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Dave: Y'all better have your shades on this week because I'm telling you it's gonna be a bright week. It's gonna be a bright week. And it's a bright future here online. If you ain't here excited, if you ain't looking forward to the future about what's possible. Just go on ahead and do a little exercise there and check your pulse. Just make sure you're alive. Alright, my friends welcome to another week of Wake Up Legendary. Once again, you know we're here doing our thing back in the saddle. This morning we're going to be talking to an electrician who has piled up 144,000 followers on TikTok. Let's find out about my friend's. Mark, welcome to the show my brother. 

Mark: Dave thanks for having me back. It's an honor.

Dave: Hey, man, how have you been?

Mark: I've been great. I've been lightened up here on social media and flying with affiliate marketing. Can I say it's been a lot of fun?

Dave: Is this something that you ever imagined that you would be doing? I mean, is this something that you could see yourself doing a couple of years ago or even when did you get started? Give us a quick refresher for those who haven't heard the short version of your story?

Mark: Yeah, absolutely. Like I got started last summer. Like I said, I just started. I saw some other affiliate marketers on Tik Tok and I thought this is something that I can possibly get into, that I might be good at. I never saw myself doing anything like this before. And I said, You know what, I know I can do this. I wanted to prove it to myself. And I just went ahead and jumped in and spoke to my wife about it. She was a little skeptical at first. Like I said, she's not now, she's totally on board and so are a few other people in my family. Now they're, they're starting to open up their eyes and look at what Mark's doing. So it's, it's a good feeling and I'm really happy to be doing it and I'm going to continue on.

Dave: What do you mean other people are in your family or are you getting curious What are you talking about your kids are you talking about? Your friends are?

Mark: More immediate family like I know my mother and father this wasn't something that I they weren't really let's just say they didn't express their approval. They didn't think that this would be, they thought this was kind of an online scam at first, like most people there they were very skeptical. So then once they started seeing the success from the popularity and then me having a good time really like they see that I've been really enjoying myself. They're really starting to buy into it now.

Dave: Yeah. And are they now happy for you that you're home more and do they see the value in that and obviously you value your parents opinion, even though you're you're, you're a grown man. So do I respect that? Because I mean, we can count on one hand in our life, people who really are going to tell us the truth without ulterior motives. And usually mom and dad or or what? Oh, absolutely. You know, their alternative motives. is simply to keep us safe, you know? So sometimes they overreach right? But, but now did they see in what has been what is the vibe amongst your family now that marks home, more marks? Working from that has to be very different from an electrician lifestyle where you're gone all the time.

Mark: I'm still doing the electrician lifestyle. I'm still putting in 40 to 60 hours a week and like I said before, I'm not planning on quitting my job I still enjoy my job. This is just something to do a little extra to keep like just to occupy my time. This is more of it's not just a hobby like this is a business like we always say don't treat it as a hobby, treat it as a business. I do treat it as a business. But this is a second stream of income. That's actually more than a second stream of income is quite a few streams of income now, which is really nice. And thankfully, Legendary has given me the opportunity to learn those extra skills and I knew these extra streams of income. 

Dave: Yeah. So how do you work the business part time like you're doing and you made sure to mention that you're not treating it like a hobby. You really have to. I would think that you have to be pretty on top of your time management. Is that right? Or do you not? You have to be super militant with your time to walk us through it. Because pretty much everybody starts like that and some want to quit their jobs, some don't. But the bottom line is pretty much everybody is managing operating this business on the side with a full time job at first. That's why I'm asking.

Mark: Well thankfully we can all do this business from our phones and that's the thing by having your phone attached to your hip at all times. It's kind of right there. And as long as you have some spare time there, well, let's say on your lunch at work or before work or on your breaks, you know, you can make sure you can manage those things that you have to do by responding to comments or getting out some content or responding to some emails. But what I did here that gave me some success is I started a second tick tock channel and I kind of separated it from my other one meaning I was usually doing all of my posts, afternoon space and about an hour apart. And I said I'm going to treat this one completely opposite. I'm going to post all these ones here in the morning. And I created a second TikTok account within a month. It just blew up. And what I mean by blew up is I was putting in eight to 10 hour days. I was just having this conversation with Matt off where we were quarantined over the holidays and I still remember it was the day after Christmas and I think I got about 25,000 followers overnight. Then the next night about another 10 another 10 and another 10 And it just had 100,000 followers within a week. And I was just going insane. I felt like I had to hire social media people right there just to respond to all of my comments and texts and emails and it was a really good feeling. But I gotta go in and and but like right now how do I separate my time? It's just when I get home from my workday. I tried to put in a couple hours each day. And that's just creating creative content and just being there and giving value to people and responding to messages. Just making sure that they can trust you. That's kind of the main thing that I do. And then throughout the night Obviously there's going to be comments and emails and and here and there. I'll tap into those and just get back on top of those emails and respond as well.

