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Dave: What going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary I am waking up Legendary right now with you, literally still wiping the sleep out of my eyes. Okay, if a, like a boulder of sleep falls out of my eye during the show. Don't mind me. Don't mind me. I had my face, deeply embedded in some pillow here not too long ago and it was a wonderful thing. But I am waking up legendary right along with you guys and I am excited. Well, some of you around the world have already been up, but I am excited as you guys can see by the title and if you're just listening to this, this audio, we're going to be talking to Olivia in hearing how she went, basically from zero to 150,000 followers on TikTok in 30 days.

And how did she do it like, what's, what's going on, what's her secret? What, how did you get involved in online marketing? So all the way from Plymouth County Massachusetts, Olivia. Welcome to the show.

Olivia: Thank you.

Dave: Yes, you're so welcome. Thanks. Thank you for being on and sharing your amazing journey here that you've been on over the past, short little while. Seems like a lot happened for you really fast online is that accurate? 

Olivia: Yeah, that's kind of scary, not gonna lie, very overwhelming. I had experienced before like working online do I on Fiverr, but like, once I went on social media I didn't expect it to explode the way it did and it was kind of, kind of scary, a little bit.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, totally scary, overwhelming to have so many people looking at you or scary that oh this is taking off, I'm almost scared of success like now I might be on my path to success and oh it's scary. It's scary and in a new and different way. What do you mean it's scary?

Olivia: I think it was more like overwhelming in the sense like everything took off so fast like, I'm not afraid to like talk to people on camera like that's not a big deal to me it was more like, so many people started looking up to me when I had very little knowledge of what I was doing and displaying information I was like, I know what I'm talking about. But I'm not like an expert on it yet so it was just like everyone was reaching out to me and asking me all these questions and I'm like, I'll get back to you I'm not really sure that stuff like that it was just, it was kind of, yeah, like me, and since then it's like forced me to learn a lot really quick So, I don't know I like my success happened but yeah I wasn't ready for everyone to be bombarding me with questions on things that I had no clue the answer to.

Dave: Yeah, so like I have so many directions I want to go but I want to just touch on the fact that I love how you just said that, hey, let me get back to you. I don't think people understand the power of just saying, I don't know but I can find out, I talked about this with so many people so often. And with so many of you guys who are kind of in are struggling with your own form of, I call it imposter syndrome. It's kind of like, it's kind of like, I'm talking about success but I don't really have a lot of success in your case, it's like you, people are asking you about success because of a because of a vanity metric right uh followers, right, but you don't really have the, you know, tons of experience so you're so there's kind of these different ways in which we, we feel like we either, you know you don't have the information, or maybe are even unworthy. We're just not ready to be talking about success in a certain way. And I think that just being ourselves, and just being honest, is the absolute best way to go about it in a confident way, like, you know, without the confidence piece, it's hard. But if I say, You know what, Olivia. That is a fantastic question. And I want to go check on that to make sure that I answer right and I'll get back to you.

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah, cuz when I first started my tech talk it was more of like, documenting my journey and everything I was doing because I started my tech talk back in December, and at the time I was just giving people tips about things like Fiverr and stuff like that. And I was like, kind of just showing them that sort of realm and then once I started affiliate marketing I started documenting that more. And that's when it really took off. So, yeah, I was just trying to, I'm still trying to just be open and honest with people but what I do, I think a lot of people really appreciate that, because you get a lot of people out there that kind of just like the point like hey this is this this is less but like you don't really give them like the information they're looking for. Dave: I agree 100% with that. So you went through our challenge back in June?

Olivia: In January and I finished them like the beginning of February, I think,

is this your. Was that your first experience or or journey into affiliate marketing and learning about selling information and stuff like that?

Olivia: Yeah, a little bit so on Fiverr I am actually a copywriter on Fiverr and I do sales copy. So I had a general idea, because I've had people reach out to me about like hey can you write sales pages and like funnels and stuff like that and I have no clue what that meant but like I did some research on it. But yeah, this was kind of like my first real experience with affiliate marketing, I saw it on TikTok at first I'm like Daryl and Stacy and stuff like that. And then I watched a few YouTube videos on it but I still had no clue really what it was that I just challenged and that's the first real experience.

