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June 11th – 17th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for June 11th-17th

Have you gone all in..


I had the pleasure of sitting down for a bit with one of our Mastermind speakers.

Phil first launched his freelance digital marketing business in 2021 and he didn’t see immediate, overnight success like many think. 

You see, 4 months after Phil started his education and launched his business in digital marketing he had received a few small commissions but hadn't experienced a ton of growth or consistent income yet. 

His spouse has been super supportive and was someone he can always go to as a trusted ear.

On this particular day, she was also the wake up call he needed. 

He went to her and shared that he knows he can make this business work but can’t figure out what he’s missing. 

He so desperately wanted a breakthrough, but couldn’t figure out what to do next.

Then his wife asked the question that changed everything…

Did you actually go through the education? 

Did you actually watch ALL of the videos, take notes, and learn so you know what to implement?


She just nailed it.

The roadblock he was facing was sitting right in front of him. 

You see, he got honest with himself and realized that he had only skimmed through the education. 

How can you really become great at something unless you become open to learning and growing about what it is you want to excel in? 

He grabbed a few key points and implemented them but never went ALL IN

He wanted to see massive change happen in his life, yet he hadn’t truly taken the massive action first. 

He went back through the education he had access to, implemented more and more each week and suddenly he started to see his business grow. 

You see, we can’t teach, give, or provide to an audience from an empty cup of knowledge and experience. (Em shared this on a recent blueprints training and I love it!)

Which also means…we gotta go all in to fill ourselves with what we need in order to serve others. 

It requires us to remember we are worthy of prioritizing ourselves.

We are worthy of learning to be able to then give more to others. 

We are worthy of going all in and create the change in our life that we are searching for. 

Going all in means facing challenges head-on, pushing boundaries, and redefining our limitations. 

Each step we take towards learning new skills opens doors to extraordinary opportunities that we could never have imagined otherwise.

Phil is now able to go live with ease, build relationships and connections in a way that is authentic and clear. 

His business is booming. 

And it all started once he went all in. 

This conversation was one of many that happened at Mastermind. 

So many in our community think those who have built successful online businesses got to that point overnight.

All of our speakers have experienced roadblocks.

All have experienced challenges, self-doubt, and fear.

Yet one thing remained consistent…

Going all in with their mindset, their actions, and their ongoing growth of knowledge are truly what’s set them up for ongoing success. 

By going all in, they refused to let fear hold them back. 

You can too…

What actions can you take today to go all in? 

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Wishing you a legendary week ahead!

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