Dave:  Yeah, no, I think you guys are responding to a lot more messages in emails. that I AM. I mean, that's for sure. Because, you know, there's a thing where all of you guys feel like you need to respond to every comment. Do you feel like that anymore? Mark, I mean that it's not even real listed. So I wanted to talk about that a little bit. Because I've heard a lot of people talk about what I want from zero and I have nothing to do. I'm kind of looking around at the tumbleweeds blowing across my virtual streets to all of a sudden I have a video go viral, and I'm trying you know, and I'm trying to respond to every comment and I'm trying to respond to every DM and kind of all this and I talked about about a week or two ago the idea of taking or the strategy of taking those comments, taking that momentum and turning them into new content to move forward and to give people calls to action to come and join live trainings or to I mean most importantly, go and get my free gift so I can get your email address because going viral and having 1000s of comments and 1000s of messages doesn't really mean anything unless I can a you know, forget them into my sales funnel. You know, I gotta get them into my sales funnel. You know, I can chat people up and of course send them directly to a checkout link in but the idea of affiliate marketing, at least back back in the day was that it was super passive. Well now, a lot of affiliate marketers are becoming influencers in a sense, like yourself where you've got a large following, and now you're getting a lot of comments and emails. And the question is with somebody like yourself, this is why I'm asking it. If time management is so important. How do you determine if it's important to focus on answering comments and messages or whether it's important to create new content?

Mark: Well, it's definitely more important than I would say to create new content. Because Tik Tok, not everybody on TikTok like, I have 144,000 followers on one account and that doesn't mean I have 144,000 Customers like it's nowhere close to that. You're going to find a real group of customers. I feel they're going to be on other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook possibly. But you have to kind of look at, first of all, Judge, look at who's sending you those comments where they're coming from. And you just kind of have to use your common sense and think to yourself like is this gonna be somebody that's going to be a possible customer for me?

Dave:  When you can't prejudge I mean, I talked about that with our you know, I've been training sales teams for a long time and we can never prejudge anybody so

Mark: No, but I mean, like let's say you, let's say you have some like child that sends you a message that someone wants to start something and he's got little anime all over his stuff. And you can tell that he's just a little child like I don't, I don't really focus too much on that.

Dave: I get a lot of messages from people who have tried to check out and then can't because they're in a block country. And to be honest, I don't even respond to those messages. And I'm just being honest with everybody here because of my time management. I'm sad and sorry that somebody who's in a block country can't can't buy from us, but it's gonna take me five to 10 minutes to explain that text if sometimes I don't have that. So I guess also, what I'm asking is, if you want to do your best at the beginning. You want to treat every person like they are potentially going to be your best customer. Right? And so if somebody has a video that goes viral, you know, what are the one or two things that they should think about? Or remember, you know, because when that happens, it's just like all my dopamine, all my endorphins, kind of, you know, shoot through the roof. And then what I hear a lot of times is the next day people are overwhelmed, because of all the comments and messages and then feeling so that's why I'm asking it's not that people shouldn't be overwhelmed, but if you have a video that goes viral, and all of a sudden you have an account that starts taking off, there's gonna be a lot of excitement around that mark. What are one or two things that we should remember is to kind of stay focused on if that happens. If and when that happens. Oh, stay focused.