Dave: Wow, so you kind of came in and went through our training and kind of got expanded your vision, a little bit about what's possible clarified some of the like definitions of what things are and kind of how they work together, and then got into action. I mean, so many people take a course or go through education, and, and then don't bridge that gap between then putting it into action. So what was that experience like for you, and why do you think you were. Did you do it right away, or and what did that look like a little bit to help people understand how you went from learning to earning?

Olivia: So what I did after was I joined a bunch of Facebook groups because after the challenge like you get the basis information which is awesome, but like it's still not enough to really like, completely start like everything, so I joined a bunch of Facebook groups and I saw what people were doing and then I'm like okay I'll make my own Facebook group, Facebook group and like just do freelancing tips because I know a lot about copywriting himself. So I did that and then it kind of just built from there. I think I applied a lot of my skills that I learned before, to actually marketing myself. So that's kind of how I bridge the gap first with the Facebook group and then I started. I already had the TikTok account but I'm like, I'll just start posting a few videos and see what happens. And then I decided to make my Instagram kind of just like spreading myself out across platforms and like I recommend everyone do that because you really don't know what's going to take off. For some people, Instagram does for some people tick tock does and for me it was TikTok, but I made Instagram and I kind of just posted like business tips because why not. And yeah, that's what I've been doing ever since that's how I kind of bridge the gap between everything.

Dave: Yeah, you, you sort of leaned on the community a little bit you combine the education with the community. I, yeah, so that's that's that's important, that's one of the pieces that we've sort of, we've we've updated a lot of pieces, recently with this adding in case studies and adding in like different things, particularly in our Blueprints that kind of be, hey here's, here's how to do it hey here's some other people that are doing it. You know, because I think that I think that one of the big challenges that people have is they get off into a rabbit hole, or, or 10 or 15 rabbit holes, you get into a Facebook group, you get start getting hit up by a couple of people on instant messenger, and it's it's really, it's really, it really becomes overwhelming for people to not to not get on 15 or 20 other people's agendas. How have you kept from getting on people's agendas in following shiny objects down shiny trails?

Olivia: For me it comes down to time management because I literally just don't have the time to do that like I am in class from like eight to four, pretty much every day and then I have to swim after and then I only have a few hours to work in my business. So for me personally, like if I'm being honest here, it just comes down to the time crunch that I have, so like I literally don't have the time to go down that that rabbit hole, I kind of just try and focus on one thing, like I write down everything I have to do for the day. So if I write down those stuff, then I kind of just try to focus on that stuff and get it done. And then if I have time I might go down a rabbit hole every once in a while but like, honestly, for me it literally just comes down to I have a set schedule and I have to stick to it, otherwise I won't get the rest of my day done.

Dave: Yeah, no time management, so important right i mean it's everything. I mean, we people value money more than time, it's kind of interesting. But, with money you can actually get more of time, you can't. Right. And there's the secret combination is when each hour that you work, produces, you know, 10 times what you once earned, right, it's like where you begin to where you begin to kind of experience that compound success I call it sort of like compound interest over time it just builds your. You don't have to work as hard each hour for the many dollars that you now make so I think that that's great, I think that that's a great tip writing down everything that you need to do for that day. And what if you're in, do you order them in order of priority, Olivia like this is the most important one thing that I need to get done? 

Olivia: Yes, I do it also based on time because like I have assignments to do at certain times, so like I base it off of that as well. But yeah, that's that's pretty much what I do.

Dave: So let's talk about TikTok you've, you've, you've gone on tick tock and you've, you've, you've really kind of experienced an abnormal amount of growth, really quick and I just want to be really clear with everybody about, you know, what your expectation should be first and foremost for many years. This sort of growth didn't even exist on the internet. Tick tock is sort of a platform and Olivia is just doing copywriting now for a period of time. How long had you done that before?

Olivia: From August till I still do it but I started in August.

Dave: Okay so you hadn't been doing it that long. So, if I take you get if I, if I can be, you know, Grandpa here for a second, in like five years ago, like, there was no 150,000 followers in 30 days like that didn't exist, that wasn't a thing. Now it's a thing like, we're seeing it. We've seen it happen but, you know, if, if I think back to when I got started, you know, it's like man 150,000 followers or something, maybe you achieved after a decade, you know what I mean, of, of doing, like, consistent ass hard content creation and good quality value based marketing, you know. So I just want to like put that out there for all of you folks who are now going to get a big ol bad ridiculous case of comparison itis with Olivia thinking that Whoa man I really know I, I ain't even close to that right in the same so, and you even mentioned that before we started, there was a little bit of luck there and so I think that that's, that's appropriate to just say right up front, but there's also been other elements, and if you know, my uncle said the other day. And I've heard this before but it was cool to hear him say luck is when you know preparation meets opportunity. And, and I believe that that's true, I believe you've been preparing for this moment for a while. I believe you've, you know, All the things that you've done in school and all the things that you did with copywriting and all that have prepared you now for success. It's just the opportunity presented, it's in you prepared for it. So talk us through these last 30 days, what are some of the things that you did that didn't work or what are some of the things give us your kind of your journey in a nutshell, of, of what you've discovered works really well, and kind of how you create content on a daily basis now. 

