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October 1st – 7th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for October 1st-7th


This week I’m in Hawaii enjoying a change of scenery, perspective, and new experiences with my family. 

For weeks I’ve been talking with my teenagers about swimming with Manta Rays.

I’ve sent them videos…

I’ve shared my experience…

Yet, both kids had worrying thoughts enter their mind…being in the ocean at night, pitch black water, 12 foot rays swimming inches from your body.

Fear was clearly present. 

As a parent, I prepped and armed them with information and encouragement as much as possible.

I educated.

I shared experiences.

I reassured them.

But ultimately, I can’t throw them in the water or push them off the side of the boat and make them take action.(Could you imagine, a crazy mom chucking their kids into dark waters)

I can’t force them to step through the fear.

They’ll have to be the ones to make the final decision to literally jump off the side of the boat, swim in the dark waters and float as large manta rays come up close and personal.

No matter how much we talk about it, in the end…only they are responsible for the outcome. 

As I sit here on the patio enjoying my Kona coffee and hearing the abundance of birds as the sun rises, I was reminded how the same goes for you. 

Right now, as you read this you may be…

Fearing the what ifs… (what if I fail, what if I can’t figure out the tech, what if…)

The “What if’s” fill your thoughts.

Just as the “what ifs” were filling my kids thoughts.

But here’s the kicker! 

You're standing at a crossroads. You have a choice.

You can either muster the courage to jump off the boat and dive into this exciting adventure, conquering your fears along the way.


You can choose to stay onboard, watching others embark on this incredible journey. 

Always stuck wondering what would have happened if you didn’t hold back. 

The choice is yours. 

Everyone on the manta ray tour had a paid ticket, no refunds once you were on the boat. 

How did it end? 

I jumped in first, and let them fully decide. 

I looked back and one after the other, I saw them jump in. 

I will also share, one lady just couldn’t muster up the courage to enter the water. 

The crew was doing all they could to encourage her.

She stayed on the boat and watched the rest of us.

As our adventure ended and we were gathering our things, I heard her say to her husband – I should have at least tried to go in.

Dang…the regret had already set in. 

We can't escape fears, but we can choose to confront them head-on.

I challenge you today to identify the narrative you’re telling yourself.

Is it keeping you stuck or are you swimming right through that fear and taking in every ounce of the experience? 

Here at Legendary we’ve been around many years, taught many students, and see lives changed daily. 

We are so pumped and excited to teach you, share with you, guide you, be available to answer all your questions, and have every resource available for you to thrive…but only you can be the one to jump, start swimming, and take real action. 

You’re jumping into an amazing ocean of water with unlimited options to design your business, your time, your future just as you want it be. 

You just gotta to recognize the fear…and take action through it. 

Looking for daily inspiration to help you continue to take action? 

Wake Up Legendary is waiting for you Monday – Friday. 

Catch it live or schedule in the replay, check out all our guests below. 

As always…

Stay Legendary,


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