Mark: You need to keep going like don't just think that that's going to be the one that's going to set you up you need to continue you need to keep on and keep putting out more content. Be consistent. I know everybody says that you're on a week of Legendary, be consistent. That's the number one thing and again, just providing value, right? The people that you're going to want to deal with are going to be the people you'll know from the questions that they're asking. Like, if somebody's just sending me messages that are like Teach me or show me or I'm in love, you want to focus on the ones that are asking serious questions, the ones that are really going to commit their time and stand up for you. You know, like, you want to make sure somebody's going to stay on board with you and focus and finish the challenge like I said here before. like there's so many people here that come through and they'll purchase the challenge and they just won't start and they'll forget about it. You want the people that are going to stay committed and you want the people that are going to stick with it for the long haul. And then like I said, you can just tell that by it's just a little experience. You'll see as you get down the road like with new affiliate marketers, you'll tell by the comments that people are asking. 

Dave: Yeah, you start to get the feel of it, you start to get the hang of who's serious and what are buyer questions, you know, what are buying questions and this is something that we all you know, can and should pay attention to, especially since so many of us are having one on one chats is one of those buyer signals, you know, what are those buyer signs? I mean, usually people will have a similar question every time they, you know, like the same question keeps popping up and one of my if I could, if I could offer you guys something that could potentially save you so much time and make you so much money. It's trying to identify those questions, you know, try to identify those common questions that are getting asked for you and instead of typing it out, and I'm talking to everybody here because this is something that's been happening for 10 years and or 12 years, in various forms. It's just TikTok right now is a place where you can go viral and experience a lot of momentum but but you know, these people who are messaging you on tick tock, there's going to be common questions that they have, and there's going to be ways that everybody can cut down on their time by finding those resources and instead of answering every single question typing the text out, you can begin to use tools and resources and I learned this in network marketing. When I first got started. I learned how to market and how to use tools, because instead of doing the presentations myself, and then once I started to become a little bit more successful in other ventures that I did that had affiliates and stuff I realized and that even had customers mark that the more they got to figure it out. The more questions they gotta ask the more if they feel unclear, then that's probably why I'm not selling a lot. So as an affiliate, there are probably three to five common questions that you're getting a lot. And there's other ways that you can speed up your time by using tools to do the explaining. What do I mean by tools, a video, just a simple video, a two minute video that you have recently that you recorded? That answered the question or a two minute video from somebody else in the community that answers the question right or in now all of a sudden when somebody has a question, instead of responding to everything I have, I have a notepad of links that I can tap into and I can send those in. I'll tell you, you guys want to stay, you want to stick out as an affiliate and ultimately that is one of the number one things that we're trying to do if I'm selling a similar product as other people. I want to stand out somehow. And that interaction if somebody has a positive and informative interaction with me, you know, I got so much better of a chance to earn their business and now all of a sudden, I also saved a bunch of time by just creating some simple tools, aka just videos, you know, and but I call those tools, use your tools and I tell this to our business plan advisors all the time and use your tools. Stop trying to explain everything. Stop trying to, you know, write long emails and do all this. Use your tools. And if there's not a tool, AKA a video that answers this question, then tell me and I'll make one.

Mark: Absolutely, that's what it's all about like and not only that, but getting people in like a Facebook group. Again, another tool that's exactly what you want to do, but because it gives them a little bit more of an explanation, so they're not lost because a lot of the people that one of the number one questions I'll get and I'm sure everybody's gonna get it is where do I get started? And for the common person, like obviously there's the link in the bio but nine times out of 10 people don't know that.

Dave: If I was talking I would not talk about my link in the bio. I would see the training video that changed everything for me. Yep. You see how and I'm just talking about the sales video. Because there is training and eye opening material in that sales video. I just also happen to give them a call to action to get started in the challenge at the end. I would start with my content, all of you. Stop talking about the link in your bio and start talking about the training video that changed your life and become the hunted rather than the hunter seeing the hunters directing traffic. He's trying to chase people down. Please click my link in my bio. The hunted knows how to seed these little things that they want so badly. And when all of you stop, stop start learning how to become less obvious. My wife had to teach me this. Mark. I just come up to her and think that I would like your wife to have nice tea, honey. And I said why don't you want to get with me? She said, Well, how to be a little bit more subtle Dave, don't always come at me like leaving a little mystery. Leave a little curiosity. Half of you are going to get laid more in your marriages because you're going to learn how to become a better marketer. Your general happiness is going to become better because you're going to learn how to communicate better with our, our, our just human beings. Totally nothing but facts mom and dad and you know it's true.