Olivia: So what I do is I kind of just take it day by day, so a lot of people like to batch it in the beginning of the week. I don't like to do that personally because for me it doesn't feel like, I like to document my journey more than like actually give out like videos of like pointing at the camera about like what affiliate marketing is I have a bunch of those but for me I kind of just like to take it day by day and see what happens because people are more interested in that is what I found. I also learned that, like I guess the biggest thing I've learned is, you obviously want to have those videos that go viral, so I try to have like one viral video, per se, for like every five videos I have of like genuine information I'm giving out to people. So there are some days where like I talked about builder all, there are some days where I just kind of give, you know, random information and then there are other days where I post videos that I have a feeling will somehow get on the for you page for people. 

Dave: So that's kind of what, when you say when I create viral content on purpose, what can you kind of, what does that look like, what is what is viral content versus this other type of style of content that you're talking about?

Olivia: So for me, viral content is anything that's under like 20, 15 seconds because people have such a low attention span nowadays but like you have to keep it short and sweet. I also base a lot of it on for those people that I've seen like have successful videos so within like the past, I don't do anything over like two or three days because typically those videos fade out but like if you see people that have like bunches of views on certain videos I try and like replicate the videos obviously like in my own way but like similar similar content, stuff like that

style, the style of the video, like, like what they're doing, there was a there was a trend that was happening not too long ago, maybe it's still, maybe it's still popular but where you kind of created a loop at the end of your video so, or you started off with a loop, right, like, so when somebody would get to the end of the video, it just started over, it would start over and you didn't really know, as you were watching the video you didn't really know when the video started like kind of like if I was recording, I might be like, Hey, get out of here. And then, and then at the end of the video would be like, Hey honey, and then the beginning of the video would then be like, Hey, get out of here and it was just so you'd end up getting three views or so from one person, and the reason why you make them 15 to 20 seconds. Just so everybody's clear is because one of the big things that TikTok is looking for is a full video view is are people actually watching this video are they struggling away after two or three seconds that tells that's a metric that tells TikTok, that maybe people are not interested in this video so we shouldn't move it to that next level of a bigger audience is. Is that your understanding as well Olivia?

Olivia: Yeah 100% 

Dave: You're doing a short video, looking at other people whose videos are going viral and trying to sort of replicate that in your own way. What else are some of the characteristics of a viral video for you?

Olivia: I've learned that the trending sounds are huge and a lot of people overlook that literally all you have to do is go to the Add sounds button and then go to tick tock viral and just use those top 10 sounds, because like tick tock is trying to flood the algorithm with all of those sounds right now so like you have a higher chance of your video being shown on the for you page.

Dave: TikTok is actually trying to get as many videos as possible using the same 10 sounds. Why do you think they're trying to do that?

Olivia: I don't know, probably because like, everyone starts doing random trends with those sounds like. Yeah so I think that's the reason why, but I've learned that's a huge key so anyone out there that's wondering why their video isn't going viral I highly recommend at least trying out the sounds, because that for me that was a huge, huge factor in why so my videos got shown.

you learn that like, you want to have higher quality content rather than higher quality videos like if you look at my videos that kind of crap to be honest like the quality of the video itself is really really bad. And like the timing is off with a lot of the stuff but like, at this point I don't really care. I just kind of put them out there. But people are more interested in the content rather than quality unless you're doing like dancing videos or art videos like nobody really cares, like, as long as you have good quality content that people are interested in then like, they'll watch your video and then we'll go from there.

Dave: So, this is something that, when we talk about good quality content. This ties in back to the original thing that we were talking about in the first couple of minutes which is how do I make good quality content, how do I how do I develop or how do I have valuable things, say, especially if I'm new and I don't feel like I'm particularly knowledgeable or successful. So, I mean how would somebody who is new, or how did you find valuable things to say like good quality content that was of value to other people?

