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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What’s going on Legendary people? This is Dave Sharpe, happy Monday. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever it is, where you may be tuning in today, we've got a great guest as we normally do these guests they never cease to amaze me how we continue to keep pulling people out of our community as a matter of fact, the waiting list to come on the show keeps getting fuller and fuller because we just got so many incredible people who are going through our training here and a part of our community and who are implementing stuff and getting results and I was thinking about something over the weekend we may be one of if not the only communities and companies that actually want to talk to our students who want to have real conversations with our clients who want to talk to our affiliates, you know, no BS just unfiltered, what's going on, what are you learning what are you doing, and this morning we're going to do just that. So I'll bring on our guest this morning, and we'll go from there. Welcome to the show, Michael. 

Michael: Hey, hey, this is Michael Martin everybody

Dave: Funny, funny story i i literally just I didn't roll out of bed, I've been up for three hours or so but, you know most mornings I'm hanging out with my son, my daughter I'm having a few cups of coffee and, you know, sometimes I'll do a little work in the morning, Michael but most mornings I try to not do any work in the morning, you know, so anyways I'll look at my phone and I'll try to you know look at a little bit of details about who the guest is going to be so I can have some prep. That's that I don't usually do that usually I just come out about two seconds before and kind of read things as I'm getting started, but yeah man I hopped on I saw your name, I was like, I wonder if that's the Michael Martin that I know from the past we have done some marketing side by side in the past together. And it sure was man, so like great to reconnect to we're reconnecting live in front of you. Who knows, whoever is going to be watching this, so welcome back into my world and I'll welcome myself back into your world and here we are.

Michael: Exactly, yeah it's good to be here. Yeah, it was just one of those things where, you know, coming back in the online space was a big decision for me honestly, it took me a couple years to actually really do it. And so I did look at, you know, different things on the market. I got to see what converts do well, what kind of, what kind of offers are out there because I personally love the info space. I love seeing people develop and sell things to people that are actually valuable. And then also, you can see them grow and I like to come alongside people and help them along the way as well, so. So yeah so I weighed out a couple different things and it was a lot of testing going on and I was just like I just couldn't let go of sharp because like I've always just resonated with your, with your story, your mess and I know a lot of people say that but that's the, that's the power in store. Yeah, that yeah yeah we connected on that. That's funny because you share that picture with your head at the computer right or you turn around like this, think of that picture. And that's one of the first opt in pages I ever used with an affiliate.

Dave: Yeah you talking about the one where I'm just sitting there at the king of the table almost and I'm just it's a real fuzzy picture and um, I got the iMac on the hair I'll bring it up, I'll see if it's the one but, yeah, I mean, we used to back in the day make them and I still like to do this, you know, ugly, ugly opt in pages, you know, we're looking kind of eye catching like what the

hell, brown, like you had brown color around it borders, it was so ugly but that taught me a valuable lesson back then is like it's not about how pretty, things are, you know, it's about what what's intriguing what's pulling people's minds and what's sucking them in and it was all about the headline and the picture too, you know, that yeah,

if you can use if you can kind of combine those two here let's see, share screen, this, this is, this may be the picture, I think it was. And you see that where it's kind of like, you got this one, then I've got, I've got a few others of me when I was. That's one that I know we used on a, on a landing page back in the day. I've also got these, or, This is me on a construction site. Right. Do you save these pictures from your URL, do you have any pictures of like when you first got started that you, that you use or reuse to kind of tell your story.

Michael: Some, not really accessible right now on this computer but yeah I had some old hard drives that I'll pull up for, for different things you know story videos, welcome videos that people can kind of see where we were in the past. Um, you know, it's been, it's been a long journey, you know we're nine years into this now, since we started into 2012, and we've had some really great, great success and then, you know, it kind of got pulled out from under us, you know, things like that can happen. And so I shifted, took a big shift. My wife was already in real estate because we got to retire her from her job. By doing online business I jumped into real estate with her just to take a breather, you know, I just had to get my headspace clear. And so we took about $3 million. You know, in sales, real estate business and did exactly what we were doing before, you know, driving traffic getting leads, putting people through an actual automated process that was through a Tete a Tete spot, artificial intelligence, and I just put all these things together because that's what I had learned in the past, right that's what we do. Yeah and applied it to that and within about 14 months in that business to $8 million business and rinsed and repeated a couple times over the last couple of years and did really well with it. 