Mark: Absolutely. I just want to say I watched one of your Wake Ups from last week and I think you know exactly what I'm getting to right now. And it was beautiful. It was one where you came on here by yourself and it was fantastic because I'm sure just like a lot of other affiliates I'm I get targeted from those people too. And it was just really refreshing to hear from you. Give your two cents on that topic.

Dave:  I mean, look, you know, the main problem is our Facebook group. That's the main problem. And you know it's been a necessary evil. Yes, but I'm just getting tired of it. I'm getting tired. of it. You know, we have nowhere respect for our community, no respect for the work that we put in to build this community. They just want to show up in private. I called Nate out what a sack he is, you know, he was direct messaging and prospecting somebody right on the call. I mean, and we got these guys and gals all over the place, you know people who you see on TikTok. They got a better way. They know a better way they want to know, they're sad and sorry, because they didn't listen to what we were teaching. Go out and apply it. So instead they joined some biz op where there's no product you just gotta, you gotta buy in. And that's how the next person earns a commission and then you there's no product there's no product at all. You know, there's no, I mean, it's not even so it's not really done for you, but I know what you mean. That's what they promise. Nothing's done for you, folks. You either learn the skills or you suffer and you suck. And that's just there's a lot of people that don't want to hear that. Why is your content not going more viral? Because it sucks to get better, right? Oh my god, Dave. You're just an asshole. No, I'm just a truth speaker, because I don't care anymore. I don't know if half the audience on this leaves and says Well, I'm not buying from them and whatever. I'm really sorry if that was somebody that affiliates here, but personally, if they're going to leave because of the truth, then they're just going to cause problems down the road anyway, so we might as well get them out. I'd rather speak truth in what I'm finding is I've been fairly reserved over the last couple of years Tuesday, I was I was, you know, I was a little off my rocker. I can get like that all the time. Like, it was really, I gotta, I gotta hold myself back, you know? But because I get excited and passionate but look, I mean, here's the facts. And you know, this hard work equals success. If nothing's going to just get handed to, nothing's going to just fall out of the sky. It's hard work. That's how you built your electrician career. This is how you're gonna build this career mark, you know, that and I would much rather hear that personally, this is going to suck for the first 30 days. Okay, so, so just hunker down and get ready for it because it's going to suck you're not going to know what you're doing. You're gonna feel like the new guy, new gal, and you're gonna want to quit. So get through that to get a couple of wins where you know, like the viral video or, for me, wins. We're just generating leads or, you know, I mean, I've always figured out a way to get some excitement from a few small wins that I got. So figure out. How do you get excited about something? Stop looking at me. I'm speaking to you newbies who are in that 30 Day phase. Stop looking at every little thing as a sign of why you can't do this. It's just a challenge that all of us have. Start expecting those challenges. know they're going to come and just get ready to hunker down around them because there's no way around. The difficult stuff to get to success. You got to go through it. Gotta go through it. People can see right through bullshit. So don't be bullshitting people like yourself and people people will see the honesty and people will see that people will see that you're putting in the hard work and people will want to contribute like people want to do that. So Mark, the bald affiliate is your tick tock and I like that because this is a great example of a body body image or something that a lot of times people don't talk about. They're like, they're like, you know, they try to it's a thing that that like for me my addiction in my history of my past was something that I was like I didn't ever want to I didn't ever want to talk about but it gave me a certain element of uniqueness in by you say Mark the bald affiliate in calling yourself out some what do they call it self to do something humor so deprecating humor? Yes. I mean, obviously, it wasn't hard for you to come up with that name. But no, I mean, I just think it's brilliant. You know what I mean? How did you come up with it and what advice do you have for other people who are not so easily embracing themselves, if you will, in integrating their personality and themselves into their brand like you clearly are? 

