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January 7th – 13th, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for January 7th-13th

Let's cut to the chase – the burning question on everyone's mind: “Is TikTok Dead?” 

I’ve heard this question a few times this week. 

But before you start mourning or celebrating (we don't judge), let's dive into this.

And it requires a bit of history…

The Internet and the need for Digital Marketing isn’t going away.

Every single business NEEDS marketing to SURVIVE.

Every single business that exists on the planet NEEDS an online presence. 

When you have digital marketing skills, you become desirable. 

As Dave says – It makes you smart enough to be dangerous. 

That’s why since 2017 we’ve been teaching the CORE 4, the true base of all digital marketing skills: 

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Courses & Products
  3. Coaching & Consulting
  4. Events & Masterminds 

If you have knowledge in any of the above, you’re ahead of the game. 

If you have knowledge in all 4…well…

Now you’re a digital marketer to be reckoned with. 

And that’s why folks, we have 4 detailed Blueprints for each focus. 

But, here’s the cool part. 

How we get traffic to our offers does change. (Which is why we always are updating our blueprints)

But the strategies we teach within them don’t…they can be used regardless of what crazy algorithm tantrum is going on. 

TikTok has been accused of morphing into a modern-day QVC.

With TikTok Shop all over the platform, creators are jumping in to sell whatever they can sling from TT shop and the algorithm is prioritizing those videos a bit more.

Here’s the reality: all social platforms go through an identity crisis.

All platforms go through algorithm adjustments, changes in focus.

Remember when Facebook was just a college network or a place to play farmville? 

Or when Instagram was only for ‘aesthetic’ photos?

TikTok’s shift towards more commercial content might seem like it's losing its original charm. 

But, it is far from dead. 

Every single marketer has their “favorite” platform. 

Every single marketer has a platform that doesn’t perform well for them.

It doesn’t mean that the entire platform is DEAD. 

Just this week, we had digital marketer, Kellee Roberts on Wake Up Legendary and she shared how she had really tried to give IG a try because others were having success there.

But…it was never the platform she produced huge conversions from. 

It was always Tiktok that she produced the most leads and conversions from. 

So she went back to prioritizing TT, and couldn’t be happier. 

So, is TikTok dead? 

Far from it. 

It’s just wearing a new hat, and it’s our job to ensure we are putting out quality content that builds community and connection and not showing up as a digital door to door salesman in every video. (and btw that goes for every platform)

This brings us to the golden rule of digital marketing: omni-presence.

Being active and interactive across platforms is key. 

All platforms will go through algorithm adjustments. 

I think sometimes IG tests new algorithm changes almost weekly. 

Because of this we can’t focus on that.

What we can do is make sure we’re showing up to as many platforms as we can without being overwhelmed and be present and ready for when the algorithm favors our content more. 

So don't write off TikTok just yet (unless it’s a platform you just can’t stand, because remember it’s YOUR BUSINESS and you decide where you want your business to have a digital presence). 

Keep creating, keep engaging, and most importantly, stay present across platforms. 

After all, versatility is the name of the digital marketing game.

Don't forget to check out this week’s episodes below.

As always…

Stay Legendary,

Mark Your Calendars

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