Dave: Yeah, that's awesome. 

Michael: So yeah, so, so yeah, it's fun.

Dave: So I think just what comes up for me when you said that was how we were. We all of us in many of you who are listening right now are under estimating and undervaluing the skills that you're learning and how those are transferable. You know, we, we kind of, I feel like when we first get started. It depends on how its presented to us but have a very bizarre be mindset, like for me, my first business, like any business venture was network marketing, and I got presented this business opportunity and it was like the only way it was presented was I can get in and build this business only. And what I realized as I got into online marketing because I failed miserably offline, I was a 24, 25 year old punk kid who had no, nobody listened. Nobody made eye contact with me because they didn't want to catch whatever poverty, disease I had. You know I'm driving around in an old Ford truck, they're going, I don't want to do business with this guy now, later, never. right. And so when I came online, I started to learn, you know, direct response marketing, email marketing, there wasn't so many automated bots back in 2010 11 but they started to pop up in the last four or five years. And if I wanted to go back now I've stayed online this whole 10 years besides a year or two, I didn't do much but if I wanted to go back into construction. I would do it tote I would do it totally different than my dad did it, and I would protect possibly blow up my construction business, fast, and it scale it in a way I have more leads that I knew what to do with because of the transferable marketing skills, and I just want to highlight that because over the past few years since, in between your online marketing it's like a sandwich you went back into real estate, you have. That was the meat of the sandwich here for the past few years. You used what you learned to take a real estate company and excel its growth. And I just think we undervalue that, because we just don't know what we don't know. We don't know how powerful these skills are that we're learning. 

Michael: Right, exactly. Yeah, it's funny because people you know back in when I was doing online marketing because I'd say, Well, what would you do if all this fell apart, you know, that was always the big question like well if you don't have these products to sell him or this company goes if you're an affiliate of this company and they go away what happens, whereas you're right. It doesn't, I just redirect it, I take everything that I'm doing now and apply it to something else, whether it's online, semi online offline whatever and that was the shift I had to make I was actually thinking about doing a small business you know local small business type, you know just sell ads for them to a platform for them and just do that. We've got a business right here that we can already take and excel. So that's what we did. So what brought you what made you want to get back online. Did you forget what you said a few minutes before we went live was the 32nd Did you get bored or what was it that drew you back on to the internet was it was it COVID That pushed you back on it, was it just you had that itch you needed to scratch, you're too good at it to not do it, what was it, I missed that, I just missed the camaraderie that we would build here in regards to just helping people win and helping people succeed. I'm a nerd. I'm an analytical kind of nerd. I kind of like to sit at home and you know do the numbers things and kind of check out conversion rates and things like that so I love, I love doing all that stuff. My wife is the talker. She's the real estate agent like she's the one who goes out and just loves to do all that. I told her when I started with her I said this isn't a forever thing, right, this is just for right now until we can, you know, figure out what direction I want to go. And with everything out there you know there's there's so much English so much garbage has been tossed around over the last few years and I just kind of steered clear and just wanted to do, do it right, you know, they wanted to get with the right program the right people, and I didn't, I didn't even reach out to you. Here's the funny thing, I didn't reach out to you, I didn't reach out to any other people that I was testing there or anything. I really just wanted to get in and start from scratch because in all honesty, three to four years old, long time, like in this world, it's a very long time since people have moved on to create their own products, they've moved on to other opportunities or they just gave up. And so I just have literally started this from scratch, and I wanted to do it that way because then I can go to somebody and say yes these products and what they teach actually do work for these skills these traffic skills these sources, whatever it is, do work, and not just make a bold statement, you want to be a product of the product, if you will, you know, as we used to say in network marketing right. Go there, don't go there. 

