Hey Legendary Marketers! We're looking to add a few more coaches to our Core Step Coaching Team! This is a HUGE opportunity to work closely with the inner circle, internal team of Legendary Marketer AND earn a great income.

Our Core Step Coaching Team is lead directly by me, David Sharpe and our coaches are best in class.

Our Core Step Coach's role is to guide our new members through our 15 Core Step Training Process and introduce them to our core products.

To be considered you must:

– HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE. Feedback, ideas and constructive criticism is always welcome. Negativity is never tolerated.

– BE GOOD WITH PEOPLE. You must generally like poeple and want to see them win. If you don't enjoy interacting with poeple this isn't for you.

– MAKE CALLS AND WORK THE PHONE. Yes, coaching and selling requires hustle. The phone is your weapon of choice. If you don't like hustle and don't want to use the phone this ain't for you cowboy/cowgirl.

– BE ABLE TO ASK FOR THE SALE. Our “sales process” is entirely based on value and education based selling. We overdeliver on value first before we ask for the sale. But we do ask for the sale. If you can't ask, this ain't for you.

– WANT TO GROW FINANCIALLY. If you don't want to earn a minimum of $100,000/year…and if you aren't hungry enough to hustle for it…this ain't for you.

If you're still reading, here's what to do next.

To be considered do the following:

Send your resume, 2 references and a short 1-2min video of why you're the right person for this role to the following email address.