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September 17th – 23rd, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for September 17th - 23rd

Dave had such a great reminder this week…

We can’t help you grow, fix, pivot, adjust anything in your business unless you’ve actually taken action. 

“We can’t help you from the bench.”

Sitting on the sidelines watching others take action, isn’t going to help any of us get where we want to go. 

This exact discussion has come up a few times on Wake Up Legendary this week. 

But there’s one problem with this…

Many of us are asking ourselves “Well how do I get called in to play?”

We're sitting on the bench learning, wanting big goals, big dreams, big results.

But our desire to feel wanted is stronger.

We're waiting to be chosen.

Our internal training to wait to be picked to play is actually in control and calling the shots. 

Guys this isn’t PE class. 

And we don’t need to ever wait for someone else to decide we’re ready. 

As we build our own business…

No more waiting for a boss to give us a raise.

No more waiting for a manager to tell us what to do next.

No more waiting for the coach to tell us it’s our turn to play. 

We never have to wait to be chosen to play again. 

We never have to wait for someone to say “I pick you. It’s your turn.”

Ya know why?

Because the only way to win and actually turn your education into a thriving online business is to decide to pick yourself.

When we start looking for someone out there to do that for us…

We end up buying some icky, crappy product in the DMs and believing said “gurus” with big promises. 

When they actually have little to no experience. (Their whole marketing “strategy” is DM’ing people with big promises and usually fake accounts…yikes.)

All because we felt “chosen.”

This is where all the uncomfortable talk about self worth and mindset come in, so I will keep it simple today. 

Today choose yourself to go in and play.

You’re the boss.

You’re the coach.

You decide the rules for your business…no one else. 

You’re the one that holds the power, holds the key, holds your future.

If you’re sitting and watching everyone else, waiting for your turn…


Right now is your turn. 

Grab it.

Jump in.

Take action.

Today…choose yourself and get off the bench. 

Because you’re frickin’ worth it.

As always…

Stay Legendary,


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Monday, September 18th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

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Tuesday, September 19th

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Rylee Hargrove is a 23 year old nurse who wants to stress less about money and feel more prepared for her future. Tune in live to hear how she grew her Facebook following to 550k in 5 months!

Wednesday, September 20th

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Thursday, September 21st

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

 Justine Fortin is a waitress who is tired of trading her time for money and wants to be able to spend more time with her family. Tune in live to hear how she grew a 30k following in 3 months.

Friday, September 22nd

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Jennifer Aquila is a former elementary school teacher who wants to be able to travel and spend time with her family. Tune in live to hear how she has found her true calling through digital marketing.

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