Dave: You know you want to be a product of the product.  Oh my god the different phrases and various shit I heard and learned from, from, from MLM and network marketing is just, just, money's in the front, money's in the front. Front Loaded with lotions, potions and pills sit in the garage right Monday. That was the thing. Yeah, why we get into this, I think the thing that attracted me to digital auto right in marketing, was that I was doing marketing. The first, you know, deal I was ever in it was a cell phone company I've signed up the company shut down before I ever got the company went out of business, but then I got in, and then I did a skincare company, and it was these purple boxes and and I built a big huge downline in a pre launch but that company never launched right so I was successful, but I'd, but I didn't actually make any money, I just, I, you know, I use the lead generation skills to kind of generate a bunch of leads and. And then I got into numismatic coins, which, I see that resurfacing nowadays they're back into that same ol would you like to own gold and silver, you know, and I'm like oh my god this is like deja vu. Because I got numismatic coins that were the auto ship product, and I was paying $100 a month for it I was like this is great, I'm collecting gold and. And then, I was so broke one month, I didn't have the money to pay my half of the bills when my, my girlfriend, now wife, and I was like well, awesome I got these assets right I'll just go and take them to the pawn shop or the gold shop and I'll just I'll just sell them, and I get there and they're like, Well yeah, thing that's worth $20 I'm like when I paid 100 for it dude, and I didn't understand the difference between bullion and numismatic. Right, right. So I've done so many things . It's unbelievable but this is selling information right Michael, it's this, it's this fascinating business which is what we teach here at Legendary. The core four ways to sell information online courses, coaching or events, live or virtual or affiliate marketing, and the idea that I can sell, package my information, or I can just promote somebody else's information. There's no deliverable there's no, there's been all kinds of businesses dude over the past five years that have satellite drop shipping all phone games has just steadily stayed the same, or, or grown was funny because you mentioned that because there's a course for every one of those things, you know. Right, I mean, that's the whole thing is, when you think about it, the Googlers who are teaching Amazon and dropshipping, they're actually making their money from selling records. Right, exactly, exactly.

Michael: And that's insane that's, that's why I love this space and here's the thing, even back in my, in my, in my hay days, you know, I had a lot of, I had a great Twitter strategy that I would use and in some ways like launch but that no product, because see everybody is different strokes for different folks right and I've had traffic stuff where I've could have done paid traffic and done products for that as well and I'm just not a product guy, like I'm the type of guy like I want to sell other people's stuff that's just appealing to me. Some people want to create courses, y'all create courses I'll sell it right, but I don't have to deal with all the merchant processing, there's a lot of things that affiliate you know we don't have to deal with. It's a lot of headaches, and it lets me actually focus time on helping people develop in what they're doing, you know, and that's that's always been my passion and my focus.

Dave: So, I would prefer to be an affiliate to a man. I got into this company we were selling this was 2016, and I got into this company, and we were selling water machines water filtration devices, and we came in and we just blew it up like it had a, it had a multi level marketing plan, but we were mainly we were doing, we were kind of building like affiliate marketers online, and we went to this company event. And all these old school guys are like they put our like landing pages and Facebook site up up on the upon like literally in this room full of leaders do. And they go, this is how not to do it. Here we got. We blew that out so bad that they had. A delay of like 90 days to get the product out because we came in and sold so many of these water machines. So I was like why? Why are people such crabs, new Why are people so small minded

that they are so threatened by something new in people who have an abundant mindset, because they just asked us, How are you doing it? Can we learn from you? We would have happily shared. Yeah, so I was like, god bless it. And that's, and that's when I was like, You know what, I gotta create what I would like and Legendary has. I'm no longer there. I happen to be some of the glue here but the community has blossomed. And it's become much bigger than me at this point, but I would just love to, I don't think, I don't think people realize how good you got it when you're literally just selling other people's stuff especially if you can make reasonable Commission's, right, and you don't have to deal with, as you said merchant processing all these other kinds of things.

