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November 12th – 18th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for November 12th-18th

What do I make content about? 

This is the question…

It’s the limiting belief some in our community have.

I see comments like: 

I don’t have any value to share in content.

I don’t know what to say that’s worth listening to.

I’m not an expert so I don’t have the right to speak on xyz topic.

Well let’s cut to the chase right now. 

You're Darn WORTHY of happiness, of connections, and going after goals. 

So let's tackle this content piece right now to help you get past this limiting belief when it comes to content creation. 

On Friday, we had an AMAZING Decade In A Day for our blueprints members. 

For those that don’t know what that is…every couple of weeks we go LIVE and pick a completely off the wall niche and build out the business plan, funnel, first email, and first content piece. 

We take it from start to finish and could launch by the end of the call. 

Its pretty darn cool!  
(Plus we have a ton of fun while doing it) 

We’re showing those on the training how the strategies of marketing that we teach here at Legendary truly work in any niche with any product. 

It helps students stop thinking small and how the knowledge you’re gaining can be used in anything online. 

Which is just so darn cool! 

This is where the content piece comes in…

20 minutes into Decade In A Day Dave dropped a huge gold boulder when it comes to content creation. 

He described, in a nutshell, your content creation plan.

Ready for it…here it is in simplest terms:

“The power of marketing is that it's not really about the product. 

It's about the feeling that the person has when they're in pain, when they're struggling, when they can't see past their own nose and their own problems. 

And you come in and say, LOOK, I've been there. (Even if it was just recently)

Here's what it was like when creating content to relate to your audience…

Share what happened. 

I found a solution.

I found a guide. 

I found a course, 

I discovered some knowledge. 

And here's what it's like now. 

Now that I've actually put this into practice, my life is different, and I want to share that information with you, so you can have that same solution and have relief from this pain. 

That’s the formula in a nutshell that I just gave you for being successful in any niche.” – Dave Sharpe 

There’s absolute BEAUTY in being new and having the recent memory of what it felt like last week, last month, last year when you too were looking for a solution. 

The solution can be anything…

The solutions that helped your baby finally sleep 4 hours or longer at night…

The solutions to finding time for self care…

The solutions to stop feeling fugly and now these new jeans make you feel xyz…

The list goes on from small micro moments of pain points to bigger ones. 

Every day we all solve problems…tiny little moments are solved.

It's about noting those, remembering how you felt and how you solved it.

Then create content that shares this. 

It’s a powerful way to connect to your ideal audience and find your online friends and community while also allowing your viewers to get to know you more and relate to your further. 

Another tip when stuck on content…watch an episode of Wake Up Legendary. 

It’s absolutely packed with ideas, quotes, concepts, and stories that can spark your own creativity. 

Be sure to scroll down and check out the upcoming interviews for Wake Up Legendary (more stories of success and inspiration).

As always…

Stay Legendary,

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Monday, November 13th

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Wednesday, November 15th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Matt Loertscher is a Dad who is doing it all, from working at his horsemanship company to working at a power plant. Now he is starting his digital marketing business to help take stress off his wife and be a more present father to his kids. Tune in live to hear his journey!

Thursday, November 16th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Bryan Understein is a full time salesman for an exterior remodeling company who wants to be able to create a life of memories and limitless options for his children. Tune in live to hear how he is creating a thriving digital marketing business and gaining followers through the use of Instagram Reels.

Friday, November 17th

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