Olivia: So when I first started out, I, I just posted what I wanted to post like, I mean I still do that but you kind of just have to play around with a bunch of different things and just, yeah, I literally just posted whatever in the beginning and I was like, this is information on how to start a business this is information on Fiver like just random information and then look in the comments, like people, if people ask the same question numerous times I try and make a video on that question. A lot of my videos are actually based on questions and I think that's why people find so much value in what I'm saying is because, like, they have those specific questions and they want them answered. So if you can answer those questions for people and I mean like in the beginning. Now you're not going to really know what to post but that's that's okay like it's not, you know, you're probably gonna put up like 20, 25 videos and you might have successful songs so you can run with that. But yeah, in the beginning it's just kind of like playing around with everything because nobody's gonna know i mean I'm still playing around with tick tock because it's constantly changing but yeah that's my biggest piece of advice and then once you have those videos up just see what people are asking like write down the questions and then make some videos on them.

Dave: Yeah, I think, I think going back to like the point that you were making, when I was like, So, what's your strategy and you're like well I just kind of like to figure it out on a day to day basis. I almost feel like that's kind of like what people are looking for in a sense, simply because that's how people live their lives is not everybody so reduce borrow and know exactly what tomorrow is gonna look like. So you're here you are, you just kind of show up on their, on their, you know, in their feed and you're sitting there with your hair in a bun or you're kind of look like you're lounging in your bed and you're just like, This is what's on my mind today and, and then you throw in like a business eight like you tie the situation, or your day into something that's valuable a nugget, a tip something that you're thinking about. And I think that that spontaneity, that kind of randomness. I think it keeps people on their toes. And I think that the, I think that people are more attracted to you if you look like you're just their friend who's sitting in a dorm room or sitting in their house, just chilling out versus like all made up, and, you know, like proper and looking all like perfect and shit like, I mean, nobody can relate to that like if I wanted to see that I'd be watching TV and look at million dollar produced commercials, but nobody likes that shit anymore. Nobody. Nobody wants to see commercials. People want to hear real people talking so have you realized that or are you realizing that or do you just not give a damn. And that's how you're going to show up anyways that people really are attracted to and want to hear real shit from real people.

Olivia: No, I 100% agree with that, like that's kind of what I base a lot of my content off of is because, like I like to put myself in the shoes of people who are scrolling on TikTok, like, you know, I think a lot of people overlook that fact like if you were scrolling on tick tock, do you want to stop and watch this video like if I was scrolling as a 20 year old would I want to stop and watch this video. If I was scrolling as a six year old and I want to stop and watch this video. And I think a lot of people just overthink the process too much, and I mean I did in the beginning I spent like probably an hour on one video and then I'm like, like screw it i don't i don't care at this point and then that's what I ended up going viral. And I think that's the mindset people have to have, and like I'm a very type of person you can ask my boyfriend like he knows, but you kind of just have to have that like, Screw it mindset and just go for it sometimes and then that's when it works out.

Dave: Yeah, I totally agree with that, I mean as a marketer for over a decade now. My, my, My, my, literally, my most every single one of my most, and most everything that I've done has been when I just was like screw it I'm just gonna start writing or screw it I'm just gonna start recording, right and then as I'm recording right. The, the ideas come out or I was like holy shit, that was good or whatever, and and I'm like, even if that's not like the total finished like, like for example if I'm recording up or writing a sales letter or something or recording piece of content, like the act of doing it gets the juices flowing, for them the next piece of content, and then the next piece of content. And I think, I think we drastically underestimate the value of the creativity, and in the sort of momentum that we get from just taking action. And, and I think that we also get confused with watching a course or reading a book while taking action. That's not taking action that's watching a course that's going through, there's nothing wrong with learning that reading and going through courses we sell courses, it's really important but we don't design those courses for that to be the thing that you end up doing that's not the result. The result is that you go out and you create shit you do stuff. And then, and then but here's the other thing Olivia, not that you do it one time. And it's like, open the heavens up and dump the gold coins on my head like, it's an art like building a business is consistent action every day, and throwing spaghetti at the wall in testing new things, and it seems like you've kind of got that piece figured out a little bit.

