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February 4th – 10th, 2024

Your Weekly Legend for February 4th-10th

I was sitting in line at an amusement park…CRYING.

I wasn’t just giving a little whimper, I was in a full on ugly girl, hysterical cry.


Because I was in line for a roller coaster that had a loop de loop…I was about to go upside down for the first time.

And I was absolutely terrified.

My older brother was encouraging me…

You can do this.

You’ll love it

You gotta try it once

I got you

I’ll be with you

I’ll hold your hand

I was not having it.

I was the girl in line balling and yelling no.

I was the little 4th grader everyone was looking at, commenting, snickering, and advising my brother to take me out of line.

He wasn’t getting any support.

It felt like everyone around me wanted me to quit, even I wanted to in that moment. 

But he wasn’t going to listen to the unsolicited opinions either.

He finally said to me…

Do what you want. I’m not taking you out of line.

And with these next words he shared, my “why” to stay and get on that roller coaster became bigger than my fear…

If you don’t want to go, and be a big baby, then walk through the coaster to the exit, I’m still going on the ride.

Just remember, you’ll be stuck sitting with mom for the rest of the day scared, or you can go on rides with me.

You decide.

Yes, I was young.

Yes, my brother gave me some tough love. (as any older HS aged boy would)

But man I didn’t want to miss out and I definitely didn't want to be called a big baby and my brother never want to do something fun with me again.

Plus, he wasn't going to leave with me. 

He was going to do what he wanted to do with or without me.

I didn’t have confidence in myself…

But he had it for me and I needed to borrow that to take that first step and get on the roller coaster.

Ya see…

We’re faced with moments of fear all the time.

Even when we're young.

I bet you can list a few times in your life, where you did something new and overcame fear. 

In all of these moments, we aren’t an expert, we don’t truly know what’s going to happen, but we know we won’t know until we do it.

The same goes for launching your own business.

Of course you aren’t an expert.

Of course you’re still learning.

But ya know what…

We all know you can get launched and keep going, once you decide to.

We also have people around us, in online communities, cheering us on. 

We gotta borrow that confidence as we grow our own.

Our confidence will grow as we implement.

Our confidence will become stronger as we continue to take action.

I was a hysterical, crying, fearful girl in line for that roller coaster.

I walked off though feeling like a freakin rockstar and asked to go again…

I would have never grown that confidence in myself if I didn’t at least try it.

Monday’s episode of Wake Up Legendary was a MASTERCLASS on building confidence.

Caroline Hannay was our guest and Dave and Caroline dive into it all.

She had no followers, wasn't sure about herself, and didn't have everything all figured out.

But one day, she asked herself, “Why not me?”

And that's when her story took a turn.

At first, it was tough.

No one was watching her content.

Most people would think, “Maybe I should just quit.”

But not Caroline!

She kept going, pushing through all the doubts and the silence.

If you're feeling a bit scared, or if everything feels too much, or if you feel like you're all alone in this journey of being an entrepreneur, Caroline's story is for you.

In her interview, she spills how she kicked those fears away, how she found her niche, (yes, she first started planning on being an affiliate for a flame thrower).

But most importantly, she shared how through consistent action, her confidence grew.

It is absolutely a MUST WATCH episode. 


As always…

Stay Legendary,

P.S. Don't forget to check out this week’s episodes below.

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Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

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Friday, February 9th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Sherri Norris is a Mom of quadruplets who wanted to replace lost income and teach her children that they don’t have to work for someone else if they didn’t want to. Tune in live to hear how she gained 280k followers across her social media in 1 month.

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