Michael: Yeah. And, you know, just in transparency, you know, it has its, it has this downside like you were, you have, you know you're at the mercy. And that's kind of what pulled me away from the industry for a minute because we had, we had the rug swept out from under us, not just once or twice. And but my thing, that that was partially my fault I have to take ownership that I was putting all everything into too much into one thing. Does that make sense like, I'm a believer in focus, I'm a believer in focus because you've got to, you've got to create a baseline of a business, whether it's your lead generation, whether it's your sales or money coming in, before you can actually start trying to venture in other things you see all these people trying to put all these eggs in all the different baskets, but there's no yolk in any of the eggs. So, yes so you got to, you do have to just get busy work because the beautiful, beautiful things of affiliate marketing high ticket affiliate marketing is, you can generate pet Yup, very fast, very fast. If you get busy and, and understand how things work in this world. So, yeah, it's a great space.

Dave: Yeah. You know one of the things that we talk about a lot here at Legendary and we've been kind of hammering this quite a bit lately is this idea of not going out there and being a kind of a sales person for the product that you're the product that you're promoting and. And what we mean by that is, is, you know, it is basically going out there and announcing the actual name of the product and or the company that you're promoting in your content, and even on your landing page. I want to make this as simple as possible so everybody understands what I'm talking about. If you do that, it's like you're a glorified salesperson for one product. Right. And instead, as an affiliate what we should be doing is, we should be building our personal brand, right now, whether that's David Sharpe, whether you want to call yourself, you know whether your money man, whatever your doesn't matter whether you use your name or whether you use something that's, that's, that's, that you think is resonates with with you or kind of describes you, that's more generic. The bottom line is that what happens, let me make this really simple, not only can you pigeon self pigeonhole yourself into a corner, kind of putting all your eggs in one basket. Here's the other problem is that when you're out there going, Hey I just took the 15 day challenge or I just went through Tom, Dick and Harry's training course over here and I want to tell you all about it on your TikTok via YouTube video, you know what people do, they go, especially if it's the first video they've ever seen of you, they go, you know, let me go look this up myself. And then all of a sudden, guess what you didn't get them, here's the simple thing you didn't get them to opt in, so you don't have their email you can't follow up, and you didn't get them to click your affiliate link, so they become cookies to you. If they do buy.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, it goes back to what we were joking about product with the product you know you have this, this persona for yourself but here's the thing, and I'm a little counter, counter when it comes to this whole when it comes to the branding conversation because I think too many people take it too seriously. It's like, just be you just need Dory, you know, some people go, they get caught up so much in this whole like, I've got to create my brand, I've got to do this I got to do that shit about your brand, you know, I mean, like it's one of the things, not at this point, like, go out there, get educated, do it in your, in your persona your name, and just, and just go out there and do it, and let the results of your lifestyle at the results of whatever it is you're doing let that brand, you know, and then if you want to start developing some sort of revenue. So many people get so wrapped up in this whole brand thing or I agree, and it drives me up a wall sometimes, you know.

Dave: Here's the thing, if Matt if, you know, I'm an Apple guy. I think most of us, most of us are at this point. If this had no name, the no name device, but it worked like it does. I wouldn't care, what it's called. If it was called nothing, just oh did you get the nothing phone. No Name. Whatever. I wouldn't care because of the value that it's adding to my life how easy it is how easy it is to understand, and I think for us. And I, I also think for you. Being kind of out of the game for the last couple of years. It has been more proven over the last couple of years that nobody cares about high production, Nobody cares about logos, because of the content the videos, the stuff that's going viral that people are eating up to is the lowest production just somebody pulled out a phone and shake it in their hand, it's grainy, but it's valuable. It's funny. It's interesting. Right. That's what, you know, that's the videos that you pull up on, and I think a lot of marketers get frustrated dude because they're like, why is my stuff not going viral Why am I not getting the attention, I've got I upgraded my phone I bought the latest iPhone I've got the high tech equipment I got the microphone, you know like, I don't eat this microphone I only use it because I bought it on one of those. Oh, I'm going to upgrade all my audio video equipment tangent I got I used to go on more I'd spent all this money on dumb shit I never used. But I do this show every day. Look, you can see my ghetto setup, this thing, I don't even know why I've got that back there. For some reason I think it makes the image on my webcam on my computer look better. I've got a, you know, I got a goofy little one of those eye. Things that clips to my desk here to get my face some light which, you know, only shows more of my, my wrinkles and grays and everything else that's going on in my face. It is it's a ghetto setup I'm 10 years into the game. I have money to spend on equipment if I want it, but Michael, here's the other thing: I wear the same shirt every day. I wear what I wear. Sometimes I will, I just pick the shirt up and smell it, I had it on last week, I just gave it a sniff test like, you know, nobody cares.