Olivia: Yeah, I played around with the algorithm too and I was like hey I'm not going to post for like two or three days and see what happens. And it's kind of shocking how less views you get like how, like there's so much less engagement like that's the key is like on a platform you have to keep posting or like at least just create consistent content every single day and it doesn't have to be anything crazy like, you know, just take a picture of something and post it on Instagram with, you know, cheesy little caption or something like that, it just keeps people engaged. 

Dave: So I don't know, it's crazy. The, the, the type of consistency like even the show right now we've got 194 people on when, when we first started doing the show. I mean there was 20 or 30 people at max, you know what I mean. Max, and now we've got this show it's every day we've got a couple of 100 people on a couple of 1000 total because, you know people are jumping on and off and. And then, you know, a couple of more 100 watch it on YouTube, a couple of more 1,000 listening to it, but like it just, it's just consistency it's building, it's just doing something over and over every day and building a little bit of a routine with it. And, and I think that there is a lot of perfectionism, and there's a lot of getting ready to get ready. That takes place. And that never did just, it's sometimes. I can't really, I can't really think of anywhere like really getting ready to get ready. Like saying we'll take your, like taking your time can be good but the getting ready to get ready that whole mentality of I'm not ready at all with next week, like when I know more I'm more prepared or whatever, only leads to just, it's called. It's actually called procrastinating lucky nation. You know what I mean like, that's what it's called. And, and you seem to have overcome that peace, and that trumps, not knowing everything that Trump's not like not being experienced that Trump's, not having tons of success, like that just getting into it and taking that level of action, not caring. So how do you deal with when somebody gives you negative feedback on something or says oh look at this, whatever calls you a name or whatever, Like how do you deal with that?

Olivia: Alright, so I actually have a story and a half for you. So, when I first started out. If you're looking at my tic tock my most viral video that I have is about creating color coloring books like you buy them from people on Fiverr like obviously you tell them that you're playing on like reselling them and stuff. But essentially you buy coloring books from people on Fiverr and then you resell them on Etsy, you know you make like passive income when people download them, digital downloads. So I made that video, and I like essentially got in war with artists on Tik Tok, because they were like freaking out, they're like, You're stealing from artists like, keep in mind, I don't actually do this side hustle I just found it and thought it was super cool, and they're like you're stealing from artists, you're doing well, blah, blah, this is all illegal you're promoting this and like people trying to like shut me down. Like, this isn't even like my regular content, it was just a video on a side hustle it was super cool and I'm like, oh my god, is this like childhood actors on Disney feel like when I first started out like all this hate and stuff like that I'm like this is terrible, why am I doing this like, I don't even take on TikTok for like maybe a month and a half, two months at this point and I was like This is terrible. I hate those. But like my boyfriend helped me out a lot like he was just like, you know you're never gonna like, you know you're making it once you have haters and stuff like that. I'm like, I guess, but it still really sucks. I don't like being told this, I'm like you're a terrible person like we're gonna come on your lawn and put up posters and stuff like that, like, I'm not doing anything wrong, but I've definitely had my, my dealings with the haters.

Dave: Young people are so peaceful in their, in their like threats and violence, you know, it was like a, it was like a boomer man, they'd be like, oh like kill blow in millennials and like, like Gen Z or whatever your generation is like, I'm going to come and put a sign on your lawn.

Olivia: Yeah, but that was my first experience with hate on social media. After that I just get a lot of people that are like wow this is a scam like I'm literally giving you other information besides just, you know, I don't know people are just there to look outside of, they don't they don't do their research that's my biggest thing that it's like really pisses me off about people online is they don't do their own research. Everyone asks me the same question and I have like five videos about it like scroll through my TikTok before you ask me the question, it's a waste of my time it's a waste of your time.

