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July 30th – August 4th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for July 30th - August 4th


So many parts of our day are spent looking for “perfect.”

Shoot, I overheard a lady trying to pick the “perfect” watermelon at the grocery store. 

5 minutes later, as I was walking out with my groceries, she was still there, picking up each one and inspecting them.  

There are many watermelons…perfectly imperfect… 

And taste just as good! 

We throw the word “perfect” around ALOT. 

We allow the idea of “perfect” into so many aspects of our life, it can consume our day. 

The perception that we must show up perfect, act perfect, look perfect, and be perfect is absolutely destroying our happiness, our goals, our dreams. 

There is literally no such thing as “perfect.” 

The ongoing search for “perfect” is way more work and a ton more weight to carry on our shoulders each day.

This week we had a practicing defense attorney, a nurse practitioner, an accountant, a 20 year SAHM, and a hairstylist on Wake Up Legendary. 

This one week of interviews showed an entire spectrum of professions. 

All of these guests, at some point had someone say their life was “perfect.’ 

And then proceed to question why they were looking for something different.

But there was always a desire, a need, a dream…

Of more. 

More time.

More choice. 

More freedom.

More income.

Their online businesses are evolving and beginning to bring all of those desires to reality. 

Does it take work? YEP.

But it also required them to throw the goal of perfection out the window and commit to showing up and putting in effort even when it was imperfect

Heck, even Dave showed up on Thursday’s episode under the weather, blowing his nose with his roll of toilet paper and had an absolutely fantastic interview. 

One could say it wasn’t perfect. 

But it was real. 

It was relatable. 

And he demonstrated what it looks like to be perfectly imperfect. 

You don’t need to spend hours on hair and makeup, or go out and buy a new wardrobe.

You don’t need to invest a ton in studio lights or buy an expensive camera. 

You don’t need to be a certain character online. 

Ya just gotta be YOU. 

So if you need “perfect”… 

If you can’t stop dreaming of being perfect…

then embrace being perfectly IMPERFECT

Please go check out the interviews from last week, put this week’s interview’s on your schedule and be sure to scroll down and check out all we have going on this week! 

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

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Monday, July 31st

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Former psychologist, Erin McLeary doesn’t believe in the hustle lifestyle and took back her freedom of time to build memories with her daughter. Tune in live to hear how she is creating a successful online business.

Tuesday, August 1st

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Elizabeth Bare is a former teacher who wanted more family time and less classroom time. Tune into this episode of Wake Up Legendary as she shares how failing forward was KEY to her growing online business.

Blueprints LIVE Hot Seat Guest Coach

Attention Blueprints Members! As you know we provide 2 hours of live coaching Monday-Friday for all Blueprints members. On Tuesday, August 1st, Phil Kohberger will be joining us and taking over the Hot Seat Coaching call! Be sure to login to your back office, click on Register For Live Training and then get registered for Thursday's Hot Seat Coaching Call.

Wednesday, August 2nd

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Melanie Upton is an HR Manager and Mom of a special needs child who wanted to be able to spend more time with her family and less time in the office. Tune into this episode live to hear how she gained 40k followers in less than a month!

Thursday, August 3rd

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Nicole Dyczewski is a full time Mom and freelance digital marketer who is building a new life for her family. After her family went through a medical emergency she knew she had to find a new income stream before they lost everything. Tune into this episode to hear how Nicole is giving her family a new life through her online business.

Friday, August 4th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Randy Spear is a 56 year old grandpa who is ready to leave the office and vacation with his wife. Tune in live to hear how  This Serial Mobileprenewer & Grandpa Has Finally Found The Biz Model That Works!

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