Michael: They don't. 

Dave: They don't do video training the bag that actually had done training in an event, and it's all video training. I'm like one take, you know, start learning how to do things in one vs two back when we were doing a lot of blogging. Blogging puts videos on blog stuff, because that's the thing for me, like it's always been the one time I stuttered. I don't care, you know, whatever, let's just put it up there and see what happens because people resonate. You know, that's what they resonate with if they see if they see it look too perfect than it looks unattainable for them, they're like, I can't afford a camera crew, I can't afford this. And it puts it already puts doubt in people's heads if they can actually build an online business, or

train their dog, or if they can, right, because with anything that let's look at another niche like. So let's say I'm, I'm watching dog training say that's your niche. And, you know, there's a whole big professional crew there and it's all edited up, I'm going to be thinking, what are they adding out that the dog just beat the guy in the hand right I'm going to be more skeptical. So the other reason why one takes one of the reasons why I go live and I prefer to kind of deliver content in this format is because there's not a whole lot of dudes out there who can, or are willing to just sit with a different person every day, totally unscripted in life. They're just not not in this industry. It's rare and I don't know anybody else who doesn't, but, there's no bullshit here. There's no edits, there's no horseshit, there's no What did they add it out, oh maybe Dave said something that he regrets and not if I say it's out there, somebody heard it. 

Michael: You gotta go, you just go through it, you know that’s it.

Dave: I‘ve done this now for a while on this particular show, so many people in our company and Matt have done it, that does it at least once a week, sometimes more. We all get that practice of delivering content and just talking and not worrying about not being inside of our head and so forth. And it's, you know it's a, it's a valuable thing so anyways, I wanted to ask what's different four years ago compared to today on the internet.

Michael: And I was gonna just touch on that it's crazy because you know, when I Okay, when I came on, Let's start over there when I came on Twitter had no paid marketing. So Twitter was a free for all, you know, so that's where I kind of found my baseline was I need to go find free traffic. Twitter is a great place, but whatever there was no out no no algorithms at that point you know it's it's a rolling feed. So I started there and found some really great results and then of course paid, you know sponsored traffic came in there and then it kind of just algorithms kicked in and kind of screwed it all up. But that was fine. It gave me enough of a launching point to go. And then I did I was on the forefront of YouTube ads, like when YouTube launched their ads, I was one of the first ones on there so like I was paying like maybe one or two cents of view and it was just like, there was no there was no smart bidding then it was just, you just did, you know, and there was nobody really doing it because back then, nobody wouldn't do videos. Everybody was scared to do videos. So we killed it there. And so, so figuring out that part of things, you know the YouTube traffic side of things, all these smart bidding and letting things kind of just go for a while so the hour and that's, that's a big different thing for me as it's been hard to adjust for that because I'm such a hands on, I want to change things so the impatience in me is killing me. One of the other big things is Snapchat, all those things, all these quick video, you know, video social networks that have been around. Instagram stories and rewind. I am now. Yeah, I just started on Tik Tok about five weeks ago, and I didn't tell him. Yeah, maybe I'm just hard like, I'm gonna hop on Tik Tok because I've got other networks right but I've actually pushed out and said hey I'm on Tik Tok and follow me. But like I said I want to see how fast I could get out there. So I just hit my 1000 followers Yes, last night while I was asleep. So, my little link, you know I'm in, I'm in business now. And, so I can do labs there now, which for me is going to be crucial because that's where I can actually go in and really just talk to people like this cuz I'm all about raw transparency, let's just talk. So, I think it'll be fun. Yeah.