Dave: That's never gonna change. You know, I've been doing this for, plus, and, and when I say doing this like affiliate marketing push marketing with it having like that, see to see content that creator to consumer content, right. And it's like the same questions, man, it's the same challenges, the same things that come up the same mental issues I mean this is why I can talk this stuff in my sleep, backwards, you know, hanging upside down, you know, in the dark is because it's just, it's literally once you, once you understand the challenges of your target audience. Once you've heard it for a couple of months, you basically, you have the pains, the, the aspirations down as a copywriter, this is valuable for you as well and everything is copywriting, by the way, just in case you guys are wondering like what is copywriting, is that something that's over here in marketing No, everything's copywriting because copywriting is essentially the words that you use to sell and persuade and, in, in math, you know magnetize yourself pull them into your content and then eventually convert them into a sale. and obviously that starts in the original way that it was done was basically on on piece of paper that were mailed out to a mailbox it's called direct mail right from business to consumer, right, that was how stuff that was how information was sold, somebody would open up their mailbox look it up, look at a thing read it and get excited about it, just like we watch a sales video. And then, you know, go and sneak over to the cabinet and get their checkbook, in, and mail a check back in, and then the person would send them their tape, or their booklet, or whatever they bought, right, and now the Internet has sort of changed the game but, but we still use those same principles in headlines in an emails in in various in even in how we structure our videos right, it's kind of like, there's, there's kind of a formula we've all got our own sort of rendition of it right I mean Russell Brunson says hook story offer I say what it was like what happened what it's like now, you know what I mean like there's all these different kind of out pains to lose, you know pain agitate solution, you know, there's all these different kind of formulas, but it's really, it's really a valuable thing, when you do it for long enough that you hear the same questions come up, because it helps you to develop stories that you can tell in your content in things that you can say that just sort of overcome those objections upfront, you know they overcome the objections upfront, and they're, they're bigger than the objections, so people are more kind of sucked in by the story and what you're saying, than their questions. They're common objections. And I think that's the power of. It's kind of like, this is the power of being consistent with this stuff with this marketing in a niche and learning everything about your target customer it's like this. It's like walking into a foreign land, with, with a group of 10 friends, and nobody in a different language that everybody speaks, but you're the only one in the group that speaks the language. And you can communicate with the people in connect with them, and that you know, get one right and get what you need, and that's the power of learning the vocabulary and the language of your target customer. And I think that being, having copyright experience you're aware of that. But now, being in this niche kind of makes money online, online business niche you're learning that even more and you're sort of, you're becoming you're mastering it even very quickly. So tying that back into the original thing that I said that you're, that you're having some luck and you said that before we went live some of this is luck, right, but a lot of it again is preparation met opportunity, you're doing the research you're doing the work, you're learning and you're combining that now with a real live audience. And it's working, figure eights work.

Olivia: I know it's crazy. So that must feel good. It does. Honestly, I'm really blessed that I had copywriting experience before I came in and I mean it's it was very brief like it only been doing it for a few months but it was still like I learned what people wanted in like didn't like because I would get feedback on it, but it was definitely, it was definitely very helpful and I will attribute that a lot to my success, and I honestly like it, regardless of if you're going into affiliate marketing or drop shipping or website design whatever you want to do like understand copywriting, at least on a basic level, like, then you'll know if the copy that you order is actually good or not because copywriting is literally the key to selling so that's my biggest piece of advice for people out there is like at least have a basis in copywriting and understand like what makes copy, like a piece of copy good.

Dave: So do you have? Have you done any study of any old, you know, oh geez in the game copywriters and stuff like that. Do you have any, any favorite copywriters or any, any copywriting books or anything or anything that you kind of, really, or real kind of gems to you in terms of your kind of learning process over the last year so?

Olivia: I mean… So, one of the first people that I found was Alex Buzzsumo I don't know if you've heard her name but she's, she works on Fiverr and that's how I kind of got interested in it. She was kind of like my mentor with copywriting because she's been doing it for I think like seven or eight years now she's young, she's in her 20s as well but like she's been doing it for such a long time. Though she was kind of like my, my guide with everything. And I still keep in contact with her and everything. I mean she's probably the only one I've really kind of like, stuck with the information I'm playing with because like it's worked for me it's worked so I've worked

with god you guys so much too, to just do and learn and it's, I think you what your story shows is the power of, really, like, how much you can learn through taking action. 

Dave: You know, it literally is, I mean if you can combine that with with reading or watching courses and then you can take action that's more power to all of you guys who and Olivia has, has said that she's, she's done that but the big piece here the big secret is the getting it into action and learning and adjusting and tweaking as you go and then use in a community around you to bounce ideas back or use it for feedback or watch them and look at what they're doing and kind of, you know, learn from others as well, so congratulations on that. Before we bring this in for a landing. What you know if somebody was thinking about getting involved in a Legendary kind of on that checkout page or something and trying to decide whether they was the AMA is this going to help is this community valuable you know what would you tell that person about getting involved with our community?