Mark: You have to be able to laugh at yourself. Okay, so when I first started doing affiliate marketing, I started going live. And I noticed a lot of my live customers, a lot of my live clients, they started taking some shots, you know, like bald guy or looks a little bright over there. Where's the sunglasses now? Just things like that. So I just started going with it and it it kind of worked. And it's kind of a lot of people will remember those little things like hey, that's the bald guy. Like I said before, like months ago, I like I'm pretty easy to remember like I'm a bald guy that has the beard so I there was a guy at the gas station that hey, you're that bald guy on Tik Tok that's making money like wow, and if I wasn't bald probably I wouldn't have been easily recognizable, but it's just that thing that has people that just sticks in their mind and mobile clicks or when they see on social media. It's like oh, there's that guy again. Like I remember that guy. Like everybody has some certain little niche to them that that that people.

Dave: Stick your schtick. That's it? Yes. Like, like, I think that's like a northern thing. But it's like, Hey, what's your stick? What's your stick? It's like, it's like everybody's got a stick. You know? You're the bald guy. And I love that. I love that because you're so clearly bald, and you're just set you're using that like, call me the bowl guy, whatever you got to do to remember, right? You're using every possible thing to your advantage. And I just love that right? Because number one, when we start to laugh at ourselves, life becomes a little lighter and easier. And also it is such a great marketing tool. I mean, it's sort of like the drug addiction in high school dropout and construction story that I tell. It's vivid, and people remember me for it. That was what I used. You're using your baldness and also your story, right being an electrician all that my question to you is, what do you have at your disposal that you can use that you are letting sit on the table? I mean that you're just let's just there that's a game changer and in Mark usually what I find is it's something that you want to do you want to say you but it's you haven't done it yet. That's what it was for me when I wanted to be more honest with my story. And then I finally did. And I got lots of good feedback. My question to you is what is the thing that you've been thinking about doing? That makes you a little uncomfortable? So you haven't done it yet? But you know, you know, you know it can be helpful. And it's just a question to marinate right? It's a question for everybody to think about. Be honest about what I am not doing because it's uncomfortable. Because I think it's too big of a goal for me. Whatever it is, you know what I mean? I'm asking everybody out of inspiration from your example of the mark the bald affiliate and I mean, there's so many people I think that that that have something that's scary or they're not sure about or makes them uncomfortable and oftentimes that's the very thing that is going to just really make a big difference in your in your messaging or in your story. I mean, the difference between you being the bald affiliate, and just marking the affiliate, it's, it literally is night and day, that one addition, so just think about that for all of you who are listening. How can you it's really about standing out, you know, it's really about instead of being forgettable, being unforgettable, right? I want to say things I want to say things in my marketing, they might video that touch right so on that pain point that they actually think about what I said, laying in bed at night, and they know how to find me again, because I either opt into my email list or I said something or there was an identifying mark that helped them find me again, because a lot of times people will hear something and then later like it and not know how to find you again. That's why it's so important to get the email address out of the way and not talk about the Lincoln bio because anybody can look up and see your Lincoln bio look up and see it. But if you talk about the special, powerful 22 minute sales video or training video that changed your life salesmen Call it whatever you want video that changed, your life changed. Now all of a sudden, you know, we're getting people further into the process and I just think that a lot of things that you're doing whether you know them or not a really brilliant and it's no wonder that you've you've you know, you've you've blown up and then you've been able to to manage that and run with that. So congratulations, man.

Mark: Thanks, David. Like I said last time I was making a spot on my wall. I can see my clock back there. I just got that in the mail just today. So I just opened that up. So there's a lot of time to call. So thankfully and then hopefully I'll make another slot on the wall for another one coming up. 

Dave: All right, well tell the family that I said hello now that I've learned a little bit about a mom and dad of court and have a fantastic day. Maybe we'll do round three here soon. 

Mark: Okay sounds great, I look forward to it. Thanks again.

Dave: All right, Mark. Hey, buddy. All right, you guys in gals and everybody can check out mark and follow him on TikTok at as we've been saying. Mark the bald affiliate mark the bald affiliate. My friends, have a fantastic Monday. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Make sure that you text WUL to the number on the screen 813-296-8553 So you can get a little text message reminder whenever we go live. If you want any slag, you can go to be Legendary dot shop and if you'd like to be featured on the show, maybe you're somebody who's gone off into coaching or courses or events or something that we're not able to track you so well. Fill out our featured form and we'd love to feature you on the Wake Up Legendary. So show that forward slash featured. You can fill that out, and I'd love to interview you or my friend. We'll talk to you later. We'll see you tomorrow. Have a great day. Get out of here.