Dave: Well, I'll tell you the one of the big differences between now and five years ago, is, is a platform like TikTok, and it's just the beginning, you know, for this. I mean they really, they really nailed something and did something special with their platform . I don't know what you call their algorithm, it's just it's more than an algorithm though it's the way that the app. The way that you can create content on the app, integrate so many things. The music that the edits how easy it is to use, and then reach how they, how they, they kind of push it out to a small audience and if it gets a certain amount of views or hits a certain criteria they push it out to a bigger audience. And if you keep hitting the criteria for the next level, you know, like the or your watch time or whatever continues to meet the criteria then they push you out to a bigger audience, and we've got people who, you know, in their first whether it be five weeks, five days, first five videos first five months, I mean, sometimes we get in this instant success kind of mindset because of TikTok, but are just doing what you have to basically sometimes spend years on YouTube trying to do. Yeah, and it's, it's, it's just, it's, it's, I would say that, I would say that the paid advertising that you described where you kind of, you can, or they want, you can set it and forget it, and let the kind of smart targeting kind of kick in on a platform like Facebook is different, but I'll tell you what, there's a lot of things that are the same. There's a lot of things that are the same. And this is one of the things that I want to say to everybody who's listening who thinks that you might have gotten to the game late, or that you missed out on something you missed out on some opportunity, whatever, here's what I've discovered is that the same thing that worked 10 years ago, works today. It's, it's your message. It is his, it is how you deliver your message and your content. It's how you tell your stories, not your story, you know, sometimes we get caught up in thinking that marketing is about going out and telling your life story. Well guys, I'd like to start my tech doc channel today and I'd like to take it all the way back to 1963 Right, no, it's just learning how to make a point and tell a story. You know what I mean, wrap that inside of a story. And just, yeah, we get, we get, we, it's not even about we're getting good at it, I mean I tell stories all the time and it's like that kind of fumbled out or whatever but it's, it's just your message in how comfortable, can you be in your skin. And the same thing that applies offline when you're, you know, kind of, you know, it's like my daughter right now she's five, she's in camp right now, she's she's doing acting and drama this week, and she gets embarrassed, right, and she says that she knows how to identify the feeling her mom helped her with that. And she gets embarrassed. Right. And it's like, I said to her this morning I said look, I said, the quicker that you can get over that, just in life in general, and just get comfortable in your own skin, just have a good time, the better off your whole life, the more successful because being embarrassed is simply a reaction, it's dominated by caring what other people think. And the more we can get over that, the quicker we can get over that, the more creative we are, the more in flow state we are, the better we can get at delivering value in serving, being in the moment with somebody in thinking about them and how can I serve them, how can I make them laugh or how can I entertain them with this story, Versus, how do I look.

Michael: Right, exactly. And that and see and for me you know I didn't care before either really but, but there are certain things you have to let go of sometimes and sometimes old habits are those things like I mean, when it came to doing TikTok, you know, I didn't have three minute video start now, which I would never do a three minute video anyway it's not just doesn't doesn't fly for me when I've tested it now but you know, letting go of all the different things that I thought that I had to do in a video right like I gotta have this or I got to do that or, you know, you got time for that, you know, And, but the upside to it was, this was six, you know, when when I, when I first left the industry, I had about, we had we just had our twins, so they were one, and then we have a baby now who's 10 months old so we've, we've had a lot of kids and lo and our houses, hell and we'll sometimes mount, like I said my wife had to take the kids out for this hour so I could actually have quiet time. But the beautiful thing with TikTok is, I don't have to talk. You know to me like it's true up all believe in some of the guys here it just kind of did the whole point and thing and just that, and you don't realize that in the background it's clack, clack, clack, clack, clack going on in my house right and it's, it's just, it's been interesting, but it's definitely like you said a lot of this stuff is the same. I mean, still building lists, we're still engaging on the technical side of things, you know, we're still, we're still, the whole game is getting people to to look at whatever you're selling, and then generating a list and engaging that list and doing that through their stories, they're like you said, telling stories I mean yeah the pitchy stuff, eventually, people like to buy stuff eventually but you just got to sprinkle it in there, you know, you can't just go, hey look what I'm doing come by this look what I'm doing come by this. No. Where's the value? What problem are you solving for these people? And you'll hear this over and over and over. We serve solutions, you know what I mean, that's what marketing is, it's not, it's not buy buy buy. And so, so yeah, a lot of that stuff is the same, just the modes of delivery at times are a little different, you know that's that's really what it is.