Olivia: I'd say that you're very very personable, and I think that's a huge key in taking any sort of online course or like being part of a team, is that you want that personal experience, like, I contacted Sean numerous times, when I had problems with like converting from Builderall to Clickfunnels vice versa, stuff like that, Like, it's very very personable, and that's why I love being part of legendary right now is because of that. And, you know, everyone has their like preconceived thoughts when they go into like a checkout page and stuff like that, even if it's just $7 it's like I don't want to get scammed on stuff but like you kind of just have to take that risk every once in a while, and at least just go through the course and do it fully and apply those skills. And then if you feel like this is for you and you really want to go like forward with it. Then keep investing in yourself because that's what I've been doing and it's worked out a lot for me and that's my biggest tip for everyone is just never, never stop learning, and never stop investing in yourself keep reading. Keep taking extra courses, get mentors, stuff like that I mean, it's, it'll. I think people are afraid of the whole money aspect like when, like with the business blueprints at least like 20 $500, like yeah when I first started, I could not afford that, but like, thinking back on it, like I made like three grand my first month I could have easily made that money back if I wanted to, so I just, I don't know I think people just need to be more open to taking risks, like if you play it safe, we're never gonna get anywhere.

Dave: Man, we could know if we would have set you know interestingly enough, Olivia if we would have titled this. If you never take risks you never get anywhere we would have probably had half of the people who clicked on it right to view it right because that headline is not as attractive as she got 150,000 pounds 30 days. Right. But, what you just said is, like, the most valuable thing, right, it's like, you got to be willing to take risks. That's the definition of an entrepreneur that's the definition of being in business. And I think that's the definition of really living a fulfilling life. Like, you got to be willing to go over in just, you know, obviously it would be sexual harassment if you just kiss the girl or right, but at least go over and be like, Hey, can I get your number, can I take out sometimes, like just that ask in business, it's like, yeah, like parting with that money that you feel like it's just the only money that exists in the world and you're never going to get any more of it right we hold on to our paper, you know, because like we're never gonna get any more. Mine, you know, but man, like, It's like taking risks is life, man, that's like we're all of our happiness and all of our growth comes from is doing something that, that is scary, or that is uncomfortable, right, and you're just doing that and you're such a beautiful example of that. So thank you, and say hello to your, your wonderful and supportive boyfriend who’s got your back, what a guy. And, and I hope you'll come back and keep us updated and let us know, you know, in the next month, you know, we'll give you three months right see where the hell you are in three months of planning that imagine.

Olivia: I couldn't even imagine getting here so I guess we'll see.

Dave: Yeah. All right, Olivia well thank you so much for your time and thank you for just doing a fantastic job and being a great example for everybody and being so real with your experience and making it, you know, reachable and attainable and that's really important, and I know it's really valuable for everybody so I know you're busy, I'm sure that to do list that you've got sitting there as long. 

Olivia: I have class in a few minutes.

Dave: We'll let you go Olvia, have a great day.

Olivia: Thanks. All right. Bye. 

Dave: Look at that, she's got class, I mean come on people, I mean what is going on, like you know, there was something there was a quote that I heard that's always stuck with me which is you can have excuses or you can have results but you can't have, you know, you just can't have both. And life is full of those, those, those little those little two sides of the coin the choices, you know, do you want excuses or do you want results, you know, in every, every day so many times a week we have to make that decision, you know, and Olivia's is clearly just so choosing results over excuses, and, and it's scary and it's not easy, and she said that. Right. But, you know, look at kind of look at, at what can happen when you take those risks and yeah it's not gonna happen for everybody the same way like I want to just remind everybody of that like Olivia's journey is not going to look like yours, so don't beat yourself up Don't shame yourself don't guilt yourself don't compare yourself. We just you, we just look at other people and we and we just use. We don't use them. They’re inspiration to us, they’re motivation, there's somebody who we can add to our network that we can learn from. Right. But let all of these guests in the stories and these other students in our community who are having success let them just be a shining light, don't let, Let them be a big dark cloud that makes you compare yourself and makes you feel bad about yourself. That's my greatest fear when we, when we demonstrate big success stories, because everybody's journey is going to look different, but, but you can have results or you can have excuses you just can't have both. Right. And in my, my hope for each one of you guys is that you'll choose to get results, and you'll choose to take risks and you'll choose to get uncomfortable because the payoff and the reward is so much better. Okay, so have a fantastic day. Get the hell out of here. I know you guys got stuff to do as well, God I do too. Sheesh. See, peace, See you tomorrow.

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