably enjoy each other a lot. So anyway, what I wanted to do though, is in the world of you're sort of I feel like. He's got a scattered funny accent. He's always on the beach. So here's what I love to do. But what I want to do is give you the last word or community to people who are newer to people who are just getting started. And I feel like you've got a good message of inspiration and motivation. You've been through a lot. You've been through a lot and you've also overcome a lot. I think that that's even more powerful. So tell us tell people who are newer, you know, give them a little bit of your perspective and a little bit of, hey, here's what I would do if I were in your shoes, just getting started creating content and that kind of thing.

Phillip: If I had any message it would be don't give up. I see too many people that give up in this industry and make money. You can make six figures if hundreds of people have already done it. But one of my messages is don't be afraid to try things. A lot of people are too afraid to experiment to try stuff to do trial and error. Because of doubt, people will have a problem with doubt. Okay. doubt yourself all the time. Love matters. In fact, I read an article I did a video on. I read an article, people doubt themselves over 100 times every day 100 plus times. Now those 100 doubts will keep you from making good decisions. Decisions that could probably change your life. And, you know, I can't express that enough. You know, I really hope that a lot of you get a lot of you know, outside of here, get outside of your box your bubble too many people stay in their bubble every day. Okay, start thinking outside the box because let me tell you something. This industry has so many possibilities. And that's one of the best things I love about it is there's so many opportunities for you to do any type of niche you want. You know, I hear it all the time whenever people say oh, you can be anything you want when you grow up. They tell their kids that all time well in this industry who actually do it just depends on you. how badly you want it. How bad do you want to get out there and actually do what you are passionate about? That's all it is. You know, and the craziest part about this is it's not like a nine to five where you're, you're told to do one position and that's the only thing you do and you just, they tell you there's a whole world of opportunity in this industry. You know, get outside the box, start making a difference and start experimenting with things. Make other TikTok channels that do different stuff. Make other Facebook pages that talk about other things, do different types of blogs. There's all kinds of different things you can do and the possibilities are just endless. If I could really express anything it would be that you know it'd be just don't give up. Serve and see what works for you.

Matt: You know I love that message. Thanks for coming on. I'm going to put up your TikTok so people can go connect with you and message you and say hey, thanks for the thanks for the motivation this morning. Thanks a lot for coming on man.

Phillip: I appreciate it man. Hope to see you again. 

Matt: Absolutely. Alright, I'm going to put up his TikTok. We put up people's TikToks so that you go follow them and give them a little bit of encouragement. @ BLbossinbusiness Go give him a follow and let me know what was impactful from today? What was helpful, what inspired you and we'll be back here at the same time, same place tomorrow 10am Eastern for another edition of Wake Up Legendary.