Dave: Yeah. And how can you make somebody, I mean I think the secret to selling. If I could just try to keep it as simple as possible, make it so nobody feels like you're selling them. Right. You're always just suggesting inviting, right, like if I was going to do a webinar or even if on a webinar I was going to do a pitch, or in a video I was going to do a pitch. I would say something like, I'd like to invite you to the inside, right, I would like to invite you to take the right, I would, I would like to encourage you to take advantage of right it's never like this kind of blatant sales pitch I think a lot of times when we think of, you know marketing we think there's this, there's got to be this awkward kind of where you present in you, you, it's like you're starting to sell and people go, Well, I don't like to sell. And it's like, we'll never shall always invite, always suggest, always just simply recommend, you know, and that makes it really easy to transition from whatever you're talking about to the story you're talking about. And that's the formula, It's like, let me tell you a story. And then the transition is simply, well look, this is, this is the product that I used in that scenario that helped with my, my, you know, my rash. Right, so I would recommend I would invite you, if you're having that same rash, click the link down below, right, and go check it out because let me tell you something. My inner loins, were to work its magic down there right, tell the devil was between my thighs each and I'm thinking of this because we're in Florida in my, I'm actually old enough, in, or maybe I'm heavy enough now I don't know, but I gotta I just recently switched from boxers to briefs. And the reason is down here in Florida. My thighs as I'm walking around my son, outdoors, they're rubbing together. It's like there. It's like it's starting a fire in between so anyways.

Michael: Yeah, I get it, we're close enough, we're in Georgia so we get it. Yeah, yeah, I just, I try to tell people like, think of yourself as like an air traffic controller it's down there directing the plane. You're just, you're just guiding people. They don't need to hear you all the time, you know, occasionally, yeah, but you know just just guide them to where they need to go, and it helps get that people through that process a lot easier.

Dave: But what's your experience, we'll wrap this up so you can get back to your family, and let them back in the house you know they're, they're probably outside looking at the windows of the door What, what's, what's your experience with say our 15 Day Challenge and how we've done things here and our, you know, I would assume you are recommending that. What would you say to somebody who's new and what they might expect to experience as they go through it.

Michael: Yeah, I would, um, I mean, yeah, I went through it, you know, I could, I could easily go back and look at it. I actually went through it, and, and it's great like I made it step by step. Now, for some people, you know it's gonna be brand new information, you know, I mean like they're gonna it's for most people, I'm sure it's gonna hit them like a ton of bricks and they may have to go through things a couple of times, which there's no problem that like there's no, this isn't a race, you know what I mean and I know a lot of people get into something like that and they want to speed through it and just just check the box right. But, like we were talking about earlier, all these skills that even in the 15 day challenge that you're being exposed to and starting to learn more about are skills that you can take and create a whole business around just one of those small one of those skills you're learning whether it's understanding funnels and capture pages are like, you know, building list and just marketing, there's so many different caveats to these businesses that you should just, you should try to soak it all in and then understand the end game. And for me personally the way I look at it. The end game isn't that you're going to be doing all of these things all the time for the rest of your life trying to build an online business right, you get in and you understand how everything works. And then you start to get some results, you take it, get some results, and then you pick the things that you like to do, you know, you pick the things that you're good afternoon, you're passionate about it, take the other stuff in either outsource it, automate it figure out ways I mean we're in the world of automation these days no people don't, you know, some people say all auto autopilot stuff you know No, but it's a it, that's the world we're in now like I said I did it in real estate, You know automated the whole front end process of just engaging people through text message and just warming up and it's really just a qualification process who's serious and who's not. So I don't want to waste my time calling people who aren't serious. So so yeah but there's all kinds of things you can do that you'll, you'll absorb through the 15 day challenge, And, and then actually, you know, figure out how to blueprint for your business, moving forward, and it's going to look different for everybody that's why, that's one thing I like about it to the whole eight the 15 Day Challenge all it is is it's not a one size fits all right, there's, people are going to find what they enjoy what they don't, and they're just going to go and focus in between. No, all of it you've got to understand the mechanics of the whole business, because you can't really tell people you can't automate. You can't outsource stuff that you don't even know about, you have to understand a little bit about how it works. You don't know if the person you're paying to take care of it's doing a good job or not, you know, so understand it and understand that it's full, this is a business. And like we talked about earlier, you can take this and do anything with it. Like for instance, online space and offline space I mean you can help so many people build their small businesses, You know you can, you know just build yourself up. There's just so many avenues you can take with this so my other recommendation, last one is, you know, use the resources that are there, contact that business advisor and get on the phone with them and understand that they are there. These are people who had my son go through it as well. I didn't even tell you that I have an older son who was 21. He's 21, and I had him go to the challenge, and you know get on the phone with the advisor and just give me his take on, you know, and what he felt about it, and he loved it like he felt like you know they were walking him through they knew what they were talking about they weren't. These aren't like sales people, right, and people like always think oh I'm gonna have them call up somebody to be sold, no he actually was talking to him about how what kind of products, he's marketing as an affiliate and showing him like different things and it was very, he loved it, like and I had him test a couple other ones too and it didn't go so well for him. So, um, so yeah I would definitely. That would be my number one thing, stick to it, get through it and connect with the advisor.

Dave: Well, it's, I like to, I like to think about it like this. You're right, people are going to kind of choose their own path. But what we do is give them sort of like if you think of a football field. There's boundaries, right, right here is kind of the rules to the game. Here's the boundary stay within these boundaries, stay within these business models, right, and we'll give you the tape to study, you know what I mean, you can understand who the competitors are out there who your competition is which in many cases is just going to be yourself, but we'll give you the tape to school give you the tape to study, we'll give you the place to run. You know what I mean we'll give you the place to run, we'll give you the audible giving you, in many cases you'll build a team here too. You'll build a team of people who support you. You'll build a team of people who celebrate you, you'll develop fans. Seriously, developing fans people come to watch come to listen from this community. I'm not even talking about people out in the potential leads or people that you're going to do business with, I'm talking about you'll get friends, teammates and even fans, right here from this community. And then it's up to you how high do you want to run the score up, you know, how high do you want to just want to play the game, you want to hang out at the stadium, or do you want to run the score up. And we got people who are running the score man. I'm looking forward to watching you do the same so thanks for your time, brother. Thank you, like we said, Thank you for the time as well, and let me know if there's anything I can do for you. Okay. 

Michael: Awesome, thank you. 

Dave: All right. See, Michael. All right my friend Michael Martin and I are going to put up his info one more time. He's on TikTok. He's new; he's five weeks into tech talk. Remember he's coming back. This guy was marketing in succeeding at a pretty high level back when, when he was doing it from 2012 to 2014 or 15 or 16 I guess he did it for about four or five years for you took some time off, and then has come back now. And, I'm really excited to watch him. See what he does with his business, how he operates on platforms like TikTok that weren't around back five years ago, and. And that just goes to show that just goes to show my friends. If you think you were late to the party you were late to the game, you ain't you ain't you ain't late to the game. The best time, right, to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the time was today. I like that. I get out of here. I had a fantastic day. We'll see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode. Peace.

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